Chelsea Clinton Rakes In $9 Million From Corporate Boards

Given the column today on Hunter Biden, another story stood out in the morning the mix. Barron’s is reporting that Chelsea Clinton raked in $9 million in compensation since 2011 from various corporations by serving on corporate boards. While Chelsea Clinton has not had the record of personal wreckage of Hunter Biden, one could legitimately ask why corporations like IAC/InterActiveCorp (with brands like Tinder, Angie’s List, and Home Adviser) are so eager to have her on the board other than her connection to her still powerful parents.

Clinton was widely panned for her stint at NBC news as a “special correspondent,” a position that journalists derided as a special deal by NBC for her parents.

The issue of such influence peddling and connections can be complex with the children of powerful politicians. The problem with Hunter Biden is that he clearly sought to capitalize on such influence peddling in contracts like the one with Burisma. However, it is also fair for children like Clinton to object that they cannot escape the connection and whatever they achieve is viewed through the lens of suspicion. I was a critic of NBC’s hiring of Clinton at $600,000 a year, who was heavily criticized for her skills and performance. However, Clinton has done more than Biden in writing books, working with Clinton funded charities, and other pursuits. While we can have legitimate concerns over influence peddling, it is also unreasonable to expect the children of powerful politicians to go into self-imposed exile.

Having said that, I remain skeptical over the level of corporate compensation for Chelsea Clinton on these boards as based solely on her own accomplishments. There remains a type of American aristocracy evident in such positions and influence.

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  1. When liberals profess victimization by whites who are privileged (because they are white), they must surely mean only people like Chelsea Clinton and Hunter Biden, right?

  2. Joe and Hunter could learn a thing or two from the Clintons. Chelsea’s haul, now $9 million and growing, is just from IAC. It goes to show that Hunter’s deal was way under market, especially taking into account Hunter’s extensive experience. Then factor in that Chelsea doesn’t have to travel to the Ukraine for board meetings and her father didn’t even have to fire the prosecutor. Worse for Joe is that it’s only a matter of time until Mayor Pete, the former McKinsey guy, uses the whole unfortunate incident to hammer on Joe’s declining deal-making skills. There’s also serious belt tightening in the Biden household since Trump put Joe out of work and Hunter needs to cough up for the little one’s nappies.

    But getting back to the subject of today’s post, the professor is being more than a little unfair. Chelsea joined the IAC board in 2011 when she was 31. According to IAC, Chelsea was hired for her broad public policy experience and her keen intellectual acumen. Not to mention that she brings a “fresh and youthful perspective” to the IAC board. Like Mayor Pete, she too spent three years as an associate at McKinsey. Maybe they even had some of the same clients. In your eye, haters.

    Another thing that the professor overlooks is that Chelsea had far and away the highest vote total in last year’s IAC board vote. That’s what happens when the Russians don’t interfere with the election.

    Could it be . . . Chelsea in 2024?

    In case you were wondering, here is how IAC explained things back in 2012:

    Chelsea Clinton, age 32, has been a director of IAC since September 2011. Ms. Clinton is currently pursuing a doctorate in public health at Oxford University and working as an Assistant Provost at New York University, where she has focused on interfaith initiatives and the university’s Global Expansion Program since March 2010. Since September 2011, Ms. Clinton has also served as a member of the boards of directors of the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Health Asset Initiative. Ms. Clinton also currently serves as a special correspondent for NBC news. Prior to these efforts, Ms. Clinton worked as an associate at McKinsey & Company, a consulting firm, from August 2003 to October 2006, and as an associate at Avenue Capital Group, an investment firm, from October 2006 to November 2009. Ms. Clinton also currently serves on the boards of directors of The School of American Ballet, Common Sense Media and The Weill Cornell Medical College. In nominating Ms. Clinton, the Board considered her broad public policy experience and keen intellectual acumen, which together the Board believes will bring a fresh and youthful perspective to IAC’s businesses and initiatives.

