California Woman Convicted For Assault On Trump Supporters

Prosecutors said Jessica Aguilar’s jail sentence will be dropped if she completes community service.

I recently wrote about the limited coverage of violence by anti-Trump individuals and groups. A number of such cases are pending in Orange County where Trump supporters were attacked while trying to attend a rally. One conviction was recently handed down again for Jessica Aguilar, 23, of Sacramento. She slapped a man twice across the face during the March 25, 2017 rally at Bolsa Chica State Beach and was found guilty Wednesday of one misdemeanor count of battery. This is clearly a problem on both sides and it is continuing to spread, including 13 arrests in Oregon at the rallies this weekend with the seizure of various weapons.

According to The Orange County District Attorney’s Office, Aguilar was sentenced to 20 days in jail, 10 days of community service, and three years of probation, but that sentence will be vacated if she completed community service.

As previously discussed, groups like Antifah are premised on anti-speech values. It goes beyond that group however. There are other groups and individuals who view their opposition to Trump as a warrant for uncivil and even violent actions like Aguilar.

There is a rising intolerance in this country for opposing views and a selective coverage of those engaging in violence at rallies and speeches.

In this case, 2000 people appeared at the March 2017 rally and anti-Trump protesters tried to prevent the march. Three anti-Trump protesters were charged with felonies, including using pepper spray on Trump supporters.

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  1. Oh cut her some slack. She’s just a dumba$$ liberal kid who doesn’t know any better.

    1. Ind. Bob: There was a time when “dumbass kids” who made stupid mistakes were given the option of joining the military and the court would then dismiss any charges and seal their records. All you had to do was go down to the recruiting station of your choice, sign up, and have your recruiter appear with you in court to show the judge your enlistment papers. I recall two of my older brother’s friends got out of local trouble that way. They went into the Navy as wild, rowdy kids, and came back four years later as grown men who were trained as electricians and welders. I don’t think any leftist Antifa supporter would agree to that, or would be able to adapt to military discipline, but I do know a number of young women who went into the Navy and Air Force and were trained as paralegals and computer techs and now have good paying government jobs.

  2. OT, but there’s huge news out:

    Investigative reporter for the Hill, John Solomon is reporting that Joseph Mifsud’s lawyer has told him that Mifsud works for Western Intelligence AND was directed to connect Papadapolous to Russia. Yes, it was all a set-up by our corrupt intelligence agencies.

    1. If you’ve been on the wrong side of the Russia Hoax then it’s time to come clean with yourself. Deal with the fact that you have been willingly duped and supported evil. It’s an enormous error on your part. That’s what an honest, good person would do.

    2. It’s highly unlikely AG Barr will do a damn thing as it seems a big part of the management of the DOJ/FBI/US Intel are totally corrupt & the John Solomon info is just more evidence of the on going Sedition & Espionage that’s still a foot under AG Barr.

      Jeffery Epstein: Ag Barr’s response: Oops… My bad…. I know, let’s form another committee & study our failures for the next 40 years.

      AG Barr: Did you hear, we’ve been busy, we weren’t able to find any of the Murdering/Violent Antifa Terrorist that are funded in part by George Soros, but we did have extra US Marshals that weren’t guarding Epstein so they had time to track down & charge American Proud Boy Joey Gibson for even believe that here in American that Joey & his friends can walk down an American Street, unmolested & have a Right to Self Defence when violently Attacked.

      IE: Trump needs to tell Barr to get off his Azz Charge & Fire large swathes of the DOJ/FBI/US intel in the next couple of weeks!

      1. Agreed, I don’t trust Barr in the least. The fact that the FBI waited until Epstein was dead to finally raid his “pedophile” island rather than doing it the moment he was arrested is all I need to know.

        1. I’ve been following this type crap since the early 70’s.

          Every time I think it can’t get any more batsh*t crazy we find out they just jumped the shark of crazy again.

          Stay Prep’d

          BTW: Yesterday’s coverage of the Proud Boys Anti-Terrorism Protest in Portland, notice all the Infowars supporters, hats, teeshirts, etc…

    3. Ivan,
      I think Mifsud is still “underground” in unknown location(s), although DOJ officials are reported to have interviewed him earlier this summer.
      The media guessing game about where Mifsud was has been going on since 2017. Early on, about 2 years ago, a known associate of Mifsud was interviewed by the press.
      He scoffed at the notion that Mifsud was a Russian agent and said that Mifsud was actually an asset for Western intelligence agencies.
      So the first claim that he was tied in with U.S. agencies goes back to at least 2017.
      There are expectations that the DOJ Inspector General and others will present some conclusions about who Mifsud was representing, and who put him up to contacting Papadopolous.

