Children Reportedly Asked To Help Build The Wall At White House Halloween Event

As many of you know, I love Halloween and we put on an embarrassingly excessive display each year at our house. It may be for that reason that I found a story in  Yahoo News so disturbing. Children who came to the White House for the annual Halloween party were reportedly asked
to help “build the wall” by placing their own paper bricks onto a mural. If true, it was a remarkably low-grade move. Children should not be pulled into our politics or used for a prop.

Regardless of how one feels about the wall on the Southern Border, it is a divisive political issue that should never have been interjected into a kid’s event on a holiday. If true, it would seem that adults cannot simply leave our kids out of our political fights and let them enjoy a holiday for its own (rather than our own) sake.

Staffers were told to come up with kid-friendly activities, so it is not clear who approved or came up with this ill-conceived idea. One parent expressed shock over the tacky use of the event and supplied pictures.

The White House did not respond to calls for a comment.

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  1. What’s wrong with children helping to secure their future? If it is wrong, please explain. At least it’s for a worthy cause, unlike the brainwashing of our children about global warming, oh, I mean “Climate Change”.

    The reason they switched to “Climate Change” was because too many people woke up to the lies of “Global Warming”. With “Climate Change”, they could tell the truth, since the earth has always had “Climate Change”.

    Environmental issues is another subject all together.

  2. I stopped reading at “if true.” So…….an “if true” Yahoo News story is what’s troubling Turley today. Meanwhile, Pelosi and Schiff are running a fake impeachment with “evidence” manipulated in secrecy, without due process, and strictly partisan in nature.

    So, Saint Turley, are you afraid calling out Schiff & Co. will mean you won’t be invited back to clutch your pearls on CNN and MSNBC.

    Time to grow a pair, Professor.

  3. As I kid, I routinely -as in daily- played Americans GIs versus Nazis Stormtroopers. (“Combat” was a favorite show) We thought it damn patriotic and we built many a fortification to repel the “Nazis next door.” It was great fun and to my knowledge not one single adult was “disturbed.” (Translation: offends my liberal pals.) Kids oughta want to defend their country and that goes for boys and girls. Building a wall is just one way to show it. Don’t think so? Leave your home doors open tonight and post that fact on the Internet. The value of barriers to entry will become readily apparent to you.

      1. Sure they do. The just hate anything that makes the country stronger. Don’t believe it? Where are the American flags at their debates?

      1. Doug:
        There certainly were. One graduated West Point and another is an Orthopedic surgeon.

    1. I had uncles that have passed, they hated it that the Nazis had German Shepherds. GS’s are very owner oriented & that’s why I have them.

      Trump 2020, No More BullShiit – 1 I.

      Most of the propaganda about the glory of war is out right lies.

      If you’ve the time, here’s about a quarter to half the truth for anyone that wishes to see, hear, acknowledge just how ruthless men, all sides, can be getting revenge for their friend that was killed just after they had breakfast together.

      Keep in mind some of those that come home they just keep working.

      BTW: Best of luck to DC intel Ph’ktards when those you’ve used turn on you. Enjoy your canoe ride.

      1. BTW: I recommend most people do not watch this, for really, it is the worst of humanity just before it got really ugly as it is we find ourselves today. (

    2. Mespo, a story was widely published last week reporting that a $100 power tool, available in most hardware stores, is able to cut through slats in the fence.

      The wall really isn’t concrete infrastructure. Instead it’s a tall, steel-slated fence. I believe the slats are there so windstorms can blow through. Whereas a solid wall would cause blowing sand to pile like snowdrifts; creating spots where people could simply walk over. So those slats become a feature that is notably vulnerable.

      Those slats are filled with concrete along the fence’s base. But further up the slats are hollow steel tubes. At that height this power tool can cut right through the slat. The slat can then be bended to create a gaping hole for smugglers. And apparently this is happening more than expected.

      The point is that every barrier has vulnerabilities.

      1. John Burgoyne:
        And it’s an obvious point. The real point you seem to be making is that if you can’t do everything you shouldn’t do anything. We can deal with breaches of security. We can’t deal with being overwhelmed. Build the wall and you’ll see it work.

    3. mespo….I’ll bet you made a fine GI! you might have even qualified for the GI Bill? 😊
      I know those are wonderful memories for you.
      Since my early to mid childhood was in Oklahoma, my big brother and I played cowboys and Indians.
      The smell of a recently fired cap gun is so nostalgic to me. My brother and I would turn 4 straightback dining chairs upside down and arrange them so they looked like a stagecoach. We would sit on top and watch for Indians…….. in the living room. I swear I could set that up right now and start playing! Last week I bought a cap gun ( plastic unfortunately) so my grandsons could enjoy that aroma……
      Life is good here at The Chez Bubba………🤠

      1. oops! I mis-remembered…… case someone wants the “recipe” for an instant living room kids’ stagecoach, it was 8 straightback chairs.

