Dershowitz Sued For Defamation Over Jeffrey Epstein Case

We have been following the scandal involving the case of sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein (left). Epstein was accused of being a sex trafficker for powerful men ranging from former President Bill Clinton to Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz has called his accuser a perjurer and recently declared that he wanted to be sued for defamation. He has now gotten his wish. Dershowitz will now face a trial on the merits of the allegation after Boies Schiller filed the requested defamation action against him.

Tensions recently came to a head in a New York courtroom with allegations against Dershowitz made by former federal judge Paul Cassell.

Dershowitz recently declared “I hereby accuse my false accusers of committing the felony of perjury and challenge them to sue me for defamation.”

The attorneys responded by filing an action on behalf of Virginia (Roberts) Guiffre who was accused by Dershowitz of lying about having sex with him at the direction of Epstein.

I have previously criticized the handling of the case against Epstein and recently called upon Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to resign in light of the findings of a federal court that he violated federal law in giving Epstein a ridiculously light plea deal. The deal came as various powerful figures were being named as travelers on Epstein’s infamous “Lolita Express” flights to his private estate on the Caribbean island of Little Saint James with young girls who allegedly were used as prostitutes.  Epstein was known for his preference for young women and powerful figures like Clinton were repeat guests.

Despite a strong case for prosecution, Epstein’s lawyers, including Dershowitz and Ken Starr, were able to secure an absurd deal with prosecutors. He was accused of abusing more than forty minor girls (with many between the ages of 13 and 17).  Epstein was allowed to plead guilty to a Florida state charge of felony solicitation of underage girls in 2008 and served a 13-month jail sentence.  The Senate then approved the man who cut that disgraceful deal, former Miami U.S. attorney Alexander Acosta, as labor secretary.  The Senate did not seem to care that Acosta betrayed these victims and protected a serial abuser.  

Boies represents both Guiffre and another victim, Sarah Ransome, who previously sued Dershowitz for defamation for calling her a liar for claiming that Epstein directed her to have sex with Dershowitz while she was a minor. In that case, Dershowitz claimed that Boies was the “perpetrator” of a scheme to discredit him. That case settled on confidential terms.

In a two-page affidavit accompanying the complaint, Epstein’s former employee Maria Farmer supports the allegations: “Alan Dershowitz was an individual who came to visit Epstein at his New York mansion a number of times when I was working for Epstein. Dershowitz was very comfortable at the home and would come in and walk upstairs. On a number of occasions, I witnessed Dershowitz at the NY mansion going upstairs at the same time there were young girls under the age of 18 who were present upstairs in the house.”

Giuffre alleges that Dershowitz asserted that her own lawyers did not believe her claims against him and that she knowingly perjured herself as part of an extortion scheme. The complaint states that “Dershowitz has repeatedly, publicly claimed that he wanted to have a trial that would determine the facts concerning his conduct. Mr. Dershowitz now has what he claims to have been looking for.”

Here is the complaint: Guiffre complaint

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  1. If JT believes that Acosta made that deal without heavy pressure from above, he is so far beyond naivete that he can’t see it in the rear view mirror. And he is shocked….SHOCKED…..that politicians who have a secret slush fund to pay off women who accuse them of sexual misconduct would approve Acosta. Give me a break!!

  2. Global “royalty” must have the means to “protect” themselves from the repercussions of their acts based on “human needs,” right? Is anyone really going to take down the Duke of York?

    PHOTO BOMBSHELL Prince Andrew dragged back into Jeffrey Epstein paedo scandal as pic of him with ‘underage prostitute’ is listed as exhibit at new court case

    PRINCE Andrew has been dragged back into the Jeffrey Epstein paedo scandal as a photo of him with an ‘underage prostitute’ has been listed as an exhibit at a new court case. On Tuesday, a Florida courtroom will hear the tragic stories of sexual abuse that US financier Epstein subjected his victims to. The Duke of York is photographed with his arm around Virginia Roberts’ waist at a London townhouse in March 2001. Roberts who may be called as a witness at Palm Beach County Court this week, has claimed she was forced to have sex with Epstein and he “loaned [her] out” to perform sex acts for his wealthy pals.

