Trump Warns Of “Civil War” And Calls For Schiff To Be Questioned For Treason

This is not helping. President Donald Trump continued a tweet tirade against the impeachment investigation today, including quoting a highly controversial pastor in his warning that removal of Trump would spark a “Civil War.” Equally disturbing was Trump’s call to have the whistleblower brought to him and for Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff to be questioned for possible treason.

Republicans joined Democrats in denouncing a retweet warning of the danger for a a “Civil War-like fracture” in the country. He also warned that there would be “big consequences” if the impeachment went forward.

The retweeted quote is from Pastor Robert Jeffress on Fox News: “‘If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.'”

I am actually more concerned about Trump’s demand to have the whistleblower brought before him, a tweet that could be viewed as intimidating and is certainly inappropriate given the status of the staff member. Trump tweeted “Like every American, I deserve to meet my accuser, especially when this accuser, the so-called “Whistleblower.” That is not true. A right for confrontation adheres in a criminal proceeding not an impeachment proceeding. Nevertheless, the whistleblower, who is expected to testify before Congress, can certainly be called by the Trump team in a Senate trial. To call him to a meeting before such proceedings is grossly inappropriate.

The attack on Schiff is reprehensible. I have maintained that the allegation of a quid pro quo remains unproven. However, it is a legitimate matter for congressional investigation and Schiff is acting under his constitutional authority. Indeed, this is one of the core function of the House. To suggest that such actions are treason is deeply offensive to Schiff and to our constitutional process.

These tweets are self-defeating and fuel the narrative for impeachment. Trump seems to believe that counterpunching in this way has proven effective. It hasn’t. He survived the Special Counsel investigation despite (not because of) his tweets and public statements. He survived because there was not a compelling legal basis for either criminal or impeachable charges. He is now facing an abuse of office charge and these tweets more readily fit within that type of alleged conduct.

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  1. The Peloppennisian War led to the dictator Alexander the Great.

    China is rising and we fed the dragon. (Sadly, the government is complicit in its rise.)

    Will our stupid infighting and inattention lead to our, and the West’s, downfall?

    1. It appears the Democrats do not care. Iran is heating up and Trump has held off taking us to war which I agree with, but the Democrats have pushed on all fronts in a method that can cause war there and elsewhere.

      1. I thought they were all about peace and love. Guess they’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’.

        1. Prairie, I’m scared that we are going to have to send in young men to die in batte because of the the actions of people like Adam Schiff etc. In general doubt creates bad economies and makes war more likely. Doubt is exactly what the Democrats are trying to instill.

          1. Allan,
            I wish Tulsi Gabbard wasn’t being ostracized. I do not agree with her on some of her points, but she seems far more sensible than the rest of them–especially in her stance on war.

            1. Prarie, overall Tulsi is not a candidate I agree with, but as opposed to other Democratic candidates up to recently I have felt she was honorable and had principles. I don’t believe her stance regarding matters of war are any better than Trump’s, but I believe Trump has a better chance of successfully avoiding it.

              1. Allan,
                I think we mostly agree about Tulsi. She gave an excellent interview on The Rubin Report recently you may enjoy. I hope she gives one on the Joe Rogan Experience (since the cool kids club played dirty to bump her off recent debates–big tech is a big problem, let’s say).

                Regarding war, I think she is not going to play the MIC game. She and Trump agree on issues of war in many ways, I think.

                1. Prairie, I saw part of that Rubin Report. Rubin is excellent but the report was too slow in delving deeper into the problems (for my taste) so I stopped listening. I already know enough about her basic positions.

                  1. Allan,
                    Did you get to the part about her website being inexplicably shut down at a crucial time for releasing information and garnering interest so she could participate in the next debate?

                    1. Prairie Rose – I think a couple of things are going on. 1) Hillary is thinking about jumping into the race 2) Joe is damaged goods 3) Big donors don’t want Liz 4) Bernie should be dropping out or dropping any day (I wish him the best healthwise). Tulsi is the strongest candidate but she cannot be controlled by the Party, so she has to be stifled, IMHO.

                    2. I had heard her and others about that situation so I may or may not have heard it in the Rubin Report. I don’t remember. I am happy that happened to Tulsi because it shows how dangerous Google has become.

                    3. IMO,

                      1. She won’t.

                      2. Doesn’t bother partisan Democrats. They eat any sh!t sandwich they’re served.

                      3. Wouldn’t surprise me. The question would be whether the tech money and the casino banking money migrates to Uncle Choo-Choo, Willie’s mistress, or Booty-gig. My money’s on Booty-gig.

                      4. Bet you you’re wrong.

                      No doubt wire-pullers have it in for Tulsi. However, she’s not the strongest candidate and she’s not what partisan Democrats want.

    2. Letting China into the WTO sacrificed our values on the altar of consumerism and cheap labor. In some ways, it led to the Patriot Act and other civil liberties problems we see today.

