Giuliani: Democrats Fear My “Physical Presence”

Rudy Giuliani has a curious response to New York Daily News reporter Chris Sommerfeldt in a late night text on the developments in the Senate. He explained that the Democrats would not call him as a witness because “[Democrats] have indicated in every way possible they are afraid of my physical presence.” It was a bizarre moment because Giuliani has been a perpetual motion machine of controversy. The House is not the only group of lawyers fearful of his presence.

One of the weakest moments of the White House defense was the homage to Giuliani in the middle of its arguments. Giuliani has been a continuing train wreck from his repeated gaffs on television to his associates (now in jailing and cooperating with prosecutors) to his still unfulfilled promises of bombshell evidence. The White House would be insane to call Giuliani who would be grilled over his associations with his dubious duo of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.

Nevertheless, Giuliani seems insulted that he is not being discussed as a must-see witness: “They know I know what they are covering up. Why do they want Bolton if not me if they can prove their lies. Again I really should stop wasting my time.”

The problem is that, even on friendly television programs, Giuliani routinely says things that he or the White House has to walk back or clarify the next day. (here and here and here and here and here and here) The idea of Giuliani in cross examination is enough to put any defense attorney into a tight fetal position.

The defense of Giuliani in the trial came across as more of a bid to keep him in the fold than countering any allegations against the President. It certainly did not offer anything to the defense. Having Giuliani taunt his way into the witness chair would be equally unhelpful.

In other words, the “fear” of Giuliani on the House floor is shared by members of the House, White House, and the Senate. In the meantime, the statement itself has a bit of a Col. Ripper Strangelovian quality:

11 thoughts on “Giuliani: Democrats Fear My “Physical Presence””

  1. The only fear that republicans have of Rudy is, that are all hoping and praying that Rudy does not bring down the whole scam of the Trump Presidency. Trump has done enough damage already, they don’t need more from Rudy.

  2. I suspect the Democrats – and some Republicans – really DO FEAR Giuliani because of what he most likely has. Remember that he spent a lot of time in Ukraine and elsewhere interviewing people who actually KNOW what took place there during the Obama Administration. Remember that the NYT claims that Bolton says that Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate “Democrats, including Biden” in Ukraine. A lot of money went missing in that corrupt and convoluted country while Obama was in the White House. The Hunter Biden issue is just part of it.

  3. I met Rudy years ago, and I must say that he has one of the biggest skulls I’ve ever seen. His enormous head is physically scary; it’s true. Though the nightmares inside are probably worse.

  4. What part of Italy did his family come over here from? Sicily? Any mob background?

    1. Giuliani’s father and uncle had low level associations with the mob. Which probably made Rudy a knowledgeable prosecutor.

  5. Honestly, both sides fear him. I think someone described him as a hand-grenade, but he is one with the pin already out and counting down. Plus, he can handle himself on the stand.

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