An “Indelible Record”: President Sends Incendiary Letter To The House Speaker On Eve Of His Impeachment

President Donald Trump lashed out at Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats yesterday on the eve of today’s impeachment vote. The letter, which can be read here, unleashed invective and angry responses to the expected impeachment. While the President quotes me in the letter, most of the letter has the signature style of the President and immediately drew objections over its tenor and assertions. Pelosi called the letter “ridiculous” and “sick.”

The President declares “It is time for you and the highly partisan Democrats in Congress to immediately cease this impeachment fantasy and get back to work for the American People. While I have no expectation that you will do so, I write this letter to you for the purpose of history and to put my thoughts on a permanent and indelible record.”

This letter will certainly prove indelible.

Much of the letter is hyperbolic and clearly directed at voters with statements like “You have cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment!”

However, the President also insists that “This impeachment represents an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power by Democrat Lawmakers, unequaled in nearly two and a half centuries of American legislative history.” I will note that I testified in the impeachment hearing (and most recently in a column) that this impeachment has striking similarities to the 1868 impeachment of Andrew Johnson. I would not say that this is worse. Rather both in my view are disturbing in their underlying claims and records.

There is obvious anger in a number of the lines like “You dare to invoke the Founding Fathers in pursuit of this election-nullification scheme?” and “It is a terrible thing you are doing, but you will have to live with it, not I!”

Some lines however reflect the expected defense in the Senate trial including “I said to President Zelensky: would like you to do us a favor, though, because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it? I said do us a favor, not me and our country, not a campaign.” He also stressed “You are turning a policy disagreement between two branches of government into an impeachable offense.”

One of the most interesting aspects of this letter will be its impact on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell is not someone who will want to turn over the Senate floor to an unpredictable or sensational trial. If he believes that the trial could become a spectacle, he is more likely to limit witnesses and other elements.

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  1. The impeachment is not justified based on the evidence.

    We see this in the rambling speeches by House Democrats this morning. If Trump killed someone, they would speak of the specific crime of murder. Instead, they speak of vagaries and abstractions.

    Democrat efforts to meddle in the 2016, starting with the fake dossier, has continued to divide the country and weaken us on a global scale. Democrats have cast a cloud over Trump while he conducts important negotiations.

    Will there be any justice for the fake dossier, FBI misconduct, and all the false allegations? Will voters have access to accurate information, including Trump’s accomplishments while in office, in time for the 2020 election?

    Democrats already created the most expensive insurance in our history. They would create an even more expensive system totally removed from the marketplace and consumer choice. Single Payor would cost more and provide less, only you would pay higher taxes instead of calling it a premium or deductible. Mathematically, we would all be worse off, only now, everyone on employer policies would feel the pain too.

    Then, when they complain, they will be told it’s too big to fail. They would be stuck with it.

    Vote responsibly.

    1. I posted that comment from the free clinic where I work once a week, shortly after tending to two tragic cases. One young patient needed medical attention after having surgery weeks ago, had their face split open, to remove a tumor that was growing behind an eye orbital. Half the face had to be “pulled back” to access the tumor. Being several weeks out from surgery, the scar looked good and it was healing well, but the after-care is extensive: patient has 3 young children, no spouse, meager wages, and is frightened. Another patient was thrown to the side of the road unconscious after having had an automobile accident weeks ago, needed trauma surgery, and vehicle was totaled. Loss of car meant loss of wages, no transportation, missed medical appointments, ongoing pain from broken ribs, ruptured kidney and multiple medical complications.

      It was after I saw these and other patients that I looked at the news on my iPad, saw the Charlie Foxtrot of the US House Democrats, and I was ashamed. American health care is a travesty of epic proportions. Why should Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee care considering they have the best insurance money can buy. The Affordable Healthcare Act / Obamacare has made the burden on physicians infinitely worse with regulations, administrative tasks and the mandating of EMR (electronic medical record). The nurses today had a difficult time finding the records of my patients because of EMR which delayed care and created longer wait time.

      Yet there was Nancy Pelosi in all her theater, the nurses briefly saw the articles I was viewing on my iPad, and as they expressed their disgust at Congress, it was palpable. I shook my head in dismay, and called it a day.

      it is a wonder Americans have not stormed the US House of Representatives and done to Democrats like the French did to Robespierre and his allies. Long overdue.

      1. “it is a wonder Americans have not stormed the US House of Representatives and done to Democrats like the French did to Robespierre and his allies. Long overdue.”

        Estovir you will have to be satisfied with this instead. The loud action starts around 2 minutes.

