Poll: 57 Percent Disapprove Of Trump

The Morning Consult/Politico weekly tracking poll shows a drop in popularity for President Donald Trump to 39 percent. That is not however a massive decline given the harsh content of the Special Counsel Report. Half of those polls still opposed impeachment. What is more notable, in my view, is that 57 percent of those polled now disapprove of Trump’s presidency. That is a daunting figure for someone entering the campaign season.

In fairness, Trump has hovered in the 30s and 40s for his entire Administration. His fluctuation is relatively slight given the huge waves of coverages battering his Administration. The fact is that roughly 35 percent on both ends of support and opposition is baked in. What should worry him — and the Republicans — is the number of people expressing dissatisfaction. A rising number of voters appear to hardening in that view. Trump clearly controls the Republican primary right now but he is looking at an unprecedented challenge in the general.

Trump is clearly gambling not on convincing most of these voters about himself but winning again on a disastrous choice by the Democrats for their standard barrier. That might not happen however. Many of us were critical when the Democratic establishment (and virtually every Democratic member of Congress) all but guaranteed the nomination of Clinton despite every poll showing her to be unpopular and the voters seeking an anti-establishment choice. However, there is a much larger array of choices this year and Joe Biden will have to fight for the nomination.

This is going to be interesting. What is clear however is that, while Trump’s supporters are holding firm, he is adding people who are increasingly opposed to him in the general.

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  1. From Will Rogers back in the day. Some things never change.

    – If you have a radio, the next three months is a good time to have it (quit working). All you will hear from now until the 4th of November will be: ‘We must get our government out of the hands of predatory wealth.’ ‘The good people of this great country are burdened to death with taxes. Now what I intend to do is …’ What he intends to do is try and get elected. That’s all any of them intend to do. Another one that will hum over the old static every night will be: ‘This country has reached a crisis in its national existence. August 3, 1924

    – Here’s another way of putting it. Roosevelt wants recovery to start at the bottom. In other words, by a system of high taxes, he wants business to help the little fellow to get started and get some work, and then pay business back by buying things when he’s at work. Business says, ‘Let everybody alone. Let business alone, and quit monkeying with us, and we’ll get everything going for you, and if we prosper, naturally the worker will prosper.” That’s exactly what business says, and they’re justified from their angle in saying that.

    – One wants recovery to start from the bottom, and the other wants it to start from the top. I don’t know which is right. I’ve never heard of anybody suggesting that they might start it in the middle, so I hereby make that suggestion. To start recovery halfway between the two, because it’s the middle class that does everything anyhow. But I don’t know anything about it…

    – I know things are going to get better in spite of both sides. Then when things do get better, then you’ll hear the yell that will go up. The Democrats will swear that recovery was due to them. Now the Republicans, they’ll say it was due to them. Nobody wanted to claim the credit for the country blowing up, but wait until it starts picking up and they’ll both be on it then. See?

    – I don’t think either one of them knows what it’s all about, to be honest with you. Both sides are doing nothing but just looking towards the next election.” June 9, 1935

    1. Olly you might be interested in reading Say’s law.

      Jean-Baptiste Say: “A product is no sooner created, than it, from that instant, affords a market for other products to the full extent of its own value.” That is not precisely what Say said but is an idea. The debate is a chicken and egg type of question but I think in the end Say wins out. However, if one looks at that law and understands priming of the pump one might get an idea of where a middle might be. In the end the middle is not correct but might be preferable for those of us that are only going to live one lifetime.


    Had The Mueller Report really been beneficial to Trump, this poll would reflect that. Instead it indicates just the opposite. The public is seeing The Mueller Report for what it is: a generally negative portrayal of Trump.

    1. NPR says the number of Democrats who want impeachment is down after the Meuller report. That’s just what NPR says of course. Maybe they are on Trump’s side now. You could have fooled me but maybe that’s due to Russian collusion too.

      1. Yeah, Kurtz, the clock has run-out on impeachment; that’s a no-brainer. And most Democrats are smart enough to get that.

