Wisconsin Teacher Put On Leave After Hoping Limbaugh Dies A Painful Death

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We have discussed the growing trend of teachers being fired or disciplined for their discussions or postings on social media. These cases raise difficult free speech issues for educators who make political, religious, or social comments as private citizens but are then held accountable by their schools. The latest such case is out of Milwaukee where teacher Travis Sarandos has been put on leave over a deeply offensive and callous tweet about the cancer prognosis of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Sarandos reportedly said that he thought the advanced cancer prognosis was “awesome” and that he hoped Limbaugh’s death would be a painful one. It is hard to feel much sympathy for someone who has so little for others. However, there remains a question of free speech and who decides what is permissible or impermissible for teachers to express outside of their schools and employment.

I have previously written about concerns that public employees are increasingly being disciplined for actions in their private lives or views or associations outside of work. We have previously seen teachers (herehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehere, here) students (herehere and here) and other public employees (here and here and here) fired for their private speech or conduct, including school employees fired for posing in magazines (here), appearing on television shows in bikinis (here), or having a prior career in the adult entertainment industry (here).  This includes Halloween costume controversies or the costumes of their children.

In this case, Sarandos made despicable comments in reply to a poster who hoped Limbaugh would recover. Sarandos could not tolerate such an expression of humanity for someone he disagreed with on politics. He responded that “limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer. it’s awesome that he’s dying, and hopefully it is as quick as it is painful.”

I am again unsure what the standard is for teachers. Would he face the same discipline if he hoped for the death of Kim Jong-un? How about expressions of hate for Harvey Weinstein or other reviled figures? Schools rarely explain where the line is drawn, making these decisions fluid and subjective. The result is a chilling effect on speech since teachers never know what will cross the line with parents or school officials.

Sarandos is not the only person taking great joy in the suffering of others. They include writer Jon Tayler who said “It’s only fitting that this cancer upon the world should be stricken by it. If this kills Rush, then give him a state funeral so that every willing American can have a chance to pay their respects by kicking his corpse as hard as they can.”

As many on the blog know, I tend to be a classic free speech advocate. In such disputes, I tend to favor the right to speech over ill-defined standards of speech regulation. If schools want to regulate speech, they should offer a bright-line standard rather than former Justice Potter Stewart’s famous statement on obscenity that “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced . . . [b]ut I know it when I see it . . .” 

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  1. CBS News Compiled This List Of Controversial Utterances By Rush Limbaugh

    “The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.”

    “I think it’s time to get rid of this whole National Basketball Association. Call it the TBA, the Thug Basketball Association, and stop calling them teams. Call ’em gangs.”

    “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?”

    On Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb: “The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn’t deserve”.

    “The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies.” (Source)

    “Everything in Africa’s called AIDS. The reason is they get aid money for it. AIDS is the biggest pile of, the biggest pot they throw money into.” (Source)

    Responding to a caller who said black people should have a greater voice on issues: “They are 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?”

    On Barack Obama, during the 2008 election: “A veritable rookie whose only chance of winning is that he’s black.”

    “If any race of people should not have guilt about slavery, it’s Caucasians. The white race has probably had fewer slaves and for a briefer period of time than any other in the history of the world”.

    “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.”

    “Women should not be allowed on juries where the accused is a stud.”

    “Women still live longer than men because their lives are easier.”

    I’m a huge supporter of women. What I’m not is a supporter of liberalism. Feminism is what I oppose, and feminism has led women astray. I love women. I don’t know where all this got started. I love the women’s movement, especially when walking behind it.”

    “When a gay person turns his back on you, it is anything but an insult; it’s an invitation.”

    On Beyoncé: “She’s married to a rich guy … She now understands it’s worth it to bow down.”

    On Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student who testified before Congress about the importance of health insurance covering birth control: “What does it say about the college co-ed Susan Fluke who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex — what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute.”

    On Hurricane Irma: “You can accomplish a lot just by creating fear and panic. You don’t need a hurricane to hit anywhere. All you need is to create the fear and panic accompanied by talk that climate change is causing hurricanes to become more frequent and bigger and more dangerous, and you create the panic”.

    On the Central American migrant caravan heading toward the U.S. in 2018: “The objective is to dilute and eventually eliminate or erase what is known as the distinct or unique American culture … This is why people call this an invasion.”

    On LGBT politicians getting elected: “I guarantee there’d be some people in the Republican establishment who will now think, ‘Yeah, we need to do this. We need to provide a home, we need to provide a comforting atmosphere for the tranny community and the gay community.’ But those people are voting Democrat anyway.”

