Yes, We Have Coke & Bananas: Grocery Stores Receive 100 Pounds of Cocaine in Banana Shipments

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

The innocent days of only finding tarantulas stolen away in banana crates seemingly came to an end when several grocery stores in Washington State received shipments of bananas packed with cocaine.

Safeway stores in Bellingham, Woodinville, and Federal Way received the shipments reportedly worth over one million dollars.

Bellingham and Woodinville received 51 pounds and 49 pounds of the contraband respectively while Federal Way’s was undisclosed. Employees found the cocaine while offloading freight and contacted 9-1-1.  The DEA was notified due to the scale of the shipment.

I was admittedly disappointed in the lack of creativity and imagination in the minds of the alleged traffickers. Such a missed opportunity–they could have thrown in a few coked-up tarantulas for artistic expression. At least it would have broken up the monotony of unpacking banana crates.  

By Darren Smith

Source: KOIN

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