        1. Of course Pelosi has but I wonder about some of the rest
          Or maybe they’re just going to posture for election purposes

          1. Mr. Kurtz,
            I commented on this elsewhere on how I felt the Democrats would use the impeachment issue.
            I’d lay odds that they’ll settle on “impeachment talk” as their tactic.
            IOW, Trump “should be impeached”, but we’ll leave it up to the American voters instead.
            That’s kind of a fine line, but that’s the one I’ll think they’ll walk right up until election night.



  3. Trump can’t fight this battle all on his own. Republicans like Mitt Romney make me sick. Since when do Democrats stand on morals or principle?? ….they don’t! They fight in lockstep for power at any cost….they fight dirty, they lie, and they have their media allies go on attack to relentlessly lie about Trump in every way possible… and they shamelessly accuse Trump of the very things they themselves are doing. Their sole purpose in continuing to sell lies to the American people is to damage Trump’s approval numbers.

    1. Democrats intentionally sneer at, and then call half the country names like “deplorable”… “bitter clinger”…. and smelly “Walmart people” while at the same time saying ‘check that white privilege of yours’ …oh and then while you’re at it say goodbye to your livelihood and your jobs… because the Democrats, through their agenda and their policies, seek to destroy your jobs and livelihoods… just as they insult who you are, your values, and your way of life….

      And they believe this is a winning agenda? Try again.

      All Americans (of every color, class, gender, and creed) who care about the economy and direction of this country need to rise up and fight like hell for Trump….and VOTE against the totalitarian tactics of the power hungry Democrat party of today….or they will win this information war and the next wave of elections. Do not capitulate to the dishonest corrupt media and its Democrat agenda! Fight like hell for Trump because he’s fighting like hell for you. That’s the truth.

      1. TBob,
        I think the Democrats should press that theme for the 2020 campaign.
        The only reason that it did not work out for Hillary in 2016 is that she stopped at “deplorables” and did not continue to denigrate Trump voters.
        “Unwashed masses”, “Rednecks”, ‘Zombies indoctrinated by Fox News”, “uneducated”, “uncool”, “racists”, etc. can be added to the mix for a lethal cocktail the Dems. can use for 2020.

    2. TBob, will there ever come a time when support for Trump is based on Trump himself?

      The question is valid because every comment in favor of Trump is prefaced on comparisons to the Clintons or the lurking ‘communist threat’.

      One never sees supportive comments based on Trump’s actual ‘merits’ as a leader. We are always left with the impression that Trump was simply the ‘only’ choice amongst an unthinkable talent pool.

  4. I thought you guys said the party was over?

    By the way, Ramsussen still phone land lines, so they’re sure to get Gramps and Nana’s opinion.

    1. Gramps and Nana are likely to be Trump supporters, so his approval number is probably skewed high.

      1. a lot of older Republicans dont like Trump but you probably don’t know too many so you wouldn’t know would you.

        Even secretly they don’t like him, he’s too much like a Democrat with all his flamboyant behavior and histrionics

    2. Ilya Somin: No one survey question is all that important by itself. What matters far more is the cumulative weight of widespread political ignorance across a wide range of issues. But one good example of the extent of public ignorance is that only about 34% of Americans can even name the three branches of the federal government: executive, legislative, and judicial . It is not that familiarity with these terms is absolutely essential—it’s that anyone who follows politics even moderately closely is likely to know them. The fact that most people do not know is a strong indication of their ignorance about politics and public policy generally.


      1. that’s right but guess what your precious journalists are not that well informed either

        a lot of the public acts on imperceptible factors that for one person may seem impossible to decipher but for a crowd

        gustave le bon and others criticized crowd decision making. ever since the ancient Greeks demeaned the mob, the “ochlos,” we have known that crowds can produce bad results. but today while we are not wiser than the ancients we may have a broader ability to analyze data-sets and some surprises have emerged. It seems the critics of crowd logic saw only part of the elephant. The good news is that there are times when crowds produce excellent results. this is something of a mystery!


              1. I never read that book but I think I know what it refers to. For some reason the Wisdom of Crowds makes me remember the book Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions by Gary Klein. I bring this up because if you have read both of the others then this will surely feed your interests. One of the most interesting sections was on the USS Vincennes and the evaluation of Captain Rodgers (I think was the name). That was the ship that shot down an Iranian passenger plane. Klein reevaluates the shooting and the blame placed on Captain Rodgers who it seems acted admirably and should never have been blamed..