  3. . . and perhaps famous parents seek to profit from the business successes of their offspring? Bill and Hillary set Chelsea and her husband up in the hedge fund biz ( Eaglevale ) only to see it fail.

  4. I’m neutral on the issue of political kids having business connections in general.

    But when news media hire scions of political families when they’re not really trained in journalism, the quid pro quo is evident. When only sailing ships crossed the world’s oceans, they often had carved figures mounted on their bows – “figureheads”.

    It’s difficult to see what Chris Cuomo does for CNN or Chelsea Clinton does for NBC but serve as a signal of political allegiance. Should we trust a news organization which feels the need to signal their affection for one side or the other in national politics?

    1. I’d forgotten that Jenna Bush Hager works on the Today Show. I don’t see her as an especially bright star in NBC’s sky, either.

      Hoda Kotb, her cast mate on the Today Show, has the advantage of years of professional journalsm expreience before Jenna Bush became prominent through no fault of her own. I watched Hoda Kotb while she was in New Orleans TV news, and she was above average for that market’s on-screen talent.

      1. Loupgaris……….I don’t watch those shows but do love Hoda….she seems genuine and is probably a really nice person.
        There’s nothing wrong with Jenna. She has matured and I’m sure is a good mother. But she’s not that talented and neither is Savannah, and that ridiculous Willie Geist, who got the job because of his father.. It’s not a stretch to say Jenna is only there because of the Bush name. That’s how the real world works.

        1. I think I was a little less than fair about Jenna Bush Hager. She does a good job, and moreover, doesn’t parlay what notability she may enjoy in public attacks on her family’s political enemies.

          Compared to Chelsea Cinton, Jenna’s a paragon of respectability among political scions. Her employment with NBC may have started as a political enterprise, but now is a value-for-value transaction.

          1. Loupgaris…….I hope I didn’t imply that you were unfair to Jenna. I have enjoyed your comments.
            None of this matters anyway…..these kids are living their lives just fine without common folk like me..LOL

  5. Recent tet from Chelsia which popped on the internet:

    Hello Mudda…Hello Fadda!
    Here I am in…Camp Grenada!
    You remember… Ernest Femming?
    He got tomine poisoning after dinna.

  6. Chelsea’s work history is relevant if she was given jobs by companies with business before State while her mother served as SOS.

    There is nothing wrong with a family’s connections putting their children in the path of opportunities. This is the case in Hollywood, where the children of actors have access to acting coaches, talent agents, scouts, and they learn of parts coming up. That’s a benefit of being born into Hollywood. There are downsides, too. Children of successful entrepreneurs have greater access to backing for their own business ventures.

    I don’t have a problem with using your connections to get ahead. That’s also called networking.

    I have a problem with bribery through granting unqualified people lucrative jobs when their parents in government can do something for your company.

    1. I don’t have a problem with using your connections to get ahead. That’s also called networking.

      I have a problem with it.

      NB, if either Clinton has any history in the business world, it was p/t and seasonal employment in family business 50 years ago. That’s it. Note, neither they nor any of their brothers entered any of the businesses owned by the Rodham or Clinton families. The influence Hellary and Blowme can bring to bear is an indicator of the degree to which incomes are subject to political influence nowadays. And that is something that injures us as an economy and as a society.

  7. Corporations create wealth. It takes money to make money. Four-time NBA MVP LeBron James was and effective buy for the Los Angeles Lakers under a four-year, $153 million contract. Chelsea Clinton is a cheap purchase of “influence” among corrupt elected officials. One of the most dangerous enemies of free enterprise is corrupt, communistic, unconstitutional governmental regulation. Tyson Chicken bought off the Arkansas governor’s wife, Hillary Clinton, 42 years ago. Corporations must defend against parasitic, communistic and unconstitutional regulation or die.

    The Constitution does not allow taxation for any form of individual welfare, aka redistribution, and it does not allow for regulation beyond that of the “value” of “money” and the flow of “Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;…” Corruption holds dominion in America and corporations must adapt. When the “manifest tenor” of the Constitution is finally implemented, Americans and their free enterprises will be free private property not subject to the whims of communists, the incessant appetite of parasites and insatiable, corrupt politicians.