      1. IMO though less likely to go to war with us, China is our major enemy. I did not feel that in earlier years but our politicans greed and lack of character (sacrificed our values as you say) over those years have lead to them becoming the major enemy.

        1. Allan,
          We do not have to go to war with them to still get put on a leash, I fear.

          1. I believe we would be much further along in all our disputes but for the Democrats providing aid and hope to the enemy. I think we will be finding out a lot of disturbing things related to graft where China is concerned, but I fear that will be only the tip of the iceberg.

            Think of Google and how they treat China’s security service vs American security service. Then think of their involvement in withholding conservative news. They are globalists and seem not to care about America or its citizens.

            1. Allan,
              Yes, the tip of the iceberg begs the question of what lies beneath.

              Republicans don’t want it being examined anymore than the Democrats do, though.

              Something is, indeed, rotten in Denmark.

    3. Trump is not complicit he is fighting for us and USA. average median income for middle class (the group who has been destroyed by the Chinese & foreign interest) rose $5200+ under 2.5 yrs of Trump vs 400$ after 8 years of Bush jr. or 1000$ after 8 yrs of Obama. $5200+. to every middle class citizen equals money out of the pockets of foreign interest groups who now are lowering their prices on goods that they sell (and have been selling, depend on the $$ from selling for decades) in order to compensate for the tariffs that their clients ( american importers) have to pay. This loss of income that foreign interest groups are loosing is huge compared to what they pay crooked politicians through super pac donations in order to keep the no tariff policy (BTW super pac donations are not anonymous because you can tell when 10s of millions all of a sudden raise your campaign funds making it obvious where they came from). In any case one would logically think that because the foreign interests are no longer enjoying the no tariffs easy money they likely are no longer going to pay these crooked politicians so logically the crooked politicians are going to go crazy over loosing their “campaign donations’ and do anything (including make stuff up increase the smearing violate due process disregard the constitution, attempt to impeach Trump) to serve their foreign interests donors (ie deliver a no tariff policy and further open up our markets with things like the TPP (thank god Trump cancelled it) to try and keep their donations coming in) regardless if it screws the American. FYI Trump is self funded and matches 3x every donation that comes in so he is not taking money from foreign interest groups like the crooked politicians who are. This is simple Math crooked politicians doing anything to keep their payday. Look at what Trump just did to pharmaceutical companies by allowing USA persons and companies to buy meds @ 60% less costs form over seas (BTW those meds are made in the same factory by the same american pharmaceutical companies who sell them for 70% more to Americans!) LMFAO that probably took another huge chunk from the super pac donations these crooked politicians were getting for that stupid legislation that made it illegal to get the meds from the same factory overseas that is distributing them for 60% more $ here in america). If crooked politicians had their way they wouldn’t lower the costs of those meds by making it legal to buy from over seas, Instead they would use the high cost to fraudulently justify taxing the american citizen more in order to provide nationalized healthcare. ANYTHING that equals taking more of our money is not the answer. Trump is changing policies to get us lower prices thereby taking more money out of the pockets of those crooked politicians who are screwing the american citizen.

  2. I wrote on this from Germany the same day you did. The President is in a state of perpetual anger and panic. I just got back tonight and checked my Twitter feed. There is good when you have times that you don’t get bombarded with this. I’ve been awake about 28 hours now and after about 7 minutes on Twitter had to go offline.

  3. OT: “While the Beltway media wasted another week letting Congressional Democrats dictate their news cycle, President Trump was at the United Nations General Assembly last week fighting for the working Americans who sent him to Washington.

    Here’s just a small sample of what he accomplished there:
    President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan reached two major agreements to rebalance our trade relationship. Japan will now open their markets to approximately $7 billion in American agricultural exports.

    President Trump became the first leader of the United States to host a meeting at the U.N. on religious freedom, where he called on the international community and business leaders to stand up for religious liberty across the globe.

    The Administration signed an agreement with Honduras on asylum that will help stem the surge of illegal immigrants at our border. A similar agreement was reached with El Salvador just a few days before the U.N. session.

    The Administration announced more than $50 million in new funding to support Interim President Juan Guaido and the people of Venezuela in their crusade against the violent, socialist Maduro dictatorship.”

    1. …And Trump said:

      ““If you want freedom, take pride in your country,” he said. “If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty, and if you want peace, love your nation.””

        1. Thank you Prairie. Since every time a source was provided it was said that the source wasn’t good enough and that includes the Washington Examiner I figured why post a source if it isn’t considered valid in the first place. The source is easily found as you demonstrated.

          Thanks again.

            1. The idiot is throwing himself again and wants yet another fight. Prairie provided the source of the Trump quote, but anonymous still has difficulty. I think I will stop here. I don’t want another ridiculous fight with this ridiculous fellow who since yesterday evening on sharpiegate provided with zero content a ratio of 6 of his posts to one of mine.This guy ought to wear a helmet whenever he leaves the house.

