Former Drexel Professor Allegedly Spent Government Grant Money On Strip Clubs and Personal Expenses . . . Drexel Agrees To Repay Costs

Academics often struggle with the confining language of grants, particularly federal grants, in purchasing equipment and hiring staff. Former Drexel University professor, Dr. Chikaodinaka D. Nwankpa, has been accused of an alleged departure from any reasonable interpretation. The former head of Drexel’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering allegedly spent nearly $200,000 in federal grant funds on trips to strip clubs and sports bars in Philadelphia. Worse yet for Drexel, the school will now have to pay for the strip club parties. What is fascinating is that Nwankpa has not been criminally charged and he has only been barred from government contracting for six months.

The money was supposed to be use under eight federal grants for energy and naval technology-related research for the Department of the Navy, the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation.

The Department of Justice announced that Drexel agreed to pay $189,062 to “resolve liability” for Nwankpa’s “improper charges against federal grants” for “gentlemen’s clubs and sports bars.”

Both Drexel and the DOJ investigated paperwork that sought reimbursement for personal purchases as well as “goods and services” provided by Cheerleaders, Club Risque, and Tacony Club–strip clubs in the Philadelphia area.

If such charges were knowingly made over ten years, it is hard to see how this is not a form of criminal fraud. I represented an academic accused by the Justice Department in such a case. I viewed the charges are specious and they never involved this type of alleged misconduct and irregularities.

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  1. Debarment is not a punitive exercise. The cognizant agency debarment officer possesses broad discretion as to the decision to debar and the length of any debarment. Criminal charges are a separate matter.

  2. Haha…confining language, you kid us.

    Hrmmm…sounds like this line here =/means I can broadly use the funds for strip clubs.

    😂 wow.

    1. He should be looked at carefully now for tax evasion for not counting the fun times as income.

  3. I immediately saw the good in the issue while not agreeing with the negative. He immediately agreed to pay the money back. Now compare that to Lizzie Borden Warren who has yet to pay back a copper penny or one thin dime. Which one exhibits the greater moral values?

  4. If you have a relative in this so called school then yank him or her out. Sue the school and ask for “reparations”. Where is this so called school anyhow?
    Those who can: do.
    Those who can’t: teach.
    Those who can’t teach: teach teachers.

  5. Is that a “real” Drexel professor or a “fake” affirmative action beneficiary?

    The ever-diligent and zealous communist political officers at Drexel require the owners of the university to hire a certain percentage of “minorities” under penalty of assignment and transportation to government re-education camps.

    In a free nation with severely limited and restricted government and absolute private property rights of individuals,

    “That dudn’t make any sense!”

    – George W. Bush

  6. First, why was he not charged for fraud? Why would the university have to repay this, and not Dr Nwankpa? This is just another example of the corruption regarding taxpayer money.

    The guy was expensing $200,000 in strip clubs and sports bars, and it took a decade to catch this? No oversight. And, seriously, that’s $20,000 a years on nudie bars and beer. The man has a problem.

    1. Karen S – the man does not have a problem, he is spending government money on the poor.

  7. The most disturbing part is him not being charged and only barred from Govt contracts for 6 months. This was fraud plain and simple. If not prosecuted it is now accepted. A 6 month sabbatical from “research” is his entire punishment? How about prosecution, recovery of the money and barred from government contracts as a start with jail time to be determined.
    Or do we simply accept theft from the taxpayers?

  8. I hope they were field trips. I’d fail his class just to take it twice!

  9. This embezzlement for decadent purposes bothers me less than the misappropriation of funds and distortion of institutional purposes undertaken to feed the egos of the Administration and the worst sort of faculty. Let’s look at the discounted present value of the salaries you are paying the ‘women’s studies’ faculty (among others; the other victimology faculties and the faculties of cultural anthropology, non-quantitative sociology, and American history are about as bad, as are some among the faculties putatively training school teachers, social workers, and librarians. Clinical psych is another scandal).

    1. clinical psychiatry is a solid discipline compared to that other garbage

      cultural anthropology is not an invalid notion in itself, it’s just been pursued by nation wrecking scoundrels, since it eclipsed physical anthropology under Boas

  10. Oh well, I guess Chik deserves an Irish Poem! I read that he was concerned with electrical power generation. There is some science in this, but Nick Tesla posited that energy could be transferred without wires*. But this is not something one can do in a single verse. . .

    Taken for Granted???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a black engineer
    Whose devotion to science was clear!
    He felt it his duty,
    To check out some booty,
    He is now self-employed, I hear.

    But, perhaps it was all copicetic-
    A study of motions kinetic?
    For a bump and a grind,
    And the friction behind,
    Can make forces electromagnetic!

    Sooo, taking his work as a whole,
    Re-imagine that greased stripper pole-
    As an engineer must –
    Calculations of thrust!
    Combined with centripedal roll!

    An inductive transference occurred!
    And we don’t have to just take his word.
    For the truth at a glance,
    Could be found in his pants!
    As his personal rod became stirred!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    *See here –


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  11. At least he didn’t waste the money. On a side note I often thought some projects were not worth the money they purportedly spent on them, so now maybe we know where the extra went.

  12. Precisely what happens in a two-tiered justice system when standards are enforced against “little” people but not the self-proclaimed elite. The gentry and nobility never seem understand how close they live to a sleeping giant until the guillotine falls. Natural justice still has a place and is the ultimate wake-up call..

  13. The DOJ should investigate the Drexel Office of Sponsored Research. Federal law 2 CFR 200 requires grants recipients to report expenditures quarterly. Drexel’s OSP must review and approve expenditures against allowable cost principles.

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