    How much did Burisma pay the dolt, Hunter Biden?

    Is it even calculable how much Joe Biden has been paid over the past corrupt 48 years?

    Now you know why the American Founders generally restricted the vote to: Male, European, 21 with 50 lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.

  8. Every time I see her or hear her name I get a strong allergic reaction and feelings of disgust. The same phenomena, not surprisingly, occurs with Donald Trump Jr, indeed a far more revolting figure than little Miss Entitled.

    1. indeed a far more revolting figure than little Miss Entitled.

      Sorry about your lunch money.

    2. Wrong: Donald Jr. works in the company his father created, he did not make his wealth from public service. The Trump Organization was a very large and profitable concern before DJT decided to run for President. The Clintons acknowledged on National TV (60 Minutes) that they were leaving the WH without much wealth, even unable to pay Chelsea’s education at Stanford (really?). The Clinton “Foundation” gave them the means to get a lot of funds supposedly for charitable work, when in reality it was the most obvious tax evasion and pay for play organization of our time, and it got to a large scale when Hillary served as Secretary of State. The Clinton’s made their wealth from that pay for play, not from Bill’s speeches. You don’t amass a $300 MM net worth by speaking, even if it’s for the Russians who paid him extra after Hillary got them approved for the Uranium One deal. They should all be in jail. Well, the Russians made a $145 MM contribution to the “foundation” (check the emails, it’s on the ones that were not deleted!). The Bidens used the same model, and the Burisma situation is clear proof of that (check that Kerry’s son in law was in the Burisma Board at the same time), except that they are not nearly as sophisticated as the Clinton crime machine. No comparison, the Clintons take the first place in corruption, then Kerry and Obama (Iran deal, surrendering Crimea to Russia, $350 MM Commoncore book publication contract followed by the quid pro quo of a $65 MM publishing deal back to Obama from the same publisher), and far behind are the Bidens. Trump is not even charging a salary.

  9. Chelsea is making her money out of smut: Tinder, Match, IAC Media sex hookup sites

    Like father like son…daughter…

    Nepotism isn’t for monarchs anymore! Lying politicos too

    Turns Out Hunter Biden Isn’t the Only One Benefiting From His Parents’ Careers. So Is Chelsea Clinton.

    It turns out that Hunter Biden isn’t the only one who is rolling in the dough thanks to his parents’ political career. Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has made $9 million since 2011 for sitting on the board of IAC/InterActiveCorp, a media and internet investment company, The Hill reported. The company has stock in 150 well-known brands, like Tinder, Match, Vimeo, Angie’s List, Home Advisor and the Daily Beast.

    According to Barron’s, Clinton has sat on the board of IAC since 2011. Part of her agreement is to receive “an annual $50,000 retainer and $250,000 in restricted IAC stock units.”

    A December filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed Clinton “owned the equivalent of 35,242 IAC shares, consisting of 29,843 shares and 5,399 share units under a deferred-compensation plan,” which is worth almost $9 million dollars. Once a board member quits, their share units convert to stocks, Barron’s reported.

    Clinton’s stock has skyrocketed. In June it was worth 7.2 million and in October 2018 that same stock was worth 6.6 million.

    In addition to sitting on IAC’s board, Clinton sits on the board of Expedia Group. That position typically pays $250,000, at least as of 2015.

    And in 2013 and part of 2014, Clinton worked as a special correspondent for NBC News. The position carried an annual salary of $600,000

    According to The Hill, IAC and Expedia Group are controlled by Barry Diller. And guess what? He’s a powerful TV and businessman who is friends with Hillary Clinton.

    Nepotism is alive and well in the Swamp. This is yet another example of why average Americans hate politics and the favoritism that takes place amongst the rich and powerful.

    1. What’s curious about this is how novel it is.

      1. Of the daughters of George W Bush, one works in an administrative position for an NGO and the other has a broadcasting job. The name might have helped in her case, but have a look at her and a listen to her: she’s just the sort of person who gets hired for that type of work.