    On the dangers of secondhand smoking, and smoking in general: “That is a myth. That has been disproven at the World Health Organization and the report was suppressed. There is no fatality whatsoever. There’s no even major sickness component associated with secondhand smoke. It may irritate you, and you may not like it, but it will not make you sick, and it will not kill you…Firsthand smoke takes 50 years to kill people, if it does. Not everybody that smokes gets cancer. Now, it’s true that everybody who smokes dies, but so does everyone who eats carrots … I would like a medal for smoking cigars, is what I’m saying”.

    Edited from: “Rush Limbagh Now Has A Presidential Medsl Of Freedom. Here are Just 20 Of The Most Outrageous Things He’s Said”.

    First published on February 5, 2020 / 5:38 PM

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    1. Peter – he has been on the air for 30 years, winging it and that is the best they have?

      1. Paul, Peter by showing what he thinks at the worst demonstrates how good Limbaugh was for 30 years where he appologized for mistakes and regrets. Some of those things stated cannot even be shown to be true and some are out of context. Peter Shill sounds like a defenseless child that lives under his or her mother’s apron.

        1. Alan, I’m at a loss to guess what logic goes into your comment. Limbaugh’s record speaks for itself.

          If you dont think these utterances are problematic in any way, that’s okay with me. But a great many people believe that Limbaugh deliberately stoked issues that needed no friction.

          1. “I’m at a loss to guess what logic goes into your comment.”

            Peter, 30 years winging it and as Paul says this is the best you can do? Really you sound stupid, but even more to the point if the statements were made what was the context? That doesn’t mean anything to you because you pick words like you pick your nose. What is the actual source material? Did Rush apologize or explain himself?

            I note the color black seems to be a big part of your agony. Rush’s call screener, engineer and producer is black.

            Only hateful bigots like you can come up with such a list and believe that describes the man when on this blog alone in one month you make many more comments in context that are reprehensible.

          2. Seth – this is very common from people who never listened to a Rush show in its entirety. They pull out one line here or there.

            Snerdley is black. There is no black guy engineering a racist show for Rush.

            Rush is a wonderful person. If you actually listened to his show, you would understand. You should have done so years ago instead of waiting for now, after he’s going to be going through cancer treatment. If you listened to him criticize the Femme Nazis, for example, you would understand that his problem with the current movement is that they demonize stay at home moms, any women who disagrees with them, are for no abortion limits, and hate men. I can attest to the truth of this. That is why he calls them Femme Nazis. They are militant and hateful, and they area most emphatically not pro woman. You can tell in their treatment of conservative women. And boy do they hate women who defend men. But all you will hear is that Trump called women Femme Nazis. You won’t hear why or the context. That makes it easier for you to make an emotional argument rather than to reason.

            It’s like critiquing a movie you never saw based on some lines someone told you about. No one would respect a movie critic who didn’t bother to watch the movie he was reviewing, and only parroted some lines someone else told him about.

            1. Karen, quite honestly I could never stand Rush Limbaugh for more than 3 minutes. Just his voice makes me get away as soon as possible.

              But I know enough about both politics and show business to understand Limbagh’s appeal with loyal listeners. It’s a humor that primarily plays to angry Whites.

              My mom became increasingly conservative with age. For a period she actively followed Limbaugh in addition to Fox News. But there came a point where even my mom couldn’t stand Limbaugh anymore. Yet she continued watching Fox long after that.

              1. Seth:

                You simultaneously admit that you’ve never listened to his entire show, yet you declare you know whom he appeals too.

                You admit your ignorance and then make an ignorant, and wrong, statement.

                I would not like anyone who is racist. I would not listen to a show that was racist. I actually cut one of my friends out entirely when she started spouting off racist comments about “brown people”. I can judge for myself, thank you, the qualities of a radio program and its host.

                Why do you not understand that you cannot review a show without listening to it? If this was a movie surely you would understand this is ridiculous. You have misjudged Rush and his audience. You have been told that the show’s engineer, Bo Snerdley, is black, and yet still you proclaim you know better than the guy who has worked on the show for decades, or its longtime listeners. That is not reason. That is emotion and ignorance.

                Not only that, you are taunting and making false accusations against a man with stage 4 cancer. I have more than one relative going through such a battle, and I don’t take kindly to bashing cancer patients. If you don’t like Rush, then don’t listen to his show. But do not pretend you know all about his show, or Rush, if you won’t listen to it. You are part of a mob of furious gossips who trade back and forth on lines here and there and claim you know it all.

