Pelosi Reaffirms No Impeachment . . . Because Trump Wants To Be Impeached

Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference today that left far more questions than she answered . . . except for some members of the press. While CNN asked the more obvious question of why Pelosi keeps saying that Trump is committing impeachable acts but barring impeachment, the other reporters quickly moved to softball questions and the short time ran out, as did Pelosi. However, Pelosi did reaffirm that Trump should not be impeached because he wants it too much. That is consistent with those other principled stances like (1) serial killers should not be arrested if police think that they really want to be caught; (2) suicide jumpers should not be stopped if they really want to be rescued; and (3) bulimia victims should be given more food if you think that they just want you to intervene. The original question is still the operative question: if Trump is committing crimes and a cover up, as Pelosi alleges, why does it matter what Trump wants as opposed to what the Constitution says.

In reality, Pelosi’s claimed crimes are dubious if not clearly unfounded (as with alleged perjury by Attorney General Bill Barr). However, Pelosi wants to be able to claim criminal conduct but not shoulder the constitutional duty to act upon those beliefs. Indeed, while refusing to move ahead on impeachment, she called on the Trump family to intervene. The Constitution has an intervention process, it is called impeachment. Either you believe your past allegations or you do not. As I have previously written, the Constitution demands impeachment for impeachable offenses. Trump’s desires are not relevant to the constitutional duty imposed on the House in such cases.

Just for the record, here is the standard (which does not have a provision for refusing to impeach or removal when a president might like it):

Article 2, Section 4

The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Indeed, Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., was on CNN before Pelosi’s press conference and insisted that true “patriots” have no choice but to start an impeachment inquiry. He said that members could not continue to act our politics rather than patriotism. When pressed on whether Pelosi was acting out of politics not patriotism, Cohen demurred and said that he would not answer to protect his relationship with the Speaker. Not a single reporter however asked Pelosi about that statement.

In the press conference, Pelosi said again that Trump’s impeachable conduct “cannot be denied” but apparently impeachment can.

In a bizarre exchange, CNN’s Manu Raju asked a direct question on why Pelosi continues to claim that Trump is committing crimes but refuses to allow for an impeachment inquiry. Pelosi stumbled badly. Raju tried to follow up with his excellent question with whether Pelosi still believes that Trump is committing crimes. He was cut off by a reporter who asked a soft ball question of whether Pelosi is prepared to meet with the President again. It is obvious that the answer must be yes, but Pelosi spent a huge amount of time on that meaningless question and then returned to the same reporter. The next question was little better.

For a press core that rightfully asks Trump tough and probing questions, these press conferences with Democratic leaders are remarkably mild. Raju and CNN are to be credited with pressing Pelosi and, had Raju been allowed to follow up, the public might have been given more than a repeated soundbite.

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  1. OT but related:

    The FBI is Has a Chart of Hillary Clinton’s Potential Law Breaking

    The FBI knows a lot more about Hillary Clinton than it is willing to let us know.

    We have filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Justice seeking draft copies of FBI charts containing information on potential “statutory violations” committed by Hillary Clinton in the former secretary of state’s use of a non-secure, non-government email server to conduct government business.

    We are also suing for draft copies of talking points prepared by the FBI for its officials to use following then-Director James Comey’s July 2016 press conference during which he recommended against prosecuting Clinton for mishandling classified information.

    We sued in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia after the DOJ failed to respond to a December 3, 2018, FOIA request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:19-cv-00800)). We are seeking:
    All final and draft copies of talking points prepared by the FBI for its Executive Assistant Directors (EADs) relating to the “Mid-Year Exam” investigation (“MYE Talking Points) following the July 5, 2016 James Comey press conference in which he indicated he would not recommend prosecuting Hillary Clinton.
    All final draft copies of a one-page version of the aforementioned MYE Talking Points created for FBI Special Agents-in-Charge (SACs).
    All final and draft copies of charts of the “statutory violations considered during the investigation [of Hillary Clinton’s server], and the reasons for the recommendation not to prosecute.”
    We recently uncovered DOJ records in a related lawsuit that include emails documenting an evident cover-up of a chart of potential violations of law by the secretary of state. On July 8, 2016, three days after then-FBI Director James Comey’s press conference announcing that he would not recommend a prosecution of Clinton, the Special Counsel to the FBI’s executive assistant director in charge of the National Security Branch, whose name is redacted, wrote to Strzok and others that he was producing a “chart of the statutory violations considered during the investigation [of Clinton’s server], and the reasons for the recommendation not to prosecute…”

    Neither these talking points nor the chart of potential violations committed by Clinton and her associates have been released.