      2. Neil Bush was raked over the coals a generation ago (and his older brother more recently) due to indulgent treatment by lenders and investors (or so it looked to people like Molly Ivins, partisan Democrats with no history in the business world). George W. Bush and brother Jeb were employed in business concerns for most of their working lives and brothers Neil and Marvin for all of theirs. Jeb, as of 2014, was moderately wealthy with a net worth of about $2 million, not all that remarkable for someone who’d spent 20-odd years in banking and real estate. One of his brothers sells educational software and the other works for a private equity firm.

      3. Jimmy Carter’s sons had ordinary professional careers.

      4. Gerald Ford’s children run the gamut. None of them grew wealthy and one was a ne’r do well.

      5. One of the Cheney daughters has exploited the brand, but it’s been to run for office. Both were established in their careers before their father was VP and the older daughter is an incredible dynamo.

      One of the Quayle kids and one of Richard Nixon’s grandchildren work for sketchy consulting firms that look like influence-peddling operations. That’s as close as you get to graft on the Hunter / Chelsea scale.

      1. This is absurd…………..Disagree about the Bush twins.
        I was an accompanist for the musicals they participated in while in middle school (when their dad was governor). Back then, they were not children to be emulated….especially Jenna.
        Their grandmother Barbara was always complaining aloud about the twins’ lack of discipline and the way they were being raised.
        I really couldn’t stand to be around any of them, and unfortunately the whole Texas clan always sat directly behind me during productions.
        Today the twins have landed in good positions, but Jenna would have never gotten the Today Show job with just the name Hager.
        She’s not that talented in that incredibly competitive arena.
        And today it’s stylish to revere the Bush family, and the Bush name…….but they’re only legitimate now because they hate Trump.

        1. I was an accompanist for the musicals they participated in while in middle school

          Jenna Bush has had no brushes with the law beyond being shnagged with a drink and a fake ID, has had no time in rehab centers or psych wards, has had no extended periods of unemployment, has been the source of no sexual or amatory scandals, married at an ordinary age, has remained married for 11 years, and has three children. Stop it.

          She’s not that talented in that incredibly competitive arena.

          The standard of comparison is Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. Jenna’s satisfactory. And is it really your contention that NBC is in the business of doing special favors for the children of Republican politicians?

          1. TIA……in your 1st paragraph above, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. I was there. Wikipedia was not.

            And yes, at that time NBC did want a Bush name added to their roster……..and then they added Billy Bush.

            1. TIA……in your 1st paragraph above, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. I was there.

              She’s been out of middle school for nearly 25 years and she has a history, one that is known publicly and in which you had no part. (She also had a life outside your classroom at the time as well).

              And I don’t give a rip if you were there, woman. Infants crap in their pants, toddlers put things into their mouths, young children tell gross jokes, and tween girls are frivolous. A recitation of someone’s personal shortcomings without just cause (and you haven’t got one) is called ‘detraction’ and treated as a department of false witness for a reason.

              And yes, at that time NBC did want a Bush name added to their roster……..and then they added Billy Bush.

              Billy Bush worked for NBC and / or affiliates of NBC for a half-dozen years before they hired his cousin, and landing a job there was an ordinary career progression for him as he had been working as a radio announcer for a number of years. Cousin Jenna has been employed by NBC for 10 years and was hired at a time when her father’s name was mud. She had other irons in the fire for a number of years ‘ere she signed on with them exclusively.

              1. TIA uh-ho. You called me “woman” , so you’re really upset.
                1) First of all, even if Geo W’s name was mud, his dad, George HW’s name was not in the least. And at the time NBC hired Jenna, the idea for a Matt Lauer exclusive interview with Geo W. Bush about his presidency was already in the works. It aired 6 months after Jenna got there.
                2) The political culture in Austin was such that one knew the good friends of the Bushes and other people in power. One was constantly apprised of the goings on of all major players. Always. So even though I was a piano player housewife, I knew and partied with political giants…..believe it or not and got the dirt, which was 98% true. I was among 25 selected people invited to a dinner to welcome Molly back from North Texas, when she permanently moved her career to Austin. Btw, she was a fraud, in my opinion.
                3) i’m sorry you don’t like me at all. I still like you, and still contend that you have an incredible mind and intellect, although I’m sure that means nothing coming from the likes of me.
                So, years from now, when you speak of this, and you will……be kind. (name the movie quote?)