                This is very bad, Seth. The constant bigotry and bashing of conservatives is bad. The fury at the very existence of conservative radio hosts or media is wrong.

                As has been pointed out above, the difference between a conservative and a Leftist is that if a conservative would change the channel, while a Leftist would fight against that channel’s existence. Too many today only know how to parrot. They do not know how to think.

                Take a moment and think. What if you’re wrong? What if Rush Limbaugh is not a racist at all? What if he’s a nice man recently diagnosed with State 4 cancer, and you are publicly calling him a racist and all sorts of terrible things. Is that ethical? Moral? Right? Are you a good guy?


            2. I’ve heard plenty of rush Karen and he’s a major league a.hole. We all know how sensitive you are to slurs on right wingers like you, so one assumes you approve of the constant slurs he has made on Democrats everyday and all 3 hours. That makes you a 1st class hypocrite.

              By the way, since Rush said feminism was invented by “ugly broads” trying to get attention, can we assume you tolerate that ugly comment because you’re really hot and hold your less fortunate sisters in contempt?

              1. btb – have you ever been to the Women’s Studies Dept. at your university? Go, and check out the students and faculty. Then see if Rush is right or not.

                1. Oh, for sure. Wearing feminine clothing and makeup is considered being submissive to the patriarchy. If they loathe men, they also loath any behavior that might attract a man’s affection and notice. The behavior is just so ugly.


                  “While today’s feminists claim to champion the rights of all women, they speak only for women who agree with them — vocally, frequently and on demand.
                  Anticipating “Reputation,” Bustle editor Rachel Simon insisted that the 27-year-old Swift “can’t just say that the media has painted her as a fake feminist or a manipulative liar; she needs to say ‘I deserved it.’ ” Even after her sexual assault lawsuit, feminists pounced on Swift. Salon writer Rachel Leah retorted that Swift is “known to wave the feminist banner only when it directly benefits her.” Bustle agreed, decrying Swift’s feminism as a “deeply flawed,” “self-serving” “white feminism.”
                  In other words, being a feminist requires speaking out on certain things in a certain way.
                  Yet the feminist movement pretends to include everyone who advocates for women. “

                2. More from the same article, on how feminism does not mean equality for all, and how the Women’s March became just another Democrat event.

                  “Yet the feminist movement pretends to include everyone who advocates for women. Gloria Steinem, for instance, describes a feminist as “anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” Hillary Clinton states that a feminist is “someone who believes in equal rights.” Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg calls feminism a “belief” that “men and women should have equal opportunity.” Actress Emma Watson, a U.N. Women goodwill ambassador, echoes: “If you stand for equality, then you’re a feminist.” According to Swift herself, feminism is “basically another word for equality.”
                  And yet, according to Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti, feminism means nothing if everyone is a feminist. “Without some boundaries for claiming the word feminist, it becomes meaningless,” she declared in 2014. The first boundary she had in mind? Abortion politics. “So once and for all: Can you be an anti-choice feminist? No.”
                  Likewise, January’s anti-Trump Women’s March, claiming to represent “all women” of “all backgrounds” in statements to the media and in its branding, argued as much with regard to abortion. While the group initially approved pro-life groups led by women as partners, it removed them after a feminist uproar — and apologized “for this error.”
                  That uproar included Valenti, who tweeted that she was “horrified.” Jaclyn Friedman, who writes for outlets like the Guardian and Time, called including pro-lifers “bulls — .” Broadly editor Lauren Oyler added, “You’re not a feminist (or at all smart) if you don’t support safe and legal access to abortion for all women.”
                  The consensus seemed unanimous: Pro-life women are not welcome. According to Knights of Columbus/Marist Poll data released in January, that means counting out the 87 percent of women who don’t think abortion should always be available at any point during a pregnancy and 41 percent who identify as pro-life. (Gallup data presents similar numbers.)
                  [ For one night, Taylor Swift got us to pay attention to something else]
                  In October, the Women’s March only amplified its message with its convention, which again ignored antiabortion and conservative women. “There is no such thing as a feminism that tolerates opposition to abortion,” abortion activist Erin Matson announced to applause at the Detroit convention. “It is simply impossible to be a feminist and oppose a woman’s right to her own body.” There wasn’t a panelist included to point out that every woman begins life as an unborn baby girl, many of whom are often targeted (even in the United States) for sex-selective abortion.”

