Turley To Testify Before House Judiciary Committee On Executive Privilege

I will be testifying tomorrow before the House Judiciary Committee on President Donald Trump’s assertion of executive privilege and congressional oversight. The Hearing will be held 10 a.m. on Wednesday, May 15th, in Room 2141 in the Rayburn House Office Building.

I will be testifying with three other expert witnesses: Professor Kate Shaw, Yeshiva University; Paul Rosenzweig, Senior Fellow, R Street Institute; and Professor Neil Kinkopf, Georgia State University.

The hearing will be before the full House Judiciary Committee.

23 thoughts on “Turley To Testify Before House Judiciary Committee On Executive Privilege”

  1. Just do the normal kick ass and don’t bother to take names. All is getting tired of this political cycle of stupid.

  2. That clown car of a committee boasts such mental midgets as Sheila “Cowgirl” Jackson Lee, Hank “Guam is Sinking” Johnson, Steve “Finger Licking Good” Cohen, Eric “Gungrabber” Swalwell, Ted “Why Would the President Visit Tornado Victims? Oh, Thats Why” Lieu, and “Never Met a Trump I liked since my days in NY real estate” Chairman Jerry Nadler. It’s a rogues gallery of Democrats with a collective IQ about 50 points shy of Trump’s. Be prepared for stupid questions, JT ‘cause they’re coming.


    1. Just because I could not more strongly disagree with an artist’s political position doesn’t necessary preclude me from enjoying said artish’s rip:

  3. There are no Executive privileges and the President reports directly to the Senate, where the States are assembled as Equals with Equal Suffrage!

    Since you are an expert I guess you will be rebutting my comment with the appropriate Constitutional reference from Article 2! Sorry Congressional Statutes passed by Parties do not Trump the Constitution!

    1. It is true that the constitution does not specifically grant executive privilege to the president. But also “No provision of the Constitution expressly authorizes either house of Congress to make investigations and exact testimony to the end that it may exercise its legislative functions effectively and advisedly.”
      In other words, Congress has the right to issue subpoenas and make investigations because it has granted itself that ability–not because the constitution mandates it. That right and executive privilege have evolved together over the last two centuries. There are as many arguments in favor of one as the other.
      The above-cited article contains a balanced history of how the two branches of government came to have these powers.

  4. More auditioning for a royal appointment Jonathan? this is getting sordid…

    1. Observe laudyms’ transparent pressure tactic. Fabricate bias where none exists, to discredit someone they think might actually be fair. This is how they play it folks!

      Turley could be a saint. But if he isn’t sufficiently hard on Trump, they will slander him. That’s how the swarms of Democrat operatives on the internet operate! Fake news, slander, lies, mound after stinking mound of verbal garbage.

      Total vitriol and scorn toward Orange Man Bad is required! Fair and balanced comments, to them, evidence of climbing! Outrageous insult.

      1. Kurtz: you complain that “Democrat operatives on the internet” will “slander” Turley if he “isn’t sufficiently hard on Trump. Some facts are in order to put this complaint into perspective: Trump is an outlier in American politics and even American business. He is the most chronic, habitual liar in the history of the U.S. Presidency. Being caught lying does not faze him in the least. He thinks cheating on taxes and falsifying his net worth to boost his Forbes rating is a “sport”. He cheats at everything. In business, he routinely forced creditors to sue him, and then he’d try to “negotiate” for a lower price after they performed their part of the contract. There is a new book that just got released that describes how he brazenly cheats at golf. He has a serious narcissistic personality disorder, characterized by the constant need for attention and aggrandizement, plus lack of empathy, and the need to feel he is “winning” at all costs. This is confirmed by multiple psychologists and psychiatrists. Yes, all politicians have big egos, but his crosses the line into the pathological. He has cheated on all 3 of his wives. He consorts with porn stars and nude models. He brags about assaulting women. He is a racist. He is a xenophobe. He fired Kjersten Nielsen because she couldn’t find a way to make his “deportation squad” campaign promise work. He lied about having a plan to have Mexico pay for the wall, and he has no plans for replacing Obamacare. Trump’s campaign provided key polling information to Russian operatives that was used to slander his opponent, thus producing a “victory”, despite the fact that he lost the popular vote. That is a fact proven by U.S. Intelligence. Congress is trying to investigate how this came about, and what can be done to stop it from happening again. If Congress did anything less, they would not be carrying out the mandate provided by the voters last fall in which there was the biggest turnover in the House since Watergate.

        Now, Kurtz, you claim that anyone who points out these truths is engaging in vitriol and scorn, and that saying these things is “fake news, slander and lies.” No, it isn’t. Trumpsters like you are the ones who are blind to the truth. It is indeed “fair and balanced” to point out, as an immediate example, that Trump doesn’t even understand how tariffs work, that the Chinese aren’t afraid of him, and that if they, for instance, dumped T-bills onto the market in huge numbers, the US economy would be brought to its knees. He lied about the US never previously collecting tariffs. He lies all of the time, he is not fit to be POTUS, and that is a fair and balanced assessment.

