“Something He Made Up”: Military Denies Trump’s Claim About Al-Baghdadi Death

The New York Times and various media outlets are reporting universal denials of the military that there was any evidence to support President Donald Trump’s repeated assertions that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, died “whimpering and crying and screaming all the way” to his death. The embarrassing denials comes after a videotape contradicted Trump’s claim that “almost all” of farmers who attended his signing of an executive order were crying. The videotape shows no one crying. The statement on al-Baghdadi is particularly curious because al-Baghdadi ran down an alley and blew himself up with a suicide vest. Military sources say that there is no evidence of the whimpering and crying described by Trump.

The New York Times relied on multiple sources who were involved in the operation and reviewed the after-action reports. These officials have said the Trump made up the account. When pressed on the accuracy of Trump’s comments, Stephanie Grisham, the White House press secretary, refused to support them and instead attacked the media for “trying to pick apart the details of the death” of the leader of the Islamic State.

The media has a responsibility to confront a president with any statements that appear untrue and, traditionally, the White House Press Secretary has felt an obligation to justify or correct such statements.

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  1. Literally anything to try to make himself look macho and strong. This coming from a coward who faked bone spurs to get out of military service. Then, he hires that worthless syncophant, Stephanie Grisham who, when confronted with facts she can’t lie her way out of, pivots to attack the media for reporting the truth.

    We could just brush this off as another Trump lie, like the crying farmers yarn, but lying in order to portray Al Baghdadi as a wimp who went down crying like a baby only enrages ISIS, and will lead to even more bloodshed. It’s like urinating on a corpse to them. People will die because of thisl

    These incidents provide valuable insight into just how pathetic and desperate Trump is. He is still nothing but a reality show performer–a shill pretending to be powerful, but all based on lies. He can’t leave soon enough.

    1. Nuthatch Nonsense. She’s obsessed and posts endless boring slanders of our President

      Hail to the Chief!

    2. No, wrong again. He is The President of the U.S. Sorry you can’t accept reality.

      ISIS will continue to murder innocent men, women and children regardless of provocation.

      That you cannot distinguish between good and evil is a shame, but not Trump’s fault. That you don’t speak out about The Rwandan Holocaust identifies how far off track your thinking is.

  2. It does not matter to trump supporters what the facts or truth are. The military, intel, state, DIA, CIA, FBI, Homeland security said or proves, trump has told his cult that you are not to use your eyes, or ears. The dear leader, the one with unmatched wisdom, and stable genius, the one who knows more than his generals. HAS SPOKEN.

    1. Lying about The Rwandan Holocaust, The Massacre of 800,000 unarmed innocent men, women and children forever escapes the Trump haters conscience.
      When you acknowledge what that spectacular fraud committed on those Rwandans, and you and your leftists cohorts, then, and only then, will you have a respected voice.
      You are the reason Trump was elected. You strain at gnats and cannot see the human legs, ankles, heads, toes, knees and more bloody body parts strewn throughout Africa.

  3. it is rich that Hillary complains about propaganda.
    She just cant help herself

    Her running for 2020 would be a gift to Trump and Warren would hang herself

    “She said it was inevitable that false information on Facebook would have an impact on elections “because propaganda works”. In 2016, she said fake news on Facebook that Pope Francis had endorsed her opponent, Donald Trump, “really did have an impact” and predicted “it’s only going to be more powerful going forward because it is more well tested. They know what they were successful at.”


  4. There is no reason to trust any of these people/groups. Trump, the military and the MSM have all been caught telling lies to the public, nearly every day. They all lie constantly.

    This story does not hang together in any way. It is just like Obama ordering the killing of someone on an invalid toilet in Pakistan and throwing the body in the sea. Someone here was killed and their body was also thrown into the sea! Well thank goodness that even though this person blew himself up in a tunnel, one of our informants was there to grab his underwear so we could get the DNA and then throw whomever it was into the sea! Good grief, the BS we are just supposed to accept on faith.

    The real truth is that the US helped create ISIS. It funds it. It supplies it with weapons. This isn’t speculation, a reporter presented hard evidence of receipts for the weapons and fight logs.

    As to journalists, we have only a few and I don’t see any in the MSM. Here is a video about that, an arrest of an actual journalist under false pretenses whom the MSM cheers. Yeah-they are all about democracy at home and abroad! I will put the link in another post because links tend to keep posts from showing up.

  5. Media Matters, From CTR, to Shareblue: How Paid Shills Attempt to Distort the Truth

    It’s seemingly brilliant, hire a few thousand people, place clean profile pictures onto each of them, and send them off to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, forums, and imageboards; to intentionally deceive the masses.