      1. He’s “underground,” but his lawyer is talking and the tape of his deposition is now in our hands.

  3. A couple of slaps — while certainly meriting punishment — pale in comparison to something like the following:


    Law enforcement moved fast after spotting James Reardon’s social media post on Friday, August 16. New Middletown Police Chief Vincent D’Egidio told CBS affiliate WKBN-TV in Youngstown that officials quickly obtained a search warrant. The FBI Violent Crimes Task Force raided Reardon’s home late Friday evening.

    Inside, they found semi-automatic weapons, dozens of rounds of ammunition, and bulletproof armor. Agents also found white nationalist propaganda material.

    Chief D’Egidio told the TV station, “This is a person that has declared himself as a white nationalist. With the hate crimes and everything else going on, we want to make sure we did our part to make sure this person was taken off the streets very quickly.”

    4. James Reardon Attended the Protest in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017

    James Patrick Reardon, Jr. describes himself as a white nationalist.

    Chief D’Egidio told ABC affiliate WYTV that Reardon was previously featured in a documentary in which he spoke of a desire for a white homeland. Reardon also reportedly stated that his parents do not share his white nationalist beliefs.

    Police also said that Reardon attended the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.

    Reardon’s Instagram included racial slurs directed against minorities. For example, on March 3 he posted a video of himself firing what appeared to be a BB gun at a DVD case of the show “Veggie Tales.” Reardon is heard saying, “F*cking Jewish media” before firing at the case. The caption includes an ethnic slur against Jewish people.

    1. James Patrick Reardon, Jr. has a lot in common with Tlaib and Omar. All three of them hate Jews and would like to see Jews killed.

      Anti-Semites are accumulating on the left.

      1. “James Patrick Reardon, Jr. describes himself as a white nationalist.”

        Own your own, Allan.

        1. He has no history of political interests except white nationalism and a hatred of Jews. if we look at the other two, Tlaib and Omar, we find 2 Democratic anti-Semites that feel simarlarly to Reardon so I would say they have a lot in common. How the heck can I own two Democratic Congresswomen? You don’t make any sense at all.

        2. What do you see being wrong for someone being a Nationalist vs someone like yourself that’s supports unelected Globalist as our Masters?

          And what if he was a Blue, Yellow or Red Nationalist?

          What’s color got to do with anything, so what you Racist!

          Why would it matter even if someone was a supremacist as long as they were not calling for the genocide of others races?

          Hell, the globalist want to kill us all, just ask Ted Turner, Bill/Melinda Gates, etc…

          And I assume you’re not so stupid not to know that the protest in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 had in large part mostly Paid Agiprop actors,funded by George Soros backed groups/etc.., posing as both Antifa & Neo Nazi.

          If you didn’t know there’s supposed to be a court case heard this fall in which those American Hating Trash’s Names & unmasked faces & their funders names will further be made know to the wider US Public.

          I suggest they might consider moving to a Commie country because just about every American hates this type of loser trash.

  4. The showdown between the Proud Boys ( a patriotic group of men) and Antifa will continue on a monthly basis until the Portland Police are forced to learn to defend 1st Amendment rights to free speech and assembly, while coming down hard on violent anarchists.

  5. JT, based on your Alaskan vacation in bear country what would you recommend?

    Bear Spray vs Pepper Spray: What’s the Difference?
    Bear Spray: An effective deterrent in bear country

    Bear spray is similar to pepper spray but is not the same thing. Though they both contain the same active ingredient — oleoresin capsicum, bear spray contains a much lower concentration.

    A typical pepper spray used for self defense will have an oleoresin capsicum (OC) concentration of about 10% or higher. A typical bear spray has a oleoresin concentration of about 1 – 2 %.
    The goal of using bear spray is to scare off an attacking bear, not cause it to become incapacitated and incur serious pain. That’s why bear spray only requires a small amount of active chemical — just enough to irritate the bear and cause it to back off. Studies have shown that bear spray is a very effective at reducing the number of bear attack in national parks.