              1. LOL. “Hoist with his own petard,” I see.

                Allan fails to give credit where credit is due, yet again; he likes to take credit for the words of others. Gotta watch him. And he drags his crap from thread to thread.

                Prairie did not provide the source for Allan’s earlier lengthy comment,
                only for the quote.

                And the only one who “wants yet another fight” is Allan. I just wanted a “source.”

                1. Thanks to Prairie Rose for doing what Allan should have done in the first place.

                  It’s not my job (or hers) to look up Allan’s sources, no matter now easy it might be.

                2. Anonymous,
                  What is your goal by pursuing the issue of citations and sources?

              1. “I agree Allan ought to provide citations.”

                Prairie, I agree as well, but too many times instead of discussing the content they start discussing the source using character assassination, a disgusting practice. Too many also don’t comment on the content and ignore it all together. I decided to skip always mentioning the source and let them find it themselves. What counts is the content, but like you I am used to sources and think they should be used. Take note, any time an intelligent person asks for the source I provide it.

                In the process I note anonymous posted once again making it 5:4.

                1. Allan,
                  ” too many times instead of discussing the content they start discussing the source using character assassination, a disgusting practice.”

                  A good sign they very likely do not want to discuss the subject at hand. There is a time and a place for critiquing sources, but that should not override the intention of the discussion, that is, the subject.

                  I appreciate the links folks provide because I like reading, as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story”.

                  1. Prairie, anytime you want a link from me that I haven’t provided you can ask. There is no such thing as a reasonable debate on this list. Natasha and Anon exemplify those that deny the existance of intelligent sources that don’t agree with their views of the world so there is denial where there should be discussion. Peter Hill who almost always criticized the source without dealing with the content seems to have disappeared. Did he finally get the point and see what is actually happening? I doubt it.

                    Every once in awhile someone on the left makes a good point and that is appreciated by me. I really don’t see many good discussions and I have found, considering his intellect, that Jonathan Turley has been lacking as well.

    1. He simply ignores what is implicit in Jeffries remarks: that the political class might do this in spite of public opinion. The wishcaster who used to work for Mittens fancies 30 Republican senators would vote to remove Trump if they thought they could get away with it. (Which I’ll wager is a fantasy).

  4. Trump said: “it will cause a Civil War like fracture”. Although Professor Turley objects to the Civil War rhetoric, he has repeatedly posted on the deep division in politics, as well as the unrelenting harassment of conservatives in, for example, academia.

    What would the foreseeable outcome be if the Democrats cannot prove a crime, but create an alliance with the Never Trump Republicans to remove the President anyway? Bringing the country closer together?

    Enough Democrats would not accept the outcome of the 2016 election that they tried everything possible to get rid of Trump, and even disenfranchise Republican states. These include constant false allegations as a basis for removing him, ranging from he’s an anti-semite, to he has dementia, mental illness, his past affairs, he was going to start a war with North Korea, and they even called him a Russian agent. None of this panned out. Now, merely requesting an investigation into the serious international criminal allegations against Joe Biden and his sons have become the new false allegation. Without evidence, they make grandiose accusations that he threatened Ukraine unless they would dig up dirt on a political opponent. Next it was the objection to his keeping call transcripts on a secure server. When it turned out that Obama used the same server, they are now frantically seeking their next false allegation. Then, of course, there is the attack on the Electoral College of the Constitution. Since they don’t have the votes to amend it, one after another of our states have changed their laws to chuck the EC while keeping it in name only, in a blatant attempt to disenfranchise Republican parts of the country.

    Supporters have a curious case of constant amnesia. I recall when people were trembling with fear that Trump was going to send out death vans for the Jews. I mean, they were really, sincerely, terrified and unable to sleep at night because they thought they were going to die. When they finally realized that Trump is one the firmest supporters of Israel in history, and moved the embassy to Jerusalem, thumbing his nose at terrorists, that story seemed to fade out over night. People were in hysteria, shaking, and then overnight…nothing. No mention of it. No apology to the Republicans they screamed were Nazis. Just…nothing. We watched the same phenomenon over and over again, repeated with each allegation.

    I think it’s the instant amnesia and loyalty to the very next allegation, without a shred of irony, that is most disturbing. I am very concerned that this will be the new normal every time a Republican president is sworn in.

  5. Sorry, Professor, saying “a Civil War like fracture” is not the same as saying impeachment would cause a civil war. In case, you haven’t noticed, the country has been experiencing a civil war like fracture since November 9, 2016.

  6. I’ve been waiting for this for over 30 years, I have my popcorn ready!

  7. “Mueller II: Witch Hunt – The Sequel”

    Executive Producers: The Deep Deep State

    Director – Nancy Pelosi

    Featuring – Adam Schiff

  8. Wondering if the Civil War has started? Here’s a skirmish in Canada. Where are the Canadian men? Trying to use the ladies room, I suppose. I’d take out the scum screamer first. Politely, of course, but effectively.