    Not only did this happen, but it happened daily in a firestorm Anti-Trump rhetoric hailing down like an apocalyptic meteor shower unto the right.

    If you viewed a pro-Trump post during the election season, or read Donald Trump’s own posts or tweets on social media, his comments or replies to each of them; it was not surprising to see it flooded with trolls pushing negative propaganda, mostly lies.

    They would use the various platforms and their systems to continue their hateful push to demonize President Trump, and his supporters. Brigading their own posts with upvotes or likes with their thousands of paid accounts, to attempt to sway the undecided voters into believing the lies they saw at the top of the chain, were widely believed or the most popular opinion.

    You would see thousands of likes or votes and the most despicable of comments, which intentionally bumped those horrendous claims to the top of threads or chains; in a classic controlled opposition tactic.
    To be truthful, it was a brilliant strategy, in theory. The problem for those paid shills is that the fire was rising at an all time high, and when a volcano erupts, as it did on the right, you had better run for your life or the lava will flow and take you and everything else in it’s path down with it.

    In what was first used by CTR to attack Bernie, to help Hillary Clinton reach the Democratic Nomination, the outfit led by David Brock learned a lot about how to manipulate the masses.

    Despite the total absence of facts and evidence, a hellish irony that surely could not be by chance, there was some undisputed proof that shills were indeed employed during the Democratic primary, but they weren’t hired by just Hillary Clinton.

    In fact there were a multitude of globalist financiers behind the push for the information age takedown.
    David Brock’s company, Media Matters for America, was founded with help from the Center for American Progress. Initial donors included Leo Hindery, Susie Tompkins Buell, and James Hormel.

    Media Matters began with just $2 Million in funding, but as it became stronger over the years of shilling against conservative news outlets, it became a major player in the information war.

    Surely enough this caught the attention of the likes of George Soros, who later via his own progressive business moveon.org, reached into the pockets of David Brock, by adding him and Media Matters as an asset for deception.


  6. The media has a responsibility to…

    That ship sailed long ago. It’s a beautiful thing to see how Trump can trigger them to take the anti-American position.

    1. Yeah, Trump’s endless lies are just part of a brilliant strategy to make the media look bad and anti-American. That’s what Fox News, Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh have misled people like you to believe.

      Olly: it is anti-American to: 1. cage little children and migrants seeking asylum; 2. lie about everything, all of the time; 3. refuse to cooperate with Congressional investigations, which are sanctioned by the Constitution; 4. solicit campaign help from a foreign government; 5. accept campaign help from a foreign government; 6. illegally delay military aid appropriated by Congress to shakedown a foreign government for campaign help; 7. feed sensitive insider polling information to Russians for their use in smearing your opponent. Trump did these things, and that is OK with you, but not most Americans.

      1. LOL! Well you certainly have a compelling opening statement there counselor. Do keep us informed when you have the evidence to go to trial. If you, Weissman, Mueller, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, MSM are unclear what it looks like when alleged criminal activities are supported by actual evidence, leading to indictments and prosecutions, then prepare to be schooled by AG Barr, Michael Horrowitz and John Durham. And then this is where it gets really good. This will all unfold during the 2020 election season and will be absolutely fresh in the minds of the voters.

        Grab some popcorn.

          1. Gosh, and here it was thought you’re being briefed by the DOJ on their activities. I guess we’ll find out together.

            Tick, tick, tick.

  7. We have this faux impeachment nonsense going on in the house – were democrats fixate on trying to coax out of Trump’s words things he did not say,
    concurrently with nonsense like this where people try to take embellishment and superlatives in what Trump does say and turn them into fact.

    Do those on the left not grasp that it is incredibly hypocritical to be claiming Trump was talking to Zelensky in code through deep implications at the very same time as you are claiming he is a liar specifically for adding content that no one (except the left and the media) would take as serious.

    I would be really really really happy if people would actually say what they mean and stick to the facts, without embelishment or superlatives.

    Starting with the media whose actual JOB is to communicate “just the facts”

    But we do not live in that world.

    I am constantly told “the other shoe is about to drop” or “the walls are closing in” or some other such nonsense that we are just moments away from the left putting a stake through Trump’s heart. And yet, weeks and years go by, and Trump is not only still their – but much of his claims that were purportedly lies – prove true.

  8. Payments Link Soros To World Series ‘Lock Him Up’ Crowd

    Police on the scene were quick to investigate the massive disrespect for the leader of the nation that was heard in the stands. They handcuffed and took away a smattering of the ‘protesters’ and detained within the dome others for questioning. It wasn’t long before one of them cracked under the pressure.

