Vanity, Oh Vanity, Thy Name Is Bushman

Matthew Bushman, 36, ran into a problem in allegedly using a fake name after his arrest in Mattoon, Illinois. The problem is that his name was tattooed across his neck. It is the price of vanity.

The police were investigating a forgery and Bushman is now charged with obstructing justice. Of course, he could claim the tattoo on his neck reading “Matty B” is a forgery.

7 thoughts on “Vanity, Oh Vanity, Thy Name Is Bushman”

  1. Women who get tatooed are really stupid. Men who do so are just plain stupid. Those who do so are all tobacco smokers. Some are meth heads.

  2. There’s virtue signaling and then there is the “I am a criminal,” delusion and ignorance signaling of neck tattoos.

  3. I had a couple of students who tattooed their name on their neck. I used to tease them they should have done it in reverse so they could read it in the mirror every day. 😉

      1. Wally World – they never put the darn tattoo someplace they could read it. So if they were injured and could not remember their name, the tattoo was no help. It could be their bf or gf for all anybody knew.

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