Trump Holds Press Conference And Asks Staff For Testimonials Of His Calm Demeanor

In a truly cringe-worthy moment, President Donald Trump called on staff at a press conference yesterday to attest to his being calm and measured in a controversial meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi described Trump as throwing a “temper tantrum.” I am perfectly willing to accept that the portrayal was unfair, but the solution was not to have awkward testimonials of five staffers lined up like a firing squad. It took seconds for media around the world to portray the event as an American version of an impromptu moment with “the Dear One.”

President Trump held the press conference in the Roosevelt Room in the White House to announce a $16 billion bailout for farmers. He then called on Kellyanne Conway, Hogan Gidley, Larry Kudlow, and others to publicly attest to his calm and controlled demeanor. Kudlow looked like his family was being held in a back room at gunpoint. It did not help that he is recovering from hip surgery but was hobbled out for the event.

I still do not understand why these missteps occur. However, part of the problem appears to be a lack of frank advice to the President who is looking at what may be an insurmountable challenge of over 50 percent of voters saying that they will not consider voting for him.

Trump again referred to himself as “an extremely stable genius” while referring to Pelosi as “crazy.” At the same time, Rudy Giuliani has retweeted a doctored clip of Pelosi to make her sound like she was having problems speaking.

This may play well with the base but the White House is rapidly alienating but it is having a clearly devastating impact on those key independent voters needed in the general election. What is weird is that the same result could have been achieved but simply getting these people out to the media instead of having what came across as forced public testimonials.

What do you think?

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  1. “Trump Holds Press Conference And Asks Staff For Testimonials Of His Calm Demeanor”

    – Professor Turley

    Professor, your title should be: Nancy Pelosi Feebly Lashes Out at the Duly Elected President.

    “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.”

    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

    After Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller’s failure to accomplish his mission to take out President Trump as part of the Obama Coup D’etat in America, Nancy Pelosi has succumbed to desperation knowing that the noose is tightening. President Trump countered the hysteria and incoherence of a weak and unstable woman, Nancy Pelosi, with the intelligence, rationality and poise of the conservative women on his staff. Perfect!

    The difference is your targeted liberal spin, Professor. Surely you see the truth of yourself. Do you not see the truth of the Obama Coup D’etat in America? You will, with the imminent investigations by John Henry Durham, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, et al. and the revelations of related documents that will soon be declassified. By the time those epiphanies are complete, what’s left of Nanny Pelosi will be a quivering mass of gelatin with the remnants of comrade Schiff randomly ensconced inside.

  2. Hard to “pick a dog in this fight”. You can believe the Pelosi and Schumer version, or Trump and associates.
    You might as well just flip a coin. In any case, I don’t think that it’ll be a major issue in the 2020 campaign that’s already underway.

  3. Since Trump has to distract from his and his cabinets incompetence everyday, he has learned to just throw out BS, knowing his base eats it up every damn time. Maybe war today with Iran, Iraq, or pardoning convicted war criminals he knows how and when to yell suey to his base. Because there is only one thing and one thing only that Trump cares about, and thats money, his money. And he is losing it big time. I’m just glad the republican party is spending millions at his properties, otherwise who knows what kind of trouble he would get us in to. Side note, how long will it take for him to say something really stupid overseas?

    1. in the left wing circles they will be bending over and asking for more just like David Brock trolls

  4. Meanwhile, while people are distracted with the spin of Pelosis’ stupid machinations and stuttering breakdown, deep state begins the barely noticed and not widely reported desensitization of the people to step 2 of the coup impeachment plan.
    In an op-ed published in the Kansas City Star Wednesday night, former Republican Congressman Tom Coleman called for the removal from office of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. He then proposed a crazy succession scheme in which the House of Representatives installs a new president by appointing a Speaker from outside the House different than Nancy Pelosi to succeed Trump.
    Let me guess. Barack Obama as President and Hilary Clinton as VP.

