University of Virginia Cancels 21-Gun Salute To Avoid “Panic” Among Students

This year the University of Virginia canceled its traditional 21-gun salute in honor of Veteran’s Day to avoid “panic” of students due to gun violence in society. It seems that a notice sent by text of the salute was not enough to avoid pandemonium on campus.

The tribute is held every year but UVA President Jim Ryan declared that there were two reasons for ending the tribute: “One is that it would be disruptive to classes and two unfortunately with gun violence in the U.S., there was some concern that we would cause a panic if someone heard gunshots on grounds.”

Disruptive to class? It is a brief tribute held once a year. Ryan added that “the 21-gun salute is not a required, or even typical, part of Veteran’s Day ceremonies.” Yes, but it has been a tradition at Virginia. It is typical on your campus . . . until now.

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    1. For those that didn’t noticed the last few days the financial backers of the Dims backhanded Obama/SNL/Bill Marhers/etc… & told them to back off with all the promoting violence/chaos/ crapping/pissin on the streets/etc…

      We’ll see how many can hear.

    2. They couldn’t have sorted this out 1 week prior to the event rather than 1 week after? Well, at least they made the right decision.

    3. Wow!, this is easy, in just minutes I found a secondary target for UVA’s 21 gun salute:

      Btw: Did you guys know it’s easier to hang Jeffrey Epstein then Christmas tree lights? LOL

      I hear there’s a meme out there somewhere of a pic of Epsdtein w/Xmas tree lights around his neck with those words attached.

  1. Like most of those places it’s ho hum who cares about the garbage brains of snowflakes?

  2. Someone posted up about Campus Reform on here. I’ve watched a few videos to date. I am shocked by some of what I’ve seen. Now, again, old children, old teenagers, whatever. They do not have fully developed brains yet.

    I would treat my 25 yo and up students, different from my 24 and below students. That’s my cut off. Not on work, everyone would be equal there, but on their maturity level.

    A lot has changed in university in the last 10 years. A lot of these issues, were not issues, 10 years ago. What happened?

    Are the young folk, more angry, more stressed, are the parents stressing them out, were they told they were special to find out they’re not, were they neglected at home by busy working parents and trying to find a spotlight at school? It seems students today have a lot of issues. Or at the very least, they are expressing their issues publicly now with technology.

    Was society more shame based, so you confided in one true friend, and that’s it, and now ppl blast their problems out to the world for attention and admiration. #sobrave #keepitup

    Maybe it’s just an addiction to likes and comments on social media

    Maybe what school should implement is mandatory psych evaultions at the beginning of the school year. I think I had to be up to date on some shots before going to college, and do an alcohol evaluation. I don’t think sexual harassment orientation was mandatory yet, but j assume it is now. Maybe psych evaluations too.

  3. oh did I mention that the Boy Scouts has also totally collapsed as a culture forming organization for men?

    but we knew that already. another social institution crushed by political correctness and the weakness and ineptitude of its own phony leadership.

  4. My letter to President Ryan as a Wahoo:

    I was upset, disappointed, and disturbed by the remarks by President Ryan and his cancellation of the Veteran’s Day salute.

    Pres. Ryan’s excuses for cancelling a moment meant to remember the sacrifice of Americans from the American Revolution through today were disturbing. He says he wants to “minimize disruptions to classes… at a time that classes are in session.” Has President Ryan reflected on the “disruption” to the lives of our veterans and first responder? Does he really think 5 minutes in the life of an entitled, privileged college student even compares to the “disruption” in the lives of those who serve in our military – who serve to protect the freedoms of those “disrupted” UVA students? Military families are burdened by many “disruptions” like displacement from their families; their lives being at risk not only preserving the constitutional rights of the UVA students but all Americans. Yet, UVA students can’t spend 5 minutes respecting and reflecting on that sacrifice.