    We will continue pressing for this secret FBI chart of potential Hillary Clinton crimes. The FBI should focus on this Clinton “matter” now that it is unencumbered by the corrupt partisanship of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, and the rest of their crowd.

  2. What Democrats don’t want the rest of us to know.

    Costs for illegal immigrants are much higher than the left likes to admit and will go higher yet with California’s new initiatives. American citizens are denied benefits illegals get. Illegal voting encouraged as is ballot harvesting. The end product is less for American citizens diluting both their health care and votes while shifting those resources to illegals that have been involved in document fraud and identity theft.

    California Health Care Heist
    Democrats rip off taxpayers through voter fraud and health care for illegals.

    May 24, 2019
    Fresh off his visit to constituents in El Salvador last month, California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to spend $98 million on health care for illegal immigrants ages 19-26 through the state’s Medi-Cal program. Assembly Democrats want to spend $3.4 billion to cover all illegals over the age of 19, and Senate Democrats want to cover illegals 19-26, plus those beyond the age of 65. Costs are not a factor, Democrats say, because the state has a projected surplus of more than $21 billion.

    Los Angeles Democrat Maria Elena Durazo, who supports the senate bill, told reporters the illegals she wants taxpayers to support “work in our hotels, they work picking the fruit and vegetables, they work as landscapers, they work in hospitals. I don’t think they should be treated differently from other Californians.” It was classic stuff the Democrats never bother to unpack.

    The “other” Californians did not violate U.S. immigration laws and neither did they perpetrate document fraud and identity theft to get public benefits. Many of the “other” Californians are not exactly thrilled with the prospect of funding health benefits for foreign nationals living illegally in the United States. Those overtures are linked with another recent development in the Golden State.

    As the Sacramento Bee reports, the automatic voter registration program known as “motor voter,” through the Department of Motor Vehicles, “last year raced to the finish line even though they acknowledged they should have slowed down.” DMV officials are “still answering for 105,000 voter registration errors that occurred in the early months of Motor Voter.”

    The DMV requested a July 2, 2018 launch date but Secretary of State Alex Padilla “pushed for Motor Voter to be rolled out ahead of the June primaries to boost turnout for a high-interest midterm election.” At Padilla’s request, the DMV launched Motor Voter on April 16, 2018, and he speeded up the process “for the purposes of enfranchising as many Californians as possible in time for an upcoming election.” According to the Bee report, “5,000 transmittal errors caused hundreds of people who wanted to vote to not be registered in time for the midterm elections.”

    As the “other Californians” know, those automatically registered to vote included illegals. Padilla’s goal was one million “new” voters on the rolls by the 2018 midterms. On the other hand, Padilla is not saying how many newly registered illegals actually voted in the 2018 midterms.

    After the 2016 election, secretary of state Padilla refused to cooperate with a federal probe of voter fraud, which he called a “false and debunked” claim. Padilla failed to show how, exactly, it had been debunked. In the 2018 midterms, Republicans lost every close race and Padilla defended the newly legalized “ballot harvesting,” which empowers a third party to collect ballots and deliver ballots. Padilla talked up the “accuracy and integrity of our elections” but wasn’t about to allow any independent group to investigate the possibility of voter fraud.

    It is a matter of record that false-documented illegals have been voting in local, state and federal elections for decades. Those “other Californians,” legal immigrants and legitimate citizens, have grounds to believe that all the illegals voted, and that they all voted for the Democrat party.