    1. OH, don’t forget that tom steyer is calling the shots for nancy, as if she doesn’t have enough problems.

  5. Irony of ironies. Look who is buckling under pressure due to poor health.
    This guy is a walking time bomb with his age, weight, stress and various comorbidities

    Passing out is never a good sign, but when you’re morbidly obese and age 71, the need to get a spokesman to comment, “He is now responsive” is hardly encouraging. When you’re 31, maybe, but definitely not into your 7th decade of life

    Powerful Dem Chairman Jerry Nadler has health scare at New York event

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler had to receive medical attention Friday after a health care at an event in New York City.

    Despite reports that the powerful New York Democrat appeared to pass out, his office said he merely felt ill but did not faint. A spokesman for Nadler told Fox News that the congressman is “okay” and “seems to have been dehydrated,” describing the room as “very warm.”

    Nadler, 71, was speaking at a press conference on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, alongside 2020 Democratic hopeful New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, when the incident happened. De Blasio could be seen checking on him and patting him on the shoulder, as someone brought over a glass of water.

    Fox News is told the congressman was being taken to a hospital in an ambulance.

    “He is now responsive and receiving a check-up,” a spokesman told Fox News.

    Nadler’s office noted that he was sitting down, so he “did not faint or anything.”

    But local reporters on social media attending the event said that Nadler appeared to have briefly passed out.

        1. He’s past 70 and has unhealthy habits. Since the age of 25, 98% of his employment history has consisted of patronage jobs or elected office. He cadged a law degree at age 29, but he’s never practiced. Only knaves and fools fancy his continuation in public office benefits anyone. (Well, it may benefit his wife if it means she gets more time away from him).

  6. After Pelosi gets out of detox perhaps this alcoholic can get her Botox addled brain to start working again.

    Let’s investigate her ties to the drug cartels and Red China.


    Trump tells hastily assembled press corps that he is a “calm genius”, then he calls on several staff members to provide testimony regarding his demeanor at meeting with Democrats. KellyAnne, Mercedes, Larry Kudlow and Sarah Sanders all confirm that Trump was perfectly calm. But the fact that he has brought them together for this bizarre spectacle deepens the mystery of how Trump ‘really’ behaved at said meeting.

    As Professor Turley notes, spectacles like this play well ‘inside’ the rightwing media bubble. Trumpers on this thread may not see anything odd. But to the rest of us, outside the rightwing bubble, these spectacles raise serious questions about Trump’s stability. Trump, himself, is quite obviously deep within that bubble; imagining these spectacles are ‘good politics’. One can be sure than none of these staffers will tell Trump how strange these spectacles look.

      1. It DOESN’T? How stable R U? His delivery was calm – for him. He has a different style of delivery. One that doesn’t put the listener or viewer to sleep.

        1. “calm – for him” yet another excuse, Bobby. Ass kissing like that will get you a brown nose.

      2. Never held office…runs and wins the Presidency with all the organs of government and media against him. That takes a stable genius.

        1. Yeah Ivan, when Comey announced the investigation of his campaign just 2 weeks before the vote you knew they were after him.

            1. Gee Tom, I was just agreeing with Ivan on that awful plot against Trump unleashed by Comey just before the election.

            2. Tom, that election came down to 80,000 people in three states. Those 80,000 were able to override the votes of 2.8 million.

              When an election results in a fluke of an outcome like that, one can go on for some time listing factors that may have contributed to that fluke. James Comey’s letter to Congress is a good place to start.

              Those of us who were paying attention noticed that Hillary’s lead in the polls shrank dramatically only days after said letter was released. So it’s ironic that Trump wants to investigate the FBI.

              Had Comey been completely fair, he should have informed Congress that Trump too was under investigation. The American public had no idea until ‘after’ the election that Trump was being looked at for odd dealings with Russia. And again, it’s ironic that Trump now rails at the FBI.

              Had James Comey told Congress that ‘both’ candidates were under investigation, the 2016 would have had a much different outcome.