    Twenty year old ‘veteran’ protester, Joey Barron, made a confession that was already suspected – Billionaire George Soros had paid him with $1000 and a World Series ticket.

    “We all answered a Craigslist ad asking for paid protesters. He gave us a cheque and a seat. It was really generous for just spending a few moments to heckle Trump”


    1. From their website “about us”:

      BustaTroll.org is a subsidiary of the “America’s Last Line of Defense” network of parody, satire, and tomfoolery, or as Snopes called it before they lost their war on satire: Junk News

      1. And yet Hillary lost to Trump…..

        keep at it babe….your reward is in Obama’s mansion by the sea.

    2. “ Twenty year old ‘veteran’ protester, Joey Barron….”

      Paid protestors are not new, Anonymous, but thanks for posting.

      Leftists have been using rent a mob since the days of Jimmy Hoffa. No surprise Soros uses these same tired tactics but its his money.

      1. It’s from a self described parody web site which “anonymous” – and others here – take at face value. Given the other crackpot sources they cite, of course they do.

  9. Why is this even a thing ?

    It is obvious to normal humans that this is just superlative language.

    It is no different from media nonsense that we are facing a constitutional crisis, or that latest anti-trump claim is “worse than watergate”.

    No one “fact checked” Obama when he talked about people clinging to their guns and bibles or bringing a gun to a knife fight, or punching back twice as hard.

    Is it possible for intelligent people to do something ordinary people manage all the time ?
    To grasp that every adjective in every remark is not intended as a legally proveable statement of fact ?

    1. “ No one “fact checked” Obama when he talked about people clinging to their guns and bibles or bringing a gun to a knife fight, or punching back twice as hard.”

      We were called unAmerican for doing so, as well as deplorables, racists, Nazis and the usual left wing ad hominem

      relax. Trump has got 2020 in a bag. With any luck Warren, Beto, Pelosi and Schiff will blow themselves up like the WaPo’s “religious scholar” al-Baghdadi. Allah be Praised!


      1. Obama’s comment, made not for the public, but at a fund raiser, was metaphorical. Trump’s was public, specific to an event he was announcing for the 1st time, and one we should be able to count on. Of course he lies countless times everyday and usually brags about something also not true at the same time. Confusing this with the less than perfect record for truth most humans are guilty of is either a character flaw, requirement for cult membership, or both.

        1. Hey Medy ( Medvedev) tell Vlady to give me a break for awhile so I can win an election and then we can see what we can give him in exchange. You know Medy a real quidy pro quo.

          The actual quote was directly directed President to President and no whistleblowers acted as intermediaries.

    2. We ARE facing a Constitutional crisis: Trump has ordered witnesses not to respond to lawful subpoenas issued by Congressional committees, whose authority comes directly from the Constitution. There is NO law supporting what he is doing, so he’s going to either force Congress to go to Court to compel them to appear, and thus involve all 3 branches of government in a dispute over his authority, or take other action against his administration, liking having the Capital Police arrest him and/or members of his administration, which will also end up in court. Three branches of government fighting over their various rights and responsibilities IS the definition of a Constitutional crisis, but when you have a reality TV performer like Trump who is not a patriot, and who is driven solely by the need for attention and adulation and who thinks he can do whatever he wants regardless of the Constitution, and who lies and cheats to get what he wants, there’s going to be a crisis.

      Trump’s attempted shakedown of Ukraine is worse than Watergate, which was nothing more than a break-in of the DNC Headquarters that was sanctioned by the POTUS. Nixon’s crime did not involve national security like Trump’s campaign feeding information to Russians for them to use to lie about Hillary Clinton, or trying to shakedown the Ukrainians to gin up fake information against the Bidens, which is still going on. What do the Russians have on Trump? We’ll find out eventually.

      Stop pivoting to talk about Obama.

      1. LOL worse than green lighting a burglary ? I don’t think so

        What’s really more sinister, your biased inference of a quid pro quo, or squirreling false affidavits before the FISA courts in order to badger a rival candidate and abusing process for 3 years? going on 4?

        i let people take their own conclusions, and i have mine

    1. This is not a lie, it is a superlative.
      Purportedly you are an adult and can manage to distinguish.

      If not – try watching pretty much any media talking head – you will get gobs of the same stuff.

      If the media is not going to hold themselves to high standards of precision in speech and we are not going to hold them to the same – then claims that Trump’s “whimpering and crying” adjectives are some egregious lie are ludicrously hypocritical.

