Judge Indicted For Allegedly Aiding Illegal Immigrant Evade Arrest by ICE

We previously discussed the controversy surrounding Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph who allegedly helped an illegal immigrant evade ICE agents in April 2018. Joseph and court officer Wesley MacGregor were charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice, obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting and obstruction of a federal proceeding.

Medina-Perez was arrested by Newton police on drug charges and faced a fugitive warrant for drunken driving in Pennsylvania and a detainer from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  ICE was at the courthouse to execute the detainer and the defense counsel David Jellinek is heard on an audiotape saying “ICE will pick him up if he walks out the front door.”  Joseph reportedly told his counsel “ICE is going to get him.” She then suggested “What if we continue [the case]?” and then instructed a clerk to turn off the courtroom’s audio recorder.

All such proceedings must be recorded and the order to turn off the recorder is not just a violation of that rule but shows a level of premeditation on her part to assist in the effort to evade ICE.  The indictment recounts how:

“Immediately following the proceeding, defendant MACGREGOR escorted A.S. from the Courtroom downstairs to the lockup, accompanied by the Defense Attorney and an interpreter. Once inside the lockup, defendant MACGREGOR used his security access card to open the rear sally-port exit and released A.S. out the back door at approximately 3:01 p.m.”

All the time, the ICE agent was waiting as instructed outside of the courtroom expecting Medina-Perez. Indeed, MacGregor is also charged with perjury for falsely testifying before a federal grand jury in stating that, prior to releasing the defendant from the sally-port exit, he was unaware that ICE agents were in the Courthouse and that there was a detainer for the defendant.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has denounced the charges:

“Today’s indictment is a radical and politically-motivated attack on our state and the independence of our courts. It is a bedrock principle of our constitutional system that federal prosecutors should not recklessly interfere with the operation of state courts and their administration of justice. This matter could have been appropriately handled by the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Trial Court. I am deeply disappointed by U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling’s misuse of prosecutorial resources and the chilling effect his actions will have.”

Judge Joseph is a graduate of New England School of Law and Boston College who worked as an assistant attorney general in the Family and Community Crimes Bureau. She also served as an adjunct faculty member at New England School of Law and Massachusetts School of Law as well as a former member of the Democratic State Committee.

Here is the indictment: Joseph indictment

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  1. Can you believe this happened in Massachusetts? What next sanctuary cities? Oh, that’s right I’ve been sleeping for quit a while now.

  2. I agree with the prosecution of the judge and court officer. They broke the law.

    What I do not know is why the same is not occurring for those in sanctuary states, who break their oath to uphold the law. In addition, sanctuary states should be sued each and every time a felon illegal alien reoffends, because of this policy in aiding and abetting illegal aliens to break federal immigration law.

    Legal immigration is the only sensible solution. Illegal immigration is irresponsible.

    1. Communism is banned. Congress has only the power to tax for “…general Welfare…” not individual welfare or any form of redistribution. The only constitutional regulation is that of trade, exchange or “…commerce among the several states.” Private property rights mean government cannot possess or dispose of private property for any purpose with the sole exception of Eminent Domain.

      Communism is banned!

  3. Invasion force of criminals, rapists, murders, funded by Soros, UN, Koch Bros, “This Marxist Pope” ie; Pastor Sam, Catholic Charities, etc., have now collapsed our South Border.

    (It’s not in this video, but everyone should see with own eyes of what the 3rd world Shiiitholes these Invaders have turned LA, San Fran, New York, Baltimore, everywhere the 3rd worlders are being , like Raw Sewage! Jeez!! Invade Mexico Trump & help the Mex People if the US Commie/Nazi Judges are stopping you.)


  4. “Judge Indicted For Allegedly Aiding Illegal Immigrant Evade Arrest by ICE”

    – Professor Turley

    And, of course, every local and state official promoting “Sanctuary” status should have already been arrested, charged and prosecuted for violation of immigration law under color of authority, endangerment of police officers, subversion, nullification, usurpation, abuse of power, treason, etc.

  5. While the left continuously tries to obstruct Trump, even illegally, Trump is running the nation and doing good things. While we consider jailing the Judge we should also consider praising Trump. The latest NYTimes news alert says:

    The U.S. economy grew at a 3.2 percent rate in the first quarter, an unexpectedly strong showing to start the year.

    Lets get rid of these obstructionist leftists and jail them where they break the law. Let’s not put up with the left’s antics in cases like Jessie Smollett.

  6. Meanwhile, I had a laugh out loud moment when Fatso proclaimed that he’s a “vibrant young man”, in contradistinction to Joe Biden, whom he called “sleepy”. He also tried to question Biden’s intelligence, as compared to his. I had never before done an actual spit-take. My dog was concerned.

    While amusing, these comments explain some things, the implications of which aren’t funny at all. In addition to being narcissistic, Trump is truly delusional. He looks in the mirror and doesn’t see orange, deeply-wrinkled skin, a bad comb-over with an absurd pompadour, a bloated belly and broad behind on a clearly out of shape old man who squires around a much younger looking woman, which only serves to emphasize how badly he has aged. His appearance is ridiculous.

    He also proclaims himself to be of superior intelligence, and yet cannot keep facts straight, he lies constantly, doesn’t understand how our system of government works and can’t even do news conferences because every time he does, he messes up. He has alienated U.S. allies by his endless faux pas. He really thinks that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh can stop Congress from impeaching him. Because his fragile ego needs to “win”, he is vulnerable to being manipulated by Russia, and we’ve already seen evidence of this–by trying to undermine NATO, lifting of sanctions, siding with Putin and against U.S. intelligence agencies and trying to disrupt the EU, all of which are Putin’s goals. While Trump’s appearance is laughable, his emotional and intellectual deficits are not.