              1. Theodore White wrote about a half dozen “Making of the President” books, starting with the 1960 campaign and election.
                I think the last one was the 1980 campaign and election; they we’re all excellent reviews of the campaign issues, strategies, etc. of each campaign.
                White died a long time ago, and we don’t have anyone of that caliber anymore.
                But we do have Hillary’s “What Happened”, Natacha repeating again and again that it was “Russian Communists” who “cheated” Hillary out of a victory.
                And there’s the “Comey reason” and the 77,000, or 80,000, or 110,000 “votes in 3 states” excuses that have been used again and again by the same people here.
                So we no longer need a Theodore White when he has a few people repeating the same excuses dozens of times.
                And those same lines are as fresh and as interesting😴 on the 20th use as they were when they were first used.

                1. Well again, Tom, when the race comes down to just 80,000 votes, one can give a number of reasons.

                  Any way you cut it, Trump’s Electoral College victory was odd by historic standards. No one can seize on a ‘victory’ like that and portray it as a ‘mandate’. You have to win the Popular Vote to claim any mandate whatsoever.

                  Trump never had a mandate. And by pretending he does, Trump is literally a Pretender. That’s how he appears outside the rightwing bubble.

                  1. Stay with that same line, Peter, and repeat it another few dozen times. It never gets old, and it’s so effective 👍, that you need to keep recycling it.
                    In conjunction with Natacha’s repeated claims that the hostile Russian Commies threw the election to Trump, or the claim from “anonymous” about what “says it all”, I think you’re all on the right track for an effective 2020 strategy.🤭

                2. “It’s overkill,” he explained in a 1969 New York Times interview. “Interview everybody, be everywhere, see everything. The best time to listen to a politician is when he’s on a stump on a street corner in the rain late at night when he’s exhausted. Then he doesn’t lie.”

                  1. I was able to find this 50 year old advice from Theodore White that was referenced in his 1986? obituary.

            3. As Ive stated many times the Trolls are paid to spam these forums.
              They repeat their copy/paste talking points because that is their job.

              They have been blocked numerous times by the webmaster but they gain new IP addresses and circumvent the block, then try desperately to outnumber all of our comments to show their employer they are earning their pay

              Democrats decapitate newborn babies, left wing trolls copy/paste dated talking points

  8. Jon, you say you don’t understand why things like this keep happening, and that you are perfectly willing to disbelieve those who claim that Trump threw a temper tantrum. You don’t really comment on Trump’s self-anointing as a “very stable genius.” I wonder why you are willing to think that it is “unfair” when others not under Trump’s control describe the incident as a “temper tantrum.” You are bending over backwards to ignore reality, but even you have to admit that the little show in the Roosevelt room was cringe-worthy.

    Trump is mentally ill. He has a serious personality disorder called “narcissism”. We don’t need “libs”, “Dems”, “biased main stream media”, or anyone else to explain this to us. We see proof of his disorder every single day. Look up the description of the characteristics of narcissism. They fit Trump to a “T”. His presidency won’t end well. He is an embarrassment to this country. Narcissism, being a personality disorder, is difficult to treat. It’s not like depression or anxiety for which there are medications that can help. The afflicted person has to want to change his life. That will never happen with Trump.

    1. Natacha, one suspects the Professor ‘knows’ why these things keep happening.

      But Professor Turley prefers to play the baffled observer who can’t quite figure out ‘why’ this president acts crazy so often.

      1. Natacha has claimed at various times to be a nurse practitioner, a lawyer, and now online psychiatrist. The company you keep.

