Poll: 45 Percent Support Impeachment While 43 Percent Support Trump

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedThere is another poll out that spells trouble for President Donald Trump if the Democrats do not succeed again in losing the unloseable election.  There are now more people supporting impeachment of President Trump than there are people supporting Donald Trump.  Forty-three percent support him while fifty-four percent oppose him. However, there are other problems lurking in these latest Gallop numbers.

What should be a concern is the strength of the feelings of the polled individuals. The number of people who feel “strongly” in opposition or support to Trump is astronomical.  Some 71% who approve feel strongly and 81% of those who disapprove are strongly. Those type of voters do not tend to shift.

Some 45% believe that Trump should be impeached and removed from office while 53% are against impeachment.

The divide between the parties is also extraordinary.  Only 6 percent of Democrats and only 37 percent of independent support Trump.  Yet, 89 percent of Republicans approve of Trump and 92% thought he should not be impeached.

Of course, the Democrats are rapidly moving to the far left on many issues, a dynamic that could help Trump in the general election. Moreover, these figures show that Trump could not spend a dime on the primaries and sail to victory — saving his money for the general.  That is not a luxury open to the candidates in a crowded Democratic field.

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  1. I did find Mueller’s obstruction charges underneath the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction file last week.

    1. There actually were WMDs in Iraq. What’s not clear is whether stockpiles were all destroyed after 1990 or whether some where shipped elsewhere in 2003.

      The ‘collusion’ narrative has always been a fraud.

  2. Poles do not have any more information or good sense about politics than Germans or Chechs or Russians. So why does this blog always dwell on what Poles think?

  3. OT: The Palestinian War on Businessmen
    by Bassam Tawil • July 5, 2019 at 5:00 am

    By boycotting the conference in Bahrain, in fact, Palestinian leaders had already sent a message to the world that they would rather see their people continue to suffer economic hardship than receive billions of dollars in aid…. Rather than spitting in the faces of businessmen, Palestinian leaders should be working closely with Israel and the US and any other party that wants to help the Palestinian people.

    Abbas and his old guard officials are evidently hoping that the US and international community will continue pouring millions of dollars on them without holding them to account…. They want the conflict to continue for as long as possible so that they can continue receiving funds from Americans, Europeans and others.

    Palestinian leaders want to continue blackmailing the international community into giving them unconditional and unlimited financial aid, while at the same time depriving Palestinians of any opportunity to improve their living conditions. They want their people to continue living in misery so that Abbas and his officials can blame Israel and the rest of the world for the “suffering” of the Palestinians.

    These leaders’ biggest fear is that economic prosperity might divert Palestinians’ attention from the fight against Israel. Like his rivals in Hamas, Abbas seems afraid that once Palestinians start enjoying the fruits of a strong economy, they will stop thinking of killing Israelis or abandon the Palestinian dream of destroying Israel.

    Coninued at: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/14488/palestinian-war-on-businessmen

    1. The oh-so-gracious voters of Detroit stuck one of these specimens in the U.S. Congress. Diversity is our strength.

  4. ”Racist” Betsy Ross Flag Part of Obama Inauguration

    The Betsy Ross American flag that Colin Kaepernick deemed racist and caused Nike to recall it’s new sneakers featuring the flag on the heel, was prominently displayed at Barack Obama’s second inauguration.

    Nike had placed the flag on the heel of it’s new limited edition Air Max 1 USA. Nike spokesperson Colin Kaepernick complained, saying the flag was a racist symbol used by hate groups and Nike responded by recalling all the sneakers.

    David Martosko

    That Betsy Ross flag sure fell out of fashion quickly. (Photo: 2nd Obama inaugural, 2013)

    8:18 AM – Jul 3, 2019

    Rudy Meneses
    Jul 3
    Replying to
    is blocking pictures of Betsy Ross 13 state American flag

    Jul 3
    That is my experience. Any post with that image is being prevented from displaying that image. Flagrant censorship.

  5. THIS JUST IN: Despite losing the battle in the SCOTUS over whether citizenship can be asked on the census, with even Justice Roberts noting that the stated reason “seems contrived”, the Dotard has announced that he is considering an “Executive Order” to over-ride the SCOTUS.