    1. mespo…..I was thinking that could have been hubby, with me on my walker..and I got chills!
      And then I thought maybe I should recruit the few people I know on walkers and form a phalanx of rolling walker warriors!
      One friend of ours, who uses walkers occasionally, is a 6 ft, tall Egyptian who grew up on Crete during WW2. When he was 11, the Nazis killed his entire family..
      He is tough as nails and built like a brick wall. His looks defy his 85 years!
      Roll ’em!!!!

      1. “mespo…..I was thinking that could have been hubby, with me on my walker..and I got chills!”
        I still remember how to bust a wedge on a kickoff. Bet Hubby does, too. These cotton candies wouldn’t slow you down a nanosecond.

      2. Cindy – it’s heartbreaking to think of the grief your friend endured at such a young age.

        1. Karen S……..Yes, tragic, but he is amazing! A professional church musician, a businessman, a grandfather, a widower,….and is ALWAYS smiling and cracking jokes. He has natural, jet black hair and deep olive skin. After taking communion at the altar rail on Sundays, he backs up, walking backwards, away from the altar. He is fascinating to me and an inspiration……a cancer and stroke survivor!

    2. Mespo,

      I don’t know if Tulsa county, or Oklahoma is going to change or by how much, but if I see a women like that attacked as the women in the video is she’ll be defended & I’ll deal with the DA later if need be.

      I’ve yet to post here about the current “Pedophile Shiit” the Satanist from the East/West Coast have now bought to Our Oklahoma public schools, the Trans Gender Freak show by retarded lawyers/Physic Nut Jobs.

      They own it now, the PDF is public info for all to see by those Preverts!!! They will need to leave here, I’ve other things to do, but those child molesters. Their best bet is to leave Oklahoman, we won’t put up with it here.

      I haven’t said much because those Phk’in prevs are an easy sell for me to promote home schooling & religious schools pre 1949, the FDR Commie Hugo Black.

      Public Schools… RIP!!!

      1. You’re either a man with all that entails or you’re not. My grandfather stopped a car on a city street to throttle a drunk who made a lewd comment to my grandmother. In court a few days later, I remember the drunk telling his tale without the comment and all my grandfather said was “Judge, you don’t have enough days on that calendar to make me not defend my wife.” Convicted, $25.00 fine the clerk of courts quietly paid a day later.

        That was 50 years ago and I remember it to this day. You’re a man, Oky1 and we don’t have to apologize for that — ever.

          1. Okay – Allowing biological males to compete against females and shut them out of sports is crazy. I cannot understand the utter and complete lack of critical reasoning for people to declare themselves “feminists” and then turn around and let boys compete in girls’ sports. Boys who would be mediocre in their own division sweep the women’s division.

            Supporters have to ignore biology and common sense, as well as defy and attempts to reason with them. This is so unfair to girls. Genders were segregated to give females a chance to compete in sports where they don’t have the physical strength to compete with boys. Now we have boys sports, and coed sports, but no more girls sports.

            But if you complain about it, cue the ad hominem.

            1. Karen,

              Thank you for your reply.

              Just remember we’re given so many sun rises, sun sets & it’s another beautiful day with the lord.

              Yet there are many issues that have to be addressed.

              4 example, millions of women, including people in my family, were subject to AMA Medical Tyranny & were told they needed a totally unnecessary hysterectomy & then placed on hormone replacement therapy.

              That destroyed those women & much of their families & because of the Big Pharma hormones, as a matter of record, also given them cancer.

              Bring this back to my point of the Mental Illness of this Trans Gender Bull Crap.

              1st of all it’s Govt/Public School Child Abuse of the freaks that can’t figure out what kind of Junk they have, & 2nd it’s Child Abuse to all the normal kids the Govt/Schools expose them too.

              And yet worst now reports out in recent weeks is that the Big Pharma & “AMA Doctors” , that these young kids that have been told their freaks & need hormones, that those hormones are Killing/harming thousands of them.

              I foolishly thought this was a Dead Issue after it was completely exposed in the mid 90’s, apparently not.

              Just wait a decade or so rinse & repeat so here it is again.

              People just don’t have a clue as to how many people/families Big Phama/doctors medical tyranny Continues to harm.

              I’m glad I was able to write & post this for others info on the subject.

              It’s a beautiful day.

        1. Do you work for Hallmark? You should be writing greeting cards for the Proud Boys.

          1. Ynot, sit back, relax & open yourself up another “Cuck Lite” beer mr/Ms gender fluid SJW. 😉

        2. mespo – oh, how times have changed, as has the definition of “man.” Now, Hollywood is obsessed with portraying women as physically stronger than men. One movie after another shows men punching women in the face and then she beats them up.

          How will this affect the psyche and behavior of our youngest generation of boys? They are being taught not to open doors, not to pay for dinner, not to protect or defend women, not to provide for women or even stick around after fathering a child, that women are to be believed while all men must be viewed liars, and movies teach them that it’s OK to get in a physical fight with women.