                1. Cindy Bragg – it is from the play Tea and Sympathy, later made into a movie.

                    1. Cindy Bragg – I hope that comes tax free. 😉 When can I expect delivery?

                    2. Paul C……the Mrs. Bragg no longer flies! If I can’t get there by automobile, I stsy home.
                      At least I saw some of the world when I was young.

                    3. Cindy Bragg – my sister and brother no longer fly. I would rather drive but traffic is getting worse.

                  1. So, years from now, when you speak of this, and you will……be kind.

                    it is from the play Tea and Sympathy, later made into a movie.

                    Uttered by a boarding school housemaster’s wife after she’s blown up her marriage and just before she has a one-off with a student she fancies who resides in the house. It’s the last line in the play. Yes, I’m retching.

                    1. Cindy Bragg – this may come as a shock, but we do have several airports here. 🙂

                  2. Paul C……..I know what you mean about traffic. We try to find scenic routes, with shoulders, and divided highways, although I’m afraid of most interstates. 😂
                    It’s a challenge!

                2. And at the time NBC hired Jenna, the idea for a Matt Lauer exclusive interview with Geo W. Bush about his presidency was already in the works. It aired 6 months after Jenna got there.

                  They’ve employed Jenna for 10 years, repeatedly renewed her contract, and now promoted her, in order to cadge one interview more than a decade ago. Sounds sensible.

                  3) i’m sorry you don’t like me at all. I

                  Whether I like you or not, you’ve persisted in stating an untenable position, which is that your personal difficulties with a 12 year old girl (nearly a generation ago) are of any relevance in assessing her preparation for her job or her performance on the job. She is 38 frigging years old and has children of her own.

                  I’m perfectly aware that women make conversational fodder out of their children’s juvenile embarrassments. Bad business, but they persist. You’re making conversational fodder out of your frustration with some other woman’s children. Unattractive.

                  1. TIA……. you are doing what never trumpers do, in making stag leaps from the context of what I said to what you think I meant.
                    I was giving you background, not the definition of why I think she should or should not have gotten the Today show job!
                    My point was that she would not have gotten that job if her name had not been Bush! You know it….I know it….Just like you said in an earlier comment about Chelsea’s name had it been Smith instead of Clinton.

                    Had I been your mother, you would be a much more pleasant person, with an incredible number of admirers.

                    1. My point was that she would not have gotten that job if her name had not been Bush!

                      And your underpinning for that point was that she was a brat at age 12 and her grandmother complained about her. It’s right up there in black letters.

                  2. TIA…….Nope, sorry you misunderstood..That was not the underpinning of my point

                    Remember our first fight? You insisted that Baptists were Protestants, and I rightfully, held the position that they were never part of the Protestant movement.
                    Good times.

                    1. TIA…….Nope, sorry you misunderstood..That was not the underpinning of my point

                      No, you just brought it up at random to be cute.

                  3. TIA……..I brought what up at random to be cute?

                    For the record, I’m glad Jenna turned out better than anyone expected. I’ve said that to her friends.

            2. Hey Cindy, I’m Texas bound Friday. Heading to the FCS Championship Game in Frisco. Staying in North Dallas. I’ll be thinking of you guys!

              1. mespo…….Have a great time! The fine citizens of Frisco and Dallas will treat you right.
                Weekend forecast: highs in 70’s on Friday, with some rain.
                Saturday: Sunny, highs in the 40’s, lows in 30’s.
                Sunday’: Sunny, highs in tbe 50’s
                Hope your team wins! ( what is FCS?)