    Honestly: what does it take to make this turd go away? Do you really think that any DOJ lawyer or William Barr, who is paid to represent the people of the United States, is going to explain to him that an Executive Order does not trump a ruling from the SCOTUS? Ask James Comey and Jeff Sessions what happens when someone at Justice tries to follow the law and the Rules of Professional Conduct. Oh, and the contrived reason was to protect the rights of black voters. Does anyone believe that? What does citizenship have to do with black voters asserting teir right to suffrage?

    1. show me in the constitution where the coequal branches of articles i and II the congress and executive– are SUBORDINATE in every little thing to article III lifetime tenure judges? clue: it doesnt!

      did you flunk constitutional law second year first semester ? we had lawrence tribe’s book even he could explain this significant thing well enough

      1. Show me where it says that the Executive can make up a contrived reason to interject politics into the required decennial census, then litigate and lose the issue as to whether this is permissible, and then simply ignore the SCOTUS and issue an Executive Order to overrule the SCOTUS. Trump’s DOJ (it doesn’t belong to the people any more, even though we get to pay for it) couldn’t come up with any cogent reason for the question, and the reason they came up with was contrived, as even Justice Roberts noted, so it’s not that the SCOTUS “didn’t like” the reason–the reason was an obvious lie. Fatty doesn’t get a do-over, any more than any other litigant. He’s going to force us to send in the U.S. Marshalls to haul his orange ass out sooner or later.

        1. One other thing: why do we have a Congress or the courts if the executive can simply do as he pleases even after losing a lawsuit? Do you even understand the concept of checks and balances? We know Trump doesn’t, and we also know that the DOJ under him won’t try to explain it because he won’t like the answer. Also, there’s a reason why Congress is Article I.

        2. Then you better hope Joe Biden makes it to the general election and beats Trump. And…if Biden does win the presidency…that’s a big “if”…what are the odds that the media (CNN, MSNBC, ETC.) go after and scrutinize and demonize Hunter Biden for his highly suspect “business deals” with foreign governments/banks while his dad was VP? Or his drug use? or his sleeping with his dead brothers wife? or his otherwise tumultuous life like how he just married a woman he’d known for a week? You know, if Biden becomes POTUS, will the media harass Hunter Biden (or Ashly Biden for that matter) the way they have harassed the Trump kids?

          Answer: NO.
          Why? Because they only do that to Repubicans.

          Read about Joe Biden’s son here —–>


          1. The Trump kids are squeeky clean outstanding people, certainly in comparison to the drugs and scandal-ridden Biden offspring.

      2. did you flunk constitutional law second year first semester ?

        Paid trolls don’t study never mind attend law courses. They copy/paste talking points fed to them by their masters George Soros and David Brock. “Its a living”, they say… it was their answer to the blacks they enslaved on their plantations > 150 yrs ago and now welfare rolls, housing projects and Betsy Ross symbols…. that Obama used during his second inauguration

    2. The ruling only had to do with the court not liking the reason given for the question. They did not blanket rule that a citizenship question could not be on the census.

  6. The way a rational person gets rid of Trump is by getting him voted out of office next year.

    This overly emotive irrational notion that he should be impeached because he is a Russian agent isn’t going work. And it’s been going on for so long now that I’m not sure he won’t get 2 terms.

    I was assured in 1980 that if Ronald Reagan won the election, the planet wouldn’t be around in 4 years. We’re all still magically here.

    Work on the next election if you don’t like the incumbent. And stop these irrational hissy fits.

  7. I am sick of this useless piece of Orange Man dung in the WH. The sooner he’s gone the better. I’d take Obama over this scum bag, and Obama may be the 2nd known worst POTUS.

    How’s that wall working out for your Trumptards? Did Mexico pay for it yet? And why are illegal crossings 10x worst than under Obama? Do you really have no fear of war with nuclear armed China and Russia if Orange Man starts a war with Iran? Did you recall Orange Man promised no more ME wars? Does anyone remember the neocon screams that the world would end if/when NKorea went nuclear? Are you still reading this or did the world end and I didn’t notice? Explain exactly why and how US security demands that Iran not have nuclear weapons to defend itself? What is the only country to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians with nuclear weapons?

    1. there’s good answers to all of those facetious questions but you’re not fit to hear them

      1. here’s the answer: the 1% and wannabes aka TRUMPS want MORE illegals here.