          Now, women in their late 30s wonder where all the good men have gone, and why they can get a hookup but not a date.

          Grand, just grand.

          We who teach our boys how to treat a lady are in the minority, it appears.

    3. Oh for God’s sake, Antifa is so aggressive with the elderly and diminutive journalists. The fact that the local governments do not follow the law and remove and arrest them, where necessary, feeds vigilante groups like Proud Boys. Why are Antifa thugs placated?

      You know what “toxic masculinity” is to me? All of those grown men either walking by and ignoring this debacle, or worse, standing there and filming it. For the life of me, I cannot imagine why a bunch of men didn’t grab the Antifa people from behind, arms to side, and simply move them, so the lady could pass. After all, they act like toddlers having a tantrum, so why not treat them like one? I guess everyone’s afraid if they try to stop Antifa from threatening an elderly lady, they’ll be arrested and/or branded “Fascists” on national TV.

    4. They are scum that some on the blog have supported in the past.

      In years past I have been at demonstrations where the demonstrators would have helped those people to cross the street.

      1. It would be interesting to know how many have connections to Obama’s Civilian National Security Force. Remember this?

  9. Look folks, I know you’re cloistered away in Washington, DC and out of touch with America, but the fact is that Schiff and other Democrats are creating a very dangerous situation. Millions of Americans saw Donald Trump’s election as the salvation of the nation. Now, Schiff is trying to overturn the election. There is a very real possibility of complete chaos in this country, including civil war. We could see tens of thousands, perhaps millions, dying of starvation because they can’t get food, with armed bands roaming the countryside killing and stealing from those who have it. This is far beyond a Constitutional issue. What happens over the next few months is going to determine whether this nation even survives.

    1. I appreciate your passion, though I consider it to be grossly misplaced in the person of one Donald J. Trump. Nonetheless, you believe what you believe. But still, the Constitution plainly requires accountability for presidential wrongdoing, and carrying out that duty cannot be deemed to be “overturning an election,” or else the role of presidential accountability in the Constitutional framework has no meaning or purpose. Presidents will violate their Constitutional oath of office from time to time, and that’s why the Constitution provides for impeachment. The Constitution also provides that Presidents shall not act like kings, though it seems to me that calling Constitutional accountability the “overturning of an election” and declaring it a basis for civil war veers awfully close to making the President a King.

      1. If justice were the goal, then impeachment would be debated after evidence of a crime was determined. Instead, we have seen impeachment calls since November 2016.

        Professor Turley remarked in a previous article that before you allege quid pro quo, you must prove a quid.

        The fact that there were immediate calls for impeachment from all of the Democratic Presidential candidates before the transcript was even release proves that none of them take their Constitutional duty seriously, nor do they seek justice. They just seek election.

        Which side are you on, justice or Machiavellian lawless politics?

        Throw this on the pile of false allegations that activists were so sure of before discarding them and moving on to something else to get rid of a lawfully elected president.

        1. Turley is wrong in claiming that a “quid” must be proven. Mere solicitation of assistance for his political campaign is enough. The transcripts provide that.

          You really need to stop parroting the Hannity talking point that Trump was “lawfully elected”. He was not. He knows it, too, and is still trying to undermine the Mueller investigation, wasting our taxpayer resources to do so.

          Why is Rudy Giuliani acting as a de facto Secretary of State, anyway? There is a reason why this position requires the consent of Congress. Giuliani claims that the State Department authorized him to go to meet with leaders of foreign countries and dig up dirt on the Russia matter. By what authority? Why did Mike Pompeo pretend not to know anything about the Ukrainian phone call when he listened in on it? Martha Radditz asked him about it, and his weasel-worded response was that he hadn’t had time to read the whistleblower complaint. He didn’t need to read it to know about the contents of the call because he was there. He, too, is a disgrace and liar. West Point and Harvard must be so ashamed. Then, there’s Bill Barr, over in Italy now, trying to get them to come up with something to counter the Mueller Report. Since when is it in the AG’s job description to conduct private investigations overseas to help a corrupt President?

          Haven’t Hannity and Ingraham covered these points? One other thing: the reason we know that all of this pivoting to claim that the Obama Administration also hid information on the secure server is a total lie is that it took Kellyanne almost a slap week to come up with some explanation to air on Fox News when the whistleblower story broke. If their claim was true, they’d have immediately provided the explanation. Always have to put in some Obama or Biden pivot talking point, too. I’ve dealt with professional liars most of my legal career, and one way you know they are lying about something is when it takes time to come up with an explanation for something when that explanation should have been known to them all along if it was the truth. What else is on the server, especially as to the transcripts of calls with Putin and MBS? Inquiring minds want to know.

          1. “Turley is wrong in claiming that a “quid” must be proven.” Turley is a law professor. What do you know that he does not? Citation of the law, please.

