Mutually Assured Destruction: Unable To Block Witnesses, The GOP Moves To “Plan B”

In my recent Washington Post column, I stated that the Bolton leak accomplished its obvious design to throw the White House defense into disarray and to secure the votes for witnesses. However, I noted that the success could come at a price through ” a mutually assured destruction option: allow both sides to lay waste to each other and leave it to the public to pick through the ruins.” That appears to be the “Plan B” being discussed by Republicans in a game of chicken over witnesses.

According to Fox, after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., privately said he wasn’t sure there were enough Republican votes to block more witnesses, a plan is being floated that a package of witnesses would be put forward to include both Hunter Biden and Adam Schiff. Another plan would have President Donald Trump invoke privilege over all the current and former Administration officials. That plan would have the worst optics but President Trump does not appear worried about the optics.

In other words, this is about to get quite sporty in the Senate and, as my column discusses today in the Hill, it all could end up in the court of John Roberts.

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  1. Does anyone believe the John Bolton story is a setup?

    ie: Bolton is brought in but he denies the story – Biden, whistleblower and Schiff are also brought in . . . . . . . . . .

    Maybe this would also solve the leaking problem in DC

  2. If witnesses are called to testify…..Then there needs to be some drama.

    Johnny Rambo’s cross examination….You may scream, there is no shame.

  3. If the president’s lawyers are allowed to call Ciaramella, Schiff, the Biden’s and any others they deem necessary, AND if Roberts does not sustain every Marxist objection, the only destruction will be the deep state, and in spite of your squishy-ness Jonathan, it will be a good thing, LONG overdue. However, in your favor, the mainstream media will NEVER report on the destruction and will only falsely report a Trump loss in the trial.

    1. So Trump is a Us Citizen, Accused in a Criminal Case, having an Impeachment Trial, before a Senate Jury.
      Under the Bill of Rights, Amendment #6 is – The Compulsory Process Clause.

      – there was little debate over its value, and it became part of the Sixth Amendment without opposition. The clause assured that the accused in a criminal case was guaranteed not only the right to call witnesses but also a process to obtain witnesses, so that defense evidence could be evaluated by a jury or, in a nonjury criminal case, by a judge. It was, in sum, an essential part of the right of an accused to present a defense.

      Not a Lawyer nor play on on TV, but how can the Senate not allow him to call his witnesses? Or does an Impeachment Trial deprive one of his Constitutional Rights.

      1. Tony – if you got more fiber in your diet we wouldn’t be seeing the crap we get from you. Maybe we would get something worth discussing.

    1. Wow, thanks Alllan, the proposal has a lot of support in the Arab world. Take note of that!

      Trump comes up with a plan that is good for Israel and sets up many good things for the Palestinians too.

      And yet……it’s amazing isnt it, that the Palestinians turn down every incremental step of progress. Hamas has already denounced it, of course. I havent heard if Fatah is being lead by the nose by them in the wrong direction, as usual. Seems like they let the perfect be the enemy of the good, habitually.

      I used to have a lot more sympathy for the Palestinian situation than I do today. Well, one can’t say Trump did not try! Although I am sure the Left will say exactly that.

      1. Kurtz, there were many chances for peace but the Palestinian leadership never wanted peace. They have always wanted the destruction of Israel and the Jewish population.

        “Palestinian” Arabs for the most part did not come from Israel. They immigrated there from other Arab nations along with north Africa because Jews started building communities. The original “Palestinian” was understood to mean Jew not Arab.The Arabs were known as West Bankers.

  4. It has never been about fairness. Its a coup, plain and simple. Trump wants to expose the entire crooked class…what better way than to use the system that was set up to screw him? Beat them at their own game by exposing them in open testimony…burn the entire place down.

    1. It seems to me that Democrats care little for fairness and optics: They don’t care about how things look, they care about one thing and one thing only: THE END CAME. Republicans are too concerned over optics; they don’t need to get in the mud and sling it, but it wouldn’t hurt to get near the puddle a bit. I’ve heard so many stetements by the Democrats (“a trail without witnesses is not a fair trial.” See they have the cajunes to say that.