    On Tuesday, a Florida courtroom will hear Epstein’s victims recall their accounts of being sexually abused
    The Sun
    By Aletha Adu
    2nd December 2018, 8:19 pm
    Updated: 3rd December 2018, 1:35 am

  3. “Dershowitz claimed that Boies was the “perpetrator” of a scheme to discredit him. That case settled on confidential terms.” – Jonathan Turley

    Back in 2016:

    “Former Federal Bureau of Investigation director Louis Freeh, whom Dershowitz hired to investigate Giuffre’s accusations, said he found no evidence to support them and had found evidence directly contradicting them.

    ““In my opinion, the totality of the evidence found during the investigation refutes the allegations made against Professor Dershowitz,” Freeh said in a statement.”

    Do you really think that Dershowitz wants a trial? He wants another settlement “on confidential terms, ” one might guess. Powerful men. And as was true with Epstein and Dershowitz before: just slaps on the wrist. Good old American “justice.”

  4. A trial of fact is the best way to decide whether Dersh attended one of Epstein’s sex parties. Eyewitness testimony by Ms. Roberts would have to be corroborated in some fashion, e.g., telling others contemporaneously, other witnesses present.

    I know Dersh would like to be completely exonerated regarding Ms. Roberts’ accusation. That’s because, it is now needed to prove he was not obstructing justice in his work on negotiating the Epstein NPA, specifically getting in the clause where co-conspirators and accessories to Epstein’s crimes could not be charged. That kind of self-dealing would be a clear case of defrauding the Court. Dersh has been looking for a way to clear his name.

  5. I’m going to link to two videos regarding what happened here. I will do so in two different posts because it’s hard to get more than one link through at a time.
    This is a documentary on Epstein by the Miami Herald:

  6. The topic is laid out in a confused fashion. I am not sure what role Dershewitz played — whether he was having sex with some women, or with some men, or that he related it to others or he sued or is being sued. His thing does not speak here, much less for itself.
    This is a lot of Long Dong Silver episode in relief.

    1. Liberty:
      Readers Digest version: Big Time TV Lawyer D represented scum E who got a sweetheart deal from Prosecutor-turned- Labor Sect’y A. D get accused of having sex with teenage girls at E’s NY pad and takes umbrage. He invites accusers — some of them former victims and their lawyers — to sue him. They oblige.

    1. Btw, Maria Farmer’s affidavit reads like a dispatch from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Read it. It’s priceless. Watches young “school girls” going upstairs for what she considers nefarious sexual purposes but does nothing because she’s in Epstein’s employ. Then she claims she was trapped into a sexual assault by — surprise, surprise — oh, you know who. Isn’t she mother of the year or maybe Mensa material?

      Just last week I rode an elevator up to the fifth floor of a hotel with two teenagers and a midget and auto- locked bedrooms lined every hall. Do I need a lawyer?

      1. Oops, forgot thr contextualizing “money” quote from Zola-esque, Farmer: “ I witnessed Dershowitz at the NY mansion going upstairs at the same time there were young girls under the age of 18 who were present upstairs in the house.”


  7. This will be an interesting case to watch. Mr. Dershowitz appeared to want to be the Plaintiff for a defamation suit as he was being almost tortured by people on Twitter. Did he do bad things? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. I for one will be thankful for the truth to come out regardless of who prevails.

  8. Either Dershowitz has been traduced or he is just plain crazy. IIRC, Dershowitz has filed complaints in some jurisdiction to have Cassell disbarred. Someone is going to come out of this mortally wounded (in his professional life, at least).

        1. Okay, I’m not Jewish so I don’t get the joke. But it seems to me that Jews sue one another left and right…is there supposed to be a “time-out” at Passover? I suppose that would be okay but somewhat pointless. I’m Irish Catholic and we beat on one another as well, so I’m not picking on Jews here. Happy Easter, Passover, Wiccan Festival, Human Sacrifice or whatever else you do this time of year! ✝️🐣🐇

          1. Okay, I’m not Jewish so I don’t get the joke. But it seems to me that Jews sue one another left and right…

            It’s business, not personal. (Usually).

          2. Kevin…’re a good sport. Thank you for playing! 😊
            I’m not Jewish either. I just really love and appreciate the heritage.
            (By the way….Christians, according to the New Testament, are not supposed to sue each other…Hello!!)
            My initial comment was that Alan D. was being sued @ Passover., when there are strict rules in place about working, driving, doing business, even switching on a lamp, electricity etc. I don’t know when Alan D. was served, and I don’t even know if he’s orthodox or cares. Anyway, it’s a very Holy time for Jews .
            Hevenu shalom alechem.

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