            “Mere solicitation of assistance for his political campaign is enough.” Requesting cooperation into the American investigation of the origin of the Russia hoax is not partaking in his political campaign. Neither is an investigation into alleged criminal wrongdoing by the Bidens.

            Here’s the thing. There is no get out of jail free card because someone is a Democrat running for office. They are actually subject to the same laws as the rest of us.

            “You really need to stop parroting the Hannity.” You don’t know me. You must watch Hannity every day, because virtually every single post you remark on something you claim he has said.

            “Trump was “lawfully elected”.” Look. I understand November 2016 was a very difficult time for you. But you have to accept the Constitution and the law, and move on. Elections are not always going to go your way. We have explained how the Constitution and the Electoral College works. Even with the media trying its hardest to cover up for Hillary Clinton, Trump still got elected. You are going to have to accept reality. No one stole the election. I have shown you the map, all covered in red. Most of the country chose Trump. Hillary won a tiny fraction of voting districts, but they were highly populated ones. The electoral college specifically protects the country from a small group of high density voting districts electing leaders, and disenfranchising the rest of the country. The map of the 2016 election is overwhelmingly red. Sometimes, news media would make it look less overwhelming by showing a map of how the states went, rather than counties. That gave the blue a bit more surface area.

            Regardless of the fact that Hillary won in a few high density enclaves, she was unpopular with most areas of the country. The voters in most states did not choose her. If the Electoral College were circumvented, then future Democrat candidates would say, who cares what anyone thinks in almost all of the country. They wouldn’t care about anyone outside of those specific blue high density areas. There would be no appealing to middle America, the middle class, the working class, American families. Democrat President would only care about Democrats in high density areas, and would not give a care about anyone Democrat, Republican, or otherwise, in most of the country. Gee, I wonder what would possibly happen to those parts of the US. Maybe they would be assigned District numbers, and provide tributes.

          2. “What else is on the server”. What’s on Hillary’s server? Don’t know. She cleaned it with Bleach Bit, and NOT with a rag. What was in the conversations that Obama had regarding the formation of the ACA? What did he know about the lies, and when did he know it? I don’t know. He didn’t release them.

            What is on Trump’s server? Is it in his bathroom? Is it on government property, properly secured, and in compliance with record keeping laws and the handling of classified information. Why yes, it is. No Bleach Bit. No hammers. Released when requested. Weird, I know. It’s almost like it’s too law abiding. He must be hiding something…I wonder if this will be the trend with all future presidents, or just Republicans. Will the transcripts of every single conversation every President ever has with any foreign leader be released to the public? How will that affect international relations? Do people even care about geopolitics? In any case, Trump produced the transcript when requested, and you still howl about a lack of transparency. That’s not rational.

            “Always have to put in some Obama or Biden pivot talking point, too.” My point is that the law is not equally applied to Democrats and Republicans, obviously. The law either applies equally to all, or to none. Obama is also relevant because he used the same server as Trump. Susan Rice admitted that he did, although she claimed that he did not place every transcript there. So…Trump used it more because he was having cyber security issues so…he must be guilty. You claimed that putting anything on this server was an admission of guilt. So apply the same logic to Obama using that server. This serves to illustrate that your argument is not rational.

            Biden is relevant because there were allegations of international crimes and fraud. Your claim that requesting an investigation is an impeachable offense. By that logic, Democrat presidential candidates can break any law they want, domestic or abroad, because investigating them is forbidden. Again, that is irrational.

            Take a step back and look again at your allegations. They are emotional gossip, innuendo, supposition, personal attacks, and an obsession with Fox. There is no meat. Apparently you are still in the denial state of Hillary’s loss and have still not moved on to the grief and then acceptance stages. We are a Republic, not the United States of New York and CA.

  10. How anyone can defend Schiff at this point is beyond me. Talk about a fishing expedition. Shift has been using his position to harass and bully Trump for two plus years, to manufacture narratives and try to take him down through through rouses and hoaxes. Howe ANYONE can defend this clown now is beyond me.

    PS. We’ve been waiting 2 years fro the “evidence” Schiff claims to have of Trumps guilt per the Russian “collusion”.

  11. You know what else is reprehensible? For Schiff to pull a McCarthyite scheme for two years straight telling every cable news channel in the country that he had secret evidence of Trump’s crimes with Russia that couldn’t be revealed yet. He is a snake and ought to be treated like one.

  12. Excerpt from the following article:

    Jeffress, a Dallas-based pastor and known supporter of Trump, has a history of controversial and offensive comments.

    He has reportedly made derogatory remarks about Islam, calling it “a religion that promotes pedophilia” and a “heresy from the pit of hell.”

    He has also called Mormonism a “cult” that is not a true part of Christianity and said “you can’t be saved by being a Jew.” Then-Senate candidate Mitt Romney denounced Jeffress after it was announced he would take part in the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem last year. [end of excerpt]

    1. Gullibenson:

      I read the lie in the article: “Trump believed he could spin this document into a defense. The truth was that this account contained an extremely quid-pro-quo-ish exchange. When Zelensky said Ukraine wanted more US anti-tank weapons, Trump immediately replied with a request for a “favor”: that is, Ukrainian-made dirt he could use against Joe Biden and the Robert Mueller investigation.”