      1. Olly,
        If either Biden or actually do win the nomination, Trump will be the youth candidate.

        1. Trump will continue to be Trump and he will have a record of accomplishments that the Democrats will have a difficult time arguing against. So instead, the Democrats will continue to march leftward trying to find their place in the sun. Warren is just one example. Today she’s working the black female vote saying That doctors and nurses don’t hear African American women’s medical issues the same way that they hear the same things from white women. What a disgrace.




    2. It’s a reasonable wager Trump is smarter than Biden. It’s a reasonable wager Marco Rubio is as well.

      Biden’s law school class rank was somewhere below the 20th percentile. He worked as a suburban associate for four years ‘ere being elected to Congress. He has no history in the business world nor any history in any executive position. His efforts have included the Violence Against Women Act (Andrea Dworkin remarked her only explanation for that is that members of Congress don’t read the bills they vote on) and his 1987 presidential campaign (when he confounded Neil Kinnock’s biography with his own biography). And for an amusing take, see Brit Hume’s 1986 profile of the Senator.

      Dan Quayle passed the bar exam. He, unlike Biden, had time in uniform. And, unlike Biden, he knew he was not Neil Kinnock. For some reason, Biden is a salable commodity to Democratic voters at age 76 and Quayle in his prime was a joke. Because reasons.

      1. Biden, unlike Trump, WON his elections without the assistance of a hostile foreign power to whom he remains beholden. BTW: the age difference between Trump and Biden is 3 years. Biden looks younger. If Trump took the rug off of his head, he’d look even older.

        1. Biden, unlike Trump, WON his elections without the assistance of a hostile foreign power to whom he remains beholden.

          Having advanced a baseless and now discredited thesis, Natacha puts her fingers in her ears and just lies. The institution which has custody of you must just love the experience.

        2. “Biden, unlike Trump, WON his elections without the assistance of a hostile foreign power to whom he remains beholden.”

          Takeaway point from Kimberly Strassel’s WSJ editorial.

          ” Thanks to the special counsel we know Republicans weren’t playing footsie with Russians. But thanks to BuzzFeed, we know that Democrats were.”

          1. Good article.

            5 Times The Mueller Probe Broke Prosecutorial Rules That Ensure Justice

            1. Using Leaks And Press Conferences to Trash Un-charged Targets.

            2. Using Their Power to Crush Client-Attorney Privilege.

            3. Prosecuting Despite Knowing They Can’t Prove Their Case.

            4. Special Counsels Aren’t Supposed to Be a Partisan Hit Squad.

            5. Rosenstein Used His Government Position to Protect Himself.


            1. Neither can I. But, before the FISA warrant and even before Trump started to run his campaign 2 names were thorns in the Obama administration and Obama tried to get rid of both of them because they did not agree with certain policies of the Obama administration. One was Mike Flynn where apparently there were prior attempts to set him up and the other was Admiral Rogers who likely informed Trump he was under surveilance. So not only do we need to review FISA, we have to go back and review the attempts to get rid of Flynn and Rodgers to see what the administrative state was up to.

            2. I didn’t have the article in hand and decided to look for one of them.

              “The FBI investigation of General Flynn goes back several years, perhaps as far back as 2015. This was undoubtedly because the intelligence community didn’t like Flynn, who had changed the way intelligence was collected and analyzed on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, taking it away from Washington military and intel officials and relocating it in theater. His methods worked well, but they greatly irritated the Washington-based intelligence crowd. When Flynn was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), it became known that he intended to audit decades of covert budgets, checking to see if the funding, especially for CIA, actually went to the intended recipients for the approved missions. If you ask me, the campaign against Flynn that so surprised Byron York is best explained by the intel community’s eagerness to lock him out of their system. It was reinforced when Flynn criticized Obama’s Afghanistan policy in sworn testimony to Congress.

              I suspect that if there is ever a proper inquiry into the operation, we’ll find that the CIA and FBI placed trusted informers inside Flynn’s offices at DIA. It was clearly very important to them, as we see when Comey overrode his own officers to push the claim that Flynn had misled them.

              Still earlier, the intelligence community invented a romantic relationship between Flynn and Russian historian Svetlana Lokhova. This was one of the false tales that came to us courtesy of British intelligence, most famously the Steele Dossier, and undoubtedly involved the CIA.

              When Flynn became Trump’s favorite national security adviser, it became even more urgent for the Dark State to take him out…..


          2. Biden, unlikely Trump (or Biden), graduated in the top half of his law school.😉😄😃😂🤣
            I don’t think Biden will be trotting out that claim this time around.

            1. Biden graduated in the 20th percentile. In other words, in the bottom quarter of his class.

              1. from Newsweek, 1987 –

                ‘Higher IQ Than You’

                A clearly angered Biden added: “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do.
                Last week, however, the presidential candidate said at a news conference that he had finished 76th in a law school class of 85. Records he released indicated he had a partial, need-based scholarship as well as student loans.
                The tape was aired April 12 as part of the network’s “Road to the White House” series, C-SPAN spokeswoman Nan Gibson said.
                Newsweek magazine said Biden does not mention the moot-court competition on his resume and did not win the political science award at University of Delaware, where he received a single B.A. in political science and history.”

                So it seems that Biden brags about his IQ – just like someone else we know. Let’s hope he wins the nomination, this could be fun. Boxing, IQ competitions….

  7. Progressives: “You mean it’s maybe NOT OK to publicly swear an oath to uphold the law, then to help a convicted DUI criminal escape legal apprehension, then to lie about what I did to investigators? DAM!”

    Progressive judge and LEO conspirators: “What? Are you telling me that there are security cameras in my courthouse hallways that permanently depict my crimes? Why didn’t anyone tell me about that? Who’da thunk they put security cameras ’round here?…I din’du nuttin’!”

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