“When God Tells Me I Gotta Do Something, I Gotta Do It”: Texas Judge Tells Jury To Reconsider Guilty Verdict After Divine Intervention

Comal County Judge Jack Robison has caused a considerable controversy in Texas after he told a jury to go back after it reached a guilty verdict in a sex trafficking case because God told him the defendant was innocent. There have been long debates over what a court can use as a matter of “judicial notice” but divine intervention is not one of them.

Officials quoted Robison as telling the jury “When God tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it.” Robison later apologized to the jury and reported himself to the the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct after his bizarre comments at the Jan. 12, 2018 hearing. The beneficiary of his divine guidance was Gloria Romero Perez, who was charged with continuous sex trafficking and the sale or purchase of a child.

Notably, the jury rejected the divine judgment and rendered its own in still finding Romero Perez guilty and sentencing him to 25 years in prison.

Ironically, the conviction was thrown out anyway because the judge made other improper comments during the trial.

Robison later said that he was experiencing extreme stress as well as memory loss due to a medical condition and the death of a close friend. There is obviously a tragic element to this scene and a jurist who is experiencing great stress. This can present a difficult challenge for the courts. If this is a mental illness or incapacity, the first question is whether the condition can be addressed as a disability or illness. However, this does not bode well for the viability of Robison as a jurist going forward.

21 thoughts on ““When God Tells Me I Gotta Do Something, I Gotta Do It”: Texas Judge Tells Jury To Reconsider Guilty Verdict After Divine Intervention”

  1. Time for Texans to let their state Commission on Judicial Conduct know they are aware of this incident and don’t find it acceptable judicial conduct.

  2. Why have juries at all? Just have some court officer announce the verdict and punishment, straight from God. Cut out the middlemen !

  3. This country has not yet seen what the American Taliban are prepared to do to the American constitution.

    1. Fishy:

      “This country has not yet seen what the American Taliban are prepared to do to the American constitution.”
      Yeah those Leftist moralizers are always haunting restaurants and condemning folks for their words, their thoughts, their bakery products and even their choice of cap color — red being the most taboo. The cult of Cultural Marxism have nothing on the Taliban mullahs except that these bishops of buffoonery do tend to follow the lead of beer slinging ditzes (with letters for names) that even the 12th Century evoking, desert-dwelling, head swaddlers would dismiss with the pejorative: “Bat sh*t crazy, broad. Allah be praised.”

  4. a despicable series of crimes.


    A woman suspected of selling her now 15-year-old niece to a man for $6,000 is
    behind bars after she was arrested in Hays County last Tuesday and charged with
    trafficking a child.
    Gloria Elizabeth Romero Perez, 31, is accused of paying for her niece to be smuggled
    into the U.S. from Honduras and selling her to a man, Julio Amilcar Jimenez-Ramirez,
    34, who is also behind bars, Comal County Sheriff’s Office Detective Anthony Moreno
    An investigation began in April when Romero Perez called Kyle police to report that her
    teenage niece had run away, Moreno said.
    RELATED: Feds: 2 arrested for attempting to smuggle 69 pounds of liquid meth
    across Texas-Mexico border
    IMAGE 1 OF 37
    Gloria Elizabeth Romero Perez, 31, is behind bars at the Comal County Jail on $500,000 bail after she
    allegedly sold her teenage niece to a man the teen met at a Hays County church.
    Comal County police
    officers located the teen at
    Jimenez-Ramirez’s house
    and while authorities
    transported the teen back to
    the custody Romero Perez, the teen told police her aunt had sold her to the man and
    produced receipts.
    The teen showed detectives two receipts from payments toward the $6,000 figure
    dated from Nov. and Oct. last year totaling $1,600.
    Jimenez-Ramirez was subsequently arrested on April 1 for harboring a runaway child
    and was charged with sexual assault of a child and trafficking a child when it was
    found that the teen was pregnant with Jimenez-Ramirez’s child.
    Further investigation from the Comal County Sheriff’s Office also revealed that the
    teen’s aunt and Jimenez-Ramirez had entered into an informal pen-paper contract that
    stated the girl would be paid for in $600-$700 payments each month.
    RELATED: Traffic stop leads to discovery of 25 migrants in South Texas stash
    The contract between Jimenez-Ramirez and Romero Perez was initiated sometime last
    year, Moreno said, but Romero Perez purportedly became impatient when the teen
    moved in with Jimenez-Ramirez and threatened to call police on the man.
    “(Jimenez-Ramirez said) the aunt was extorting the money from him and he was
    threatened that she would tell the police and call immigration on him,” Moreno said via
    phone Monday.
    Jimenez-Ramirez is from Guatemala and is suspected of living in the country illegally.
    Moreno said wire transfers indicate the teen’s aunt paid approximately $6,000 for her
    to be smuggled into the U.S. and that Romero Perez paid an additional amount to
    smuggle her mother into the U.S. as well.
    It appeared the woman was attempting to re-gain costs of smuggling the teen into the
    country, Moreno said.
    RELATED: Feds: Parents used 19-month-old to help smuggle meth into US
    The teen and Jimenez-Ramirez met through an aunt or family friend at a church in Hays
    County and began their relationship last year, according to Moreno.
    The teen, who recently gave birth, is being held in Child Protective Services’ care and
    Moreno said the child is a citizen of the U.S.
    It’s unclear if the teen will remain in the U.S. with her child, or if she will return to

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  6. I’m no lawyer, but if he was found to have mental illness, would past cases (within a time period) he presided over be tossed out as well?

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    1. I forgot to discuss the Renaissance, the Waking Up of people,

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  9. The message was from Satan. 2 Corinthians 11:14

    And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their actions.

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  11. This reminds of the case in which Chief Justice Roberts used inverse “judicial notice” and commingled the definitions of the words

    “federal” and “state” to falsely and corruptly support the Obamacare “exchanges” and to “legislate from the bench.”

    In each case, impeachment and conviction with extreme prejudice are the proper remedies.

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