Court: Rep. Hunter’s Alleged Affairs Are Admissible In His Corruption Trial

440px-2019-05-01_fcm_0192reRep. Duncan Hunter surprised many when he was able to secure reelection after being hit with major corruption charges.  His wife has already pleaded guilty in a case involving such allegations as spending campaign funds on lavish dinners, private school for their children, and most notably plane tickets for their pet rabbit.  Now Hunter has lost a major motion after U.S. District Judge Thomas Whelan ruled that evidence of his extramarital affairs can be raised in his corruption trial. It was the correct ruling and makes an already tough corruption trial into a perfect nightmare for defense counsel.

Many people were critical when Hunter followed his father into Congress due to the image of a seat passing by a modern version of primogeniture.  Those complaints about entitlement increased after Hunter was then hit with these corruption charges. Prosecutors maintained that he used some of the money in his affairs with lobbyists and congressional aides.  That is a legitimate theory for prosecution and Whelan ruled they could put the affairs before the jury.

So a jury will now have a record including tickets for family rabbits and gold outings as well as lavish spending of affairs with lobbyists.  The defense counsel was right that such allegations are “extremely prejudicial” but you are not protected from highly prejudicial material facts.  You sometimes have to live with the record that you create in your life.

Notably, his father, the former congressman, is attending the trial and insisting that this is all political.  However, his daughter-in-law is now under oath saying that she did misuse the campaign funds.  There is over a quarter of million dollars of funds being raised by the prosecution and Hunter is simply arguing that there were mistakes made in the use of different accounts.  When placed in the context of high living and habitual affairs, he is likely to find a less than sympathetic jury.


7 thoughts on “Court: Rep. Hunter’s Alleged Affairs Are Admissible In His Corruption Trial”

  1. “evidence of extramarital affairs can be raised in his corruption trial.”

    Well Turley, that’s because he used campaign funds for the extramarital affairs. In other words, further evidence of corruption can be used in his corruption trial. Not his extramarital affairs per se. I mean your wording is a bit sloppy.

  2. This is what happens to you when you think you are too good for any rules. I hope he spends 25 years in prison. There are way too many people who get off with very little prison time (if any) and there is NO LESSON to be learned when the punishment is too little!

    1. It’s a reasonable wager he’s guilty of misapplication of property or embezzlement, and can make at least partial restitution by selling assets. Giving him a sentence you’d give someone for homicide is rather de trop.

    2. Really? “I hope he spends 25 years in prison.” The guy is a knucklehead who cannot keep his Woody Woodpecker in his pants and he has already reimbursed missing funds. Would you also like to see him bunk with Paul Manafort at Riker’s Island. Surely there is a punishment that you can think of that is more in line with his wrongdoings. Too many people being sent to the Gulag these days.

  3. Strange pussycat has proven time and time again to be the kryptonite of many powerful men: Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Jeff Bezos, Arnold Swartzeneggar, et al. Best advice to share with young men: keep your car parked in your own garage, and don’t Shiite where you eat.

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