        1. TAB8: To be clear, I have a master’s degree in nursing, but did not complete the clinical component of the nurse practitioner school because I was admitted into law school almost immediately after I applied, which I was not expecting. I am a practicing attorney. I never claimed to be a psychiatrist, but you don’t have to be one to see the signs of mental illness Trump displays every single day. It is not mean-spirited to point out that Trump displays symptoms of narcissism or to be worried about the implications for our country. Setting aside all of the pettiness, downright meanness, insensitivity and lack of empathy displayed by Trump, the U.S. wastes entirely too much time mired in problems caused by Trump’s mental illness and his need to feel he is superior and is “winning”. These attributes drive his disrespect for anyone who criticizes him and need to lash out, call names and lie, for example, about the results of the Mueller investigation and the consent decree he entered into to resolve the HUD racial discrimination lawsuit. His mental illness drives him to refuse to cooperate with Congressional oversight and the need to be surrounded by syncophantic toadies. Just yesterday, he ordered American intelligence agencies to give his AG toadie-in-chief access to anything he wants, including waiving confidentiality as to sources and methods, because he is going to come up with something, anything to prove that the Mueller investigation was never valid to begin with. Just think: Congress can’t see all of the Mueller investigation because of confidentiality, but to try to come up with a defense for Trump fans, there is no confidentiality. No matter what Barr comes up with, nothing can negate the underlying facts proving Russian interference nor Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice, but Hannity needs something to talk about. His mental illness drives him to refuse to admit the truth about Russian interference because it would be a tacit admission that his “victory” wasn’t valid, so he has to waste DOJ resources to create some counter talking-points.

          Turley speaks of all of this behavior as “mis-steps” and suggests that maybe his staff ought to speak with him about how he is alienating anyone who is not part of his base. That’s based on the assumption that what drives Trump is political inexperience, poor judgment and lack of insight, all of which are present, but the real driving force is Trump’s narcissistic personality disorder. Trump doesn’t want and wouldn’t accept anyone’s advice, because being receptive to receiving advice is admitting you are wrong. He doesn’t think he is wrong and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, so long as he perceives himself as “winning” and fighting back against his enemies.

          Congress has a job to do and they are going to proceed with investigating Trump’s financial ties to Russians and the extent to which there are conflicts and potential violations of the emoluments clause. Trump will do everything possible to throw as many roadblocks in their way as he can, to undermine their investigations, attack members of Congress and will get his syncophants to ignore subpoenas, and even lie, which we’ve already seen. It all comes back to the reason he wanted the presidency in the first place: for attention, adulation and to feed his narcissistic personality disorder.

          1. I am a practicing attorney.


            I have a master’s degree in nursing, but did not complete the clinical component of the nurse practitioner school

            1. Nurse Practitioners have woeful amount of clinical training compared to an MD. They are required to take 2 Practicum courses which amounts to 300 hours of clinical training per Practicum. Since they are already RNs, it isn’t particularly difficult to rack up the hours.

              Physicians meanwhile do two years of clinical rotations and then 3 years of residency minimum

              Comparing the average salary of an attorney with an NP, and any intelligent attorney would jump at the opportunity to make a guaranteed 6 figures income as an NP who essentially treat belly hurts, skin scrapes and sniffles, versus a starving attorney…which is why Natacha trolls for dollars on this forum

              Natacha is no NP. I couldn’t imagine her having a clue about pathophysiology and pharmacology

              1. For all we know, Estovir, Natacha may just be to modest to tell us about her PharmD. degree and her MD. Or it could have been an oversight on her part that she has not mentioned all of her additional degrees.

    2. “Trump is mentally ill.”

      “[the Nuthatches’] habit of wedging a large food item in a crevice and then hacking at it with their strong bills gives this group its English name.”

    3. Trump is mentally ill. He has a serious personality disorder

      Well, Natacha, we often don’t see ourselves as others do.

    4. “The afflicted person has to want to change his life.”

      That’s the only known cure for TDS.

  9. “Mad at dems so support a person you recognize as a boob to spite the world;”

    It’s difficult to discern whether you’re responding to me or James. At any rate, I didn’t use the expression “boob” to refer to the President. If he is a “boob,” he’s far less one than Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, my fellow El Pasoan, Robert Francis O’Rourke, or almost anyone else on the 2020 Democratic Presidential Clown Car. Further, I wouldn’t describe myself as “mad at dems,” so much as terrified of them (and yes, like many people, I am very terrified of clowns, especially in positions of authority). Finally, it is for this reason that I feel a vote for Trump is not done “to spite the world,” (as you so melodramatically put it) but rather to avoid having it handed over to actual lunatics.