    That party now plans to spend billions on health care for those in the country illegally. Absent some independent investigation, those other Californians could be forgiven for seeing those plans as a payoff for the votes that keep Democrats in power. Illegals are the Democrats’ imported electoral college, and in return for the votes, Democrats protect illegals, including violent criminals, through the state’s sanctuary laws.

    Anybody who is okay with deal that forfeits any claim to support the rule of law. As the other Californians also understand, voter fraud and taxpayer-funded health care for illegals effectively revoke their U.S. citizenship and cancel their legitimate votes.

    Contrary to Sen. Durazo, the “other Californians,” legitimate citizens and legal immigrants, are not all eligible for Medi-Cal. That system is for the state’s poor, not for foreign nationals who violated U.S. immigration laws. Once health care for illegals is in place, more Mexicans and Central Americans will be heading for California, joined by other illegals already in other states. As in Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come.

    Legal immigrants, by the way, must certify they will not become a public charge. Illegals now want to get public benefits through Med-Cal and other agencies, and not have that used against them if they should apply for citizenship. As with FDR and Stalin, Democrats want to give the illegals everything they want, in the hope that all will be well. The other Californians know it won’t be.

    Despite a projected surplus of some $20 billion, California faces $1 trillion in unfunded pension liabilities alone. The tax system is punitive and highly volatile, prompting consumers and businesses to flee. Democrats like the status quo and target voter approved reforms such as the tax-limiting Proposition 13. In these conditions, health care for illegals could put the Golden State on a fast track to Calizuela.

    1. Alan, why can’t you tell us your sources? What’s the problem with that?

      If the story is credible and worth a read, you should want to tell us where it’s from.

      1. Front Page Magazine.

        “If the story is credible and worth a read, you should want to tell us where it’s from.” -The New P.H.

        Yep. But he doesn’t.

      2. Peter, I want you to determine by yourself what is or is not credible. Anonymous seems to be able to locate the articles and she isn’t very smart. Hint: Look for something important that you think is true or untrue and check it out throughout the net. Skip the fact checkers as they spin news.

        You live in California so nothing said here should be news to you, right?

        1. Alan, I think you’re ‘mixing’ stories. That is I think you’re clipping a few paragraphs from one source and mixing them with a few paragraphs from another. That way your end-product encompasses all the points you want to make with what appears to be ‘professionally written’ text.

          1. Wrong. It is an op ed. Did you find something wrong? Tell us. Alternatively, are you not being informed of this part of the news?

        2. Allanasty plays the bullying game. He can’t win on the merits.

          1. Anonymous, that is the best you can do? We each have our own ability to post on the blog and bullying is not a part unless you are intimidated by your own stupidity.

      1. While the Democrats play the impeachment game and do nothing to stop the immigration crisis or help the President on trade (with the exception of Charles Schumer) the AG will be releasing information about how Democrats or Democratic supporters used government to try and win an election.

        We are going to need more than popcorn. We will be able to see how low Democrats were able to go.

    1. from the linked Powerline Blog:

      “Recognizing the danger to Democratic interests posed by a thorough and transparent investigation of surveillance against the Trump campaign, Rep. Adam Schiff wasted no time complaining about the declassification memo. He accused the president and the attorney general of conspiring to “weaponize law enforcement and classified information against their political enemies.”

      I have never seen so many men (and I use the term loosely) act like such puzzies. Chuck Schumer is a mere shadow of Nancy Pelosi lurking 5 feet behind her when they appear in public, Jerrold “where is your neck” Nadler fits the profile of a man with urinary incontinence while wearing wet diapers and swinging a baby rattler, and Schiff reminds me of the typical woman in the 1960s complaining about migraines and needing valium to keep her “happy” with Mommy’s little helper.

      1. Pelosi just sent a shadow message to Trump that they are threatening Trump just like they did with Kennedy. Kick the kids down if they take on the Clinton machine with a plane crash. Evil.