              2. I explained the femme Nazi problem in an earlier post. I want nothing to do with that movement. It’s ugly and hateful. Rather like your regular comments.

                Who stands up for the conservative woman? It’s not the feminists who are vicious to any woman who is not a Democrat, wants any limits at all on abortion, or who loves any man. Remember all the rhetoric that if you are a woman and don’t vote for Hillary Clinton you hate your own gender and your husband is controlling you? Truly vile. Rush is the one who fights for conservative women against bullies just like you.

                Yeah, the modern feminist movement is ugly as hell. I think it’s all the screaming and hate that changes their demeanor. Whatever you are on the inside, shines through to the outside, for good or ill. Mother Theresa was a tiny little elderly lady, not a 22 year old beauty queen. And yet the beauty of her soul was a beacon to all. Compare and contrast to the typical feminists shrieking hate speech at conservative women who disagree with them. It is the behavior that is so ugly.

                You might also be unaware that much of the feminist hate speech against Daisy Cousins involves her appearance. The modern feminist movement eschews anything traditionally feminine, especially fashion. So Daisy dresses in the most traditionally feminine dresses she can find from her favorite boutique, complete with pearls around her neck and flowers in her hair. And, oh, do they despise her for it. They say that if a woman dresses to impress a man she is a weak person. I have heard it all.

  2. The arguments for “free speech” may be well and warranted, but depraved human callousness and hate speech should never be tolerated, much less permitted.
    And sanctions against those whose salaries are paid for by the taxpayers must always be enforced. I say, fire them on the spot. It MUST be enforced that they have a higher standard when they are employed by us, the American taxpayers.

    1. Thankyou for the reference to Andrew – I have listened to Rush for over 30 years. All you have to do is listen to him for a couple of weeks and you would know where his heart was for the people.

  3. ” It is hard to feel much sympathy for someone who has so little for others.” *defends Rush Limbaugh*

    — the irony, it burns —

  4. OT

    Sam Sawyer, SJ Retweeted

    Michael Bayer
    I just want to be very clear that I think it is awesome when candidates invoke their sincerely-held religious beliefs, but I also want to be explicit that Dems can’t invoke religion on immigration and then say “we need to keep religion out of politics” on abortion.
    Quote Tweet

    Elizabeth Warren
    · Feb 6
    Matthew 25: I was a stranger and you took me in.

    We have a moral responsibility. We cannot be a nation that treats people who come to us—desperate and afraid for their lives—with anything other than humanity. #WarrenTownHall


  5. There is no woman on this Earth that has done more harm, brainwashed more young women, killed more babies and pounds her chest proudly for wearing the face of Evil than

    Gloria Steinem

    Gloria is the angel of death.

    That Obama gave her a medal of any sort, never mind a Presidential Medal, was vile, disgusting, despicable, an affront to families, young married couples, pregnant mothers and all babies in and out of the womb past, present and future.

    Rush Limbaugh has done far more good in the world than gangster lover Robert DeNiro, but looks like a boy scout compared to Bill Clinton, yet another degenerate and an insult to women, young girls and decency all around. Ted Kennedy is yet another aberration in US History as a murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne, was an opportunist and a degenerate, disgraceful US Senator: Lion of the Senate my ass

    We pray that Rush Limbaugh has a miracle in his stage 4 lung cancer.

  6. The problem is that teachers are public employees who increasingly voice their private views in the classroom and should expect to answer to parents. They are not prevented from saying what they want but they might be prevented from saying it to my children without consequences.

  7. Be careful what you wish for, cause God, our creator,
    hears all, from thought, words & actions! Karma is
    What goes around, comes around! Amen


    Apparently sensing an opportunity to tarnish President Obama’s standing with listeners who were unaware of the suffering caused by the African rebels who call themselves the Lord’s Resistance Army, Rush Limbaugh responded to the president’s deployment of 100 military advisers to combat the group in central Africa on Friday in a segment of his radio show headlined, “Obama Invades Uganda, Targets Christians.”

    Mr. Limbaugh began his discussion of the group — described by my colleagues Thom Shanker and Rick Gladstone as “a notorious renegade group that has terrorized villagers in at least four countries with marauding bands that kill, rape, maim and kidnap with impunity” — by explaining that the “Lord” referred to in their name is not someone named Lord, but “God.” He said:

    Now, up until today, most Americans have never heard of the combat Lord’s Resistance Army. And here we are at war with them. Have you ever heard of Lord’s Resistance Army, Dawn? How about you, Brian? Snerdley, have you? You never heard of Lord’s Resistance Army? Well, proves my contention, most Americans have never heard of it, and here we are at war with them. Lord’s Resistance Army are Christians. It means God.