      Except of course the FGM-148 Javelin sale started in Dec. 2017 and was already approved in March, 2018 by the State Dept- or more than a year before the conversation. Couple that with Ukraine’s not knowing about the hold up of $400 Million in aid and you have the great big butkis we’ve been telling you about but refuse to believe.

      Oh, Benson you’ll never get to heaven with that long nose.

      Here’s the citation which you so regularly deny us:

      1. Zelensky likely believed and still believes that The Donald could cancel it, hmm.

      2. Oh, Benson you’ll never get to heaven with that long nose.

        Now that is funny…and interesting you threw in Heaven. Let me know what the ticket is to getting there as I gave up thinking I have a chance. Purgatory is more likely my destination

        You recently mentioned St Augustine which surprised me. The following quote was intended for Cindy B. but I cant find her recent comments on here and its past my bedtime. Perhaps you’ll appreciate the following or perhaps not. This is for Cindy B:

        Cindy, as a family we read Fr Michael Simone’s Sunday reflection. He is a Jesuit Biblical scholar and ties the Old Testament, New Testament and ministry of Jesus Christ in a refreshing way. Maybe one day we be up to the task!

        Good night to all, those of good will and low life POS trolls especially Peter Shill. Where did you go Pete?



        “One must never forget that the life of discipleship is the life for which humans were created. Jews call the law of Moses Torah, a word better translated as “instruction.” It is God’s instructions on how to be human. The Gospel fills this same role for Christians. God’s followers take on an active life that at first can feel quite new, even alien. This is not the case, however; discipleship is a restoration to the life for which we are all originally made.
        This realization marks the difference between a disciple and an unprofitable servant. Disciples follow God’s commands in order to discover their true humanity. Servants follow commands in hopes of receiving a reward. Servants act without faith; disciples act as a testament to their faith.

        Servants can be great frauds, sinners who destroy the faith of many. More common, however, are those who, with good intentions, undertake the works of God with insufficient faith. The tasks are endless and the labor all-consuming. Servants sometimes burn out quickly; they can also linger for years in growing cynicism and despair. By contrast, disciples know that the smallest act, done in faith, gives glory to God.”

        Do your actions symbolize your faith?
        Do you follow Gospel teaching to give glory to the God who loves you?

          1. Yeah, this Estovir is weird. One moment he’s gong about public restrooms. Then he’s posting some religious thing.

            1. Craig…….yeah….he sounds like some of the men and women Jesus hung around.

        1. Estovir:

          “You recently mentioned St Augustine which surprised me.”
          I’m surprised you’re surprised. I don’t think a person can be said to be educated who isn’t familiar with the “City of God Against The Pagans” (or Jerome’s translation and commentaries of the Catholic Bible, for that matter):

          “What are kingdoms without justice? They’re just gangs of bandits.”
          ~Augustine of Hippo (Book IV, Ch 4, pub. 426)

          Here’s the tickets btw (RIP Eddie “waited so long” Money):

          1. Paul recently said he enjoyed Flannery OConnor. These quotes are relevant for his “agnosticism” and also our current world

            You have to cherish the world at the same time that you struggle to endure it.

            A God you understood would be less than yourself.

            Flannery OConnor

          2. Bonus points to Mespo for stopping for an honourable mention of Eddie Money. From a family of pickers I appreciate it that you made note of it.

            1. Oky1….. I’ve known alot of good musicians in Tulsa.
              Ever play the VFW on Thursday nights?

        2. Estovir……Thank you very much. Most kind of you. I enjoyed reading Fr. (?) Michael.
          I came from a family that also read the Bible at the breakfast table before school every morning….I think I’ve mentioned it was hard on a teenage girl to spend time reading scripture and then naming missionaries one by one in a long prayer……I had important things to do! Like fix my hair and makeup, for pete’s sake. LOL

    2. Benson……Mother Jones?? Really?? LOL Was the news stand out of The Daily Worker?
      I have not heard about MJ in years…. esp since I never watch MSM.

        1. David…..Blinders?
          How about don’t remove my good taste? My common sense?
          I promise I won’t.

  13. Wow.

    Senators Demand Answers On DNC Efforts To Get Ukrainian Dirt On Trump In 2016

    Mollie Hemingway

    The chairmen of two Senate committees are insisting that the Department of Justice come clean about Democratic Party efforts to solicit Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election. Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, first alerted the department about the meddling in July of 2017 so it could be investigated, but under Rod Rosenstein’s leadership and the direction of special counsel Robert Mueller, the inquiries of the then-Senate Judiciary chairman were ignored.

    In a Sept. 27 letter, Grassley and Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., demand the Justice Department look into the “brazen efforts by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign to use the government of Ukraine for the express purpose of finding negative information on then-candidate Trump in order to undermine his campaign.”