    He then comments that he is “recognizing concerns related to firing weapons on the Grounds in light of gun violence …” How dare President Ryan equate the amazing men and women of the US Military with the mental health issues of gun shooters on campus. The military is not the propagator of the violence committed with guns on college campuses! Indeed those who serve in ROTC or on campus would be more likely to STOP the violence. That these same privileged and entitled students don’t understand the difference should be a huge concern to Pres. Ryan.

    Finally, why do so many privileged, college students across the USA not understand the Constitution? Why do they and some professors work to change key rights such as that of Free Speech in the Second Amendment? Meanwhile others, those not as entitled as UVA students, actually offer their lives to defend the Constitution and our freedoms.

    Pres. Ryan shouldn’t forget those who serve or demean their service – and he should be honored to continue the UVA traditions and provide our Veterans the recognition they deserve.

    1. a good letter which goes right into the circular file you can bet on that.


      i can hardly believe i stupidly gave thousands to my alma mater before i wised up. no more!

  5. Absurd. Shall they cancel fireworks shows?

    The 21 Gun Salute is well publicized, and is a traditional military ceremony. Put on your big boy pants.

  6. And they use blanks in active shooter drills quite often in our children’s schools. (Which, I do think is a bad idea. It may desensitize kids to real shots. We don’t use smoke machines to practice fire drills.)

    Apparently these assertions are made by people that think college students are either all on the verge of nervous breakdowns or dumber than sheep and are incapable of figuring out that what they hear is a salute (gosh, especially if there was an announcement about it in the student newspaper).

    The media and other authority figures seem to be trying to induce anxiety in everyone. Fearful people are easy to control, I suppose.

    1. if an active shooter had come to my high school he would have been shivved. we used to carry knives without thinking much about it.

      times have changed. my daughter accidentally brought a pocketknife to junior high and made the mistake of showing it to “a friend” who of course squealed on her. she almost got expelled.

      life is never safe. it is always delimited by the certainty of eventual death. so safety is now and always has been relative. the outcome of every life is death. this reality is the subject of much social evasion. as are many other core realities of contemporary existence.

      1. When I was in grade school in the 1970s nearly every boy carried a pocket knife and in high school some carried firearms in their cars/trucks during hunting season or if going target shooting after class. Like you, nobody thought anything of it then. It was just another object like a spare tire or a tool box. People today get freaked out over objects and words that have nothing to do with their own lives.

    1. You might want to pop over to my university and see what you are missing….. At this point I am so desensitized by these university announcements that they don’t phase me….attendance is very poor.


      Transgender Awareness Celebration at Memorial Tree
      Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
      Add to calendar
      All are welcome at the Transgender Awareness Celebration at the Transgender Day of Remembrance Memorial Tree in the parking lot of the Police Department….The event includes the unveiling of a tree marker. A reception will follow. …..Pantry will be present to accept donations of canned food to assist students who are food insecure. For more information, contact

      OMSA To Host Women of Color Discussion Group
      Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 from 1 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.
      Add to calendar
      … Office of Multicultural Student Affairs will host a discussion group for women of color in Room….. The event is open to faculty, staff and students who wish to talk about relevant experiences. A reservation is not required but early attendance is encouraged. Lunch will be provided. For more information, contact….

      Safe Zone Workshop
      Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
      Add to calendar
      The Safe Zone Program, sponsored by University Counseling Services, presents a workshop to raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues. The session will be held in…..Register at: https://training.*.edu. (keyword “Safe Zone”). For more information, contact…

      Mr. and Ms. African Student Union Pageant at ….
      Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019 from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
      Add to calendar
      The talent, fashion and elegance of African culture will be celebrated at the African Student Union’s first Mr. and Ms. ASU Pageant at

    2. Say. I found out something interesting recently. The US military screens out people who have received treatment for ADHD.

      Guess what, who gets a disproportionate amount of treatment for ADHD? yeah, boys.

      Don’t worry, maybe in a decade or two, the computers will be aiming nearly all the guns for the Empire anyhow. That will be “safer” in the minds of most. For a time.

