Breaking Bad Goes Bad: Two University Professors Arrested For Making Meth

In what police allege is a real-life version of the premise of “Breaking Bad,” two Arkansas chemistry professors have been arrested for allegedly making methamphetamine. Terry David Bateman, 45, and Bradley Allen Rowland, 40, both associate professors of chemistry at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, are accused of following in the footsteps of Walter White.

Police were called after a report of a chemical odor and later charged the two with manufacturing methamphetamine and using drug paraphernalia.

Of course, it is not clear if they demanded that police say their names with the same flair as the original:

7 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Goes Bad: Two University Professors Arrested For Making Meth”

  1. I can’t say I blame those dudes with the sad salary we make, being a Bio Chemist I earn about as much as a dude who cuts grass for a livingsand I am sure these guys made a sad amount as well

  2. Another reason to have these type of illegal drugs natural or home made to be classed as Weapons of Mass Destruction and those involved as ‘terrorists.’

    Then use the Patriot Act and it’s Terrorist provisions and don’t be too shocked to find out the last administration not only broadened, lengthened and added time provisions but did not exclude citizens nor members of congress and the government.

    It was I do believe an inserted part of the budget act passed December 2015.

    Interesting read ..

  3. This is not new news. Several years ago I represented a University of New Mexico chemist who, when arrested, had 55 gallon barrels of precursors in his house. His arrest predated “Breaking Bad” which, ironically, was filmed right where he lived, taught and manufactured. I predict this will happen again. Money, as with all else these days, drives what people do, and there is more money in meth than in Ft. Knox.

  4. Was it reported that NO METH WAS FOUND? And organic chemistry professors will normally have access to all of the supposed “paraphernalia” in the normal course of their teaching duties?

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