    Last Words: Bear spray vs Pepper Spray
    Although pepper spray and bear spray contain the same active chemical, they are not the same thing. Bear spray has a much lower concentration of oleoresin capsicum, and should only be used as a bear deterrent.
    Pepper spray is a self defense weapon intended to incapacitate human threats, and it is very effective at doing this due to its higher concentration of oleoresin capsicum. If you are serious about self defense, go purchase some pepper spray. If you are a hiker or camper in bear country, buy some bear spray.

    1. Jerry, why not use pepper spray on bears? Since it is a self defense weapon, that might prove more effective when defending ur self against a bear attack.

  6. “…whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.”

    Did anyone expect a different result? California is a one-party communist state of parasitic hyphenates. The liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat communist invasion has destroyed it and is coming for your state next.

    “The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to change and corrupt the national spirit; to complicate and confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all-important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.”

    – Alexander Hamilton

    1. How many cases did they find invoking “anti-Trump” sentiments? Oh, they didn’t bother with that…how unbiased an scientific of them, LOL. This is typical of the propaganda machine you pray to like a good little robot.

      1. “This is typical of the propaganda machine you pray to like a good little robot.” So says Ivan.

        Get over yourself, Ivan. And you might want to look at the article next time before you comment — “like a good little robot.”

        1. The last time I read one of your articles I copied one of the most important sentences and you couldn’t handle it because those articles you post demonstrate how supportitive of violence your choice of commentators are.

          Take note how you don’t defend the positions taken by the one’s you quote because you can’t. If you quote something you claim is bad it will invariably be out of context or in response to one of your leftist friends that was far worse. The last article tried to tell us how Andy Ngo was bad because he got his head in between the fists of violent leftists that nearly killed this unarmed and alone man. Stupid but that is what you seem to promote.

          1. Allan is spewing nonsense, again. It’s what he does. He just can’t help himself.

            1. “Allan is spewing nonsense”

              Nonsense? Anonymous, you are promoting the idea that Andy Ngo was bad because he got his head in between the fists of violent leftists that nearly killed this unarmed and alone man. Stupid but that is what you seem to promote.

              1. Allan said: “…you are promoting the idea that Andy Ngo was bad because he got his head in between the fists of violent leftists that nearly killed this unarmed and alone man. ”

                No, I’m not. Having said this, one must look at the whole picture and not just a piece of it.

                1. ” one must look at the whole picture and not just a piece of it.”

                  Let’s look at the whole picture anonymous. Start with the CT scan. Ngo was bleeding in his head and that can be fatal. Do you wish to look further. The police didn’t come to his aid and the ambulance told him he had to walk through the crowd again to be picked up.

                  Sweet people your antifa crowd. They are ready to beat up ~8 year old girls, old men and defensless people. The whole picture is disgusting and you wish to revel in it.

        2. I read the entire article you idiot…through every single “example” they cited. The point remains, there’s absolutely nothing scientific or balanced about it. It’s what is commonly referred to as FAKE NEWS because it presents less than half of the story.

  7. The most glaring contrast from the Portland, Oregon gathering was that one group was comprised of adults, many grown men with great physiques, whereas the Antifa were petite, slender, sickly, young individuals who cowardly chose to cover their faces – so much for courage of CONVICT-ions. Yet the AP article hammered the word “right” 9 times to describe the gathering of grown adults, as in right-wing, wheteas Antifa was characterized by AP as an innocuous, benign gathering of knitters and crochet makers. Pity the groups never came into contact or else it would have reduced the Anitifa population by a hundred or so. That would have been the more appropriate action – let consequences rule.


    “This booking photo provided by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office shows Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson on Friday, Aug. 16, 2019. Authorities arrested Gibson, the leader of the right-wing group, on the eve of a far-right rally that’s expected to draw people from around the U.S. to Portland, Ore., on Saturday, Aug. 17 prompting Gibson to urge his followers to “show up one hundred-fold” in response. (Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office via AP)”

  8. While I agree that there are individuals of all parties who engage in political violence, it is not the same. People are not afraid to wear Democratic clothing out of certainty that they will be harassed or attacked. People are afraid to wear MAGA clothing because it is certain that they will be accosted by Leftists.

    Ad hominem is the usual response to a Republican stating their position. Most criticism against Republicans will predictably run along the lines that they are evil in some way, Fascist, Nazi, homophobe, islamophobe, xenophobe, transphobe, hate the poor, hate kids, hate families, war on women, etc. It is very rarely any discussion of policy.

    Studies have shown that Democrats are far more likely to unfriend family and friends on social media over politics.