    1. To ‘Spite the World’ is really something, especially when millions are trying to enter this country illegally. Why? Spite the World is like paying Iran 1.4Billion to delay making nuk’s for 10 years, but ‘you’ can go on with your terrorism activities anywhere you want to. Spite the World is like paying China over 500 Billion in a trade deficit, which comes from taxes you pay-if you pay. Oh Yeah, Obama made this planet a much safer place – NOT. Spite the World for paying their share of NATO. Spite the World for having a level trade agreement so Americans are not paying other countries to dismantle and destroy the US jobs and business. Yup, Spite the World.

      The Magna Carta came from England in 1215, and guaranteed rights of people. But changing your sex so you can go to the opposite lockeroom or bathroom or compete in the opposite’s sex sport events is NOT A RIGHT – but a perversion.

  10. My name is tom styer and i am funding any and all efforts to impeach the President. It doesn’t matter that i made my money running a hedge firm for 26 years. I hate this president and want to see him impeached. it doesn’t matter how much it costs. i will buy the results and threaten nancy pelosi that if she doesn’t impeach the president i will fund democrat opponents who will impeach the president. i sent a memo to nancy earlier this week demanding she attack and impeach the president, no matter the cost to her personally. they will do what i say or they will find me funding their opponent for their office. hehehe

  11. i like nancy’s hand gestures in this short clip. interesting reply!

    she has mastered the karate chop gesture quite well. i bet she could break one of those plastic pre-broken rebreakable boards they let the little kids hit

    pink is a good color for her too.

    now if kellyane had a healthy rack like nancy, that would be great, i might start watching tv sometimes.

    but prolly not.

  12. I still do not understand why these missteps occur.

    If you don’t understand, then perhaps what you see as missteps aren’t missteps at all. Is Trump’s behavior inconsistent with that of his predecessors? Cringe-worthy? Sure. For a presidency that has been under siege from the very beginning, I’m less concerned with what President Trump says and more concerned with what others have done to undermine his presidency. We’ll get the reports from Horowitz and Huber, as well as the declassification of numerous documents that may shed a bright light on everything; the opposite of a coverup.

    1. Olly, you’re presuming Horowitz and Huber will validate Trump’s insanity in time for the next election. But more likely Trump’s financial records will be public by then. And said documents will show us what Trump has fought to hide.

      1. you’re presuming Horowitz and Huber will validate Trump’s insanity

        Nope. I expect they will provide a factual accounting, the results of which should identify the true conspirators and the insane people that have given them cover.

    2. Umm, you mean the Horowitz and Huber witch-hunts? Lotta luck with those HOAX investigations! LOL…

      1. We got the results of the Mueller HOAX investigation and it appears the witches are still at large and not in the White House. So unless you are suddenly opposed to exposing the witches, then game on. 🙂

        1. Olly,
          We probably have at least a million words presented by our regular early AM columnist her.
          And this product has been produced over a couple of years in her 3-6 hour daily shifts.
          So it’s not as if the knowledge about witches is anything new, or that they haven’t already been exposed as such.
          ( In the interest of tact and discretion, I did not mention her name…..or the names of those who likely are in the same coven with her).

  13. i think the Trump voters will turn out aggressively and you will see him WIN AGAIN

    presidents win mostly by pluralities anymore, and you can be if Trump doesn’t win, that will be a plurality as well

    one day I would like to see every worthless newspaper and tv station printing the never ending propaganda be shuttered in bankruptcy,. that’s when i’m feeling charitable to the “mass media”

  14. What else is the man supposed to do? The Left lies continually about him, and have done so for over two years now. The media doesn’t even bother trying to ferret out the lights, they just accept it all as true.