    2. Princess Trohar translated: Trump’s son-in-law is a Joo.

  8. “Poll: 45 Percent Support …”

    Hasn’t the good professor yet learned that polls and signatures aren’t very meaningful on subjects where emotions run high and no one has yet bothered to use their brains and think what impeachment means and what it is used for.

    He seems to excessively deal with useless polls and uninformed public opinion.

    He should go out into the street and take signatures to ban DHMO dihydrogen monoxide because it contributes to the greenhouse effect and doesn’t relieve arthritic pains like DSMO. The people can chant ‘DSMO but no DHMO’.

    I’m sure Peter and his ilk would gladly sign such a petition. I’m not picking on Peter because most of Hollywood would be protesting against it as well.

    1. If this news is “not meaningful” then why exactly did you bother reading it and why did you post about it?

      Bad news hurt Trumptard feewings?

      1. Firstly, my mind is open to a variety of opinions. Secondly, I have no way of knowing whether something is meaningful or not until I read it something you apparently don’t do. Third, if I didn’t comment I would miss the comments from people like you bitten by rabid squirrels.

  9. Actual Gallup website says 53% of Americans oppose impeachment and only 45% support it.
    “When asked for their opinion “based on what you know about Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s activities,” 45% of U.S. adults said Trump should be impeached and removed from office over the matter, while 53% said he should not be.”


  10. As a lawyer, wouldn’t you want to wait to at least rule out whether there was a covert plot to entrap him in Russian collusion (rather than ward it off)? After all, the end game of such a plot would be impeachment based on treasonous conduct, or if not that, cornering him into committing process crimes such as perjury and/or obstruction?

    Context is essential. Obstruction has no “legs” if the candidate / President was being deliberately entrapped by covert opposition actors.

    1. One cannot obstruct justice when there is no crime to obstruct an investigation of.

      A charge of obstruction of justice wherein no crime occurred is, by definition, political.

      Politics and jurisprudence cannot be commingled.

      In the absence of a crime, political opposition cannot be arbitrarily misconstrued as obstruction of justice.

    2. Please explain to me, Hannity, Jr., exactly HOW anyone could trap or corner Trump into colluding with Russians? Is this a preview excuse for Mueller’s testimony? Trump claims to have known nothing about Russian hacking, so are you now admitting that he did?

      Meanwhile, while thousands of migrants are horded into concentration camps with inadequate space to lie down, the fat Dotard spent millions of our tax dollars for a vainglory campaign rally at the Lincoln Memorial. U.S. Presidents do NOT attend these functions because it is about celebrating American freedom, not about politics. That fat swine draft-dodging coward had the temerity to stand in front of Abraham Lincoln and pretend that he belongs in his company. It was all really an unfunny joke with chubby and his pompadour, along with the nudie soft core porn star standing in a bulletproof glass cage, but there were lighter moments–such as the claim that the American Revolutionary warriors captured an airport. Did they fly there in their own airplane–was it a stealth bomber? Oh, and he (and his dumb speech writers) don’t know which war was raging when Francis Scott Key wrote the “Star Spangled Banner”, either. The absurdity of an unindicted co-conspirator to felonies who constantly lies about everything, who cheated to steal the Presidency, who turned a nonpartisan freedom celebration into a vainglory event paid for by taxpayers while caging migrants and their children in unsanitary and degrading conditions, and who is the living antithesis of everything American doesn’t faze the Trumptards. The irony was too deep. When reading the teleprompter, it was obvious that he’d never seen this speech before. It was a nauseating display of malignant narcissism. I did love the Trump baby balloons in cages, though.

  11. Professor Turley, you failed to mention the “poll” of the Senate on conviction which very well may cause the groundless democrat impeachment to be an irrational exercise in futility. And what better way to impeach the President than by voting him out of office in 2020?

    1. Unfortunately the Dems are every bit as bad as Trump if not worse on certain points. The Dem front runner Biden is a proven loser, a mental dotard, ignorant, and as corrupt as Trump if not worse. Tulsey Gabbard can’t get traction because she’s not a war monger. And even if she won the nomination she’s a staunch abortionist and that does nothing but force 90% of “evangelicals” (air head bigots) to vote Trump. (Will someone explain how the heck a Hindu can be pro-unborn baby killing?)