    The harassment and violence against conservatives has become mainstream.

    The Left will point to Neo Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists to claim that it’s the same on both sides. However, they should admit that they are not afraid to wear Democratic clothing when they walk down the street because there might be a fringe group. They do not acknowledge that the United States is statistically one of the least racist countries in the world, so white supremacists are a minority. Nazis were the German Socialist Party, that created an all powerful government at the expense of individual liberty, the antithesis of Republicans or conservatives. It was always a far Left ideology, rewritten by politicized academics wishing to distance Socialism from yet another homicidal iteration. The KKK is a fringe group one rarely hears of anymore. I don’t know of any black person who wakes up in the morning scared of what the KKK might do to him that day. In fact, should the KKK show up in hoods in the Hood, there would be a line of brothers waiting for the enjoyment of kicking their butts down the street. White supremacists do exist, and are in the minority. They are on the rise in Europe as a horrifying backlash response to the rising crime that came from mass migration of people from areas of human rights abuses.

    Conservatives in general don’t care about skin color; they care about values. Dennis Prager said something along the lines of, a white conservative would want their child to marry a black conservative, rather than a white Leftist. So, again, white supremacy while it exists, is in the minority.

    A black person in the United States will get preferential treatment in college applications, job applications, and art and writing submissions. There are laws against racism in America. So a black person in general is not at risk from a racist white person actually doing anything to them. A notable exception would be the white supremacist eco terrorist El Paso shooter, who, while he mixed ideologies from all parties, was also racist. However, most mass shooters were not racist.

    Harassment and violence against conservatives is mainstream, and encouraged by politicians, Hollywood, teachers, professors, news media, etc. Maxine Waters encouraged her supporters to harass conservatives, for example.

    Harassment and violence is not mainstream against Democrats. They are not afraid to attend a rally, have a bumper sticker, or wear a political hat. They are not afraid they will get a lower grade if they voice their political beliefs in the classroom. They are not afraid to bring up politics online or they will be unfriended after being called, publicly, evil. They are not afraid to talk politics to clients or friends. Many bring personal politics into unsuitable areas because they are confident that they will be supported. Prominent people have made social media posts encouraging or glorifying violence against conservatives. Hollywood is set to make money off of fantasies about violence against conservatives when they release The Hunt. The value in this movie may well be that it exposes the targeting of conservatives.

        1. Where are your “intelligent” responses, Ivan? You sound like just another crazy angry American.

          1. There’s nothing to respond to in your post other than the idiotic “TL…you need your own blog.” You sound like another dumb shill who can’t even formulate an argument.

    1. I don’t know much about the Proud Boys, who were present at the Oregon rally referenced in the article. I’ve heard they are called an alt-right white supremacist group, and I’ve also heard that Gavin McInnes keeps denying it.

      I hadn’t looked into it in a while, so looked it up, and found this (NSFW, language alert):

      Gavin McInnes said that the requirement to be a member of the fraternal order of Proud Boys, is to be a male who was born a male, and believe that “the West is the Best.” That’s it. That’s why there are usually other races in photos of the Proud Boys. He said they are becoming more violent because Antifa targets them, is trying to kill them, and the police keep getting told to stand down.

      He has had to repeatedly hire lawyers to get Nazi and white supremacist references excised from articles written about him. It is notable that he has achieved some success in that area, which must mean that a court did not find evidence of these views.

      I do not know if this is true, but he claims that because he defends the West, and stands up to Antifa, and it’s a fraternal organization in the Age of Misandry, he is being targeted by a politicized media. He said he is harassed by the alt right for his support of Jewish people and for having them as members.

      What I said earlier is true. Do not let those who hate you, and do not understand you, define you. Nazis and white supremacists are very clear when asked about what they believe in.

      1. Excellent video Karen, one that surely won’t be watched by those on the left because it won’t match what they wish to believe.

      2. Why are police told to stand down? Portland’s Mayor should let the police assess the danger to innocent bystanders and take appropriate action. Protecting civilians is a big part of Police policy. The mayor has no place deciding what police should or should not do. The hierarchy of the police force should do that.

      3. Karen, et al:

        At 4:00 pm CST the Alex Jones Show will likely have a complete round up of their coverage yesterday at Portland.
        The show will loop til tomorrow’s show starts at 11 am.

        You might get a better understanding that most all of those that showed up to protest to protect their 1st Amd Rights/other Rights, against the Commie Antifa Mayor/Police Chief Wheeler & his Masked goons, that they are not defined by the Commie/Fascist Language.