        1. Alan, Olly, etc., new competition for the dumbest bot on this site, better up your games.

  3. What I am wondering is outside the box here a little. IN 2015 a whistle blower brings out operation HAMR. Comey buries it and does not tell Trump. This guy then get’s an attorney and sues Comey over this and get’s on the radio and talks. Stock and Page text about it and two days later Comey announces a collusion investigation. That entire insurance policy was not about just Trump but everyone. Bar has to know about this and then entire walk along story is to cover this up. Even Snowden did not mention this and was there the entire time which makes me wonder how much cover is needed. IQ Waters even bragged about it being real in an interview before all of this. I would say that people need to look up the facts and decide for themselves whether or not you like the orange man. Or media is a joke.

    1. tRump wasn’t the prez in 2015 so there is that. Other babbling made even less sense.

  4. Buzz word of the week “Cover up.” The left media will use it ad nauseum this week. Nancy looks sick. She may be ready for A Place for Mom. What’s that amendment? Does it pertain to Speakers?

    1. Trump apparently is a match for the Leftist machinery: DNC and lying news media. He ostensibly, to everybody’s amazement, defeated the Clinton machinery which no one else has ever done.
      Now he is targeting Pelosi and given her obvious neurological (alcoholic?) problems, he shouldn’t surprise anyone that he will defeat her as well: Billionaire vs Millionaire. Two street bullies
      going at it. He has her outmatched when it comes to health and weight. She is too frail to go mano a mano with Trump.

      The nation loathed Hillary Clinton and now Nancy Pelosi is loathed as much with one significant caveat: Pelosi does not have the staff or foot soldiers to protect her from stress, anxiety and deteriorating health that Hillary and Trump are afforded.

      keep an eye closely on Pelosi’s health. She meets all the risk factors for cerebral vascular accident: stroke. It won’t be pretty but her ego is writing checks her body can not cash.
      Her choice and the nation’s potential win.

  5. Trump tweeted the manufactured Pelosi video last night. Not only is this guy the smallest human to ever hold office as President, he’s the least careful, showing less caution and restraint than the posters to this predominantly right wing board – except for Estovir of course.

  6. What is the neurological disorder Nancy Pelosi has?

    A few considerations:

    When Nancy moves she has tremors.
    Her movements are erratic and uncoordinated.
    As long as she is resting, still, she doesn’t appear to have any outward signs of flailing or resting tremors.
    Her tremors are not alleviated by intentional movement but on the contrary they are worsened with intentional movement Thus she does not any outward signs of Parkinson Disease. Nor does she have any symptoms of Dystonia, a sustained, involuntary muscle contraction like writer’s cramp.

    Differential Diagnosis:

    1. Intention Tremor: slow, zigzag motion when pointing and extending toward a target.
    see the video and you will witness multiple examples

    2. Essential Tremor: high-frequency tremor with sustained posture (e.g. outstretched arms), worsened with movement or when anxious (the latter is key). Given Nancy’s wealth, amount of stress, and need to be the center of attention, it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine her surrounding herself with alcohol. In her setting liquor flows freely. Patients with Essential tremors often self-medicate with alcohol with decrease tremor amplitude.

    3. Serotonin Syndrome: due to any drug that increases the concentration of Serotonin, a neurotransmitter. Antidepressants like SSRI, non-psychiatric drugs like Tramadol (pain med). Symptoms include increased activity (hyperreflexia, hypertonia, tremors, seizures), agitation, autonomic stimulation (diaphoresis, hyperthermia, diarrhea). Nancy smacks her lips often which would be consistent with the aforementioned.

    4. Parkinson Disease: Tremors at rest, Rigidity, Shuffling gait, Postural instability (unlikely)

    It is difficult to tell what ails Nancy on a neurological level without seeing her in person. One thing we all can agree: Nancy has neurological issues, and given her age and surreal stress levels, on top of her own larger than life personality (Axis II disorders), she can’t last much longer.

    If anyone needs an intervention, it’s Nancy but given her ego, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her have a cerebral vascular accident / stroke.

  7. I don’t have all of the answers, but I know this:

    Bill Binney IS one of the good guys.

      1. L4D says–John Podesta’s emails were hacked from John Podesta’s Gmail account. Podesta’s emails were not leaked from the DNC email servers.