        1. OK. A dark horse arrived and you do not like him. Just fine. No tell me how the entrenched state bureaucracy has helped me in any way other than an outright invasion? ( protect themselves ) Since 1910 our dollar is basically worthless. Millions dead for no reason. Don’t for get the pharmaceuticals. If you can optic one thing as possibly the only one you can, then tell me a tax scam of 90% will save the world. Joke. Joke people, get out and take a hike and see other things. It may cause the less use of the work “like”.

        2. open your eyes your being lied to on a regular basis and your being a fool to follow along what a joke . the president has been cleared of EVERYTHING and soon the scumbags on the left who stated this ridiculous investigation are having it backfire right back to them. you will see proof in the next few weeks how corrupt the whole obama administration was and there will be no more excuses hopefully then all you brain washed tinfoil hats will be able to see the truth. if not that will be your problem. president trump will win in a landslide in 2020 because of people like you who refuse to seethe truth. nothing the democrats have been saying for the past two years have been true and the truth is about to hit all of you very hard it the face. GET PREPARED do your research so your not so shocked in the next few weeks/months there will be no denying the facts

  5. Lawyer client privilege, doctor patient privilege – if one has a constitutional right to an attorney and doctor, one has a right to complete privacy related to those relationships. The Constitution grants the right to an attorney, therefore, the Constitution grants complete privacy of all matters related to that relationship. If a client has no privilege, a client has no attorney. Congress may impeach but it cannot deny the client an attorney.

  6. What is being discussed are the privacy rights due the WH and the Agencies of the Exec Branch. The principles are clear but many remain confused.
    All humans, groups and organizations deserve and need to operate in a public arena at times, and otherwise operate in private. Why? Because we want to be prepared
    when we engage the public, and preparation can be tentative, messy, contradictory and argumentative. These preparatory deliberations deserve a veil of privacy, so long as the
    public face and actions are legal and forthright.

    Under our rich legal legacy, the veil of privacy can be pierced when there is objective, probable-cause evidence that the privacy is shielding illegal behavior. This same standard
    applies to individuals and to organizations.

    Governmental bodies, if they are to function effectively, have to be permitted their due privacy. Many media figures are unwilling to respect that privacy, leading to intrusive, invasive
    overreach. Transparency and accountability are to applied to the public behavior of a government body. The same cannot be said of the body’s private processes, unless there is solid evidence of misconduct. We have Inspector Generals for this, and we have a whistleblower protections that allow misconduct to be brought forward to be investigated in private.

    The Mueller Investigation provides a positive exemplar of a government body whose privacy rights were respected by its team members and by the media….there were zero leaks in 22 months, followed by a published report of high quality.

    What would Congresspeople say if we were debating whether Congressional Offices deserved any privacy rights? What would cable TV news producers say if we were debating their privacy rights in deciding when a story is ready to release?

    In militant politics, criminal organizations and dictatorships, evaluation of privacy rights is always asymmetrical: The “other” deserves to have privacy stripped away, while the one calling the shots claims the highest level of privacy protection. But a Republic based on law and custom cannot operate on such subjective, self-possessed, asymmetrical notions of privacy rights. We have to be willing to see in each other someone deserving of the same privacy rights. And this extends to government bodies and sub-bodies. It requires us to know the difference between public behavior and private preparations for it, and to keep a line intact separating the two.

  7. I guess they are looking for a stooge to tell them they are on the right track. Please tell them we are not concerned what President Trump did with his and his fathers money but more concerned about how they are wasting ours. Tell them to get back to work and stem the flow of illegals into the country, keep the Chinese from stealing our ideas and lower our taxes. The “resist” is real old.

  8. If a video is made of the hearing maybe someway it can be attached to the blog.

  9. I want every member of that Committee to reveal how much of our federal money they have spent on their medical care since they took office in Congress. Each member and their family members. Dollar for dollar for every doctor visit, oxycotton pill and whatnot. And a list of all medications prescribed to them and family members on our dime.
    The way they talk some seem to be on meth. Those who sit back and look dumb are on oxycotton.

    1. The way they talk some seem to be on meth

      The Trolls on this forum post comments 24/7 precisely by consuming the meth David Brock uses to pay them. The Clinton FUNDation gets raw material cheaply.

      1. Estovir, what are you babbling about??

        Here Liberty demonstrates his insanity by posting an irrational message regarding congressmen and meth. So Estovir feels compelled to demonstrate his insanity with an even crazier post regarding so-called ‘Trolls’ and meth. Like you’re actually emboldened by Liberty’s insanity!

        And it’s hilarious that Estovir complains about trolls while piggy-backing on an insane post. Like readers should prefer ‘you’ to the ‘The Trolls’. How presumptuous!!

        I feel sorry for Professor Turley. Here he is telling readers about his invitation to provide expert testimony. Then two of his most ‘prominent’ commenters respond like residents of a mental ward. Sad, sad, sad..!!!

  10. testifying tomorrow before the House Judiciary Committee

    Get your shots prior to going so as to inoculate yourself from their virulent pathogens. Ebola virus looks like the common cold compared to what awaits you. Consider entering wearing HAZMAT gear and don’t forget to decontaminate immediately upon exiting

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