        They are not Extremist/Extremist Right Wingers/Alt Right/ Racist or all that other Commie/Fascist’s Slander, they are just middle of the road Americans!

        And Thankful yesterday morning Trump Warned that Commie/Fascist Mayor to call off his Armed Antifa Goons.

        These Antifa groups are already on record of violent unprovoked armed attacks up to & including murder. ( Ohio & it’s believed El Paso were both Antifa related. The Pilly Cop shooter, that was an Islamic Nut Job!)

        Anyway, here’s a link:

    2. Trump is NOT a conservative, and the 56% (per the most -recent poll) who oppose him are not Leftists or any of the other labels used by Faux News. The racist xenophobic rhetoric Trump engages in is counter to conservative values, as are inciting violence by calling migrants “invaders”, separating children from their parents, caging people in deplorable conditions when they haven’t been convicted of any criminal offense, and his nauseating narcissism. America is bigger and better than Trump.

    3. Karen, poor you.

      You’re delusional to the point of ridiculous.

      Hope that’s not too ad hominem

  9. You are pulling an msm, Jon. That is not a ‘woman’ that is a child deeply in need of some discipline that was still in high school a few years ago. Just fifteen of those years ago, high school kids had more maturity and sense than a lot of people crossing the threshold of their 30s today. This is a real problem in our society. I can guarantee you that she doesn’t understand her bile deeply enough for it to be sincere – this is just misdirected rage. That grown adults in institutions and in life that know better bend over backward (for profit, or because they are just too chicken) to accommodate this nonsense is the root of the problem. 95% of this stuff is coming from the under-30, and they are not the flower children.

  10. She was captured on video slapping a man, but chose to take her case to trial, where she was, not surprisingly, found guilty by the jury. For someone who unreasonably wasted County resources by insisting on a jury trial, she received a relatively light sentence. If she picks-up trash along the highway for 10 days, her 20 day jail sentence will be vacated. Or she can just sit in jail for 20 days and catch up on her reading. Maybe the Collected Works of Karl Marx, haha.

  11. Typical brainwashed youth filled with hate for something she knows not what. Walks around insulting and assaulting Trump supporters? Where do they learn to behave like this? It all starts in the home. Check on her parents. We used to have war protesters back in the 70s. Now we have president protesters. Stupid and disrespectful. Respect starts in the home. Poor upbringing.

    1. Sure Better, and what better model of respectful manners could we have than Trump. If I was a young kid in a home with Trump supporting parents, I’d assume his behavior was endorsed by Mom and Dad, wouldn’t you?

      1. Kids shouldn’t be watching politics nor should their parents be voicing politics in their home. Mine didn’t, I didn’t, so no endorsement of anyone’s behavior. I’m not sure what behavior of Trump you’re referring to either. He doesn’t incite violence like the candidates do or Democrats in Congress do. Some have voiced wanting to punch Trump or get in the faces of his supporters. Even Biden has. Not good.

      2. Anon – when you call everyone you disagree with foul names, you, too, are modeling bad behavior. Who’s been looking at you, over the years? What kind of behavior are you endorsing?

        1. Karen, you’d do better to pay attention to the lying scumbag you’re always making excuses for. He’s the president, not a nobody that maybe 20 purple read on the internet. If you haven’t noticed – I know you’re busy typing 500 word essays not worth reading and always saying the same thing, but Better raised the issue of this California woman who slapped someone – oh, the humanity!!! – not having proper role models. Surely you see how a Trump supporter making that complaint must be blind, stupid, or thoughtless, right?

      3. If I was a young kid in a home with Trump supporting parents, I’d assume his behavior was endorsed by Mom and Dad, wouldn’t you?

        You’re ignorantly assuming the parents are incapable of explaining the difference between words and actions. We teach our son that our duty is to understand people have a nature that their words and actions aren’t necessarily congruent. And it’s their actions that reflect what is their true character. My son watches Trump’s speeches, he watches the debates and we teach him what is and is not consistent with our constitutional republic.

        1. I agree, we can’t shelter our kids. But if we express hate for the pres in front of them, that’s not cool. We can explain why we would have preferred the other candidate but that respect has to be shown to the current president. Like we all showed to Obama, ugh.

          1. Better, nothing Trump says or does is worthy of respect and he offers none to anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass. By the way, you can feel free to express your hated of him here. I doubt your son reads this blog.