        Certain emails and other forms of electronic communications involving Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi and even Julian Assange were found in the warrant returns for the several internet accounts operated by the 12 GRU intelligence officers known as the Netyksho defendants who posed as Guccifer 2.0. The metadata that Binney analyzed had been fabricated by Guccifer 2.0, who was The GRU, and the file with the fabricated metadata wasn’t even a file from the DNC servers, anyway.

        Underestimating the hacking skills of The Russian Federation was one of the most critical mistakes that Clinton, The DNC and even Christopher Steele made in 2016. Steele’s underestimation of Russian hackers was probably based upon disinformation planted in Steele’s informant network once Oleg Deripaska, most likely, told Putin what Steele was up to with compiling The Trump-Russia Dossier.

    1. LOL

      I haven’t stopped to figure out the like button, but you’ve a good line there.

  8. Abraham Lincoln seized power to “save the union” as he ruled by executive order and proclamation. President Trump has neither colluded with Russia nor committed a crime and the special counsel is not recommending anymore indictments. Robert Mueller failed to accomplish his mission of taking out a duly-elected President. President for life Obama has failed in his coup d’etat. Mumbling and deranged Nancy Pelosi, presenting her thousand-yard stare, has lost control of an hysterical and incoherent, motley hyphenate crew of chaos and anarchy in Congress. The mainstream media present “fake news” as the propaganda and indoctrination arm of the democrat party. The inmates have taken over the asylum. What must a President do to “Save The Republic” in the face of decompensating liberals committing increasingly violent insurgency and subversion? What did Lincoln do?

    1. L4D says–It will be interesting to see, someday, how much of the exculpatory classified information Barr declines to declassify. If Barr cherry-picks the classified information in more or less the same way that Ninny Na-Na Nunes did, and if Barr’s cherry-picking leads Durham to bring indictments against who knows who, then those defendants will file discovery motions for the exculpatory classified information. If the exculpatory classified information is not produced, then the indictments will be dismissed. If the exculpatory classified information is produced, then there will be CIPA trials conducted in SCIFs for those defendants. But then we’ll only hear about the jury verdict–not the exculpatory classified information.

  9. If we are going to have to watch theater in DC politics, we might as well go all in.

    If Pelosi thinks Trump needs an “intervention”, Pelosi needs to lay off the Botox and get help for her neurological problems. Twitching, stammering and waving arms wildly are never good when you’re pushing 80

    1. Estovir, every mainstream source reported this morning that certain Trumpers were sharing this video. And every source told us this video has been altered. But since you don’t follow mainstream media, you don’t know we know.

    2. Disgusting trash, Estovir.

      “A three-minute clip of Pelosi speaking event with the Center for American Progress from Wednesday was uploaded on Facebook by a group called “Politics WatchDog” was viewed over 1.8 million times with nearly 40,000 shares. ” -from Anon’s linked Fox News article

    3. Nancy Stretch Pelosi for fantasy.

      Take good long look. Her face looks like it’s had so many face lefts it reminds me of a company here in Tulsa that puts retreads on wore out semi truck tires.

      A lot of times the natural look just looks better IMO.

      And who said Jesus didn’t have a sense of humor when it came to you sinning b*stards! LOL

      1. Some may think it insensitive of me to make funny of a person like Pelosi. but I find it far more appalling the policies she supports such as late term abortion & Post Birth Abortion/AKA Murder!

        1. Oky1 I think it’s pathetic that she’s had all of that ridiculous botox put into her body. I believe she thinks she can improve on what God has created. She must think she’s the boss of Him, too, as well as Trump and everbody in her way.

          1. These anti-American policies the Dem & some Rino Repub call for I can’t stand for.

            send Troops to Iran, everywhere else but no troops for the Southern border, the almost Born or actual Born, totally corrupt Wallst Banks.

            Many others, I & including national leading lawyers can’t believe what has happened.

            Without even giving Prez Trump time to appeal to a higher court, Wells Fargo & another Bank gave Mad Maxine Waters Trump Personal Banking Records!!!