    Overlooking the detailed record of their brutality and bizarre practices, Mr. Limbaugh then added: “They are fighting the Muslims in Sudan. And Obama has sent troops, United States troops, to remove them from the battlefield, which means kill them. So that’s a new war, a hundred troops to wipe out Christians in Sudan, Uganda.”

    Edited from: “Limbaugh Defends Lord’s Resistance Army”

    The New York Times, 10/17/11

    This is as good of an example as any to illustrate of how Rush Limbaugh has been a force of ignorance in American. He obviously had no idea what he was talking about regarding this militia. Nevertheless Limbaugh just blundered forth with the spin that Obama was trying to wipe-out Christians in Africa. It didn’t matter that Limbaugh was absolutely clueless. The narrative that Obama wanted to ‘exterminate Christians’ would resonate with his listeners.

    1. There are no white hats in the African forever wars. Only gray.

      It is similar in the Middle East. When we armed and trained the mujahideen to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, it was guaranteed that some of those temporary allies would one day fight us. That is because it is not a Western nation. Not Western values. And so its people wanted the subjugation of women, the abuse of human rights. Obama bin Ladin was inevitable. It did not change the fact that we still needed their help at the time to stem the tide of the Soviets.


      There have been terrible accusations made against Rush Limbaugh by people expressing glee at his serious illness. They have called him a racist bigot. The worst of the dregs of America. None of them are Rush listeners. None of them know anything about him other than a sound bite here and there. They do not know the man or what he stands for, nor do they care. He is their political enemy, and so they consider it laudable to weaponize accusations.

      One should note there is no reasoned discussions of anything they disagreed with Rush about. It’s look, see here, he’s evil!!! If you defend him you are evil. Same old same old. What I’ve seen going around on social media by Democrat friends and family makes me sick to my stomach.

      Rush Limbaugh is a good person. He’s done so much for charity. He’s been the voice of conservatives back from the day where we had no voice. It was all Democrat media demonizing and misrepresenting what we stand for. Now there are more conservative media outlets, and conservative voices are proliferating online. The Democrat Silicon Valley keeps trying to silence them and censor them. But there’s always Rush fighting. I’ve heard him be so kind to callers, those who disagree with him, teenagers nervous to speak with him in front of everyone, the elderly, and then there’s the regular phenomenon – a Democrat who took up the challenge to listen to Rush’s entire show for 2 weeks straight. They convert and call Rush to tell him how they have been wrong all their lives. Every time there is a disaster or a need, Rush is there. He gives to charity and he fundraises.

      People who hate him don’t know him at all. But we do. My father used to put on Rush’s show whenever we were in the car at that hour. I wasn’t interested when I was younger, but over time, Rush got my father and I into deep discussions on politics, his work in government, and world history. One of the ways we bonded was through Rush Limbaugh. Here’s to the golden microphone and Majarushi from this Rush Babe.

    2. “This is as good of an example as any to illustrate of how Rush Limbaugh has been a force of ignorance in American. ”

      We all think the same of you and yet you still keep proving us right. Maybe one day you will write a thoughtful, logical comment but until that day arrives, you will peddle the fakest news sites of recent memory.

      1. Peter – at the end of your life, are you going to think back on all the time you’ve wasted insulting perfect strangers on the internet, and wasting your time on hate? The most precious commodity in existence is time. How are you going to spend yours? Trolling?

    3. https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Elections/Vox-News/2012/0309/Why-did-Rush-Limbaugh-defend-Joseph-Kony-and-Lord-s-Resistance-Army

      You’ll notice the Christian Science Monitor refers to the transcript, but quotes almost nothing from it. Given the thesis of the piece, they either didn’t actually have the transcript or the money quotes are not embarrassing. The Monitor is a cut above The Times or The Post in terms of trustworthiness. Limbaugh’s own precis has this excerpt:

      “The Lord’s Resistance Army is being accused of really bad stuff — child kidnapping, torture, murder, that kind of stuff. We just found out about this today and we’re gonna of course do our due diligence research on it, but nevertheless we have a hundred troops being sent over there to fight these guys.” (Which appeared in Foreign Policy‘s summary).

      What’s interesting, Peter, is that a satchel full of leftoid sites took an interest in this one segment on the broadcast of 14 October 2011, but none of them quote more than two paragraphs. Likely the same two paragraphs which appeared in a Media Matters blast fax.

