Berkeley Police Arrest Attacker Of Conservative Activist

Zachary Greenberg, 28, has been arrested by Berkeley police after the attack on conservative activist Hayden Williams, 26, on UC Berkeley campus while trying to recruit students for a conservative group. While President Donald Trump encouraged Williams to sue Berkeley, the university actually condemned the attack and launched an investigation. For that reason, I cannot understand Trump’s criticism. I have objected to the treatment of conservatives on campuses including Berkeley, but in this instance the university seems to have acted quickly and responsibly. I fail to be the basis for a lawsuit against the university or the President’s attack on the university’s actions.

In a video, Williams (who is not a Berkeley student) is shown recruiting for the Leadership Institute, when he is attacked by Greenberg. The table was knocked over, signs destroyed, and Williams viciously punched.

The San Francisco Chronicle has identified Greenberg as the suspect who punched Williams several times. reports that Greenberg once worked for the university from May 21-July 9, 2010 as a lab assistant in the Department of Psychology.

Greenberg was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempting to cause great bodily injury. It is not clear what the deadly weapon might be. It looks like two punches were thrown.

Notably, another person was also involved but has not been arrested.

Greenberg is being held on $30,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

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  1. In even better college news, Trump will sign an executive order banning federal funds from institutions who won’t protect free speech — even the hated Conservative speech. U Cal System we’re looking at you.

    1. Interesting to see how its worded. The lawyers for the higher ed bourbons will keep it tied up in court and the administrators at these institutions will respond with try-every-door noncompliance.

      The one way you might get free speech is to modify by law the corporate governance model of higher education, and that means restructuring the board of trustees and replacing tenure with renewable multi-year contracts. Also, you need to end federal funding of higher education.

    2. One can get a better idea of how the President feels and what he will do about it below in a video.

      [“The incident received scant coverage from many of the media outlets that salivated over the false claim of a Native American activist being bullied and intimidated by a group of Catholic high school boys at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.”] The left lies by omission as well as by comission.

      Trump’s executive order to bring back free speech on college campuses is bold and necessary move

      Colleges and universities in America have long been little more than indoctrination centers for the hard left, but the pendulum has swung so far to the left that opposing views have been all but shut down at many of these institutions of higher learning.

      In fact, espousing alternative points of view has become a dangerous task on some campuses, as was seen last month at the University of California, Berkeley, where a conservative activist was punched in the face.

      And for the first time, someone is pushing back: President Donald Trump.

      Speaking Saturday at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md., the president announced he will sign an executive order protecting free speech on college campuses.

      While he offered few details, the idea is that the directive would put federal aid at risk for schools that do not protect the viewpoints of students of all political stripes.

      No stranger to political theater, Trump invited Hayden Williams up on stage Saturday at CPAC. Williams, a conservative activist with The Leadership Institute, is the person who was attacked last month while tabling for Turning Point USA at UC Berkeley.

      Trump joked that Williams, who still has a visible black eye, “could take a punch” and after saying the young man has a great attorney, he encouraged him to not only sue his attacker “forever” — Zachary Greenberg, 28, was arrested last week — but also the University of California, Berkeley, “and maybe the state.”

      “He took a hard punch in the face for all of us, remember that,” Trump reminded the crowd. “He took a punch for all of us, and we can never allow that to happen — and in closing with Hayden, here is the good news: He is going to be a very wealthy young man.”

      Williams singled out the school in comments to Campus Reform: “I am grateful to the University of California Berkeley Police Department for its dedication to identifying and arresting the man who attacked me. But while this is a moment for celebration, I remain disappointed by the UC Berkeley Administration, which allowed a culture of intolerance and violence toward conservatives to grow.”

      The incident received scant coverage from many of the media outlets that salivated over the false claim of a Native American activist being bullied and intimidated by a group of Catholic high school boys at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

      Williams addressed the room Saturday and said conservative student activists will continue to defend the president if he defends them.

      “These students do it because they have a love of our nation and freedom and, frankly, a love for you Mr. President,” Williams told Trump.

      In an op-ed published by Fox News, Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, praised the president for acting “boldly in defense of our First Amendment rights” by announcing that he’ll require colleges and universities to protect free speech on their campuses in order to qualify for federal research dollars.

      “The president is right to stop our government from handing out taxpayer dollars to subsidize institutions that practice censorship – regardless of whether that censorship is used against those on the left or the right,” Falwell wrote.

      He cited Charlie Kirk, the founder and executive director of Turning Point USA — the boots on the ground — to highlight the danger conservatives face today.

      Kirk told Fox News earlier that “college campuses have become increasingly unsafe for conservatives,”

      “The silencing of conservatives on college campuses is serious problem that has spread across our nation,” he added. “Even when administrators don’t actively prevent conservatives from speaking on campus, individual extremists sometimes take matters into their own hands by physically assaulting the speakers.”

      Taking to Twitter, Kirk wholeheartedly agreed with Trump’s announcement.

      Not that the bootlickers didn’t immediately push back on the idea of an executive order, as was seen with Peter McPherson, president of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities.

      “An executive order is unnecessary as public research universities are already bound by the First Amendment, which they deeply respect and honor,” McPherson claimed in an interview with ABC News. “It is core to their academic mission.”

      Someone may want to remind public universities of this.

  2. This action did not require a presidential statement that attempted to offer legal advice.

    However, there was one effect at the national level from this: President Trump has suggested that the Department of Justice (sic) should aggressively prosecute those who target speech with violence, with a special focus on university campus.

    The fact that President Trump didn’t do this earlier in his term was his mistake.

  3. Antifa thug arrested yet miraculously, Big Media have yet to dig up the guys social media posts or otherwise give the story even 1% of the attention they devoted to the Covington Kids. Not a single 2020 Presidential contender – other than Trump – has shown the courage to say a word about the attack.