      1. Anon, why do you persist in linking those same print media as credible? Everyone knows what they stand for and also knows that they won’t be around for much longer. Fox news was started with the idea that it would be a ‘niche’ cable news media. But you know what? One half of the people in America watch Fox. That’s right, 1/2 of America watches Fox. Yup, 1/2 of Americans get their news from Fox News. Yup, does your skin crawl yet? nener, nener.

        1. Can’t even tell the truth about viewership and BTW, it is yep. Use in a sentence: yep, that Bob Miller sure is stupid.

          1. In flyover country we say Yup. And we play banjos by the river. And we will reelect Donald Trump in 2020. Watch and weep, dum dum 😉

            1. ynot, yes I am stupid and you are retarded and want to destroy America. I would rather be stupid(curable) than to promote ‘justice for me and non for thee’ BS of the progressive left(an incurable pandemic).

        2. Bob, let’s see a Nielson report confirming your claim that ‘half of America’ is watching Fox News. Because at any given hour their audience consists of not much more than a million people.

          1. While maybe it’s not 1/2 of the country, but I am only doing what the left does. Lie, exaggerate, etc. got it?

            1. No, Bob, you’re revealing what Trumpers think: ‘Half of America watches Fox News’. By believing that, Trumpers fancy themselves as part of the mainstream.

              1. No YOURSELF YOU PIOUS RETARD. How do you know what I think. Oh please, go to Media Matters and get your check. Friday is usually a pay day.

    1. Well be prepared to do your “but no more” in less than 2 years. The dem’s are reelecting the President, but are too stupid to know that. hehehehe

      1. Absurd,
        Potentially, there could be a little over 2,000 remaining days in a Trump Administration.
        On which of those 2,000 days will Ms. Nelson crack, and turn into another Natacha?

  15. I think the price for accusing the president of a cover-up was the president’s order to AG Barr to declassify documents, delicious irony. Pelosi and her gang have been covering-up the import of those documents and deluding their base for nearly three years now, and they and many others are about to be uncovered for all to see.

    1. Yes. To have the President permitting and encouraging AG Barr to declassify documents on this phony investigation that found nothing is pure justice for the Dem’s. Just wait – wait for the IG’s report out this or next month, then for the AG’s report on spying. All that will be left will be to pick off the dem’s as they run for cover. I can’t wait.

    2. “covering-up the import of those documents” another fool living in an alternative universe. How many tRump coins have you purchased?

    3. Time will tell who has been deluding who. The problem is that neither side will concede that they have been so deluded. Rather, it is human nature to refuse to believe what you don’t want to know…

      1. The bell has already toll’d. You just have to read the Mueller report. But if you now want to deny the Mueller report, after about 24 months of saying his report will be the end of Trump’s presidency, you severely miscalculated. OH, say it isn’t so! boo hoo.

  16. I’m an independent voter. It’s true, using cringe-worthy to describe Trump’s behavior is incredibly apt. Still, I’m voting for him (I didn’t in 2016, FYI), the cult that is the modern DNC is not an option, not for any seat. Don’t misconstrue disapproval to be equal to rejection when it comes to Trump, that just isn’t the case. There are a great many of us that think he’s a boob (can you name a president of the past 30 years that wasn’t, in one way or another?) but do not suffer from TDS. The polling data means very little.

    1. When a Democratic leader parades his minions in front of the press to engage in compulsory endorsements, you can call the Democrats a cult. In the meantime, you’re saying you’ll vote for the guy who actually did that.

    2. he’s no boob. tv can make anybody look like a boob. if you were on tv you’d probably be made to look like a boob too. tv sucks!

    3. Still, I’m voting for him (I didn’t in 2016, FYI)

      James you are literally going to send the paid trolls on this forum into total apoplexy.


      One can only imagine what David Brock is doing to his employed trolls to flood the internet comments sections, and it can’t be pretty

    4. “Still, I’m voting for him (I didn’t in 2016, FYI), the cult that is the modern DNC is not an option, not for any seat.”