  5. It’s far too early to pay any attention to the polls. Hell, Democrats have their own game of capture the flag going on, with each candidate planting it further and further left. At some point they are going to need to stop moving or they will run out of real estate and risk giving up their citizenship.

  6. There are not that many Poles living in America with voting rights. Pollacks do not really matter all that much so I do not see the need to discuss them all the time.

  7. The RCP average of all polls on Trump’s popularity has remained remarkably stable since his inauguration, Trump is not in trouble and if anything is stronger now than in 2016. And with the field of goofy Dem nominees moving the party to the left in ways that just won’t sell in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin (slave reparations, Medicare for all, free college tuition, universal income, Green New Deal, abolition of death penalty) and the left’s obsession with Russia Collusion/Obstruction (even thought its over in the minds of a weary public) Trump will be reelected by a wide margin of electoral votes.

  8. Given how polls fluctuate from one week to the next and vary from one pollster to the next, one grasps for an explanation as to why you would write a post on a single poll.

  9. We seem to have the most trouble understanding the smallest words especially when they define conditional statements.

    For example; “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.” Article 2 Section 1 Clause 2 of the United States Constitution.

    If you notice this clause of Article 2 has not been changed or amended, not even by the 12 Amendment which only forces the Electors to specify which ballot they are casting for the President and which for the Vice President.

    What are the troublesome small words, or phrases, in this clause which set up the conditional statement that Governs the Electoral College Selection Process.

    shall appoint, may direct, Equal, whole number, to which, may be entitled

    First this is one Sentence, like many of the clauses in the Constitution which groups related ideas and concepts. This clause tells us the whole number of Electors that each State is Entitled to select which will Vote by Ballot, not the number they are given, the word “entitled” is the operative word, and it gives us the method of their Selection, which is by a method determined by each State’s Legislature, which is another way of stating “ the People in their Collective Capacity”, which are chosen directly by the People, and act in an Indirect Capacity on the People’s behalf. This makes the selection of the Electors an Indirect Process, which could be determined to be a direct process of the people if, and only if, the People in their Collective Capacity choose that as the manner of selection, but that is a process totally separate and totally unrelated to the duty of the Electors, once chosen, to act as the Selectors of the candidates for President, or both President and Vice President under the 12th Amendment.

    If there is a general election of the people as part of the Electoral College Process, that would not be a National process, and would vary from State, but it would only be to “choose” the Electors the State is Entitled, not to cast a vote for President or Vice President Themselves, which is the responsibility of the Electors once they are chosen and they gather in their respective States on the Same day which has been determined by Congress for that purpose.

    So, what is the whole number of Representatives and Senators the States are Entitled, and notice there is nothing in this clause, or in Article 1 Section 2, Clause 3, which determines districts, both clauses refer to the calculation of the whole number of Representatives which is rendered from their percentage of the population through the use of a proportionality constant. The proportion of the whole of the Representatives never changes, only the whole number which is calculated based upon that proportion.

    If the whole number is determined by the number not to exceed 1 for 30,000, and this is the number each State is Entitled, then each State has the Constitutional right to maximize their number of Representatives up to but not exceeding 1 for 30,000, and who by the way is going to tell a State that they are not entitled to their whole number of Representatives, the other States which have an equal vested interest in maintaining their own proportional representation, I don’t think so!

    So based upon the 2010 census what is the whole number of Representatives which the States are entitled? Based upon the 2010 Census and the proportionality constant 1:30,000, the whole number of Representatives, after truncation of the fractional Representatives, would be 10,247 Representatives apportioned among the 50 States Based Upon their proportion of the total Population. Add the 100 Electors for the 100 Senators and the result is 10,347 Electors, the whole number of Electors the States are Entitled.

    Is this unreasonable for a country that has an overall population of 300,000,000 persons, versus the initial approximately 100 Representatives estimated by the Constitution for its approximately 3,000,000 persons in 1790? Absolutely not, it actually scales exactly. Remember this is a formal poll, of all the States, to identify the most qualified, and best suited, persons to hold the two most important administrative positions in our Government, and as in the first election in our country 12 persons received Elector’s votes from 69 Electors representing 10 States, if we were to extrapolate that to today it would be ~1,200 persons receiving Elector’s votes on the first ballot, those of the Electors, from which the top 5 persons receiving votes would progress to a vote of the States in the House, 1 vote per State, to determine the President by a Majority Consensus, 51 Votes, and the person with the next height number of votes would be the Vice President, unless that resulted in a tie, which would then be resolved by the States in the Senate, again 1 Vote per State.