                1. Cindy:

                  It’s the lower tier of Division I sometimes called IAA. My college team is there again this year (James Madison Univ) but we’re playing the guys who’ve won it 7 of the last 8 times out — North Dakota State. We did win the other one.

                  BTW my New Year’s resolution is to eat Texas brisket and sausage every day I’m there!

                  1. mespo! How fun for you and your alma mater! Weather update: 20% chance rain Sat w/nw winds.
                    The only thing about Texas BBQ is that so many places use mesquite (ugh!) and I’m sure you’re used to hickory, which is my preference, but rare down here.
                    Rudy’s bbq in Frisco is good, user friendly and cook with oak.
                    The best brisket in Big D is on South I.H 35 (Thorton Freeway) “Smokey Joe’s”. but it will be way too far I’m afraid.
                    My family lives up and down Preston Rd. In Central and North Dallas (below the LBJ LOOP ) will ask one of them abt que in that area.
                    Wherever you decide, I suggest you get there early…Texans love their bbq on weekends! Also, Texas Monthly mag’s dining guide is good….as is D magazine….and their online.
                    Ciao for now! Buon appetito!

        2. I’m sorry you had to have this experience Cindy, but at least you have an amusing story to tell of it.

        3. And today it’s stylish to revere the Bush family, and the Bush name…….but they’re only legitimate now because they hate Trump.

          Pretty much every President’s quantum of public affection improves after he leaves office. One qualified exception was Dwight Eisenhower, who had buoyant approval ratings before, during, and after his time in office. Another exception might be Woodrow Wilson, whose stock has been falling in the last decade – not among ordinary people, who have no opinion – but among American history buffs.

          It’s a large family. There is presumably a spectrum of opinion on Trump therein. What’s more irritating about them is that they allowed Bill Clinton to worm his way into their social circle (and by some accounts, Jimmy Carter will not get near the Clintons), they snoozed through eight years of Obama’s abuses (including the IRS scandal, which bloody well did require some public commentary), and then they stagger out of their slumbers to throw darts at Trump. You know, a certain number of people invested air in defending George W. Bush at a time when he would not publicly defend himself; his acknowledgement of them turns out to be a New Jersey wave.

          1. TIA……..a good assessment I agree with it all.
            Carter, btw, has always had a chip on his shoulder. Not friendly at all if you talk with him one-on-one. It’s a surprise, because of that damn grin he sports.

        4. Jenna Bush Hager is personable, and doesn’t take to Twitter or other social media to lecture us or tell us how to vote as Chelsea Clinton does. Since the topic is Chelsea Clinton and her Sinecures, it’s fair to say that if Jenna Bush Hager weren’t good at whatever it is Today Show panelists do, NBC would have made her a “special correspondent” as well.

          But Jenna Bush Hager has been a working morning show panelist for years, and not a special correspondent. From what I see, being a “special correspondent” requires only a hectoring manner that probably is coded for on Chelsea Clinton’s 23rd chromosome pair.

    1. Her mother is 72 years old (and, it’s a reasonable wager, quite ill). Her father is 73 and looks nearly as old as Gary Hart (who is 10 years his senior), older than Michael Dukakis (who is 13 years his senior), and nearly as old as Walter Mondale (18 years his senior). Ordinarily, creaky septuagenarians aren’t earning much. Note, her father never practiced law and the Whitewater imbroglio had its origins in complaints that Hellary wasn’t bringing in enough business for the Rose firm.

  10. Memo to various smarmy bureaucratic microbes working in higher education: this is what privilege actually looks like.

  11. She’s 39 years old and holds degrees from Stanford, Columbia, and Oxford. She’s worked for McKinsey, Avenue Capital, and NYU. She’s written six books. If her last name were NOT Clinton, this would not even be news, and nobody would doubt that she is more than qualified to serve on these boards.

    1. Thanks Dad, I appreciate your support.

      How is the latest bimbo you are porking?

    2. She worked for McKinsey for a while. Steve Sailer worked there about 5x as long as she did, and he’s not hoovering up six-figure sums in directors’ fees every year.