      What of Warren ? She “has a plan for that” ! for everything. But when asked for details there are none – wouldn’t that be lying ?

      The fundimental complaint that the left has of Trump is not that he is a liar.
      It is that he is not. That he actually is striving more than any president possibly ever to keep the promises he made to get elected.

  10. When one looks at the picayune cr-p written against Trump one has to recognize where it comes from and assess it based on the fact that no important issue brought against Trump has held water. Despite the onslaught Trump’s leadership has been spectacular something seldom dealt with on this blog or in the MSM.

    It just so happens that a wonderful column was just written about this problem that I will post separately from this response. It has multiple sections to deal with multiple issues along with a bit of history that needs to be understood.

      1. Waiting for your recycled talking points from George Soros again huh?

        Sux to be a lowly mindless troll but then again, Trump wouldnt be president had it not been for you


      2. You do not like Trump’s particular style – fine, we got that, neither do I.

        If it is more important to you than a 50% higher growth rate or numerous other improvements – then democrats will certainly offer you a socialist to vote for.

        Then you can pray to god that they are lying – because if they are not we are all forked.

        If Baghdadi died “crying and whimpering” is your idea of an egregious lie, then what is

        What Mueller has found is Worse than watergate ?
        Benghazi was a spontaneous protest of an internet video ?
        If you like your doctor you can keep them ?
        I remember landing under sniper fire ?
        I’ve never had a subpoena…Let’s take a deep breath here. ?
        I did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. I’m certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.

        or …..

  11. “ Four other Defense Department officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to share details of the raid…l

    Youre so full of it Turley. Your sources are nill and your stories would make editors of the National Enquirer blush as to how vapid you are

    for this you earn 7 figures as a speaker, writer, commentator and academic, huh?

    1. Jeffery apparently missed the fact that there was no audio in the situation room, no one else (Sec of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Regional Commander) heard that version, and that the NYTs has 4 sources they vouch for who had not heard what Trump made up.

      Unlike Trump, the NYTs does not knowingly publish BS for news and if they make a mistake they retract it.

      1. “the NYTs does not knowingly publish BS for news and if they make a mistake they retract it.”

        LMAO…..troll for George Soros much?


      2. “the NYTs does not knowingly publish BS for news and if they make a mistake they retract it.”

        Really ? You can honestly say that with a straight face after the past 3 years ?

        I would note that NYT published the first stories on Biden’s corruption in Ukraine, and that Trump was being spied on.

        Can we take those as gospel too ? After all they were printed in the NYT ?

        NYT also broke the story on the Clinton Foundation corruption – can we take that to the bank ?

        Your faith in NYT is conditioned on whether they are reporting what you want to hear.

        1. The NYTs also gave plenty of front page coverage to Hillary’s emails and like most of the MSM were equal reporters of negative news stories during the 2016 campaign.

          I trust them as much as any fallible human enterprise can be trusted to report news accurately, and that includes it’s judgement on unnamed sources. Most news about the workings of government would not be news without them.

          Only a fool would trust anything Trump says, anytime.

    2. Why are we trying to fact check what is obviously a superlative ?

      Most of the country recognizes it as that.

      “Our Team beat the snot out of those vile terrorists”.

      Do we need to fact check that ? Is that a “lie” absent evidence of a pile of snot ?

      1. well see the “hate trump” team follows the “no good deed goes unpunished” principle

  12. Newsflash: Trump lies about everything and constantly brags in an unending effort to belittle opponents and make himself look better.

    Someone didn’t know this?

  13. I can’t validate one side of the story or the other, but it is a stupid story by CNN. The President’s statement (true or not) makes young people think twice about joining such a group that kills women and children. In essence CNN has acted to prop up the terrorist organization. Sometimes it is prudent to make no remarks about such questions.

    1. Sometimes it is prudent to make no remark about Allan’s posts. They speak for themselves.

      1. Anon, I never ask you to read any of my posts or respond to them. You are a coward and abusive. When one provides evidence contradicting what you say you run away and when you ask questions of others and they answer you deny the answers were ever made. You need to nail yourself into a box and never come out again. You did that once as Jan F only to return as Anon and others.

    2. CNN is anything but prudent, anymore

      i remember back a couple or three decades ago when it was ok

  14. “…al-Baghdadi ran down an alley and blew himself up with a suicide vest. “

    It makes many wonder why Hillary did not see this as a viable option

  15. He’s a wimper …
    And a cryer…
    He’s a tent head and a dyer…
    You remember Ernest Flemming…
    He got tomain poisoning after dinner!

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