Turley To Speak At ABA Conference in New Orleans

I have the honor of speaking on a distinguished panel at the American Bar Association’s 33rd Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime in New Orleans. The panel is the final event for the conference entitled “Ethical Challenges Raised by the Conduct of Prosecutors, Defense Counsel, and Legal Commentators During High Profile Cases.” The panel will start on Friday from 9:45 – 11:45 at the Hilton Riverside.

The panel will be composed of myself, Lara Bazelon, Neil Eggleston, Trey Goudy, Gary Naftalis, and Mythili Raman.

Here is the description of the event:

Panelists will focus on the numerous ethical and professional conduct issues and challenges arising out of the Mueller investigation for both prosecutors and defense counsel, including the search of an attorney’s office, the frequent communications with the media by several of the attorneys involved, the establishment of legal defense funds, and the conduct of members of the bar who offer a wide range of views about the significance of leaked evidence on television programs.

5 thoughts on “Turley To Speak At ABA Conference in New Orleans”

    1. Hey he had your target Hillary in his sights for years as well as on the stand for 8 hours and came up with bupkis.

      You sure that’s who you want? What about Gary Busey?

  1. Perhaps he was a lawyer in the sense that Bud Fox was a financial adviser to Gordon Gekko.

  2. An interesting question is what constitutes a “lawyer’s office.” Was Michael Cohen actually engaged in the practice of law? Having a law degree or law license doesn’t necessarily mean one is engaged in legal practice. Cohen has been described in the press as a “fixer” for Trump, but reportedly Trump retained other lawyers for his tax, real estate, and other sophisticated business dealings.

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