Utah Mother Arrested After Impersonating Daughter At Traffic Stop

Heather Elaine Garcia, 38, (above) is the subject of a curious charge in Davis County, Utah. Garcia is charged with impersonating her daughter to avoid arrest on outstanding charges after a routine traffic stop.

The arresting officer reported: “I noticed a silver BMW pull in front of me that did not have a license plate. I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and approached the driver. The driver informed me that she did not have her ID on her.” She then gave the name of date of birth of her daughter. Since she had no insurance or ID or license, the officer went back to run the name and found that the picture did not look like Garcia. He then called in a drug-sniffing dog which signaled on the car’s contents.

They found a pipe and remnants consistent with methamphetamine as well as other drug-related items. Garcia continued to insist that she was her daughter until she was finally identified as Heather Garcia. In her purse however the officers found her driver’s license.

She later said that she looked very similar to her her daughter. Putting aside whether she had her looks, she did have outstanding warrants. She now has new charges, including providing false personal information of another person; possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia; operating a vehicle without insurance and driving on a suspended or revoked license.

However, that may be nothing like what is awaiting for her with her daughter.

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