      But you don’t hear Republicans, saying, ” You speak of not having a fair trial. How can you discuss a fair trial, when you did not ALLOW Republican witnesses or attorneys for the Republicans.. but I don’t hear Republicans saying things like that.

      1. Ann C Nowlin, what happened in the House of Representatives was not a trial. It was rather more equivalent to a grand jury presentation by a prosecutor. The proceedings in the Senate are akin to a trial.

        Pay no attention to the ignoramus, PCS.

        1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me forty-two citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament), an equation and the source of a quotation, after sixty-one weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – she should pay attention to the electrical engineer who cannot operate his phone? Still waiting for those citations. I know the library is open 24/7.

            1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me forty-two citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament), an equation and the source of a quotation, after sixty-one weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – he who asserts it, must cite it, so let’s see those cites. You are 61 weeks behind.

            1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me forty-two citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament), an equation and the source of a quotation, after sixty-one weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – it “Der Schurke liegt,” not “Der Schurke luegt” you ignorant twit. Geez, you can’t even insult me properly.

        2. David, Your “Grand Jury” came up empty except for one statement by Sondland, paraphrasing, ‘There was NO quid pro quo’. At that point Grand Juries close down and everyone goes home. The prosecutor doesn’t bring the indictment and the man who is presumed innocent under our law goes home innocent under the law. In this case the man is elected by the people so what should have happened was that the public investigation (which never should have occurred) ends and everyone waits for the election.

          That is not in today’s Democrat playbook. They recognize that there are always little meaningless threads they can pull to ruin the garmet which in this case is the Republic and the Constitution. They are totalitarian at their core.

  5. I hate that Washington’s squabbling got to impeachment, but here we are.

    Now the objective is to preserve what we can of the institutions and what little remains of citizens’ trust.

    Let’s call witnesses, but let’s call them all.

    Let the chips fall where they may.

    Let Americans see the amorality. cynicism, and self dealing that goes on in Washington. Let them see that both sides are equally bad. Let Americans see that when we squabble and support our “team”. we enable the puerile among us.

    Call Bolton and any other witnesses that the Dems want. Call the Bidens (both of them), Schiff, the Whistleblower and any others that the Repubs want.

    Let Americans see what a bunch of dishonest people reside in Washington.

    1. Problem is that the MSM won’t report it truthfully, they will spin everything as anti-Trump, Trump bad…Romney is compromised by Soros and his hatred for Trump…Collins, Murkowski and Gardner are very weak. This is a crap shoot and I hope POTUS is good at playing craps.

    2. Continue with this circus and they are going to run smack into the Durham report this Spring which will expose further Body Politic/politician corruption. I guess an all consuming conflagration is better than a slow burn. Burn the House down (metaphorically speaking), cleanse from all the corruption and We the People will rebuild from its ashes. With over 100,000 people trying to get into Trump’s rally in NJ, I think that is a pretty good pulse on the nation.

    3. It’s not Washington squabbling that got us here. It’s elected Democrats.

      Elected Democrats began calling for Trump’s impeachment before he was even inaugurated. It’s on video. The day after he was inaugurated many of them dressed up like vaginas to prove how serious they are.

      The House held its first vote to advance impeachment in late ’17 based on the “high crime” of Trump criticizing a football player for kneeling during the national anthem. The second vote to advance impeachment came in early ’18, based on the “high crime” of Trump referring to sh!thole countries as sh!thole countries in a closed door meeting with the always execrable Dick Durbin. Seeing he was not going to get what he wanted in negotiations about immigration, the always execrable Dick Durbin then ran to the nearest microphone to tattle on the president for saying a bad word in order to gin up a fake hysteria and sabotage those negotiations. Democrats voted a third time to advance impeachment because President Trump insulted the Four Stooges, the de facto leaders of elected Democrats.

