Transcript: Trump Asks For “Favor” in Investigating The Bidens But Stops Short Of A Quid Pro Quo

The release of the transcript of the conversation of President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy falls a quid short of a pro quo but still raises troubling questions. As I have discussed on CBS and BBC, the transcript shows that Trump never expressly tied military aid to the “favor.” However, he does push his counterpart to reopen the investigation and even promises to put together a call with his private counsel Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General Bill Barr. However, the Justice Department has released a statement that Barr was not informed of the call by Trump and never spoke with the Ukrainians. While Republicans have called the release of the transcript as a mistake, I believe credit again should be given for the waiver of executive privilege. As with the Mueller report, the White House erred on the side of transparency and that should be noted. There remains a serious question for Congress to investigate but the transcript does not establish the quid pro quo that is practically needed for a compelling case of impeachment.

As I discuss in my column today, the transcript contains some positive elements for Trump. Yet, the subject of the call is deeply troubling and, at a minimum, shows appalling judgment on the part of the president.

The Democrats however will need far more than the whistleblower to make this case. They will need a witness who can tie Trump to a direct linkage between the military aid and the push for an investigation. There is no question that using public office for personal benefit would constitute an abuse of office and an impeachable offense.

There remains considerable skepticism that Pelosi is truly an impeachable convert. The Speaker can still effectively kill impeachment by pushing issues into court and letting the clock run out. The problem is that Democratic voters are clamoring for an actual impeachment and Pelosi may find it increasingly difficult to slow this train down.

I am on my way to Tampa to speak at the Biometrics conference, but will try to update with any developments on this fast moving story.

328 thoughts on “Transcript: Trump Asks For “Favor” in Investigating The Bidens But Stops Short Of A Quid Pro Quo”

  1. We have the transcript.

    So why did Schiff make up his own version of the call in a Congressional hearing?

    Because he knows the transcript shows no quid pro quo or crimes.

    Dems are literally making stuff up now because they have no legitimate reason to impeach @realDonaldTrump.

    -Steve Scalise

    1. This is the Democrats NEXT version of Russiagate. The redux. First the Russiagate hoax. Now the Dems and their media allies are pulling Ukrainegate out their you know whats….

    2. Rumors swirling the anti-Trump whistleblower was one of Brennan’s old CIA humps detailed over to — planted inside — the White House to spy on Trump and help thwart the investigation of #Spygate which also involves Obama DOS/FBI/CIA skullduggery in Ukraine.

      -Paul Sperry 2:15 PM · Sep 26, 2019

    3. lmao he literally said he need a favor first about support then wanted ukraine to specifically look into biden ahahhahaha

    4. I see Turley is still a careerist idiot. When Team Trump blocked the Congressional aid to Ukraine and Trump asked for a favor from a foreign government to attack our elections right after mentioning the aid to Zelensky, I’d say the multiple crimes were completed.

      But not Turley.

      His highly trained eyes cannot discern any crime. Just some unfortunate words. Honest to god, this clown gets paid to teach law? Where? At Moscow State University?

      The record shows Trump asked Russia for election fraud help. He got it. Trump asked China for election fraud help. Pending. Trump asked Ukraine for election fraud help. He got caught red handed. And then Trump and Mulvaney confessed to the crimes on National TV. Saudia Arabia is on the horizon as well. There’s no murderous thuggish dictatorship that Trump won’t bend over for.

      But Turley sees nothing here. In fact, Jonathan Turley believes that The Sopranos is a documentary on New Jersey waste management.

    5. That’s the hill you plant your flag on to defend Trump’s conspiracies against the USA? Let me guess, you’re furious that the House has not voted for the impeachment before engaging an investigation? It’s very easy to see why you’re a Trump supporter. Turley does it to get his mug on FOX TV day and night. What the heck is your excuse?

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