      Sorry but we’re screwed.

      1. “Sorry but we’re screwed.”

        Wait. What happened? Unfounded and baseless guilt.

        Ben Franklin, we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

        Women got the vote and stopped replacing the population.

        America couldn’t keep its slaves.

        America couldn’t keep its procreation and fertility rate.

        America couldn’t keep its borders.

        America couldn’t keep its nationality.

        America couldn’t keep its country.

        A complete loss of resolve and collapse into milquetoast pusillanimity.

    2. George,

      Professor Turley seems to be one of those with TDS & still has trouble with basic math & needs new eye glasses.

      ( This article of P T’s is completely inappropriate on this July 4th holiday.)

      Prof T can’t see these massive crowds of patriotic Americans that keep showing up anywhere Trump shows up at.

      Prof T’s lies about the crowd size at Trump’s inauguration was fully debunked immediately.

      Prof T could seem to be bothered to post the latest news that Judicial Watch won in court against California & has forced them to remove the estimate 1.5 millions illegal voters from their voter rolls. Those were just one state’s fraudulent efforts to throw the 2016 election to Hillary.

      Polls? Ha Ha! Poll this crowd.


  12. JT, I really get frustrated when important issues are discussed as to how they will effect an (fraudulent) election show. Who cares?

    Either these issues matter in some real way or they don’t. I wish that your post would address what Trump is doing and how people understand what he is doing. How various Ds and Rs actions fit into our already fixed election bread and circus is of no importance whatsoever.

    The oligarchy will win the election. One of the few ways to prevent that is to squarely face what any politician is doing, show the implications of their actions and act accordingly as a citizen.

    Here’s one person’s thoughts:

    1. Thanks, Jill.

      Excerpt of John Whitehead’s posting:

      There is no knowing how long it will take to undo the damage wrought by government corruption, corporate greed, militarization, and a nation of apathetic, gullible sheep.

      The problems we are facing will not be fixed overnight: that is the grim reality with which we must contend.

      Frankly, as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we may see no relief from the police state in my lifetime or for several generations to come.

      That does not mean we should give up or give in or tune out.

      Remember, there is always a price to be paid for remaining silent in the face of injustice.

      That price is tyranny.

      As Edmund Burke, the eighteenth-century British statesman and author who supported the American colonists warned, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      -John Whitehead, Rutherford Institute

  13. A misleading headline here, Jonathan. You’re comparing apples and oranges there. It’s not a direct (or fair) juxtaposition. It’s not like you to be misleading, so what’s up with this???

  14. On election day, the paper of record published a poll saying that HRC had over a 90 percent chance of winning.


    1) In order to lose the next elections, Democrats must screw it up in the biggest way possible. And that could happen, too. But no president up for reelection wants to be that dependent on mistakes by the opposition.

    2) The Republican strategy will clearly be using Trump’s campaign superfund to create wave after wave of attack ads; the volume of which we have never seen. But again, no president up for reelection wants to be that dependent on attack ads.

    The professor, out of politeness, perhaps, declines to make the crucial point that with an economy this strong, Trump should be a slam-dunk for reelection. No president has ever has such negative approval amid such a strong economy. One might call this phenomenon a dubious achievement on the part of Donald Trump.

    1. Easy answer file impeachment charges against the Democrats. I doubt there is a single one of them who hasn’t violated the oath of office or aided and abetted as in the case of the three Representatives and I believe this correct one

      senator.Never mind that was Sanders and he used evasion by saying he was an Independent. But as for the three Representatives someone had to administer the Oath of Office and get the signed copies so …… now you know why Nancy is trying to quash the effort since it’s likely she’ll be caught up in the charges as aiding and abetting before, during and after which means accessory to the crime.

      I’m of the opinion it would be more nearly impossible to find one that hasn’t violated the Oath of Office and are in the Socialist Party than not. plus a few RINOs.

      So the question comes to mind Why is supporting a foreign ideology that calls for the destruction of our Constitutional Republic NOT a chargeable offense and subject to impeachment?

        1. It’s a very sad and pathetic consequence of runaway technology combined with idiotic puritannical laws criminalizing the world’s oldest profession. Adult sex workers should be free to ply their trade without fear of jail and that would cause this sick and literally inhumane phenomenon to evaporate.