      2. I hope the two patients you mentioned have a positive resolution. Their stress must be terrible. It’s good of you to volunteer. Our communities seem more disconnected today. You don’t see kids taking care of the yards of the elderly anymore or carrying groceries. Neighbors don’t make eye contact in the suburbs, let alone learn each others’ names here in CA. Even in the rural areas people get to know some neighbors but not all of them. I’ve lived in places where everyone knew everyone else’s business and health troubles set off a flood of casseroles.

        There is something to be said for ensuring charity and a sense of community get passed to the next generation.

  2. Impeachment for a few more tax dollars

    The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)…. Conducted by Sarah Hicks

  3. Apropos


    Witch Hunts, Then and Now: The theme of ‘innate depravity’ joins Salem and Washington.

    Draw back the American veil, and you shall behold innate depravity. That idea connects two disparate works that concern themselves with sin in America: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story “Young Goodman Brown,” published in 1835, and the impeachment of Donald Trump.

    In Hawthorne’s story, a young man leaves his wife, Faith, in the safety of Salem Village, Mass., and walks alone at dusk along a gloomy forest road. There he encounters Salem’s most respectable citizens convened to worship Satan among trees that have burst spontaneously into flame. His parents are among the worshipers, and so is Faith. It is revealed to Young Goodman Brown that all of society, from the official to the intimate, is lost to sin and corruption. Cotton Mather’s “errand into the Wilderness” has turned diabolical. Thus begins the American project.

    Americans are a touchy people, given to extremes of self-consciousness. They imagine they must be either the greatest people in the world or the vilest. Since Vietnam, the left has made a sacrament of national self-accusation, which over decades has led on to the mobilizing of sexual and racial grievances—a transformational emphasis that has generated immense social change and immense political power.

    It’s in that context that the founding Calvinist idea of mankind’s innate depravity due to original sin has been reborn in the 21st century and adapted to the left’s insistence on the innate depravity of the ruling class: the wickedness of the patriarchy, of “white privilege,” of “white supremacy” and of the nation’s entire past. To make a clean sweep, they have anathematized all of Western civilization.

    Even atheists and agnostics have prospered politically on the idea of innate depravity, borrowed from the theology of the country’s earliest zealots. The left has grown comfortable in practicing theology without benefit of God. If the entire American project was depraved from the beginning—Columbus was a louse, the Constitution countenanced slavery, and Washington and Jefferson owned slaves—then the whole thing may be, without qualms, damned absolutely and dismantled at will, so that it might be replaced by a different country, one more virtuous and just.

    Sin unredeemed by grace or merit resonates with the left’s ideology of a debunked America. It was that ideology that brought on the Trumpian uprising of 2016 and, three years down the road, has set the stage for the impeachment. Mr. Trump represents, in the left’s mind, everything that Young Goodman Brown encountered in the dark forest: personal depravity and civic demonism

    It is proper that Mr. Trump and his defenders have so often repeated the term “witch hunt.” Unrestrained demonizing takes Americans back to the 17th century, where Hawthorne set his story. Nineteen “witches” were hanged in Salem; one was suffocated under the weight of heavy stones. Cotton Mather felt sheepish about it later on.

    In the 2020 election, two American religions are at war—that of the Trump base, with its Old Believers (a fusion of the MAGA set and evangelicals) and, on the other side, the Progressive Woke. Each side considers the other to be innately depraved.

    Mr. Morrow is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

    1. that’s fine. what i think is they are a pack of lying cheating hypocrites, pasty faced errand boys, butt-kissers, apple pollishers, sycophants and pencil necked geeks like the CIA whistle blower guy Eric Chitmarella or whatever his stupid name is.

      I wish the Republicans would stage some “Demonstrations” then I would be first in line to start heaving bricks!

      But no, it’s all patience and war of words with the Republicans. Stay patient long enough and you’ll just fall asleep! Time for them to get mad and get active!

  4. I think what the letter most clearly expresses, and justifiably so as per Professor Turley’s own testimony, is something he fails to even mention, and that is, “righteous indignation.”

    Trump here creates a personal, indelible record, of his “righteous indignation.”

    As the professor correctly points out, Trump writes not only to posterity but also to voters, this letter therefore constitutes a decisive political act, and a moderately successful one at that, in that, the rather tepid response it has elicited from of the Left is precisely what Trump had hoped to achieve, Why? Because it infuriates center-right independents. And where does America’s freedom live? Center-right. (Or perhaps even slightly center left, depending on one’s definition of liberty.) Still, we are speaking of people who view the unethical and corrupt as contemptuousness; who entertain high regard for the Founders, our history, and ideals, as “forged in stone” through creation of a constitution, ideologically enshrined,

    What we are not speaking of is those many unscrupulous who have chosen to forfeit pride and conviction for the sake of self-aggrandizement, as most of academia has done. as most of the pseudo-intellectuals who occupy America’s left have done, as Biden himself has done – the man has literally been labeled “corrupt” for decades. Btw, Biden was not then at the start of this investigation, a candidate, and never shall be – no one this corrupt captures the nomination. To permit Biden to do so is to admit de-feet because most assuredly the People, who in a “free” land have always been independent, will give you the boot. In my opinion, the Party of the Czar is finished in America. Corruption, as further evidenced by this sham impeachment, is but a symptom of the sickness that so thoroughly permeates.