            Justed Kissed the 4 Amendment & Do Process out the window.

            Because if Congress/Courts/Etc., can get the Presidents Personal Banking Records on fishing expedition they can get Anyone’s records & thus Attack their Family, Friends & Bix Associates!!

            This stuff has reached it’s zenith & has to be resisted or there’s no longer a nation of law.

            ( Not counting the news today of the guy in El Paso who called 911 to report illegal invading his & his mom’s property & Leo didn’t show up.)

            1. L4D observes–Above, in which the inimitable Pa Joad tries his hand at “Do Process.” Don’t ask me. It could be a veiled reference to hair styling. Or a list of “steps” in a “processional”–do left, do right, do left, do left–D’oh!

          2. After the internet came around I learned from Infowars/eleswhere it was US/5 eyes IT groups that put together the rebellious hippy movement, Drugs & the Just Do It in The Road over sex crap.

            Lots of young gullible teenagers like myself fell for that anti-family, personally dehumanizing crap. & I know lots of people/kids that died from it. Rich or poor, it hit everyone/famly equally.

            But that’s the Deep State Globalist Govt’s goal.

            Get rid of the normal basic human family, mom, dad, with kids, helping there extended families/friends, then make Govt their God instead of God.

            They attacking Christianity , Constitutionalist, Whites & there’s much more.

            I seen today overseas the same Commie/Fascist types are attempting to get rid of Viking History. LOL.


            In the past 2 weeks Tornadoes have hit all around us here.

            LOL I’m wondering if 1 more time if I should pack everyone up & take a few weeks vacation in Colorado.

              1. Candy,

                I’m up to late again breaking my own rule to shut this PC at a decent hour but…

                I’ve lived here & worked in storm repair for decades & the recent storms where either damn close or like the one Wednesday seemed to be trying to form right over head.

                The point is I could see what might happen with 5- 10 minutes & rushed to ready a pre plan to be ready as possible if a tornado did hit.

                People if they don’t have a storm shelter should at the least have a motorcycle helmet to protect their heads against flying objects. .

                Then, say one survives, what did they have packed in their bug out bag.

                You know, like meds, special papers, emergency cash, where the hell are my car keys & eye glasses. lol you know, stuff you need in the short term that you can put in a back pack.

                Looking at that Ventusky map is still showing that 20 plus degrees temp differential from Midland on up past the Kansas Nebraska line.


                1. L4D says–There’s too much flooding on the roads to evacuate now. Most of the fatalities so far have been people trying to drive through high water and the car gets swept away downstream then sinks into a deep spot.

                  Hunker down, instead.

          3. ridiculous botox put into her body

            Botox are for people on a budget. Nancy shows evidence of significant nip / tuck done. her faces appear un-natural. Much like many other wealthy people, her face, like Michael Jackson, does not look like something that evolved due to genetics and normal aging. There is also the ethical component especially from Nancy who wears her moral relativism on her sleeve

            Medical Ethics in Plastic Surgery: A Mini Review

            “the elderly people perform cosmetic surgery for rejuvenation. Today, in light of this trend, genuine human values are lost and false values, such as pride and ambition have been replaced. Apart from all these, a large percentage of those seeking cosmetic surgery have psychological factors.Typical patients are those with body dysmorphic disorders (BDD) that have the preoccupation of a defect in their appearance”

              1. Sounds like you are very familiar with the process, you would do better working on your cold heart.

  10. “Pelosi did reaffirm that Trump should not be impeached because he wants it too much. That is consistent with those other principled stances like (1) serial killers should not be arrested if police think that they really want to be caught; (2) suicide jumpers should not be stopped if they really want to be rescued; and (3) bulimia victims should be given more food if you think that they just want you to intervene.”

    Actually Turley, in politics, at least with regards to the corner Democrats inexcusably backed themselves into, it’s not. Pelosi made a political statement to try and soften the blow of ultimate humiliation. She wasn’t doing it for logical or legal purposes. It won’t work on this issue. But it’s all’s she’s got.

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