    My only purpose for trudging through this lengthy description of the Electoral College Process is to elucidate the fact that there are no self Declared Candidates, no Party Primaries, no Party Nominations, no Party tickets, the Presidential nominees have no role in the Choice of the Vice Presidential Candidates, The People have no role in the selection process which is conducted by their representatives, the Electors, on their behalf, and there is no winner takes all by State of the Electors Votes which must be recorded by list, certified, and transmitted sealed to the Seat of Government Directed to the President of the Senate, only to be opened on a predetermined date and time by the authority of the President of the Senate who presides over the tabulation process of all the States lists of Electors Ballots.

    Notice, there is no possibility if interference or the corruption, or prostitution, of the Electors Votes, by the States Themselves, by the Congress, or by any Foreign interest. This is an Indirect Selection Process which provides at least three degrees of separation of those tasked to the Choice and those Chosen.

    Not only would it be impossible to select an unqualified person like Trump, but if by some chance we did select a person of Trump’s ilk, and that same person survived impeachment, there would be absolutely no chance of that person getting the necessary majority of the Electors on a subsequent selection by the Electoral College for reelection.

    Moral of this story, just use the Constitution as written, this is not something that is, or should be, subjected to the interpretation of those who stand to benefit from the bastardization of the Process. And yes, as in Hamilton’s words, this is a process that if not Perfect is at least excellent.

    I dare you to design a process this well protected, unbiased, and Nonpartisan as the Electoral College!

  10. What is really amazing is that the Mueller Report demonstrates that the press has been lying for at least 2 years with headlines that are extremely negative towards Trump. The press is trying to batter the public into submission. However, Trump’s underlying approval ratings remain relatively fixed and quite close to the approval ratings of Obama.

    Obama predominantly had good press and though some of it was bad much of it praised what Obama was doing. That praise almost never occurs under Trump yet it is obvious that Trump has been doing a good job.

    The Democrats have a lot to worry about because the press doesn’t appear to have any effect on the public and when the campaigning begins for the Presidency the public likely will do what they did when Hillary ran. The public will elect Trump while the newsmedia and polsters continuously predict his defeat.

  11. Turley postulates that the constant bad news has driven up Trump’s negatives. The bad news isn’t going to stop. Trump’s finances are ultimately going to be revealed, despite his attempts to 1. Sue the House of Representatives and nullify their subpoena power. 2. Prevent his accountants from obeying a legal subpoena. 3. Order the Treasury Dept not to release his taxes despite a clear letter law request from the Ways and Means Committee. Do any of you think his finances are going to be good news for Trump? For any that think there is no legitimate reason to pursue his finances. Congress has heard testimony accusing Trump of fraud and tax evasion, should they pretend they didn’t hear it? There is certainly a question of his conflicts of interest with Russia, and others. Remember when Trump said a Hillary Administration would be full of investigations? Glad we avoided that!

    1. ha ha Enigma good to see you back

      well the term is almost over so feel free to pursue more frivolous activities. thank God the Democrats are not trying to enact idiotic legislations, instead!

      1. With McConnell herding the Senate, there is no chance of any legislation going anywhere. Yet the investigations (and the 14 cases referred out to various US Attorneys and the Counterintelligence Investigation) are moving right along.

        1. They are political theatre. Sure to continue. The results will be on par with the big one which just fell flat in case you missed it.

          These theatrics are necessary to retain your vote, by creating the illusion they are doing something. Please send a donation to the DNC so that they can fund Kamala’s prechosen destiny as the annointed successor to Hillary. Thank you for your contribution.

        1. Racism or rather tribalism is the usual condition of mankind. Just as class differences will always be with us. Or nationalism or whatever marks of difference and distinction people use to enlist aid in life and combat their rivals.

          That is, until we are all the same shade, the same amorphous genderless “sex” and the same level of social and economic privilige, all all nations have faded away.

