Fuhgeddaboudit: De Blasio At 0 Percent Support In New York City With A 58 Percent Unfavorability Rating

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has tried everything to jump start his presidential campaign which has wallowed a 0 in national campaigns. From promising to “tax the hell out of the wealthy” to free education to free health care, de Blasio has tried everything. One of this central themes has been to herald his own performance as the mayor of New York. However, a new Siena College poll shows that de Blasio is even less popular in New York city with 58 percent of New Yorkers holding an unfavorable view of him. Even more telling is the fact that his own city shows the same 0 percent support that he has nationwide for president. Even Billy Crystal mocked de Blasio in declaring “You are going nowhere. Come back and clean up this city.

Only 33 percent of New Yorkers hold a favorable view of their mayor. Yet, de Blasio continues to run without any indication that any measurable level of support exists even in his own city.

The same poll shows other politicians who continue to show no support but still continue to campaign. The zero percenters among New York voters are Booker, O’Rourke, and Castro. Klobuchar is at only 1 percent with Gabbard and Yang.

What is striking about de Blasio is that he appears to have become less popular over time. The more exposure have to him, the less they appear to like him.

17 thoughts on “Fuhgeddaboudit: De Blasio At 0 Percent Support In New York City With A 58 Percent Unfavorability Rating”

  1. The Democratic Presidential Campaign for all candidates can be distilled into dangling taxpayer money to prospective voters.

    This seems to appeal to voters, which is why they do it.

    This approach lacks critical reasoning. No one seems to ask what the consequences would be of this policy. If you tax the heck out of the successful, what would the result be? Would they dutifully continue to build companies and employ people? I blame the public school system.

    We’re headed towards the same result as Venezuela. Better stock up on toilet paper and food.

      1. Karen S – Thank you and thank the Babylon Bee, I am sure Snopes will be fact-checking this article later today.

  2. 33% off New Yorkers view this guy favorably? That’s something like 2.8 million people. What are these people smoking?

    1. Kurtz – that poor man. I can’t tell if this was antisemitic or a robbery. In any case, the surveillance video seems worthless for identification purposes. People need to have some means of self defense when walking at night. Otherwise, they are reduced to hoping they survive an attack like this.

  3. Whoever liked him but the Main Stream Press because he said all the “right things” and pushed all the politically correct buttons. And him telling his half-black kid that he was afraid the police would shoot him. What a crock. About as bad as that goofy looking queer that Cover Girl is trying to foist off on the public.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. As for DeBlasio, nothing destroys a bad product faster than good advertising. The more you know him the less you like him. New Yorkers you elected him twice, what is wrong with you?

      1. Edsel Ford never caught a break. He fought his dad for every improvement in the Ford line, including all the mechanical innovations in the Model A. JHe spread Ford’s marketing and manufacturing wordwide, made trhe Ford plant at Willow Run produce one B-24 bomber an hour in World War 2, and died of stomach cancer at the age of 49.in 1943.

        The car may have been a failure, but it was named after a man whose determination in the face of adversity should have been legendary. Not the best metaphor for Bill de Blasio.

  5. A man who worked 7 hours in August (including reading the NYP) is not likely to win much support for his work ethic or his integrity for delivering value for pay.

    We are learning a lot about the Democratic candidates as they continue to collect pay for their day jobs and seek the presidency.

  6. When his ancestors “got off the boat” and arrived at Ellis Island to seek residency in the U.S. their last name was Corleone. They hailed from Blasio, Sicily. The agents at Ellis Island did them a favor by putting the Blasio name on their papers and not their real last name. They had gotten “papers” and were not WOPs.

    1. i know you’re joking, but he’s not from Sicily let alone Corleone (Palermo) His grandparents from:

      Sant’ Agata de’ Goti in Campania.

      For my part, I don’t hold Blasio against Italians. Many fine Americans have been Italians, and we are honored to have received our continental name from one. Amerigo Vespucci


      1. His grandfather was from that town. His grandmother was from a town called Grassano. The towns are about 140 miles apart. Nowadays, one’s about a half-hour outside Naples. The other’s an hour or so outside Bari.

      2. Enrico Fermi created the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. His work was an indispensable milestone toward the success of the Manhattan Project. It was the good luck of the United States and the bad luck of Mussolini that his nation’s greatest nuclear physicist and his family had to flee fascist persecution in Italy (his wife Laura was Jewish).

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