        2. Oily, I appreciate the problem you have trying to raise a son to be respectful and decent when our president is neither, and is ignorant and a world class liar to boot. I didn’t vote for him. Perhaps you should address your comments to Betterr.

          1. I appreciate the problem you have trying to raise a son to be respectful and decent when our president is neither, and is ignorant and a world class liar to boot.

            Once again you ignorantly assume this is a problem, it is not. I don’t outsource my parental responsibilities to the state, despite all the efforts by progressives to the contrary. Only an idiot would rely on public figures to be their behavior models and then be outraged when they don’t meet their expectations. They are not in the honesty business. These are politicians, not angels. Citizens were never supposed to simply trust what they say, we’re to measure what they do relative to their oath of office. You clearly fail in that capacity.

  12. “There is a rising intolerance in this country for opposing views “

    That has been caused by the left’s failure to maintain law and order in the cities. We are seeing something similar happening at Google and high tech firms where leftists do not respect our Constitutional Republic and are choosing to change things through the use of force.

    “As of early afternoon, most of the right-wing groups had left the area via a downtown bridge. Police used officers on bikes and in riot gear to keep black-clad, helmet- and mask-wearing anti-fascist protesters — known as antifa — from following them.” Take note how the left went after the right.

  13. Kudos to JT for his “what about”ism, especially after his strong column on the Trump loving El Paso sho…….What? He didn’t write about a guy killing 22 “invaders” but takes the time to cover a woman who slapped someone with 2 columns? What a joke this guy is.

    1. And Anon1, I’m sure you support the Elizabeth Warren/Bernie loving Dayton killer, ICE bomber, etc. The violence for the last 3 years has been almost ALL from the Left/Libs/Dems. It’s been a constant, heralded by Dem leaders who said “get in their face”, “”let them know”. That includes all of the Dem lies about collusion, Covington Catholic, Jesse Smollet. And the Always-Fa’s who have destroyed millions of dollars of property and injured hundreds, like Ngo. The left in the US just like the left everywhere is the party of violence. They can’t win the argument on logic, so the left resorts to thuggery.

      1. SBG, we don’t have any coherent explanation for the Dayton killers actions. He left nothing and is justly stone cold dead. If he targeted anyone, it would be blacks who I think comprised 2/3 of his victims, though could have been random. Certainly nothing in Warren or Sander’s language targeted black Americansm or any others.

        By contrast, the El Paso shooter concurred with Trump who has demonized Mexicans and immigrants as “invaders” who must be stopped. He was similarly aping Trump TV (Fox) in this language as well as the founders of anti-immigrant groups which spawned Stephen Miller and other scumbags in the administration who tied their beliefs to a confused environmentalism.

        The El Paso shooter didn’t drive the 400 miles from Dallas to an 85% Latino city on the border for the tacos.

          1. ” Chris Wray testified before Congress a few weeks ago – before the El Paso and Dayton shootings – that white nationalism was the leading cause of domestic terrorism.”

            Take note, he said white nationalism not the right or the left. Richard Spencer is one of the leading white nationalists and comes from the left. Would you have preferred Wray testifying that the white nationalist left is the leading cause of domestic terrorism? I would prefer to leave it at white nationalists without any party mentioned since many of these are crazy people reacting on their own.

            Of course does Wray look at the shooting of 6 policemen in Philadelphia as Muslim terrorism? Probably not. Does he look at those shootings as leftist terrorism? Probably not. Does Wray look at Black Nationalists as terrorists? Probably not. I wonder how he would have evaluated the Black Panthers that killed people or the Ayers attacks in various places including police stations. Hmmm isn’t that what we are seeing now with attacks on ICE and the police all coming from the left. Is that terrorism?

            1. As pointed out to Allan previously, Richard Spencer loves Trump.
              Google it. If he’s from the left, so is Allan.

              1. “Richard Spencer loves Trump.”

                Richard Spencer might prefer Trump because he doesn’t like the Democratic candidates but he likes socialism and national health care. No one said Spencer had to be consistent nor did anyone say he hated America like the Democrats do. Furthermore who can like any of the Democratic candidates no matter what position the person takes. They are all duplicitous and that is easily recognizeable. People also recognize that Democrats have a tendency not to keep their promises.

        1. Dayton shooter was a far Left extremist, Antifa, supported Bernie, and Warren, and opposed ICE. His motivations were unknown? He plastered his beliefs stream-of-consciousness online.