          Which will be never, that is, unless you count extinction. Until then, there are no real “safe spaces” and your family is wherever you can find it. The customary words about peace and love are mostly lies, and so too are false promises of equality.

          Don’t worry so much about what whitey thinks and focus on existence instead. That’s my suggestion, but thank you for a thought provoking article.

          “Maybe the best thing about the Internet when it comes to racism is when people get videoed taking their online behavior to the real world, are identified, then punished or fired. While some of you wear your racism like a badge of honor. Employers can’t afford to appear to feel the same way.”

          Right, that’s the kind of social and economic pressure put on black civil rights leaders before the system embraced “integration” such as it is. Now, the pressure is on the crackers to stop them from organizing too. Whatever helps keep money in its proper place as the primary public idol! Be happy you have done your part working for the system, Enigma. I just hope you get paid for this.

          1. Kurtz, one has to learn to live with the “usual condition of mankind”. Essentially right now you have a choice of nationalism or its opposite tribalism. Which do you find preferable?

          2. Kurtz, the species has survived and prospered through cooperation, and positive trait more important than ever with our large population and lack of isolation. If your theory was right, the US would have long ago devolved into tribes and WWIII and WWIV would be in the past.

        2. I appreciate you warning the young crackers to keep their racial feelings hidden. Better to glide under the surface like a submarine, run silent, run deep! Good advice to the young racist fools out there contemplating running their mouths off amuck like some kind of idiotic berserkers.

  12. President Trump will be re-elected, thanks to the Demosocialist party especially if they continue with the coup attempt. Though I have to hand it to them and their MSM distracting from the real criminals.

    1. what is socialism? both parties espouse mixed economy systems. the Demcrats are often the favorites of Wall Street such as Hillary was.

      don’t let the label of socialism mean too much folks. usually it just means how much of what kind of free stuff will be handed out to whom. Democrat socialism means more free stuff in small numbers for more people. Republican socialism means a smaller degree of that, in general.

      but you have to know where your interests lie. this will often indicate a clear choice. if you are in flyover land you gotta be brain dead to vote Democrat in any federal election. State choices may vary and one way or another, the local ones matter but party often does not.

  13. If Republicans want to win the next election, they should impeach Trump and put Pence in office before the next election.

  14. Are these the same polls that had HRC at a 99% chance of winning the election?

      1. Mespo,
        I like the 538 composite that updates and averaged out the results of about 20? polls.
        It’s now at 41.3% favorable…..it’s been steady in the low 40s for a long time.
        The “outliers” at either extreme of individual polls often are way off the mark.
        But I remember one “outlier” poll…..I think it was LA Times/ USC polling….proved to be much closer to the mark with “Trump favorable” ratings that were far above most other polls.
        About a month before the election, one poll …..NBC/ WSJournal, I think…..had Trump trailing by 12-14 points.
        That was a much higher gap than any other poll, which mostly had Trump trailing by a 5-8% margin.
        What was interesting is that some media outlets, like CNN, stressed that wildly inaccurate poll in their reporting over their OWN polling results.

          1. I wouldn’t put it past the newspapers to manufacture phony surveys. However, I think honest pollsters are having a great deal of trouble putting together proper sampling frames to get valid results. Random-digit dialing doesn’t work well when most people have given up landlines. They don’t want to return to the laborious process of door-to-door interviews, either.

            1. Just scanning a few things. The numbers they use are relatively small and the questions don’t seem to target an accurate account of what the voter thinks. I also wonder about the distribution, but with all the inadequacies I didn’t bother to look deeper.

              Take the first question:
              ” Now, generally speaking, would you say that things in the country are going in the right direction, or have they pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track?”

              I could answer that question either way:

              Yes things are on the wrong track because Congress isn’t doing its job.
              No Trump has done a fine job and the Mueller Report demonstrated no guilt on his part

              Both the yes and no answers will be spun by the press to say Trump is doing a bad job.

            2. yes polling is like voting. the votes dont matter its who counts the votes that matters.

  15. Rasmussen daily tracking poll has him at 47% approval where he’s been for a week. I notice every Trump victory is met with another negative poll. Coincidence? There are so very few in politics.

        1. ha ha I sure don’t who cares about this erroneous “samples”
          I got a sample for the press right here

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