  4. The President’s language is intended to bring light to an issue that has been falsely reported by the media. The media has perpetuated long-term lies about who is creating violence in America . The left, liberals and Democrats are the instigators/creators of political violence in the USA. This started with absurd lies about the Tea Party for which there were almost NO arrests while OWS gave us murders, rape, drug use, theft and significant property damage. It continued while conservative lawmakers were shot playing baseball. Then, during the election, violence occurred at the Republican rallies BECAUSE DEMOCRATS and liberals came and provoked and attacked Republicans (little violence at HRC rallies because conservatives didn’t go and cause problems!!). And now we see the continuation of violence and the lack of coverage by the press or the out right lies (Covington, Chicago, etc) . We are sick of it. Conservatives are tired of being rational and fair, while liberals and Democrats burn down buildings, attack conservatives, and spew hatred. We need to see the punishment that is required to stop the inane hatred that liberals and Democrats persist in creating!

  5. Can we really expect California prosecutors to aggressively go after the perpetrator?

  6. “ reports that Greenberg once worked for the university from May 21-July 9, 2010 as a lab assistant in the Department of Psychology.”
    Obviously, one of the lab rats went awry and on a rampage. Back to the cage with him. And up his nicotine dose!

  7. Sue Berkeley , sue Greenberg. It’s not like this was an isolated incident at Berkeley.

  8. Prosecute the attacker to the fullest, but the university has responded appropriately. The president has not and is once again stirring the pot of one sided outrage, from which those posting here have apparently gone back for seconds.

    1. Berkley has been a center of violence perpetrated to prevent conservatives from speaking. Berkley receives federal funds. Trump is focussing people on the left wing crazies I don’t think any suit against Berkley will win at this time. The individual beaten up was from Turning Point USA a very peaceful group that has been attacked on numerous college campuses.

  9. Berkeley is a town in Missouri and is next to the airport in the St. Louis area.

  10. Shoot the attacker.
    Quit criticizing Trump.
    He is resigning tomoorow..

  11. Prof. Turley prefers in assessing this incident to pretend that this is not a systematic problem in higher education and a manifestation of the culture of the faculty and administration (albeit in cruder form).

    In a serious state (not California), these problems could be ameliorated by placing the chief of security on state campuses under the command of the superintendant of the state police, at least contingently. (In New York, campus security (public and private) are commonly deputized if they’ve passed through a certain training program). Of course, this only works where you have a Republican governor (which should tell you something about the fitness of Democratic politicians to undertake any serious task. See Jay Nixon).

    You want to improve campus climate, do the following: close the victimology programs; clean out the sociology department and the criminal justice program, firing any faculty member who does not make use of quantitative methods; close the social work program; fire the teacher-training faculty and hire a new faculty which consists of people who are trained in educational psychology and educational method, full stop; fire any faculty member in the humanities and social research faculties who taught courses cross-listed to the victimology programs; fire the diversicratis in the provost’s office; fire the diversicrats in the dean-of-student’s office. Then fire each person who served on a hiring committee of a faculty member or an administrator you’ve just fired, and favored that candidate over serious candidates.

    1. Powerful set of solutions needed to get back to neutral, back to sanity

  12. ” It is not clear what the deadly weapon might be”
    Law Prof, look up the law. Cal Penal Code sec. 245 (a)(4) forbids assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury. The common nickname of section 245 is “Assault wih a deadly weapon or by force likely to produce GBI”.
    No weapon is needed. The punch is the force. The Chronicle reporter is dumb.

  13. PD is the term. Agree with the above. We are witnessing a general problem and we all see it outright. Any campus of size is having not the violence that we had in the late 60’s but a new brand. Almost a holier than thou icon of non-truth. If anyone thinks that then I have a pill for you. PD is two things and a matter of how the world is. Damage and deniability. Walk that out in a jury. Is it that the school let you walk around as freedom of speech wearing an all black outfit and then you took a bicycle lock to someones head? Nope. As a student doing the same will the school protect you? Nope.
    Big question is only this. A huge number of people are in the wait to hear it. Is it that the colleges are getting a number of angry Marxists walking in the door or is it they are teaching it?
    That may seem general but we are all witnessing the birth of AOC. In the kitchen skit she could not peel a potato.

  14. I believe that Trump’s criticism arises out of the knowledge that the environment of intolerance so aptly displayed these past 2 years withing the Universities allowed this person to feel that his unwarranted attack upon a conservative would be tolerated and even encouraged. Without the President underscoring this atmosphere of such blatant and continuous animosity for views outside the bubble of progressive thought, such aggressive and pernicious assaults would continue.

    I am happy to see someone with a pulpit equal to that of the majority of our media, excoriating this current bigotry. Trump’s criticism is reverberating within the right as not only justifiable but long over due. I only hope he continues to shine a sharp bright light on the hypocrisy of the left.

  15. There have been so many violent acts at UCB it’s about time. They’ve done little up until now.

  16. Oddly, I had cockles and mussels for an after dinner snack. Then I see this ultra-violence. Probably should avoid bridge underpasses tonight.

  17. The audio portion of the video of the attack on Williams plays a threat to shoot Williams. No weapon is seen in the video.

  18. I don’t agree with the notion that UC Berkeley washed its hands of any culpability by quickly and merely supplying words condemning political violence when there has recently been a culture of hostility toward some political groups that went as far as violence and property damage. In some cases the staff of the university actively encouraged the unrest. For these reasons it is not meritless that any victim of political violence or disenfranchisement might file a tort claim against the campus and its officers. There is only so much plausible deniability that can go around before they are held by someone to be liable.

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