  5. Has gone on and on about things Trump has in said in his tweets and how he demeans people but no one talks about the left and what they have called the people who for Trump. They have called us deplorables smelly Wal Mart shoppers a host other words Hilary called women who voted for Trump Do not act so self-righteous. It seems you who call Trump a bigot racist need to look in
    a mirror because you are bigots and racists

  6. Jonathan Turley:

    “While the President quotes me in the letter, most of the letter has the signature style of the President and immediately drew objections over its tenor and assertions.”

    Here’s the quote, in context:

    ‘The second claim, so-called “Obstruction of Congress,” is preposterous and dangerous. House Democrats are trying to impeach the duly elected President of the United States for asserting Constitutionally based privileges that have been asserted on a bipartisan basis by administrations of both political parties throughout our Nation’s history. Under that standard, every American president would have been impeached many times over. As liberal law professor Jonathan Turley warned when addressing Congressional Democrats: “I can’t emphasize this enough…if you impeach a president, if you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It’s your abuse of power. You’re doing precisely what you’re criticizing the President for doing.”‘

    1. Trump hasn’t asserted privilege as the grounds for refusing to cooperate with Congressional oversight. He can’t, because there is no such thing as blanket privilege. And, contrary to Turley’s attempted defense, it should not be necessary for Congress to be forced to resort to the courts to enforce the right to investigate granted by the Constitution. Trump has no leg to stand on at all in flatly refusing to cooperate at all, so he is thumbing his nose at the Constitution he took an oath to protect and defend. A privilege must be asserted on an item-by-item basis, and if this were the controversy, I’d agree with Turley, but it isn’t. His refusal to cooperate at all is obstruction of Congress, and is ample grounds for impeachment. The House of Representatives has the backing of the Constitution, which gives it the power to investigate and impeach a president. Trump has nothing other than his yuge ego.

      BTW: most Americans understand this. Most Americans believe he is wrong in refusing to cooperate on any level. Most Americans support impeachment and removal, just like most Americans did not vote for him and have disapproved of him and his wrongful occupation of our White House.

        1. “you dont speak for most americans.”

          show me the numbers; show me the data

          “your authority is zero”

          as is yours

  7. I won’t be the first leftist or libertarian to point this out, but this is all theater for party voters. Look at the DOD budget which is bi-partisan and will be signed by Trump. This bill is a monstrosity. Everyone’s rights are further eroded. A nation w/an already amazing deficit is throwing money at war contractors and waging war around the globe under pretext and lies.

    Pay attention to what these people agree on because that would be everything which violates our Constitution and helps bankers rips off everyone else. Keep your eye there and you will see the truth.

    If Democrats really thought Trump was a maniac, then you have to wonder why they just authorized him more nukes, more rods from god, more surveillance powers, etc. Those aren’t really things you give to someone who you think is a maniac. There are lies here and they are in plain sight if we will only be willing to see them.

  8. I fail to understand how if Trump is involved, any statement whatsoever becomes ‘divisive rhetoric’, but the DNC and media that have almost quite literally done nothing but espouse and spread blatant falsehood and abuse their power for the past three years are somehow enacting ‘justice’. For Trump, I’d actually say this letter is fairly measured. I do think the Prof has a wee bit of TDS, I am very grateful he can see past it the majority of the time. I’m sorry, but the DNC have created a new, almost previously unfathomable low thus far into the term, and it’s likely going to cost them. It would be the sweetest of ironies if their chicanery over one individual ends up costing the majority of them their seats.

    1. While I agree with you concerning the Democratic Party being an instigator of a great deal of divisiveness, I hold Trump partly responsible.

      This man was brash, reckless and offensive while campaigning. He was warned that he could be burning bridges before he’s even had a chance to cross them. He ignored those warnings and with a wave of his hand declared, “I’ll change – I’ll change.” Meaning once in office he’d be less offensive and the first thing that happens is a dramatic kerfuffle over THE NUMBER OF ATTENDEES AT THE INAUGURATION!

      I have no doubt that Trump was put under the spotlight but it seemed to be where he wanted to be. He was going to drain the swamp after all. He hasn’t. It seems to a lot of us that he has gone out of his way to bait the Press, alienate the House and insult the Americans that did not vote for him. I’m not surprised that he’s having problems.

      He did say – “I hope they do impeach me.” Apparently just more hyperbole.