  9. Teachers and public workers are emboldened by artificial power and status provided by the antithetical and unconstitutional communists. In a free society, wherein status and influence are earned through merit, teachers and public workers would toil quietly and respectfully, at much more appropriate compensation levels, and present the proper deference for fear of loss of status, livelihood or worse.

    Fire all teachers and public workers who are AWOL and who conduct job actions and strikes. Decertify all unions. Unions are criminal usurpers of power. Corrupt communist elected officials facilitate them by ceding their power. The power is the people’s. The power of the people is transferred to elected officials. Unions cannot legally or constitutionally usurp the power of the people or elected officials. Aberrations, such as this teacher’s acts, are a function of illegal and unconstitutional power of teachers/public worker unions which they have illegally usurped from elected officials.

    Local school facilities are rapidly deteriorating because the lazy striking teachers have greedily and voraciously consumed the entire budget through their absurd, extreme wage demands. Wages must be set at the smallest amount necessary to retain a minimally competent workforce based on supply and demand. Advanced degrees are not necessary while teacher assistants are. Superior education may be sought by families in the private sector. Teachers unions are the “tip-of-the-spear” for public workers who obtain “comparable pay” after illegal teacher strikes set the constantly raised standard. The national communists rule as elected officials acquiesce; as elected officials shirk their duty and responsibilities and cave to the Feminazi White Shirts.

    The most important component in the education process is the mind of the student. The burden is on the student and his family. Public schools emphasize propaganda and indoctrination with minimal emphasis on the Three R’s. Kids graduate school unable to get a job but well-versed in “Enviro-Wackism.” Teachers unions don’t make minds – if they’re competent, they may train them. Lincoln home-studied by the fireside. Bill Gates was a drop-out. Education is good – the Walmart version, not that of Lamborghini.

    Why the —- are there Mercedes Benzes and Range Rovers in the teachers parking lots? When the school is three blocks away, why is there a Dept. of Education 2,400 miles away in Washington D.C.? Answer: For the communists to accomplish redistribution of wealth on the national level, social engineering and to propagandize and indoctrinate America’s youth.

  10. Everybody thought the Dems had reached
    An all time low with the pseudo Impeachment.
    Now the gutter is in full flow.

  11. Both my parents were teachers. For years they weren’t allowed to so much as stand on the sidewalk outside the school alone if female. From that extreme we’ve gone to teachers teaching deviant sex and absolutely no morals, values, ethics or standards to include their social promtion grading system plus dealing drugs in the school and having someone else than a student write their scholarship applications due to illiteracy, Best thing to do is get tthem to GED status and out of there as fast as possible and then choose a college or university with great care.

    The public schools are a den of not jiust inequity but inequality. The students are better off going to Zappa U. I’f you want an education read a book.’ But that only works if the parents are not part of a long chain of social promotion illiterates themselves or worse became ‘teachers.’

    I had mine GED’d and in Junior College and finishing a Bachelors by the summer of the year their peers graduated high school. She finished premed and became a doctor then a psychiatrist treating children with eating and other disorders. And NEVER needed a penny other than we furnished an apartment for grad studies.Nor borrowed a dime. Scholarships, Grants In Aid and jobs on campus gave her a head start on the value of money.

    Of those in her peer group who went on to college over half never made it to Sophomore status.

  12. Free speech does not mean unlimited or inconsequential speech. I support this teacher’s natural right to speak his mind and I support his employer’s right to protect their students from this sort of influence in their district.

  13. From a business owner’s perspective, employee’s activities outside of the workplace only become relevant if it impacts the job or the reputation or profits of the company.

    For instance, if someone steals outside of work, he can be fired from a remodeling job because it woudl be a liability to allow a known thief to work inside people’s homes. If someone Tweets that theft is an admirable activity, he can be fired because he’s made himself a known liability to allow entrance into customers’ homes. If someone Tweets something racist, in public, his employer could lose business, and again, there is a safety issue about allowing him access to a black customer’s home. We don’t agree with some of our employees’ politics, but it doesn’t affect their employment or our working relationship in any way.

    In this case, is he bringing politics into the classroom? Is he teaching kids this? Should a teacher be an ethical person? Are the kids of conservatives safe, and are they graded fairly?

  14. Potter Stewart knew obscenity when he saw it because he’d seen so much of it. And it always arrived in a plain brown wrapper, an unmistakable sign that the package contained pornography.

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