      1. Americans have happily voted for their own economic destruction since the middle of the Reagan era.

          1. I think she may have meant since the middle of the Johnson Administration.😉
            (The 20th century one)

    2. A dubious achievement on the part of the nation-wreckers in the halls of academe and the media bosses. But, they will one day among the first who are targeted and plundered by those whom they’ve rolled out the welcome mats for, you can be sure, sooner or later, if and when this Union collapses.

    3. “Trump’s campaign Superfund” in 2016 was a little more than half of Hillary’s. So money isn’t always the determining factor in an election.
      If there is a Trump Superfund that backs waves of attack ads against whoever the Democratic nominee is, it is unfair that the poverty- stricken Democratic nominee won’t be able to fund attack ads against Trump.
      Not would that Democratic candidate ever stoop to that😄 even if they had the bucks.
      Trump’s opponents have done everything they can to discredit and undermine his presidency, even before he was inaugerated. This was cost- effective in that the investigations, speculation, lawsuits over issues like emoluments, the Pencil Neck TV series, etc.could all be done on the cheap.
      To pretend that only the “Trump campaign superfund” is going to be the only one going negative in the 2020 campaign is not realistic.
      The Democrats will build on what they’ve gotten on the cheap so far, and will probably throw at least as much money in attack ads as the Trump Campaign.
      Trump will ramp up his insulting of the Democratic frontrunners and take it to another level once the nominee has it wrapped up.
      In tandem with attack ads. It’s a fantasy to pretend that anyone has the moral high ground here.

  16. Everyone knows polls are always right.
    If you don’t believe it just ask
    President Hilary….H̶i̶l̶a̶r̶y̶ ̶R̶ ̶C̶l̶i̶n̶t̶o̶n̶
    President Donald J Trump.

  17. It’s more an indication of how the political culture has decayed in and among the section of the population which supports the Democratic Party. The partisan Democrats of my acquaintance fall into about two categories (1) those who cannot give you a coherent reason why Trump must be impeached, and (2) those whose reasons are a daisy chain of fictions. (I had to carefully explain to a PhD psychologist what a process crime was, and the significance of Gen. Flynn being charged with offenses which do not exist in New York law; he still didn’t get it).

    1. one of my ‘doctor ” relatives lives in the beltway and is a nominal republican working at an NGO. that person is shamefully negative about Trump. One terse word from my last time we met here in flyover, put an end to the negative chattering.

      these people are paper tigers. we are strong. Hail Trump!

      1. That or he knows better to argue with a fool – I’m guessing the latter.

    2. Tabby, one can be sure your smarmy explanation made a ‘big impression’ on that psychologist. He or she must have wondered ‘why’ The Mueller Report didn’t contain an unequivocal exoneration of Trump. Fortunately that psychologist had an intellectual of ‘your’ magnitude to make sense of the inexplicable.

      1. You’re the smarmy one. Prosecutors don’t provide “unequivocal exonerations”-they either move to indict or they don’t. Your posts show your lack of intellectual rigor…or maybe it’s a lack of intellectual capacity.

        1. Ivan, Robert Mueller is being called to Congress to clarify. So I’m not the only one who felt the report was less than clear. Mueller has indicated, however, that he did ‘not’ exonerate Trump.

          1. Mueller CAN NEVER exonerate Trump. That’s not how our system works. This is elementary civics.

            1. Fine, Ivan. But Trump supporters all believe he ‘was’ exonerated. That’s the big misunderstanding now. A misunderstanding Trump has totally encouraged.

              1. i could care less if he discouraged the phony persecution whatsoever. along with me is a half of the population. you guys consistently overestimate how much the lumpenproles care about these things. mostly they just want to have fun and get free stuff.. they are the equivalent of zombies, shambling homonids who respond to basic stimulus and not much more. this whole anti-Trump thing mostly depends on the gut level concept of “racism” more so than all those other complicated stuff.

                the lumpen masses that the Dems are counting on to deliver them a win are a herd. which likes to drink 40s and relax on the porch during the day and get busy at night. polling and sampling is easy but voting is a more burdensome and boring process. good luck turning them all out.

                1. I’m going to give you guys a term for what America was once and again is becoming
                  Herrenvolk Democracy

                  if we’re lucky that is!