    1. Tabby, rude, obnoxious language just doesn’t work for presidents. Trump is example # 1.

      1. I puked today when I heard the Democrats in the House, a pack of nation-wrecking saboteurs wrapping themselves in the flag. A pack of scoundrels who should be hung.

        They’re throwing a snitch jacket on Trump, daring to call him a traitor. Now its THEY who are the traitors.

        And this is a purely political exercise? OK then lets just get down to brass tacks, kick off the boogaloo, let’s see where the ball comes to a stop once it’s put in play!

      2. “Rude and obnoxious” were two qualities that helped get him elected.
        Trump is Trump and will continue to be Trump. It came as no great surprise to Trump voters that he was not likely to the go along with the veneer of civility that most candidates and office holders need to display.
        There were some signs, very early on in his presidency, that he might tone it down. I think he concluded that “Trump Light” wasn’t getting him anywhere, and went back to going after his opponents in ways we haven’t seen before.

        1. Anonymous, more Americans voted against Trump than for him. Yet we keep hearing Americans wanted him. They didnt!

            1. Also, Hillary’s negatives ( on likeablity, trust) were about as high as Trump’s.
              A majority of voters did not vote for her, either.

              1. Anonymous – I trusted Trump more than Clinton, so I voted for him. Besides, she might accidentally fall on the nuclear button. 😉

                  1. Anonymous – I thought the offer for Greenland was a good deal for both of us. Over time the United States has bought a lot of land.

              2. “A majority of voters did not vote for her, either.”

                I don’t like Hillary, but she did win the popular vote.

              3. 3 million MORE voted for Hillary, and she didn’t have help from Russian hackers who were given directions on where to aim a false social media campaign in key districts that could turn the Electoral College. Trump will never have validity because he cheated, pure and simple. But, if anyone has any lingering doubt, consider how he tried to do it again with Ukraine, and this was the day after Mueller testified.

            2. Not that it matters to the outcome of the EC; I would be interested to know what additional millions of Americans, not yet eligible to enter the franchise, were represented by the vote of those eligible.

        2. The “veneer of civility” is grounded in respect for the institutions of our democracy. There’s a very good reason why Nadler, for example, refers to his Republican colleagues as “the gentleman” or “the gentlewoman”–because he respects the institution. Behaving as a dignified person and showing respect for others, including those with whom you disagree, evidences respect for the office and what it stands for. For Trump, the office is just free publicity for his next gig, an opportunity to feed his ego with the attention and adulation his immature and fragile ego requires. He is the least-qualified and most unfit person ever to occupy the White House, he cheated to get there and tried to cheat to keep it. When Congress attempted to investigate him, he did everything possible to interfere and disrupt the process, and is now insulting and falsely accusing those attempting to bring him to account for his conduct. No other occupant of the White House ever acted like this, and it’s not feistiness–it’s a fragile ego of an emotionally immature person who got caught. The rest of the world laughs out loud at him. He has few to no accomplishments, other than making work for lawyers. He needs to go. Now.

            1. I think she may have a point, Mespo. I should probably say “The Gentlewoman Natacha” is off her rocker, rather than just giving the reasons I’ve given to support that conclusion.
              Out of respect for the blog.

      3. Shill, President Trump’s style is what got him elected and his accomplishments and style are why he’ll get reelected. That is what works and that is precisely why the Democrats cannot wait until November 2020.

        This impeachment process is really not about impeachment. Its purpose is to give Democrats a very public forum in which they can plant seeds to undermine the looming Durham report and the outcome of the 2020 election. Both efforts will fail in epic fashion.

        1. Olly, more Americans voted against Trump. So this idea that Americans wanted a rude president is a false narrative.

          1. So this idea that Americans wanted a rude president is a false narrative.

            You have a false idea of how Americans decide what is rude.

            I believed it rude for the Democrats to give Obama a standing ovation during the SOTU when he told them they were irrelevant to his agenda. I believed it rude to blame the Benghazi terrorist attack on a video and leave Americans to die without sending aid. I believed it rude to honor an Army deserter in the Rose Garden and trade his release for 5 terrorists. I believed it rude to lie to the American people to get Obamacare passed. I believed it rude to drop $400 million in pallets of cash to Iran and up to $1.7 billion.

            I could go on. I’ll take a president that speaks the harsh truth every time; not one that eloquently lies.

              1. looks like a string of What Abouts.

                Wouldn’t it be great if your intellectual myopia was covered by Covered California. Then you too might bring forth a reasoned thought.

              2. Olly always has his rationale for why facts are false (spoiler alert: facts don’t fit his narrative) and Alan is just stupid.

                1. YNOT,
                  Here is a charge in Impeachment Article 1: Is this a factual charge? Is there any direct evidence that makes this charge true?