        1. Dang it…….I’m having an argument with myself…..It was 4 chairs!!!

          For all you kids out there, don’t try this math at home …

          1. Cindy Bragg – at this point we are going to need photos and affidavits.

  4. Democrats dont just hate women like Rep Tulsi Gabbard, not only do they hate children like Virgnia Governor Ralph Northam in advocating decapitating infant babies, but they really do hate women who had miscarrigaes

    Democrats: they just hate everyone


    Video: PA State Rep Wendy Ullman claims a miscarriage is “just a mess on a napkin”

    In one of the most insensitive comments ever uttered by a Pennsylvania State legislator, Representative Wendy Ullman (D-Bucks) complained about a bill dealing with a healthcare facility’s handling of miscarried or aborted babies, calling it a fuss over what she called “a mess on a napkin.”

    Ullman’s callous comments came during a House Health Committee meeting on House Bill 1890, which would require healthcare facilities to either bury or cremate unborn children who have died from an abortion or miscarriage. This bill is similar to one passed in the state of Indiana that was recently upheld as constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    “A miscarriage, no matter how early, does not result in a ‘mess on a napkin’ but the loss of a child,” commented Tom Shaheen, Vice President for Policy for Pennsylvania Family Institute. “Each human life deserves respect, even when lost at an early stage in development.”

  5. Democrats soon will be pushing for Anthony Weiner to be the President of the US

    “Drag Queen Story Time Continues — Now With Crotch Flashing To Small Children”

    “According to a Facebook post from the Child Protection League (CPL), a pair of drag queens, using the stage names “Sasha Sosa” and “Gemini Valentine,” were invited to indoctrinate children story hours in branches of the Hennepin County Library in Hennepin County, Minnesota earlier this month.

    In the post, CPL attached a damning, yet mercifully blurred photo in which “Sosa” apparently flashes his crotch to a room full of preschoolers at the Ridgedale Hennepin County Library on October 17th.

      1. Karen……thank you. Mine too!
        And the other great scene is when the German band is playing and the French “refugees” in the bar start to drown them out by singing the Marseillaise! I get choked up everytime! They say some of the extras in that scene had indeed fled Europe znd Hitler.

        1. Oh, I will have to rewatch that scene. Millions of people must have suffered terrible PTSD.

          I recall we were in Portugal when I was little and a woman experienced intense anxiety when she had to wait upon some Germans. She was visibly trembling with fear. She said, “I’m sorry, but…they’re Germans.” She said she’d probably never get over it herself, but she’d tried hard not to pass her fear on to her children.

          1. Karen…..that attitude/fear is more than understandible.
            There is a huge German population here in Central Texas (as well as Czech and Polish)..Most of the families came in mid 1800’s……..and I’m glad they came and stayed…..because it gave us a chance to learn about their heritage and culture.
            They also built these lovely churches when they arrived, which are 8now called “painted churches of Texas” .Their culture definitely enriched Texas.
            It’s hard to believe the same people could have been manipulated by the monster Hitler…..But that’s the power of evil. Deadly!

            1. Like a true rethuglican, can’t think for yourself. And didn’t a blacklisted writer pen that quote, the shame. As I said earlier most artists are liberal. It’s a compassion and intelligence thing.

              1. Liberal does not mean today what it did a hundred years ago. A classical liberal believes in individual freedom and limited government intrusion. That most certainly is no what a modern liberal stands for. The definition has now turned on its head, with modern liberals striving for maximum government interference, intolerance for dissent, and lessening liberty.

                What, exactly, is supremely compassionate about Liberals making the cost of living so high that it knocks people out of the middle class and into poverty? What is compassionate about Liberals seeking out and destroying a quiet baker who won’t bake Halloween cakes or customized cakes for transgender or gay weddings? Seems intolerant and hostile.

                Liberal is a misnomer to the movement today.

  6. Nanny Peeloosi and the girls are impeaching because Trump is going to win 2020.

    Impeach Congress for abuse of power.

    “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected,” Rep. All Green.

    1. Speaking of “a children’s party,” that’s precisely what Congress is; a party of insatiable children demanding, crying then demanding again and again. Oh, and did I say Congress has only the power to tax for “…general Welfare…,” omitting and, thereby, excluding any power to tax for any manner of individual welfare in Article 1, Section 8?

      1. Malcolm Thornton – he has gotten the Deep State to both admit they exist and expose themselves.

        1. “expose themselves”


          their wives don’t even want them to expose themselves to them and now you’re suggesting they are flashing us?


          though Peter Hill / Francis Crick / Most Absurd / John Burgoyne / WTF their name is today would probably enjoy hairy older limp diqk men exposing themselves to him/her/it so you might have something there

          1. BRM – you remember that poster “Expose Yourself to Art” and a guy in a raincoat is flashing a statue. 😉

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