      Undeterred by their three failures to advance impeachment, Democrats sought for a fourth time to disenfranchise the votes of 63 million Americans and nullify an election with a fourth impeachment vote. Why? Because Trump called for an investigation into potential corruption by the former Vice President and his son. You see, while Vice President and President Obama’s “point man” on Ukraine, the Vice President threatened to withhold $1 BILLION the federal government confiscated from Americans to give to Ukrainians until a prosecutor the Vice President wanted fired was fired. We know this happened because after the Vice President left office, he bragged about it on a widely viewed video tape.

      Only in America can the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton fund a bunch of opposition research by paying a foreign spy to collect disinformation about Trump from Russians, and then falsely claim it is the Trump campaign who colluded with Russians. But it gets worse. They also funnelled that bogus disinformation to the FBI who was unable to verify it yet used it as the basis to secure a warrant from a secret court to spy on members of the Trump campaign. Then wasted tens of millions of dollars confiscated from Americans to conduct a phony investigation. Solely to help the Democrats retake control of the House in 2018.

      And now these same corrupt azzwipes who just perpetrated that fraudulent hoax accuse the President of interfering in the 2020 election because he asked a foreign government to investigate the potential corruption of the former Vice President and his son. An investigation which, by the way, never happened.

      The irredeemably corrupt Democrat Party needs to be ground into dust and the Earth salted every where it’s been to rid us of its acrid odor and sleaze. It can not be reformed.

  6. the Bolton leak accomplished its obvious design to throw the White House defense into disarray and to secure the votes for witnesses.

    Trump has always wanted witnesses.
    The WH witnesses that have direct knowledge of the facts will exonerate trump

    Trump may continue to delay the witnesses because to be most effective exoneration should arrive closer to the election.

    You have to be retarded to believe the story that Trump released the aid Sept 11 after he was “caught”. Trump is not the one “caught”.
    Trump knew his perfect trolling phone call had “caught” a net full of fish on the day of the phone call when the white house lawyers started reporting that all the fish were really upset about what was said on the phone. So to make the bait even more attractive trump had the lawyers hide the transcript in a special server. Now the fish went crazy and the rest is history.

    1. You have to be retarded to believe ….

      Anon demonstrates in one of many aliases how the Left has no regard for people, contempt for life, disregard for sanctity. I have had many Down Syndrome “retarded” people come across my journey in life, and they tend to be more joyous and more loving than those who lack Trisomy X (Down Syndrome)

      It is despicable that Anon would disparage a population due to a genetic defect.
      Despicable but consistent in how the Left have little regard for people in general.

      1. Despicable but consistent in how the Left have little regard for people in general.
        If you weren’t so blind you would read and understand that I was saying you have to be retarded to believe the theory that is promoted by the left. You have to be stupid to believe the story that trump only released the aid after he was caught

        And I did not say a word about Downs Syndrome. Many people become retarded due to blind allegiance to political ideology. Take a look in a mirror to see an example of that

  7. Bottom line is that one part of the case is Obstruction of Congress so let’s see. The President should invoke Executive Privilege’s to bolster his case and let the Court decide and eliminate all this petty bickering back and forth..

  8. If President Barf said that the appropriated money must be withheld over the widespread corruption of Ukrainian unicorns, would the Republicans demand that those unicorns testify?

    The unicorns are irrelevant. The trial is about the actions of the president, not the conspiratorial content barfed out from the president’s brilliant mind.

    Separately, however, if an investigation into the Bidens is substantiated, then let the government — our government — investigate. Go ahead.

    And lastly, it’s kind of hilarious how Republicans whine about the Bidens’ apparent nepotism. Maybe we should ask Advisor Ivanka and security-clearanced Jared for their take on it. Or that Con Jr now runs the business that funnels taxpayer money into its Russia-financed (according to Eric) vaults.


    1. And lastly, it’s kind of hilarious how Republicans whine about the Bidens’ apparent nepotism.

      Get back to us when you’ve learned the meaning of the term and learned how to construct valid analogies.

      1. “Apparent” means clear or obvious. So the Bidens’ “clear” nepotism. What’s the issue exactly, other than your being absurd?