                  Using the powers of his high office, President Trump solicited the interference of a foreign government, Ukraine, in the 2020 United States Presidential election. He did so through a scheme or course of conduct that included soliciting the Government of Ukraine to publicly announce investigations that would benefit his reelection, harm the election prospects of a political opponent, and influence the 2020 United States Presidential election to his advantage.

                  Ready. Go.

                  1. I am sure you got your, “ yea, but so is your mother” response ready. Most sane people believe tRump’s behavior justify impeachment. And, yes, tRump admitted himself that he is guilty, Mulvaney admitted it, many others have provided testimony that demonstrate the intent and extent of the effort. I know with a wink and nod tRump is absolved of all because you lack integrity.

                    1. Tony – there are a tremendous amount of sane people who believe that Trump should not be convicted or impeached. However, there are a bazillion people with TDS who think like you do. You are living in a bubble. You need to break that bubble and get more info.
                      I watched some of the hearing today, but it was so repetitious that it was annoying and the lying by the Democrats was raising by blood pressure.

            1. David Brooks:

              He’s a showman. And that’s showbiz.

              And I have to say, I had a friend come from — he’d been away in Israel and came back to the United States. And he came to me, he said, Trump’s really funny.

              And I don’t always see the humor. But, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, tens of thousand of people saw the humor, and hundreds of thousands of million — hundreds of millions — or tens of millions of people around the country see the humor.”
              – David Brooks made this observation on Friday’s ( Dec. 13) PBS News Hour.
              And it’s true; a lot of people think Trump’s barbs are humerous. ( The humor may lost on people like Peter/ Phillip and Natacha).

              1. 🙂 Think of Trump as William Wallace in the Braveheart scene where his side mooned the English. That’s Trump, connecting with the people who have long sought a leader that will stand up to the ruling class.

                1. “So says Allan. (You give yourself away, buddy.)”

                  Anonymous the Brainless Wonder, not everyone lives under a rock and has to hide under the cloak of secrecy posting under generic or multiple names. We leave that to the really Stupid that otherwise find it difficult to survive. No, I only post under one name.

                  1. “No, I “only post under one name” –Allan

                    Put that in the category of “lies by Allan.”

                    There’s that little thing called an IP address, Allan.

                    1. “There’s that little thing called an IP address, Allan.”

                      Yes, there is so you are not totally anonymous, Anonymous the Stupid. But none of that changes the fact that I use only one name, Allan.

          Olly, here’s a good primer covering this impeachment.
          On Trump’s style, I think there’s a big divide between those who like it and those who hate it, and deem it to be “unpresidential”. It’s a little bit like those who liked Truman because be was so different from most of his predecessors.
          He was somewhat coarse, relatively uneducated compared to most presidents, would insult opponents, etc. That appealed to some and turned others off.
          Trump is like Truman on steroids in the way he expresses his anger at opponents. And this impeachment thing might 😉even mean that he’ll go negative in the 2020 campaign.

      4. Trump’s presidency has been one of success. I prefer the bluntness of Trump to the lies of Obama.


    Only people in the deepest stages of denial still believe Trump is the innocent victim of evil schemes by Democrats. His rash immaturity is the problem and has always been the problem. Grandfathers in their 70’s are simply ‘not’ so over-the-top combative. The presidency requires statesmanship, and that means dignified maturity.

    1. Only people in the deepest stages of denial still believe Trump is the innocent victim of evil schemes by Democrats.

      No, people who aren’t liars and fools believe Trump is the victim of scheming by the permanent government, the Democratic Party, and the media. Because it’s true.

      1. So Tabby, you’re claiming Trump ‘is’ a mature, dignified statesman who isnt constantly bashing people on Twitter? You must be in a separate universe.

        1. Who gives a crud if he’s bashing people on Twitter. He need to do more than talk. Enough talk!

          This is basically a civil war in phony trappings of procedure. I say if they want a civil war, quit playing games, and start putting iron on the target.

          1. So…now you’re advocating Civil War? Well, did it occur to you that those opposing Trump, which is most Americans, would be aided by: France, Germany, Canada and Mexico, just for starters? What would you be fighting for? Forcing Trump on America? Most Americans voted against him, have never approved of him, and want him gone.

            Do you hear what you’re saying? You want a civil war over Trump? What the hell is wrong with you?

            1. Well, did it occur to you that those opposing Trump, which is most Americans, would be aided by: France, Germany, Canada and Mexico, just for starters?

