Kentucky Principal Who Banned Books For Their “Soft Pornography” Is Arrested For Child Pornography

Phillip Todd Wilson

Former Kentucky school principal, Phillip Todd Wilson, 54, made national headlines 10 years ago when he banned six classroom books for what he described as “soft pornography” and “homosexual content.” Now Wilson sits in a jail after being arrested for possession of child pornography.

Wilson has been charged with 30 counts of child pornography-related offenses,.

Wilson was the principal of the vocational Clark County Area Technology Center, but a spokesperson announced that he was no longer an employee with the school system.

22 thoughts on “Kentucky Principal Who Banned Books For Their “Soft Pornography” Is Arrested For Child Pornography”

  1. “McKrae Game, the founder of a gay conversion therapy organization in South Carolina, came out as gay and apologized for his work.”


    McKrae Game, the founder of a gay conversion therapy organization in South Carolina, came out as gay and apologized for his work.

    Game was raised Southern Baptist and founded Truth Ministry in 1999. Between the ages of 19 and 22, he was “kind of out,” he said on a Facebook Live video. He then got “saved,” he said, using air quotes, and founded Truth Ministry. He later joined the board of Hope for Wholeness, a gay conversion therapy practice.

    Throughout his time as a gay conversion therapy leader, he said he was open about same-sex attractions. He struggled with watching gay pornography, and was fired from the Hope for Wholeness board because of it, he said. Game came out publicly in June. His story gained publicity after a Facebook post went viral. In it, he apologized for his gay conversion therapy work.

  2. This is kind of like people, men mostly, who believe that homosexuality is the choice to engage in some dirty sexual perversion, rather than an orientation with which you are born, and which you don’t choose. But, if you think about this, why would anyone think it is cool to engage in sexual conduct with someone of your own sex unless this you find others of your own sex attractive? In other words, such people are really either bisexual or latently homosexual and feel guilty about it, so they project their guilt and conflicted feelings onto gay people. Ever see “American Beauty”?

  3. This goes to show that psychological projection is a real thing. The guy really knew what he was talking about.

    And this guy had disciplinary power over students. Just wunnerful.

  4. The next logical question is, has he harmed any children at the school or otherwise? Chilling to think that a pedophile served as principal.

    I hope the police are able to track down and help the children in the porn that he had. Even if he did not harm them personally, someone did.

    1. Does it ever occur to you to just suspend judgment, Karen? (It doesn’t occur to Peter, but that’s no surprise).

    2. “I hope the police are able to track down and help the children in the porn that he had. Even if he did not harm them personally, someone did.”

      Karen, given the phenomenal amount of time you waste on the internet, make yourself useful at age 72, go investigate all those kids “someone” harmed and be a role model to all people younger than you, role modelng for others a life full of meaning. You, Allan, Kurtz, George, Paul, Liberty are making Peter look like a sage statesman

      1. “Sage Statesman?” You just said that!

        Are you out of your —-ing mind?

        How about “…communist seeking to illegally steal the wealth created by other, competent, motivated, gifted and ambitious people so that it might be unconstitutionally redistributed to parasites.” His bottom line is not free-dom, his bottom line is “free stuff.” He can’t grasp the American thesis of freedom and self-reliance, he espouses that of Marx which reads, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Of course, the devil is in the details. “Ability” and “need” are arbitrarily determined by apparatchiks and the Presidium; by the “dictatorship of the proletariat.”

        This isn’t a “sage statesman,” he’s a communist thug. He holds no concept of freedom, free enterprise and private property. He advocates coerced central planning, control of the means of production (i.e. unconstitutional regulation), redistribution of wealth and social engineering. He doesn’t want to “share the wealth” of free enterprise, he wants to “share the misery” of slavery under dictatorship.


        sage adjective
        \ ˈsāj \
        sager; sagest

        Definition of sage (Entry 1 of 4)

        1 a : wise through reflection and experience
        b archaic : grave, solemn

        2 : proceeding from or characterized by wisdom, prudence, and good judgment sage advice

        statesman noun
        states·​man | \ ˈstāts-mən \

        Definition of statesman

        1 : one versed in the principles or art of government especially : one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government or in shaping its policies

        2 : a wise, skillful, and respected political leader

      2. Braunstein, I would love to hear how the presentation of the “manifest tenor” of the Constitution makes “…Peter look like a sage statesman.” You must be referring to the “other George” because I don’t follow. You will correct me when you prove my quotations of the Constitution wrong. The only thing I ever advocate is the “manifest tenor” of the Constitution.

    3. Pedophilia means having sex with young children. It is different from looking at pictures of them.



    We’ve seen variations of this story so many times they essentially comprise a sub-genre of news: ‘Southern Preacher, Teacher, Principal, Judge, Mayor, Police Chief, etc, makes headlines for their strict position on an issue most Americans don’t regard as controversial. Then it later emerges that Strict Southerner is mired in a scandal more disturbing than the issue they opposed.

    Every time these stories make news, ‘X’ number of Americans take note and link the hypocrisy to Southern Evangelicals, a sizable constituency of the Republican Party. Whether the link is fair or not, the association is made. For that reason Americans are leery of religious factions meddling in politics. We’ve seen enough ‘Strict Southerner’ stories to know they always in end with scandals.

    Therefore Americans are naturally suspicious when we see Evangelicals supporting Donald Trump. The relationship appears satirical: ‘Strict Southerners supporting a president long-known for his playboy lifestyle’.

    See how that looks in print? It reads like every story regarding Strict Southerners. There’s always that twist to make us think, “God they’re ridiculous!”

    This leads us, of course, to the abortion issue. Americans accustomed to Strict Southerners have every reason to smell hypocrisy in Republican attempts to criminalize abortion. Again we know from years of conditioning that strict southerners are frauds. So when southern states become a battleground for abortion rights, we know rank hypocrisy lurks beneath the surface.

    1. Fudge Packer Hill is jealous he didnt get any of the pics

      Word of the Day: disenfranchised Looney Lefty


      Bill Clinton.

      Hillary Clinton.

      Bill Clinton – “Orgy Island” – Monica Lewinsky – Jennifer Flowers – Whitewater – Vince Foster – ad infinitum.

      Hillary Clinton – 40 Years of Enabling – Destruction of Evidence, 30,000 E-mails – Mishandling Classified Material – Perjury

      Does anyone take this commenting clown seriously?

        1. – Hope Hot Springs Eternal in Arkansas.

          Seems pretty “SOUTHERNER” to me.

          “Hot Springs High School, although a segregated all-white school, stood heads above most public schools in Arkansas.”

          – Bill Clinton: Life Before the Presidency – Russel Riley

          Seems pretty strict to me.

  6. I’m not seeing your point. A man is accused of sending 15 pornographic images to another person in the same county, ergo we should have gay pornography in school libraries? Have I stated your thesis correctly?

  7. Something’s rotten in red state Kentucky.. just another virtue signaling local religious person. Get those nasty books outa here…

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