        1. The issue is the use of political connections to engage in lucrative rent-seeking projects which amount to laundered bribes. Nepotism is not the issue there.

          Nothing Ivanka has done remotely resembles what Hunter Biden and some of the other Democratic scions have been up to. She’s been employed in a family business, which, for effect, partisan Democrats wish to pretend is an illegitimate sort of enterprise. Her current position in the administration is uncompensated and she and her husband could be engaged in more enjoyable and lucrative activities doing something else. (Trump needs his relatives because so many people around him are untrustworthy).

          It’s all pretense and talking points with the lot of you.

          1. Of course absurd, like the rest of us, has no idea what all Ivanka, Jared, and the rest are doing, how they are compensated directly or indirectly, and how they benefit with businesses they may have with nations who’s leaders they play footsteps with, and absurd doesn’t want to know.

            1. “like the rest of us, has no idea what all Ivanka, Jared, and the rest are doing,”

              Obviously they are doing nothing illegal. Anon believes it is the government’s job to watch every move people take. He is the ultimate totalitarian.

              1. Actually, what he believes is that being in business corrupts – but only if you’re a Republican. If you’re a Democrat, taking > $900,000 a year in director’s fees to sit on the board of a company operating in an industry in which you have no background in a country in which you don’t speak the language, is totes OK.

            2. 1. They’re not paid a salary.

              2. Both of them are in a shark tank. If there was anything which could be used against them, it would have been used.

              3. The assumption of your comment is that they must be up to something nefarious because, well just because.

              There’s reasons no one here takes you seriously.

    2. What a bizarre contortion. Nobody was ‘whining about the Bidens’. the Democrats made Greed and Nepotism the issue from Day 1 with the Trumps…don’t pretend it is the other way around.

      Biden/Kerry/Pelosi all are guilty. There is no credible reason Hunter Biden got any job anywhere (including entrance into Officer Training at age 34) based on his own merits. It is all clearly because of who his father was. And the case is clear his father engaged in Quid Pro Quo and took actions that favored those interests.

      If someone is claiming Trump pressured Zelensky, then of course Zelensky saying “No. I didn’t feel pressured” is relevant. If a Ukranian prosecutor was denied a visa by the radical leftist anti-Trump Marie Yovanovich because he had evidence of Democrat corruption in the Ukraine, then of courses it is relevant.

      There are no facts that Trump did anything. You can read the phone call transcript yourself and see that easily. There are substantial facts (including Joe Biden’s video taped bragging of his threatening aid appropriated by Congress to the Ukraine in return for shutting down a prosecutor) that prove Joe Biden is a criminal who abused his power for financial gain.

    3. Dave137″

      “President Barf”

      How old are you?

      The libs commenting here are for the most part angry children governed by emotion – vindictiveness, envy, and anger.

      Like children having a tantrum, they make their voices heard, but they add little to the dialogue.

        1. I have long suspected Peter Shill is an adolescent female, a b!tchy queen or David Brock herself in all her glory

          Media Matters staff is comprised of dysfunctional, emotionally stunted individuals who failed to evolve into functioning, independent adults

          eg Bobby Lewis “previously interned at the Marijuana Policy Project.”

          For this US Taxpayers more likely paid for his college history degree


    4. Dude, really?!? You’re giving us Daves a bad name. Please try to not interrupt the adults when they’re talking.

      Why on Earth would you want the US to investigate the Ukrainian-held Burisma? THAT would be an abuse of power. I think Joe has just barely enough sense to not hire Hunter for anything (unicorn walker notwithstanding), so I think you misspelled “influence peddling” as “nepotism.” Maybe you can blame it on autocorrect.


  9. Prof. Turley, have you commented on the parallels, if any, of Biden’s brag of firing a Ukrainian prosecutor and Trump’s putative offense in the famous phone call? I don’t remember seeing your discussion.

  10. This impeachment should have been shown the door from day 1. It is purely political and is an affront to the founders and the nation. A quick end might have stopped future impeachments from both sides but the Democrats, like our prior community organizer, seem only able to tear things down and not build them up.

