Three Indiana Judges Suspended After Late Night Shootout

Judges Andrew Adams, left, Bradley Jacobs and Sabrina Bell have been suspended without pay, according to the Indiana Supreme Court. (Indiana Courts)

I often speak at judicial conferences but clearly I am running with a much slower judicial crowd. Three Indiana judges have been suspended after a late night shootout following heavy drinking and a trip to a White Castle. The controversy left various people shot and under arrest — and three judicial careers in taters.

The Star reported Judges Andrew Adams, Bradley Jacobs, and Sabrina Bell were all given suspensions for their role in the case. The judges reportedly were drinking heavily after attending a judicial conference in Indianapolis. They attempted to go to a a gentlemen’s club but found that it was closed. Instead they ended up at a White Castle. There they had a confrontation in the parking lot with two individuals in a SUV, Alfredo Vazquez and Brandon Kaiser. The argument led Bell to flip off the two and Vazquez proceeded to grab a gun and and shoot Adams in the stomach. Jacobs was shot twice in the chest. The two men then fled in the SUV.

Brandon Kaiser, left, and Alfredo Vazquez were linked to the shootings of two judges in Indianapolis, authorities say. (Marion County Sheriff’s Department)

Adams and Jacobs were tested and found to be intoxicated when they arrived at the hospital. Bell was not tested but deemed to have been intoxicated.

Adams was suspended for 60 days without pay while judges Jacobs and Bell were suspended for 30 days without pay. The Indiana Supreme Court declared: “Respondents’ actions were not merely embarrassing on a personal level, they discredited the entire Indiana judiciary.”

Adams was also charged criminally and pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor for battery. He was sentenced to one year in jail but the sentence was largely suspended.

As for Vazquez and Kaiser, Vazquez was sentenced Nov. 1 to 180 days of home detention and a year of probation for violating his probation and for misdemeanor aggravated battery. His charges result from a plea agreement, the Star reported.

Kaiser was charged with 14 crimes, including eight felonies. Yet, Vasquez who reportedly pulled the gun, was sentenced to 180 days of home detention and a year of probation for violating his probation and for misdemeanor aggravated battery.

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  1. JT – thanks very much for so much great material. I volunteer as an instructor at a couple of adult education organizations. My topic is Decision Making In Life – A Calculus.

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    that C&W song comes to mind – ‘what were they thinking?’

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  2. It seems that with Indiana lawyers there’s a slight difference to a common old adage: it’s better to be tried by five than carried by six.

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