Minnesota Man Arrested For DUI In Car With Fake License Plates Made From Hamm’s Beer Box

In the video, Chippewa Falls Police officer Scott Schoenwetter is shown standing in front of his police cruiser.
Chippewa Falls Police Photo

“From the Land of Sky Blue Waters” in Wisconsin, police in Chippewa Falls stop Nicholas Layton after he was spotted allegedly weaving through the town. Layton was charged with drunk driving but that was not the biggest surprise in store for the police. Chippewa Falls Police officer Scott Schoenwetter could not find a registration for the plates and then realized that they were actually just painted on the back of a Hamm’s beer box.

 Layton reportedly failed a field sobriety test. The media reports indicate that this is his fourth drunk driving offense.

The painted plates were actually quite believable and Layton can claim to have at least reduced his carbon footprint through recycling.

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  1. I suppose that is one way to foil an electronic license plate reader. However, this individual should just look in the mirror – and admit to himself – that he is just not good at crime. Time for a new hobby.

  2. I am off to the recycling center, our long bed truck is overflowing with green waste from the latest fall clean up around our place. The “The painted plates were actually quite believable and Layton can claim to have at least reduced his carbon footprint through recycling.” comment reminded me that my local government hasn’t found a way to allocate the benefits of recycling yet.

    They are going to charge me about 22 bucks for the further processing of the captured carbon vegetation I am dropping off at the transfer station. My costs/fees have gone up 30% to 50% over the last couple of years to recycle our captured carbon. This seems a bit like the drop in value of PG&E’s carbon credits per this post-


  3. This guy was driving after three DUIs and… earned his 4th? I’ve seen what happens (ot other people) in Texas when you rack up a record like that – your car’s wired to a Drunkometer (which you must lease or buy), and you can’t start it unless you test negative for ethanol on the breath. That’s assuming by DUI #3, you aren’t a guest of the county.

    The idea to paint up a pair of bogus license plates must have come to him after he finished that 12-pack.

    Minnesota, at least, can be defended against the charge of abusing drivers’ privacy with trarffic light cameras. Those things are made to capture legible shots of license plates.

    1. So What!

      850000 babies are aborted/murdered every year.

      Big Pharma & the US medical community are killing over 400000 Americans every year through Phk’ups.

      Over 2/3rds of the deaths caused by guns , approx 30,000, every year are caused directly/indirectly by DEA/FBI/DOJ/IC drug running operations in the US. You’re really not so stupid to think that any large scale drop running op isn’t run by the US govt are you?

      Vaccine deaths/injuries Every year………

      So yeah, maybe on this guy, but So What!

      Is it deaths & injury you all are concerned with or are you just wishing to distract from where the real millions of preventable deaths & injuries every year are coming from in the US.

      Haw Haw, who’s the joke on.

      ( Dark Humor LOL, ya I get the joke, it’s on us all)

        1. Oky1 – have we asked the big question yet? Are these illegal aliens targeting Republicans?

          1. Paul,

            I haven’t written it but the pieces to the larger blueprint is in my head.

            The point is the we, the USA has already been overran by illegals.

            The nation is on the edge of collapse of the type of life we’ve all grown accustom to.

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            Well, maybe I just wrote a piece to that story.

            Another piece of the blueprint:

            I’ll have to look in a bit for that real estate/demographics piece.


  4. If only he was another one of those precious illegal aliens named mohammed & had raped & killed/beheaded a 1/2 a dozen or so kids/moms no doubt in Minnesota & some other states they would have already turned him loose onto the streets.

    Maybe some of the pissed off Angle Moms will start & post the victims lists?

    And where is moms against drunk drivers/murders when it come to illegal aliens?

    Anyway, back to the humour of the bac laws now closing to going sub 0.00 LOL

    Don’t you dare even looking at a beer truck Irishman 🙂

    But test msg’in & token on a number at 85+ in rush hour traffic, why that’s just fine.

    Ok sarc off

  5. Never heard of Hamm’s. I gather they don’t market it east of the Ohio River.

    1. Marky Mark Mark – you had a perfectly fine piece of information. Then you had to throw in your crap loaded ad hominems.
      BTW, I know that math is hard for lawyers (I have seen your billing statements) but statistics are not facts.