      I probably will, too (and also didn’t in 2016). It’s not that I love Trump or am blind to his numerous flaws. Rather, the modern DNC is foaming at the mouth like a pack of rabid, TDS-ridden, identitarian/authoritarian dogs, and have lurched violently to the left.

      I’m still pro-choice, I guess. But that was based on the understanding that we weren’t going to be aborting viable fetuses or live-born infants. But the Democratic leadership seems to have abandoned my position. This is the case for a lot of us former Democrats on issue after issue after issue. There’s nothing about them I can agree with any more.

      I may just be exhibiting a sort of confirmation bias here, but I think there are a good many of us 2016 Hilary voters who weren’t ready for a Donald Trump in 2016, but know for damn sure we’re not ready for any Democrat in 2020.

      1. but I think there are a good many of us 2016 Hilary voters who weren’t ready for a Donald Trump in 2016, but know for damn sure we’re not ready for any Democrat in 2020.

        Great post Jay!

    5. Yes, and there are a lot of us who will vote for Trump in 2020. Can anyone imagine a single one of the Democrat candidates going head to head negotiating with China? Or North Korea? Uncle Joe? Check into his family’s offshore bank accounts. Beto? What a joke. Or Mayor Buttedge up against China or serving as Commander in Chief? Laughable. Kamala? Yeah, uh no thanks. Pocahontas? Have another beer in your kitchen.

      The fact that Barack Obama could come out of nowhere to be lifted up by his sycophantic pals in the media and go from ACORN community organizer and lazy potsmoking head of the Choom Gang, to leader of the frickin’ free world, just proves that literally anyone can do the job IF THEY ARE PROPPED up like a puppet on a string and protected by the media. Go Trump! Give ’em holy hell!

      1. Your attitude inclines me to vote for a Democrat just so that all the hopes and dreams you have for the future of America go unfulfilled.

        1. My attitude inclines you to vote Democrat? You mean my opinion that the Democrat candidates are a joke and that Barack Obama is a total fraud inclines you to vote for a Democrat when you otherwise would not? Just to spite me? What a strange comment.

        2. Damn. Even after Jonathan Gruber identified this level of stupidity, here we are 5 years later and they still walk among us; loud and proud. Well, your party appreciates your subservience and they look forward to your reliably ignorant vote.

          1. Bzzzzz. Wrong! The deal is also signed by our allies as well and Russia and China and features IAEA inspectors on site as well as compliance verified by our Pentagon and and Israeli intelligence. Trump would cr..m in his jeans if he got Lil’ Kim to throw him any kind of bone, Of course Obama also shepherded the TPP agreement which is flourishing without us since the Obama troll got elected and helping to counter Chinese economic dominance in the region, as well as the Paris Accords, signed by every nation and setting voluntary goals, also canceled by our Obama Troll-in Chief.

        1. As for your ‘survey’ (modulo details on sampling frame), it tells you which historians are partisan enough and unprofessional enough to answer.

          1. Bzzzzzzz. Wrong again! Not looking good absurd! These “partisans” as you call them have Eisenhower ranked 5th and Reagan 9th.

            1. No, it went over your head.

              This is not that difficult. The downstream effects of any Administration’s actions are not visible at this time. Crucial archival material isn’t available either. In addition to that, historians lack the conceptual tools to assess multi-causal phenomena.

              That aside, no one is rated by anyone absent the rater’s conception of what the aims of an administration are. You fancy you got a ‘scientific’ validation of Obama’s excellence.

              ‘Cuz you’re kinda dumb.

        2. They really give you lousy material for your talking points at Correct-the-Record.

          1. Better than the answers you gave to your self test. OK, gotta’ go pick up my check now. Man, this is easy money. Like taking candy from a baby … or old fa.t, like shooting fish in a barrel, like arguing with a Trumpster!

            Good times!!

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