      1. You have to wonder if there is a provision to evaluate this condition on a case-by-case basis. It seems ADHD was over-diagnosed over the past decade.

        1. adhd is real, but a lot of boys with it would make very good soldiers.

          i am sure there are many young men with adhd that can crush the physical standards and have decent IQ but are discouraged — simply because their parents took the advice of school psychologists and got them into ADHD programming, which was helpful and valid. figure that one out.

          i have briefly researched the issue and been told they can get waivers etc. the question then becomes how hard to you want to try to be part of a thing that doesn’t appear to want you in the first place?

          our system never tires of slighting healthy and normal men with great potential and trying to discourage them from every sort of normal instincts, in favor of what’s not.

    1. You think so.? I don’t. The middle class is a lot of pot smoking losers these days. Low test and getting lower.

      Universities are a major nexus of all the mischief. They are both operant conditioning factories which neuter the young men, radicalize young women, but also, give ticket-punches and entry passes to the upwardly mobile, based strictly on their unthinking tractability.

      So the boys that stay out of university, avoid its many harms. but then their advancement is limited. They are
      confined to the entrepreneur and small employer part of the private sector if they want to make money, and enlisted ranks if they go into public service.

  7. No doubt friends & enemies of the US are laughing at what Girly-men/ Beta Cucks the US is turning into.

    Why wouldn’t they attack us now as a defenseless nation of sissies & cowards?

    Notice Dean Cuck says nothing about the latest stats show guns are used around 1.2 million times a year by lawful citizens to stop crimes & that of those lawful gun uses against criminals over 400,000 murders are stopped.

    Oh, but, but 12 died there by the hand of a nut job, or 15 over there…. if only they could virtue signal with canceling more honour ceremonies using guns then even Shirley would want to wilfully turn in her Defensive AR 15 with it’s, paraphrasing Joe B, “it’s magazine that holds 100’s of Clips.”

    1. The Bete male syndrome is largely limited to the wealthy. I taught at a major University and I can tell you that the Alpha male is alive and well.

  8. Heaven help us when these kids are the only ones left to defend us. It is foolishness to believe that parenting trends of the past 20 years are not one of the biggest threats to our collective future.

  9. Either these administrators are wimps or they are weasels undermining a patriotic institution.

  10. The real reason is that it’s a patriotic ceremony, and the cosmopolitans in charge of our institutions of higher education cannot abide that.

    Here’s a suggestion: hand these cultural parasites Nansen passports and tell them they’re free to enjoy what other countries have to offer…for the rest of their bloody lives.

  11. there was some concern that we would cause a panic if someone heard gunshots on grounds.

    If we made military service mandatory for 2 years post high school, there would be no panic, because the universities would be enrolling adults for school. They would also know the difference between cannon fire and gunshots.

    1. Olly your suggestion is the way Israel handles its military. You are right. When Israeli’s go to college they are adults. I’m not saying that we should have mandatory military service but we need to reevaluate our system of higher education and put more emphasis on academics than the party life.

      1. we need to reevaluate our system of higher education and put more emphasis on academics than the party life.


        We need to put the emphasis on vocational instruction, with the exemplary course of study being a preparatory certificate of indeterminate length (say, six months on average) filling in gaps in a student’s liberal education. You want to be a nurse, it’s six months of biology, emphasis on microbiology, unless you’ve had it in high school. After the preparatory certificate is complete, you transfer to an occupational school which offers specialized courses of study two academic years or one calendar year in duration. And the course of study isn’t padded with filler.

        As recently as 1965, less than 5% of each birth cohort in Britain attended university. In our own time in this country, fewer than 4% of each cohort garners a post-baccalaureate degree in a specifically academic subject. Tertiary liberal education is properly understood as something for an minority whose dispositions are such that they are inclined toward intellectual and artistic hobbies. Let’s posit 12% have one year where they study one subject, 8% have two years (again studying one subject), and 4% have three years studying that one subject.

        Our secondary schooling should likewise have less liberal education, more vocational education.

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