      1. Humorous, perhaps, to those who haven’t lost a loved one to a drunk driver. “You twit.”

  6. Well, if he is convicted of a felony DUI, there’s surely a job waiting for him at the License Plate shop at the prison.

  7. 4th DUI and he’s still on the road. Apparently, he feels entitled to put everyone else’s lives on the road at risk because he can’t be bothered to call an Uber.

    Wouldn’t using an Uber or, dare I say, going through rehab, actually save him money at this point?

    One of our relatives died as a teenager from a drunk driver. It devastated the family. People can talk about addiction as an illness, but when that addiction leads to behavior that kills innocent people, the victims of addicts take precedence.

    1. Karen S – if it makes you feel better, Wisconsin sends it’s repeat DUIs to prison for lengthy stays.

    2. Reinstitute Prohibition. How many millions must die in alcohol related crashes and diseases before America decides that D and A issues are a plague destroying out country?

  8. The only thing I remember about Hamm’s is the log-rolling bear. I was fascinated by him when I was a very young kid.

  9. I spend an enjoyable weekend in “Chippewa Falls is the birthplace of Seymour Cray, known as the “father of supercomputing”, and the headquarters for the original Cray Research. It is also the home of the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company….” decades ago drinking lots and lots of beer.

    I was visiting a polymer plant in the area who had developed a very promising a peel able foil laminate that would work to seal up a medical device I was working on. I had a great time back in the Midwest. I was impressed with the innovative characters I met. It didn’t seem as cold in Wisconsin as I remembered it being in upstate MN.


    1. Clarification:

      The drunken yahoo is from Minnesota — and shouldn’t be driving at all.

      The arrest was made in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

      From the linked article:

      CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wisc. – A New Ulm, Minnesota man has been charged in western Wisconsin not only with drunken driving, but also for having hand-painted, fake license plates on his car.

      1. You have to give the guy credit for innovativeness. It seems that the state doesn’t require locks outs like other states due.


        “On any given day, you and your family share the roadways with more than two million drunk drivers, who have three or more prior convictions. These drivers, on average, driven drunk 80 times prior to the first arrest. Continually, offenders roll the dice with your safety. Eventually, the numbers catch up with them, but that’s a small comfort to those they injure and kill.”

  10. “The media reports indicate that this is his fourth drunk driving offense.” -Jonathan Turley

    But hey, let the good times roll.

  11. “U.N. Rapporteur: Julian Assange Has Faced Psychological Torture; He Should Not Be Extradited to U.S.”

      1. Anonymous – I remember their beer from the 50s. It was very intoxicating. 😉

    1. Paul, Hamms was a premium beer until 1973. At that point the original Theodore Hamms Brewery closed in Saint Paul. Since then Hamms has been a cheapie beer brewed under licensed by other brewers.

      1. Peter – I toured the Budwiser brewery in St. Louis, which I recommend to everyone, and they were canning 17 different labels of beer from their.

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZC3NUdjtug

    From the land of sky blue waters (waters),
    From the land of pines, lofty balsams,
    Comes the beer refreshing,
    Hamm’s, the beer refreshing.

    DUN dun dun dun DUN dun dun dun
    Brewed where nature works her wonders,
    Aged for many moons, gently mellowed,
    Hamm’s the beer refreshing,
    Hamm’s the beer refreshing.

    1. I see that you beat me to it, FarOutWest. You must fellow geezer😏 if you remember those TV ads.

      1. Not only an old geezer, but I lived in Minnesota during the 1970’s and remember the Hamm’s commercials on TV. I also remember attending Twins games at the original Metropolitan Stadium and the $1 Schmidt beer in a bottle (“Cold beer! Get your cold Schmidt beer! Only a dollar a bottle!”) carried by vendors lugging wooden crates filled with Schmidt beer covered with ice cubes. Cold beer it was, too, for only a buck, not the $6 plastic cups of warm piss that passes for beer these days at the stadium.

      2. Anonymous – who was it that advertised during the Friday Night Fights? Pabst?

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