    The senators also want to know why Alexandra Chalupa, the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants and longtime Democratic operative, has not been required to file paperwork as a registered foreign agent of Ukraine. “Aside from the apparent evidence of collusion between the DNC, Clinton campaign, and Ukrainian government, Chalupa’s actions implicate the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA),” Grassley wrote in 2017. “Chalupa’s actions appear to show that she was simultaneously working on behalf of a foreign government, Ukraine, and on behalf of the DNC and Clinton campaign, in an effort to influence not only the U.S voting population but U.S. government officials.”

    In their letter sent this week, Grassley and Johnson ask why DOJ still has not required her to register as a foreign agent of Ukraine.

    The attacks against Trump for a phone call with the Ukrainian president come on the heels of the implosion of the Russia collusion narrative, in which special counsel Robert Mueller declared there was no evidence of collusion. Insiders expect revelations about how that false narrative was spread by and to Democratic officials in the executive and legislative branches and the media. The Department of Justice inspector general is expected to release a wide-ranging report on his investigation of surveillance abuses perpetrated in the service of that false narrative in the coming weeks. Additionally, John Durham, a federal prosecutor, is spearheading his own investigation into the origins of the hoax that affected the 2016 campaign and the Trump administration.

    Last week, the Justice Department confirmed that Durham is investigating the Ukrainian government’s involvement in attempts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election. In his call with the Ukrainian president, Trump asked for his cooperation with that probe.

    Democrats and the media have falsely accused the president of tying military aide to investigation of Joe Biden and his son Hunter. However, a transcript of the phone call that was released last week showed there was no connection between the two matters. Under a 1990s mutual legal assistance treaty, the U.S. and Ukraine are obligated to cooperate in such investigations.

    Johnson and Grassley list several specific ways Chalupa solicited Ukrainian officials’ help for the Democratic National Committee, including to spread dirt about Trump campaign official Paul Manafort, to find information to prop up the Russia collusion information operation, and to serve as sources for American media which were publishing the narrative. Congressional testimony confirms that the collusion with Ukrainian officials extended beyond Chalupa to Fusion GPS, the firm that was secretly funded by Clinton and the DNC to peddle the false narrative.

    The senators suggest the recent attacks on Trump are a matter of projection by Democrats. “After two years, more than 2,800 subpoenas, approximately 500 search warrants and witness interviews, and $30 million in taxpayer money, Robert Mueller reported that then-candidate Trump did not collude with the Russians or any other foreign government to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. In contrast, however, the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee hired Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research against candidate Trump, which included, among other efforts, the hiring of former British Intelligence Officer Christopher Steele to compile the ‘Steele Dossier’ that reportedly used Russian government sources for information. These facts continue to raise concerns about foreign assistance in the 2016 election that have not been thoroughly addressed,” the two wrote.

    Johnson and Grassley demand answers no later than Oct. 14, 2019.

    1. Try to keep up Estovir.

      D E B U N K E D

      “WASHINGTON — President Trump was repeatedly warned by his own staff that the Ukraine conspiracy theory that he and his lawyer were pursuing was “completely debunked” long before the president pressed Ukraine this summer to investigate his Democratic rivals, a former top adviser said on Sunday.

      Thomas P. Bossert, who served as Mr. Trump’s first homeland security adviser, said he told the president there was no basis to the theory that Ukraine, not Russia, intervened in the 2016 election and did so on behalf of the Democrats. Speaking out for the first time, Mr. Bossert said he was “deeply disturbed” that Mr. Trump nonetheless tried to get Ukraine’s president to produce damaging information about Democrats….

      1. Bossert & the NYT are Liars!

        And what the hell is your problem Commie/Nazi, if you hate the USA so bad get out, it’s that simple.

        Lee Stranahan

          1. So now you’re threatening, in public, to violently Rape me.

            The American people are sick of your perv’s type.

            I don’t think we can be friends now.

            1. Oky1…….No you can’t be friends….Something happened to Anon1……..Last year he was never as disturbingly bitter and mean as he is now. Sorry he has been so ugly to you. You don’t deserve that vitriol!6

      2. Does this mean that what Hunter told his dad was COMPLETELY debunked or does it mean what Joe Biden told the press was COMPLETELY debunked?

        Anon I want to get things straght for when the NYTImes and an ABC analyst say something is COMPLETELY debunked that means something. It means there are no loose ends.

      3. No one said that Ukraine, and not Russia, interfered in the 2016 election, rather, in addition to. It frankly doesn’t matter if Bossert is “disturbed” that Trump asked Ukraine to cooperate in an American investigation into the origin and evolution of the Russian story.

        How interesting, all this effort to stymie the investigation, with the full support of so many Democrats… One way for thee, another for me, eh?

    2. Estovir is the Log Cabin guy who’s always talking about toilets and grinders. The he posts religious stuff.

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