Fast and Curious: Holder Demands Full Disclosure of Mueller Report Despite His Own Record Of Contempt

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has declared that the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not the end of the obstruction inquiry but only the “beginning of obstruction.” Holder has demanded that Attorney General William Barr release the report despite the contrary precedent of Holder himself in refusing to disclose critical information in the “Fast and Furious” scandal. Holder previously declared that Mueller was certain to find criminal obstruction by Trump.

I have been a long critic of Holder whose tenure at the Justice Department was marred by political influence from his role in the Clinton pardon scandals to his defiance of Congress (leading to his being held in contempt). Whether it is his call to “kick” critics or his political actions, Holder’s record is at best checkered.

Fast and Furious was a legitimate matter for congressional oversight after the ATF arranged for illegal gun sales to Mexican drug cartels for the moronic purpose of tracking weapons. Instead, it simply gave criminals low-price, high-powered weaponry– over 2000 in number including the one used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. There should have been no question about the obligation to share information with Congress, but Holder was defiant and encouraged Obama to assert sweeping executive privilege claims. It was part of an overall assertion of privilege by Obama that went far beyond what has been asserted thus far under the Trump Administration.

Moreover, the current Democratic leadership supported Holder after his defiance of congressional oversight authority.

Citing “substantial separation of powers concerns,” Holder insisted “I am very concerned that the compelled production to Congress of internal Executive Branch documents generated in the course of the deliberative process concerning its response to congressional oversight and related media inquiries would haver significant, damaging consequences.” Imagine if Bill Barr were to quote the same language to the Congress on the current report.

Fortunately, Bill Barr is not Eric Holder. He will do exactly what he promised he would do: disclose as much as possible.

138 thoughts on “Fast and Curious: Holder Demands Full Disclosure of Mueller Report Despite His Own Record Of Contempt”

    1. I. Bob,
      Holder has a lot of company; the demand for “honesty and transparency” has exploded in the marathon wait ( a full week now😟) for the full Mueller report to be released.
      One of those who posts here was especially supportive of the secrecy and lack of public information over the many months of the zigging and zagging of the OSC investigations.
      I won’t mention any names, but she now has become an advocate for IMMEDIATE release of the full Mueller report, and is already squawking about “suppression” due to that endless (one week) delay of public release of the Mueller report.

    1. Michael A.,
      As I understand it from listening to Holder ( and some who comment here), sometimes honesty and transparency is good.😇
      Except when it’s not expedient to be honest and transparent🤫. Then, extended periods of secret proceedings, withholding information, and consequential investigations should be done behind the curtains.

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