              Remind me again what the Abuse of Power impeachment charge is about? Wasn’t it something to do with soliciting aid from a foreign power to interfere in our democratic process? As a reminder:
              That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

              1. Abuse of power was about Trump issuing blanket refusals to cooperate with Congressional oversight investigations. There is no authority whatsoever for across the board refusal to cooperate with subpoenas for witnesses and documents. The Constitution gives the House the power to investigate and impeach. How can they investigate if the subject of the investigation procures the lack of cooperation of witnesses? And, Turley is wrong to opine that Congress has to first go to courts to coerce cooperation before it can impeach. In fact, a court ordered Don McGhan to testify over Trump’s objection, and Trump appealed that order, too. It would take more than the 4 years of a presidential term to go through the courts for all of his various blanket refusals to cooperate, so this was just a maneuver to avoid accountability.

                Abuse of power also was Trump intentionally withholding military aid approved by Congress from Ukraine, while it was in a hot war with Russia, to procure an agreement to announce that the Bidens were under investigation. This was done solely to benefit his campaign. He didn’t care about having the Bidens investigated until polls showed Joe Biden beating him, and this was 3 1/2 years into his wrongful presidency. He doesn’t care about corruption anyplace else in the world except for Ukraine, and he’s also trying to pin the cheating he used to “win the victory” on Ukraine instead of Russia. That is abuse of power.

                Now, you have Trumpsters suggesting there should be a civil war over removing Trump. Really? Is this narcissist with a fragile ego worth all of the division and rancor he is causing in this country, not to mention the international embarrassment of other world leaders laughing out loud at him? Is Congress supposed to be intimidated into not acting when his campaign was feeding polling information to Russia for its use in a false social media campaign against Hillary Clinton, and his withholding of desperately-needed military aid from Ukraine in exchange for smearing the reputation of Joe Biden? If members of Congress fail to act, they will be shirking the oath they took to protect and defend the Constitution. But, with Republicans, who know they are gradually losing ground with Americans, they’ll cheat to win, whether it is voter suppression, gerrymandering, and now, refusing to comply with their oath to protect and defend the Constitution by allowing this unlawful conduct to pass muster. Moscow Mitch McConnell announced that if a SCOTUS opening happens before Trump leaves, he’ll fill it, despite what he said during the last year of President Obama’s term about this being unfair. I wonder just how deeply blind you Trumpsters have to be not to see how wrong all of this is. What would you be fighting a civil war for? America is better than Trump and the Republicans, and history will not look kindly on Trump or the Republicans.

                1. Civil war is what can happen when a coterie of CIA spooks lead by the former Chief CIA spook Brennan are out there calling openly for sabotage and creeps like Eric Ciamarella the saboteur spying on The President instead of helping him, do a lot of mischief and the stupid Democrat leadership gets sucked into their illegal plans and gives it the trappings of political procedure. That’s foolish for the Dem leadership, and maybe they are more than just fools, maybe they’re principals too. I don’t know, but eventually it will be clear, sooner or later.

                  For sure, it’s the coup plotters that have tried to start a civil war, by their false and illegal designs. Oh, I’m sure they have a lot of backing from the oligarchs, the mass media, the war mongers, etc. But they’ve tried to engineer a regime change just like the CIA has done to so many other countries the past decades, now the CIA does it on AMericans!

                  The Congressional Democrat leadership has gone along lead by the nose by these cretins and so they are collaborators. At least. Or maybe they were in on it from the start. We’ll see how they act in the coming months, I’ll reserve judgment on the politicians, but the former and current CIA saboteurs are nothing but criminals and worse yet they are engaged in acts of war on the State. I totally support the most extreme measures necessary to root out this cancer from the intelligence community by whatever means necessary.

                  I believe that extra judicial measures may become necessary to defend the lawful constitutional order from a runaway clique of CIA rogues and I absolutely would support the President with whatever severe measures are necessary.

                  The Democrats up there were quoting Lincoln. Oh, that’s interesting. Historical facts: Lincoln sent hundreds of thousands of men to their deaths in a war. Over a political and constitutional question that could have been resolved peacefully and in most nations in the war was eventually resolved through peaceful legislation (manumission). Lincoln was impatient however. Lincoln locked people up without trials, suspended habeas corpus, confiscated property, closed newspapers, and sent the army out to kill the opposing armies, etc. And not just all that; Lincoln let General Sherman actually organize the murder of civilians in the infamous “March to the Sea.” That’s who your Democrats were up there quoting. Well, if that’s the way you want it, you never know if all that comes back at you one day.

                  History’s rich with ironies! How many foreign governments has the CIA overthrown, and here they’ve engineered an impeachment of a boss they don’t like . Amazing. You people are the most pathetic group of hypocrites history has ever seen if you can’t see how these things that go around come around.

            2. I would be for squashing down the sycophants of the oligarchy, faceless saboteurs disguised as bureaucrats, politically correct schoolmarms, and various other social parasites. Decisively.

              Who against how? Oh, that will reveal itself as the process unwinds. We’ll see! It’s probably irreversible now, even once the impeachment is defeated, there will be some other trick up their sleeves.

