Branding… Seriously???

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

© 2019 Darren Smith

In my travels, I discovered a candidate for the most incredulous advertising agency ever.

I suppose that last trademark infringement case took its toll.

By Darren Smith

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11 thoughts on “Branding… Seriously???”

  1. It looks like there’s a mountain with a glacier flowing down it in background behind the sign that says, “We Take Branding Seriously.” There’s also a house in the middle ground and a building with a flat roof down the street from the house. It’s tempting to interpret the word, “branding,” in the excessively literal sense. But who would brand cattle in a residential neighborhood? They’d get all kinds of road debris in their hooves.

    Besides, Mr. Smith is probably objecting to the brute ugliness of the signs despoiling the “purple mountain’s majesty” and even “the big blue sky” as well. I imagine that one could see the summit of that mountain if the signs were not blocking one’s view. I wonder how many miles Mr. Smith had to drive to find an unobstructed vista from which to photograph the mountain. Maybe he never did find one. Maybe the vista in the posted photographer was the best spot that Mr. Smith could find. Maybe preserving the scenic vista on the mountain is supposed to be the more “serious” approach to “branding” for whatever town Mr. Smith was driving through.

  2. “S/He who has a thing to sell, and goes and whispers in a well,
    is not so apt to get the dollars,
    as he who climbs a tree
    and HOLLERS”

    1. That’s a valid choice. Maybe the wind blew it right off a Chevy ambulance that was racing to get there to pick up a walk-in patient who then had to be rushed to the ER.

      Besides, it’s still Saturday. Isn’t it?

  3. So the blank signs used to be for either a church or a Chevy dealership? I’ll go with church. The Chevy logo usually looks more “windswept.”

    1. One thing you missed Truth In Advertising. Therefore it has to be Garage Mans Companion all scrunched up. and shrunk to it’s appropriate size

      1. Michael, I know you’re only trying to help, and I appreciate it, I do, but the keyword search on “Garage Man’s Companion” turned up nothing but personal ads that looked to be a too bit risqué for my delicate sensibilities.

        I’m not saying that that is not truth in advertising. What I’m saying is . . . How would I know?

    2. If it were a church, it would have been a Greek Orthodox, which uses a cross symbol with equal arms (➕), whearas the Latin (Western) churches use the cross symbol with unequal arms (✝️). I’m thinking it could have been a math tutoring school, and there was a division sign (➗) below the plus sign (➕) which fell off and is now in someone’s man cave.

      1. That, too, is a valid choice. No Chevy ambulance required. Kudos, TIN.

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