Putting The Hot Back Into Hot Air Balloons: Sheriff Nabs High-Flying Felons

This beautiful picture of a hot air balloon was posted recently by the Marion County Sheriff’s office on Facebook in an effort to solve a crime. The huge balloon was stolen from Indiana and the sheriff asked people to keep an eye out for it at the The Villages Hot Air Balloon Festival being held at the Florida Horse Park. It worked. Raising into the air, the hot hot-air balloon was spotted and eventually recovered.

The office simply commented that “You’re going to think we’re full of ‘hot air’ when you read this, but for the first time in our 175 years of existence, we recovered a stolen hot air balloon!” the sheriToff’s office said.

It is a curious object for crime since, to enjoy it, you must fly it over hundreds of thousands of people over long distances. There is no chop shop for hot hot-air balloons and you cannot just paint the stolen vehicle.

What is interesting is that the owner said that the did not want to press charges. Why?

No word on the culprits . . . but they must be real basket cases.

9 thoughts on “Putting The Hot Back Into Hot Air Balloons: Sheriff Nabs High-Flying Felons”

  1. Nancy Pelosi is on a hot air balloon. She wants to be President. There is precedent for this. The predecessor female balloonist was named Hillary The 8th. She was loud in squeeling at her husband she called BILL! America rejected the spouse cheating complainer and elected a Trump who came down from a Tower. It was not Ivory. But we did not want some dude from Harvard or Yale. Vote No on the Pelosi ballot.

  2. It must be a very small world of possible hot air balloon thieves. Even smaller than really good art forgers.

    If they are not pressing charges, perhaps this was a dispute with a business partner or family.

    How would it have gone over that first day in mess, when everyone is asking, “What are you in for?”

  3. Up, Up, and Away…Oklahoma Baptist preacher’s kid, Jimmy Webb, and his first hit, which he said he wrote in abt. 25 minutes in the ’60’s. His career ballooned soon after:

  4. The picture is obviously bogus, created for propaganda purposes. It has blue on the left and red on the right.

  5. The culprits were obviously commie treasonous libtard snowflake lefties. (sorry. had to say it before someone else did)

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