Alabama Rep: “Some Kids Are Unwanted, So You Kill Them Now Or You Kill Them Later.”

The Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill designed to test the new conservative majority on the Supreme Court on the issue of abortion. The bill would ban abortion with the sole exception for protecting the life of or health of the mother. The bill is clearly unconstitutional under cases after Roe v. Wade but that is the point. Members want to force a new review of the fundamental question of Roe v. Wade. They could not have asked for more help from Alabama State Rep. John Rogers (D) who opposed the bill with a shocking statement that left many speechless: “Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair. So, you kill them now or you kill them later.” The bill passed 74-3.

Rogers added that some children who face abortion could be “retarded” and “half-deformed.”

It is a shocking and deeply offensive argument that is worthy of condemnation. Rogers succeeded in not only destroying his own credibility but making the case for those members on the other side of the debate.

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  1. I am continually amazed at the quality of individuals who are elected to public office. Mr. Rogers ill considered remarks are illustrate my point. Unfortunately, many individuals who engage in the ongoing debate over abortion rights have not considered the rights of the unborn child. Many of these individuals incorrectly characterize the issue as a woman’s “reproductive health” issue. Except in extraordinary circumstances, women have the ability to make informed choices prior to conception. The ability to choose abortion provides a woman with a “second choice” after coming to the realization that a prior “first choice” was not in her best interests. Why is it that the best interests of the unborn child are not taken into account? Perhaps it is because I was relinquished at birth by a woman who did not want me that I can relate to the precarious situation of the unborn child. I have a reverence for life.

  2. Robert Heinlein’s famous passage about kids and dogs is particuarly appropos. Why is it that in the USA people treat their dogs better than their kids? However that politician meant it what a horrible twisted human being he must be to actually say it out loud… and then what? Go home and play with his dog?

    1. The idea that thugs commit the sort of violence that courts send them to death row for because they were unwanted children is the kind of canard Robert Heinlein detested his entire writing life. His passage about kids and dogs nothwithstandnig.

  3. here is a fascinating piece by a new young fellow denouncing the creeping social media private surveillance state and pointing out the hypocrisy of the overpaid silicon valley honchos.

    since Zuck’s FB is banning him it deserves a look. i wonder what people think of this piece ?

    yes amazon now has ALGOS ie robotic programs determining HR decisions. it’s in the wall st journal

    welcome to the brave new world man.

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