              What the hell is wrong with me? Nothing. What’s wrong with you, for trying to overturn the 2016 election? Slandering the lawful president for 3 years. See where it gets you.

              Your ilk only respects the process when your guy wins. There is no real dialogue here, just a contest of wills and organization and resources and force. It’s covert civil war already. It has been for decades.

              You’re the nation wreckers and you were for a long time hence, all the way back to the 60s. You think you’ve improved America? No you just forced your ideas on other people. In a thousand sneaky ways.
              We’ll see how it works out for you in the end.

    2. No, we what the eight before years before Trump President. It would not have mattered who elected a Republican they would have attacked the same. I don’t like the way he uses twitter or some of the things he says in his in his rallies he has a lot for our nation despite attacks false narratives from the media and his opposition from both of the aisle as one of those voted for him I am not ignorant hick or a smelly deplorable. My family has put our lives on the line for this nation over 75 years beginning with WWII through today and we love this. So please quit acting like you are superior.

        1. I see that Darren deleted one of your comments last night. Other comments that strike the same tone (comments written by others) remain. You were right on the mark, by the way.

    3. Peter, you might believe what you say because you are ignorant of the facts. That is why you avoid them.

    4. The presidency requires statesmanship, and that means dignified maturity.

      Nope. That requirement does not exist in the constitution. The People on the other hand may require that of the president, and they reflect that in our electoral process.

  10. My mother used to keep smelling salts in her purse. She never owned a corset and the girdles you saw advertised on television she really didn’t need and didn’t buy. Still, she’d been raised at a time and in a place and in circumstances where smelling salts were part of a ladies’ kit, along with a compact, lipstick, large wallet, Kleenex travel pack, eyeglasses, Clorets, and cigarettes. I take it you’re in need of a snort.

  11. What we are headed into is going to be viewed by historians as huge. The Dems have come up with two lame brain articles of impeachment. They should not survive a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim. But they will. The voters will get to watch on TV the lame proof presented. If it is hearsay on hearsay on itShay then the voters will decide to vote for or against the Senators who vote against Trump. In the next election the Dems will lose the house and lose more seats in the Senate. The economy will do well and Trump will be on board for four more years. Old Lady Pelotsi will retire some time soon. Jumpin Joe Biden will bring down the Dems when his Hunter apCray comes to light. Nitwits like Bernie who talksin turdy turd and a turd will bore the heck out of the voters in the rest of the country. Hand talking Elizabeth warren has already pushed many Dems off her page. The voters won’t vote for a gay guy with a male for First Lady. There is no one in the Dem pack who can win. It would be rude to ducks to refer to these Dems as lame ducks. Ducks can at least quack.

  12. I saw Alcee Hastings, who has been both impeached and convicted, accuse this President of being a bad person. It was the height of irony. I saw film of Schumer from before the Clinton impeachment hearing not wanting witnesses and then new film of him wanting additional witnesses.

      1. mespo – I did see her reply to this letter. She claimed she had not read the whole letter but “It was sick.”

  13. The Democratic House has passed hundreds of bills but the do nothing Senate lead by the lovely Mitch has refused to allow up and down votes on any of them. Talk about do nothing.

    I’m sick of the Donald acting as if he is a king with the divine right to be so. As the president he is constitutionally accountable in the context of an impeachment trial. If anyone is trashing the founding fathers and the Constitution it is the President and his cult followers in the Senate and elsewhere.

    If he’s done nothing wrong, why won’t he testify and let his people testify? Too much to hide.

      1. Mespo, the Democrats are smart. They pass hundreds of bills to destroy the country so that stupid people believe them when they say they are working hard. That is what happens when people smoke too much weed and that is why one of their halmark bills was to legalize marihuana on the federal level.These goofballs believe that illegal immigrants deserve free healthcare more than American veterans. That is the type of legislation the Democrats have passed.

        1. Allan,
          Don’t forget their legislation permitting illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses. I believe we now have 7 states that permit this. The lines of people waiting to get the licenses were impressive. Now of course the argument that requiring voter ID’s would be too burdensome and would disenfranchise citizens rings hollow. Imagine the resourcefulness of these illegals to find a way to get these Id’s and yet our own citizens are too burdened.

    1. I met Justice Holmes, and you are not him. In fact, he was always very fair and impartial and a gentlemen of the highest calibre, who would not like your use of his name.
      You mentioned, what we have heard over and over again, that the Democrat House has passed 300 bills, but the do nothing Senate has not taken them up.
      Have you read the bills? Do you know what they are concerned with? Is there anything in them that is as important as the USMCA, or a budget for the next fiscal year? About making insurance better and less expensive for all? About trying to make prescription drugs cheaper? About infrastructure?
      Help me out and tell me what these “important” bills are about, that are upsetting you so much.