      She worked for McKinsey for a few years, she worked in an administrative position at NYU for a time, she cadged a degree in public health; she was given a position in broadcasting, for which she has no notable vocation; Then she started working in her parents’ NGO grift. She’s a dil·et·tante who never settled on a discrete career. Ordinarily, such people are not awarded lucrative positions in the business world unless they own a piece of the company.

      None of the books was a scholarly effort and all but one were pitched to juveniles. Most of them had her byline on them next to a co-author’s, and the smart money is on the proposition that every last one was ghostwritten.

      1. The fact that you triggered by the name Clinton does not diminish her qualifications. Your complaint is with capitalism not with the Clintons.

        1. Her ‘qualifications’ wouldn’t net her lucrative board positions were her name ‘Chelsea Smith’. They wouldn’t net her anything but puzzled looks from hiring managers.

        2. It’s normal for people who own a lot of voting shares to be able to place their confederates on boards. That is no problem in itself. And usually they will em-place a qualified confederate with experience to make a viable board.

          Observe however, in Chelsea’s place it’s not her parents who own voting shares who are placing her, so the question is why. Abuse of office for decades by the dynamic duo is the obvious answer.

    3. Her resume is actually hilarious and her degrees a joke. Why do you think she got into Stanford, Columbia and Oxford?? (Check in with the Loughlins too!) . Chelsea had absolutely no qualifications for her jobs at McKinsey or NBC but was paid substantial sums in an effort to gain access to the Obama administration. The ultimate in quid pro quo – just like she was taught by the CLinton Foundation. These people are unbelievably corrupt and we’ve known it for years, but the Press has protected them. Even more, VERY FEW 39 year olds have the qualification to serve on corporate boards. It is such a joke when people try to defen these Democrat children like Hunter, Chelsea, Christopher Heinz, etc.

      1. No reason to believe Chelsea wasn’t suitable for the schools which admitted her. Her mother and father had ample supplies of ‘g’ at age 20, and it’s unremarkable to resemble your parents in that respect.

        As a graduate of two prestigious universities and having studied economics, she looks like just the candidate for a job at McKinsey. The thing is, Chelsea’s not 24 years old anymore and she’s not accomplished much in any endeavour.

        1. Doesn’t she run the Clinton Foundation, which hasn’t by the way been shuttered for being a fraud and fined millions of dollars like Trump’s fake charity he used to buy portraits of himself.

          1. enigma – I think US Attorney Huber is still investigating the Clinton Foundation.

              1. enigma – I was just commenting on your Clinton Foundation comment. I see you are avoiding it. 😉

            1. Nothing to see. In the last few days Trump suggested John Kerry be investigated for something that happened I think when he was running for President. Trump is deflecting everywhere and he and Bill Barr’s pet are investigating everyone that’s not him.

                  1. enigma – considering that Hillary funded the Steele smear dossier, I would want her in jail, too. 😉

                    1. He picked up where they left off. I started to say Steele had better contacts but the Trumps, Manafort, Flynn, Gates, and Graham had better contacts still.

                    2. enigma – what we found out from the IG report was that Steele’s one contact didn’t know s**t. He was making stuff up.

                    3. I can’t give credence to any report issued by the Trump government. (I don’t agree with your interpretation either). From Barr telling us what was in the Mueller report which turned out to be a lie. His dismassal of multiple investigations (including the same IG report) so he can conduct his own and eventually come up with the result he likes. Any statement from Trump. You can’t cherry pick something from an IG report and support the wholesale dismissal of it at the same time.

                  2. It’s not just Trump. Everyone with a security clearance who’s been threatened with 10 years in jail for doing what Hillary Clinton did systematically – taken classified material outside of their workplace, and placed it on an unfirewalled Email server for two months, where it apparently was read by people who weren’t cleared to read it… yes, the people I know who are cleared for such material wanted Hillary Clinton in orange coveralls for 10 years as soon as her acts became public knowledge.

                  3. enigma………wrong again
                    Opposition research was first published as military planning in 5th Century BC.
                    And used as a political tool by Cicero in 1st Century BC.
                    I don’t think the RNC is that old, but will be happy to check for you.