    1. A quick end might have stopped future impeachments from both sides but the Democrats
      You think trump is guilty and you call for a quick end because you believe that will be the best way to sidestep his guilt.

      Trump is not guilty and the witnesses will eventually exonerate Trump.
      But you have to admire how brilliantly this con is being executed.
      Its beginning to now look like a strip tease. The truth from witnesses will be revealed in tiny bits and pieces and the crowd will be begging for more all the way through the whole sordid performance.

      1. I thought Clinton was guilty but impeachment on those grounds too dangerous for America and lacked the criteria for impeachment. In the case of Trump, he is completely innocent and if compared to other Presidents of recent times perhaps the most innocent of all.

        That Anon likes to make up stories and lie is well known to the group so I need say nothing further.

        1. Anon’s running multiple sock-puppets this thread.

          One thing I’d like to know is the degree to which he’s channeling his son the prosecutor. Pretty disturbing if the ultimate source of the shizz he peddles here is the U.S. Attorney’s office in Frisco.

          1. DSS, unfortunately you might very well be correct. One can recognize he is a liar based on the number of sock-puppets he has been forced to use since Jan F.

            1. I’ve lost track of the handles I’ve had to use here, due to the unusual properties of the site. Either that or Darren has banned me 20x. I’ve never used multiple handles at the same time. Since everyone recognizes him (as everyone recognizes me), I’m not sure what he’s up to.

              1. DSS, I had the same problems but when they occur they seem to disappear in the short term or on another thread. My basic picture remains the same aside my name. For short term when I had a problem I added a dot next to my name and when the problem disappeared I got rid of the dot. I only use an alternate picture with my first posting to get the return emails. Sometimes postings are dropped but others remain and I am able to continue posting. I think most of it has to do with WordPress and occasionaly I think Darren wipes out posts that shouldn’t exist and all posts under that one seem to disappear.

                This is one of the most permissible blogs on the net. Free speech essentially exists on Turley’s blog.

        2. he is completely innocent

          Then why not let the people who can establish that fact beyond all doubt testify? Why is trump withholding the testimony that will prove his innocence? This would have ended months ago if they had testified and cleared Trump of any wring doing.

          1. Anon, Clinton was guilty of crimes, more than he was convicted for, but I want the checks and balances to remain and therefore executive privilege needs to remain. It was a mistake for the Republicans to impeach Clinton even though I thought him guilty of many things but not things that he should be impeached for.

            You think superficially and ideologically so I don’t expect you to understand how dangerous the political use of impeachment is. You also lack the necessary understanding that a third branch exists to help mediate problems between the executive and legislative branches. Your basic problem is your absolute reliance on ideology and your secondary problem is basic ignorance.

            1. I don’t expect you to understand how dangerous the political use of impeachment is

              I agree that using impeachment as a method of getting a sitting president reelected clearly is dangerous and wrong.

              1. The politics of this impeachment stunt comes from the left. You don’t give a about the Republic or the Constitution. The left decided to play the game and planned it but as usual their ideas keep going awry because everyone can see the lack of integrity that resides on the left.

                1. The left decided to play the game and planned it

                  Please explain how the left planned and executed the perfect phone call…

            1. how about the pearl-clutchers prove his guilt? That;s really how its supposed to work, dontcha know.
              That is how it works if it was a criminal trial.

              But the simple fact is that if the witnesses do not appear and testify many many voters will take that to mean that the evidence they would have presented would have incriminated Trump – so trump wins the impeachment trial but loses the election.

              But that is not how it will work. The objective is to get trump reelected so obviously the witnesses will have to testify and exonerate Trump.

          2. Why not? Because the people of whom you speak can not be trusted to tell the truth. Quite simply put.
            Democrats lie. It is what they do. It is who they are.