    2. If he’s done nothing wrong, why won’t he testify and let his people testify? Too much to hide.

      Did you miss the rule which would not allow them to bring their lawyer?
      He released the transcript. What more do you want?
      Would it be proper to discuss an on going investigation?
      The poor little victim “witness” was kept out of the loop because she is under investigation, don’t tell her.

      Who has the authority and responsibility to investigate crimes under the constitution?

      I would like to hear an answer to that question. I was under the impression Article 2 was the law enforcement branch. Is this not correct? Is Article 1 obstructing Article 2 investigation obstruction of justice?

  14. I think that the Trump letter is correct, accurate and comes at the right time. “Incendiary”? That word is BS in regards to this letter. The impeachment of Andrew Johnson is mentioned by Turley here. Andrew Johnson was as dorky as that photo of him shows. He should have been shot as a southern traitor. To compare him to Trump is like comparing Obama to Hitler.

  15. I posted it yesterday. Thought it was a great letter. Incendiary? Lashed out ? Incendiary and lashing out are trying to overturn an election with no competent evidence.

    1. Yes the real election meddlers are right there in the swamp, not Moscow.

      They even had a CIA spy snooping and pooping on his own boss, Pathetic!

      Right now in this process, enemies and friends are revealing themselves for the coming struggle.

      When they say, this is purely political. what does that mean, deep down?

      Stanford U commentary on Cartl Schmitt’s the “Concept of the Political”

      “Schmitt’s view assumes that it is possible to speak of the existence of a people in advance of the creation of any positive constitutional framework. Schmitt therefore has to explain what it means for a people to exist prior to any constitutional framework, and he has to give an account of how the people’s political existence prior to any constitutional framework can ground a sovereign dictatorship.

      Schmitt’s The Concept of the Political phrases the answer to this question as an account of the nature of ‘the political. and ene’ … Schmitt famously claims that “the specific political distinction … is that between friend and enemy.” (CP 26) The distinction between friend and enemy, Schmitt elaborates, is essentially public and not private. Individuals may have personal enemies, but personal enmity is not a political phenomenon. Politics involves groups that face off as mutual enemies (CP 28–9). Two groups will find themselves in a situation of mutual enmity if and only if there is a possibility of war and mutual killing between them. The distinction between friend and enemy thus refers to the “utmost degree of intensity … of an association or dissociation.” (CP 26, 38) The utmost degree of association is the willingness to fight and die for and together with other members of one’s group, and the ultimate degree of dissociation is the willingness to kill others for the simple reason that they are members of a hostile group (CP 32–3).

      Schmitt believes that political enmity can have many different origins. The political differs from other spheres of value in that it is not based on a substantive distinction of its own. The ethical, for example, is based on a distinction between the morally good and the morally bad, the aesthetic on a distinction between the beautiful and the ugly, and the economical on a distinction between the profitable and the unprofitable. The political distinction between friend and enemy is not reducible to these other distinctions or, for that matter, to any particular distinction — be it linguistic, ethnic, cultural, religious, etc. — that may become a marker of collective identity and difference (CP 25–7). It is possible, for instance, to be enemies with members of a hostile group whom one judges to be morally good. And it is equally possible not to be engaged in a relationship of mutual enmity with a group whose individual members one judges to be bad. The same holds, Schmitt thinks, for all other substantive distinctions that may become markers of identity and difference.”

      I believe that by abusing the process of impeachment, Democrats are doing precisely what they claim they are trying to avoid and stop: dictatorship in a word, which they have not used, but they imply. Much in the same way that the Roman Senate by slaying Julius Caesar in their midst, guaranteed centuries of Emperors to follow.

      The Caesar is coming. It may not be Trump, I dont think he’s even close, but Caesar is coming, and this only hastens the day.

      Pray that Caesar when he comes, is on your side! And as the old saying goes– don’t just pray, because God helps those who helps themselves.


      The irony was rich today with the Democrats quoting Lincoln, who was ten times the tyrant of any other president including Geo Washington. Did Lincoln get impeached for suspending writ of habeas corpus, for closing down newspapers on his own orders, and for making war and killing American citizens with acts of war?

      I dont think so. No impeachment for him. And constitutional amendments forced on states prostrated by war.. And an aggressive, extra-judicial, extra-legal occupation forcing change on them with more organized violence. That was Reconstruction, you see. Which was ended, wisely. But Johnson, he was hated for providing relief for the South, and then he got the impeachment. Which failed, as we were reminded. Cooler heads eventually slowed down their aggressive ambitions.

      All that history is meaningless to them anyhow, except as it provides lesson for their own cynical power-lust.

      We’ll see where this ends up!

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