          “A Twitter account that appears to belong to Dayton shooter Connor Betts retweeted extreme left-wing and anti-police posts as well as tweets supporting the violent protest group Antifa.

          The most recent tweet on the @iamthespookster account was on Aug. 3, the day of the shooting, when he retweeted a post saying, “Millenials have a message for the Joe Biden generation: hurry up and die.” He also retweeted support for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

          Under the Twitter handle @iamthespookster, the user description says, “He/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / I’m going to hell and I’m not coming back.” One tweet used the hashtag #HailSatan.

          In the hours before the Dayton shooting, the account “liked” several tweets about the El Paso shooting, including one supporting gun control and others that called the El Paso shooting suspect a “terrorist,” and a “white supremacist.”

          The account also retweeted posts against US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, including one that said, “These people are monsters,” as well as multiple posts condemning police, and supporting Antifa. There were also many tweets of selfies, photos with a friend and ordinary memes and non-political content.”

          However, when it comes to condemning the Dayton shooter’s militant far-left views, all remain mum. Others, such as anti-police activist Shaun King, even claimed the Dayton shooter targeted blacks in a hate crime, though ­racism doesn’t appear to have been a component of his twisted worldview.

          While Betts, the Dayton shooter, didn’t leave behind a manifesto, his extensive social-media footprint provides clues as to what may have inspired him. Federal investigators announced Tuesday that they are looking into his exploration of violent ideologies.

          Betts had long expressed support for antifa accounts, causes and individuals. That would be the loose network of militant leftist activists who physically attack anyone to the right of Mao in the name of “anti-fascism.” In particular, Betts promoted extreme hatred of American border enforcement…

          “Kill every fascist,” the shooter declared in 2018 on twitter, echoing a rallying cry of antifa ideologues. Over the next year, his tweets became increasingly violent. “Nazis deserve death and nothing else,” he tweeted last October. Betts frequently flung the label “Nazi” at those with whom he disagreed online.

          By December, he reached out on Twitter to the Socialist Rifle ­Association, an antifa gun group, to comment about bump stocks, and the SRA responded to him. (A bump stock is an attachment for semiautomatic rifles that allow them to fire much faster.)

          In the months leading to his rampage, Betts expressed a longing for climactic confrontation. In ­response to an essay by Intercept writer Mehdi Hassan titled, “Yes, Let’s Defeat or Impeach Trump—but What If He Doesn’t Leave the White House?” the shooter wrote: “Arm, train, prepare.”

          By June he tweeted: “I want socialism, and I’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round understanding.” Last week, he promoted posts that demonized Sens. Ted Cruz and Bill Cassidy’s resolution against antifa extremism.

          1. Karen’s filibuster fails to specify what the goals of the Dayton shooter was in his rampage, how the victims demonstrate that goal, what actions he took help explain those goals, and what Warren said which triggered him.

            She can’t.

            The El Paso shooter by way of contrast was clear about his goals – killing “invaders” and Mexicans – his actions help demonstrate his goal – he drove 400 miles from home to a city on the border that is 85% Latino – he previously expressed admiration for Trump and mimicked his verbal attacks on”invaders” and Mexicans.

            It doesn’t take a rocket science, which surely Karen is not to see this, unless like Karen you are trying really hard not to see it.

    2. He didn’t write about a guy killing 22 “invaders” but takes the time to cover a woman who slapped someone with 2 columns?

      You whine as though Turley slapped you with his 2 columns. Apparently this wasn’t included in “all the news that is fit to print” and it shocked your myopic sensibilities. But unlike you, normal people appreciate learning of news that hasn’t already been widely reported by the MSM. I expect more of your whining when Barr, Horowitz and Durham reveal far greater news that you’ll be unable to process.

      1. Olly. Then maybe we’ll hear a 3rd column about this non event so you can nurse the necessary outrage which allows otherwise clear thinking adults to fall in love with a lying POS con man.

        Who knows, maybe next time she’ll go to El Paso and slap 22 people.

  14. Slap her in the face. Use the left hand. Hand her a pack of condoms. Tell her not to have offspring. Make her live in a sanctuary city.

    1. Send her to San Francisco for a month. Make her go out for 12 hours a day picking up human feces and dirty needles from the sidewalks. Give her a clear understanding of liberalism, where there are no standards and human beings are allowed to sink to their basest level, living like animals under tarps and cardboard and defecating in the streets like dogs.

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