    1. Phyllis, you should do more to learn the facts which do not support.your assertion. It is proven and not disputable – see investigative reporting on this by the WSJ, Bloomberg News, the WaPo, and NYTs as well as sworn testimony by Trump appointee Amb Volker – that VP Biden was acting in the Ukraine to enforce US, the EU, and IMF policy to mitigate Ukrainian corruption and specifically fire the prosecutor who was doing nothing and was corrupt. He was not investigating Burisma. This is also confirmed by a sitting GOP congressman who was FBI on duty there at the time. The Council on Foreign Relations is the last place one would go to brag about malfeasance involving foreign offices,

      This a blatantly cynical effort by the GOP to shift focus and finally accomplish Trumps goal in the shakedown – not the truth or ending corruption anywhere, but hitting his main political rival:

      Look it up.

      1. Let me just copy a few notes written on another thread:

        “With regard to Hunter: Ukraine prosecutors were investigating Burisma (Hunter was a board member ) when Shokin was fired and Burisma’s lawyers were trying to get US and the Ukrainians to stop investigating the corruption. Joe knew a lot about this and investigations were reopened by Ukraine prosecutors before Trump’s discussion with Zelensky. Other countries such as Latvia were looking at suspicious payments to Hunter several years ago.”

        1. Without a link we don’t know who said this,but the previous source for this BS -reporter John Solomon – has been revealed to be part of the Guliani team, along with lawyers DeGenova and Toensing who are also the lawyers for the indicted oligarch Firtash who Shokin is now in bed with. Google it.

          1. Google the sources I listed, look up US Rep Brian Fitzpatrick and Shokin, and Amb Volkers testimony on Biden before the House. Unless you think the US SD, the EU, and the IMF, along with a now GOP representative and Ambassador are all in on protecting Hunter Biden’s $50k a month gig, the accusation is politicized BS. Unlike Trump, the evidence confirms VP Biden’s innocence, and it’s already out there.

            1. Post the exact bit of evidence (not opinion) that you wish us to read and make sure you let us know where the proof is.

              1. “Post the exact bit of evidence (not opinion) that you wish us to read and make sure you let us know where the proof is.” (Allan demands this of others, but not himself.)

                Allan needs to do the same.

                1. Anonymous the Stupid for someone that doesn’t read much or write anything of significance you complain a lot. When you do cite something I note you either haven’t read it or understood it. I noted that several times and that is why I named you Anonymous the Stupid.

          2. Anon you and all your sock-puppets are a joke. John Solomon has placed on the net the documents that led to his reporting. Item by item he tears your ideas apart and makes sure to give you a link to the proof.

            All you do is post falsehoods and then lie telling others that you already published the proof and that they should find it. You lie, lie and lie.


      2. This a blatantly cynical effort by the GOP to shift focus and finally accomplish Trumps goal in the shakedown – not the truth or ending corruption anywhere, but hitting his main political rival:

        I’ve forgotten who it was who said ‘SJW’s always project’. The intellectual and moral cupboard of the contemporary left is so bare, that’s all they’ve got left.

      3. Sure, while you’re at it check out the investigating reporting like
        Russia, Russia, Russia,
        The pee dossier,
        Collusion, collusion, collusion,
        The list is almost endless of the top notch reporting from them.

      4. Then everything Pam Bondy presented in the Senate was a lie. I think not. Remember those who are being investigated right now for crimes committed that the very sources you quote spread their disinformation. This attempt to get rid of Trump is a campaign to cover up the corruption that is coming out now. Even CNN is now admitting that we’ve all been lied to about Biden. So wake up and smell the coffee and don’t believe everything you read because it fits your narrative and you don’t want to know the truth.

        1. Phyllis, bythebook, Anon and all the other names he goes by doesn’t care about the truth. He’s more like Hunter and sniffs other things than coffee so I don’t count on him waking up.

  11. As long as Collins, Romney, Tillis, and Murkowski don’t sabotage the caucus by refusing to call the Bidens, I suspect the game of chicken will soon end with the kids in each car grabbing the wheel and swerving off to the side.

  12. So you are now against our rights to vote? I agree having witnesses opens the door to a mess which is not good for our Country but the Bidens should be investigated by the Senate after this madness ends…AND it should END NoW.

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