Spokane Police Find Suspect Hiding In Clothes Dryer, Along With Missing Sock

A tumble-dry low

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

A Spokane man is in hot air after allegedly attempting to evade arrest on a protection order violation by cloistering himself within a clothing dryer. No, it was not a big “Canyon-aire-o” sized dryer but it was a stackable apartment version.

Police claim that it was the work of a K-9 who found our hapless crook, but I have it on good authority it might have been the Snuggles Dryer Sheet bear who ratted him out.

I have to admit, most fugitives lack a certain creativity or artistic inspiration in hiding from the law. Finding them under beds and within bedroom closets is so passe. The judge in this case should at least lower his sentence by a few days in tribute to the suspect’s creative foray. He deserves credit where credit is due.

The suspect did however provide a strong argument that it is incontestable that in serving a search warrant for a fugitive in a dwelling, the scope of the search now includes dryers for hiding people.

It probably was best that in the end the suspect surrendered himself upon discovery and did not attempt to barricade himself inside, eliciting the police to start him on the Permanent Press Cycle. He would have looked quite the fool among his peers when he was subsequently booked in jail, appearing to have been attacked by a Van de Graaff generator from all the static cling he collected.

Still, a very fine show indeed

By Darren Smith

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