                1. Paul – Sorry to disappoint. The Huber investigation is closing up shop having found nothing. Now it’s Barr’s turn to re-open an investigation with a new prosecutor. That seems to be the pattern. Try, try, and try again.

          2. Martin Luther King was not a legitimate PhD and did not legitimately earn and obtain a doctoral degree as proven by a committee appointed by Boston University which “conducted the investigation with scholarly thoroughness, scrupulous attention to detail and a determination not to be influenced by non-scholarly consideration.”

            “A committee of scholars appointed by Boston University concluded today that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized passages in his dissertation for a doctoral degree at the university 36 years ago.

            “There is no question,” the committee said in a report to the university’s provost, “but that Dr. King plagiarized in the dissertation by appropriating material from sources not explicitly credited in notes, or mistakenly credited, or credited generally and at some distance in the text from a close paraphrase or verbatim quotation.”

            But the committee did recommend that a letter stating its finding be placed with the official copy of Dr. King’s dissertation in the university’s library.

            The four-member committee was appointed by the university a year ago to determine whether plagiarism charges against Dr. King that had recently surfaced were in fact true. Today the university’s provost, Jon Westling, accepted the committee’s recommendations and said its members had “conducted the investigation with scholarly thoroughness, scrupulous attention to detail and a determination not to be influenced by non-scholarly consideration.”

            The dissertation at issue is “A Comparison of the Conceptions of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillich and Henry Nelson Wieman.” Dr. King wrote it in 1955 as part of his requirements for a doctor of philosophy degree, which he subsequently received from the university’s Division of Religious and Theological Studies.”

            – New York Times, October 11, 1991

          3. yes it’s very impressive that Hillary was able to rake in millions in donations to the Clinton foundation from the Saudis and so forth, while she was Secretary of State, and hasn’t had a whiff of trouble over it! fantastic lawyers they must have. very smart!

                1. Sure, there are laws against self-dealing which all the Trump’s ignored. There’s no reason to believe everyone else does as well. The Clinton’s make plenty of money legally, no need to pay off their lawsuit settlements for example like Trump. Of course, they benefit personally from having a Foundation. Unike Trump, they put some of their own money in it. Show me any evidence they steal from their Foundation like your boy.

              1. oh they say so. and you believe them. see part VII A

                but that’s for public consumption. these 990s sometimes are just self promoting propaganda aimed at those who read them.

                somebody once told me that there’s a certain rule in certain kinds of financial operations:

                if you understand how accounting works, then you understand how the gimmies & gifts can be hidden.

                this is why hoover used to only hire lawyers — and accountants to be his gmen

                the good news for hillary is that the FBI was always on her side. kind of locked it up from the get go i guess!
                smart lady!

        1. Both Ivanka and Jared have considerable experience as business executives. They’re actually overqualified compared to the usual sort you see in their positions.

    1. 1. The Trump kids are employed in a family business. The family rises and falls together. That your kids couldn’t abide you in a work situation is not their fault.

      2. Andrew Giuliani has a banal staff position at the White House, working as an event planner. He was a golf pro for seven years. His current salary’s likely better than he could get working in a sales or marketing job in the private sector, but inflated compensation is a problem with federal civilian positions generally. That doesn’t bother Democrats as long as it’s their partisans collecting it. Given what event planners ordinarily earn, Andrew Giuliani’s deal nets him an extra $3,000 a month for 160 hours of work or thereabouts. Hunter received $80,000 a month to attend a meeting every now and then.

      3. Wm. Barr’s son-in-law was employed by the Department of Justice. He’s transferred to a position in the White House counsel’s office to get out of his father-in-law’s chain of command. How is this career disruption an example of ‘privilege’.

      Do you ever get tired of being a pecksniff?

    1. Wow Greta…. must have touched a sensitive point… is that all you got? There is no need to trash mr. Turley here or is it that you believe he has no right to his opinion…..

    2. You are right, she earned that money out of hard work, just like Hunter Biden did.

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