                  1. America was never that and never will be, fool. It’s about time for you to come out from under your sheet and get some fresh air.

                    1. LOL Look it up and educate yourself. tons of left wing grist for the mill that should make you feel guilty for being a white person, which I suspect you are from your obnoxious attitude, so characteristic of our people

                      once you master the concept, and understand it, you will understand how it is changing, reshaping to be a native born multiracial herrenvolk democracy

                      now the stupid left wingers who use the term don’t like it; but if you understand that at many times and places in human history, going back to ancient athens, democracy only functioned well when it was a limited franchise, well, the choices are clear for those who understand

              2. I support Trump, but disagree with him many times…especially when it comes to this most important issue: how he has dealt with being accused of and investigated for being a traitor.

                There is really only one way for the President to “exonerate” himself: brutal disclosure of everything the government(FBI, CIA, NSA, State Dept, etc) did in that “investigation”. Let the people see everything and decide. If the President continues to fail in this regard then even I won’t vote for him…we’ll have to see if Barr changes things before then.

                If Trump loses the election it will be because he failed to show that he was innocent(via disclosure) and that it was all a set-up. People will blame the economy going into recession(it’s coming) for his failure, but it will be because he failed to show the people that it was all a hoax and hold the criminals to account.

              3. If Trump supports “all believe” that Trump was exonerated, the TDS crowd “all believe” he was as good as accused of criminal offenses.
                That’s the beauty of an equivocal report; both sides can say it was “not unequivocal”.

            2. The question that I have about the upcoming Congressional testimony is whether Mueller will equivocate about why he was not unequivocal. The perceptions and speculation about Mueller’s “true meaning” could get even more screwed up😵 after he testifies.

      2. Tabby, one can be sure your smarmy explanation made a ‘big impression’ on that psychologist.

        He lives in California. As Truman Capote says, you lose one point off your IQ for every year you stay out there.

        What a ‘process crime’ is doesn’t require much explanation, but he couldn’t distinguish in his own mind between that and a substantive offense, or understand the curious nature of such indictments when there is no underlying crime, or understand why the Penal Codes in New York have various tripwires you have to hit in order to be charged with similar offenses, tripwires which do not exist in federal law. It’s not that difficult, but when you’re emotionally committed to a position, it is.

        or she must have wondered ‘why’ The Mueller Report didn’t contain

        He didn’t wonder about that at all. For all of Weissman’s efforts, they couldn’t manufacture any offenses with which to charge Trump. Intelligent people understand this. That’s not a population subgroup to which you ever belonged.

        1. Tabby, it’s interesting that Libertarians like you are always railing about the ‘evils’ of big government and the ‘pervasive corruption in Washington’.

          Well California is as far from Washington as any state can get. Yet you think this distance from Washington is bad for I Q’s. Like people would be naturally smarter in Buffalo New York, for instance!

          California is far from the old confederate states. And that’s what makes the West Coast unique: We’re as far as one can get from all the redneck strongholds.

          1. ha ha you must not know some of the rednecks in California that I do

          2. Tabby, it’s interesting that Libertarians like you are always railing about the ‘evils’ of big government and the ‘pervasive corruption in Washington’.

            It’s interesting that I’m an open book on this site but you can’t seem to make sense of my actual viewpoint and continually mischaracterize it.

      3. this will not come down to phony stuff like explanations and so forth. it will come down to who is stronger. the migrant invasion and it’s fifth column here, or the natives. stronger will mean who can organize to breach the border and penetrate into the homeland, or who can organize to man the border and eject the interlopers.

        it’s about as simple as asian carp being kept out of the Great Lakes, or not. is the asian carp stronger than those who want to preserve the Great Lakes ecosystem? we will find out eventually. for now they’re doing a better job at containing the asian carp then they are teeming hordes from honduras!

  18. That “poll” sounds about as credible as the ones claiming that Funny Uncle Joe Biden was far ahead of Bernie Sanders.

  19. The Democrat/communist Party is intent on overthrowing the elected govt and installing their criminal regime just like the Bolshevik’s who then murdered 66 million citizens. Read Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers.

  20. Polls at this stage are fun to talk about and speculate on, but ultimately, polls are like masturbation; lots of activity and little substance.

    Let’s learn from the polls of 2016.

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