New York Man Arrested Three Times In One Day Under New Bail Reform Law

Scott Nolan was arrested and released three times in several hours under New York's new bail reform law.

Just a week after a New York man with 139 arrests was released under New York’s new bail-reform law thanked Democrats, the police union protested another case where a man, Scott Nolan, was arrested three times in one day but released each time under the new law. Nolan’s criminal record is 50 pages long.

According to WRBG-TV, Nolan was arrested on Monday at 9 a.m. in Troy on suspicion of shoplifting and given a court appearance ticket. Then at 2:30 p.m., he was arrested again for an alleged assault and again released. Then two hours later, he was arrested again for hitting someone with a brick and given a third ticket for a court appearance.

Police are outraged that they no longer have the ability to hold such recidivists for bail.

This controversy follows the arrest of another recidivist, Charles Barry, 56, who could not be held despite his 139 arrests in New York City. As he left the Manhattan Criminal Court, he celebrated and thanked Democrats stating “I’m famous! I take $200, $300 a day of your money, cracker! You can’t stop me! It’s the Democrats! The Democrats know me and the Republicans fear me. You can’t touch me! I can’t be stopped!”

In 2020 alone, Barry has been arrested six times and freed six times. In a statement that is being repeated by many police officers, he screamed “Bail reform, it’s lit!”

The bail reform legislation has worthy purposes. However, it would seem that such reforms could take extreme recidivists into account, particularly in the midst of a crime spree. What is clear is that the law is likely to become an issue in the 2020 election with celebratory recidivists like Barry in the news.

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  1. The serial misdemeanant is quite uncommon but nearly every jurisdiction has at least one. This bail out legislation is actually emboldening many of these types of criminal to continue.

    Anecdotally, I’ve personally seen times where the same person got arrested three times or more in a day. It actually is quite rare, probably about every five years one can expect to run across someone like this at work. My favorite one was a guy who got arrested for DWI next to a mom & pop convenience store, (was a problem child) and was booked that night. We went to day shift that morning and when I came to the office there he was in the Breathalyzer room. I asked him “Jesus (name withheld), what are you doing here?” He replied “Yeah I screwed up…” He said he was P.R.’ed by the judge and walked back to the convenience store to pick up his car. On the way he went past a liquor store, bought a fifth of hard alcohol and drank it on the way to his car. He went in to the convenience store to buy more booze but the clerk wouldn’t sell to him because he was intoxicated. So he caused a disturbance at the store and the sheriff’s office was called. So my coworker drove there just in time to see him peeling out of the parking lot, drunk and driving. The citation he got for the second DWI was almost a carbon copy of the first: same location; same crime; same vehicle; same defendant; same breathalyzer result; same arresting officer; same court. The only difference was the time and the docket number (which was the next one in the ticketbook). Few people could have accomplished such a duplicated crime, I guess I owe him that.

    We used to joke about the serial misdemeanant, meaning one that has dozens of misdemeanor convictions in a short period of time. Most of the reason, we joked, is that they are simply too stupid and incompetent to commit a felony and thus get a lengthy prison sentence. So they instead just Ping-Pong between jail and the Dumpy Downs Trailer Park.

    Society is always going to have these types of people, declaring them a habitual criminal and locking them up for a couple years might help but I suspect they will soon return to being doofuses. But at least during that two years they are no longer the county’s problem.

    1. Hrmm…reality, from an older, wiser soul with more life experience and knowledge. I enjoyed reading this comment, Darren. Thank you.

  2. One needs to look at why these guys have so many arrests and are still out walking the streets. These guys are just bad dudes. Maybe they’re informants. Maybe they’re part of the stalking/harassment apparatus… Lock both of them up and toss the keys.

    1. Smh….the guy is violent, and cannot control his impulse…I’m thinking Irresistible Impulse Test, right now, for insanity defense….but under the MPC, the combo test, I assume he knew it was wrong….did it anyway….or maybe not, who knows…the man is violent…can’t control himself….danger to himself/danger to others….should not be let out….

  3. This is the difference between a serious mental condition, e.g., sociopath/psychopath, not operating in society well…b/c their upbringing was not great.

    It is a known fact that psychopath/sociopath operate in society, without violence upon others, by conditioning from a good upbringing…and feigning what the “right thing” to do is…and following that guideline…

    Not the case for this guy, his nurturing probably didn’t go so well, and nature is the only thing left.

    Their brains under MRI are different…chemically….born that way or via trauma….idk, but it cannot be changed, unless with chemical via medicine, but even then….idk…

    Obviously, this law is ridiculous for these types of cases…..the inability to control one’s impulsive urge to do harm.bad to others…3x, one day, there you go….can’t control himself….

  4. It’s beyond me as to why the people of NY, or the people from any state for that matter, would vote for this kind of politician that would allow criminals to basically have free reign in their state.

  5. These Democrat policies allow criminals to prey upon the law abiding.

    Having lived in CA for years now, it is my impression that the Democrat party here adores anyone who breaks the law, does drugs, is homeless due to drug addiction or mental illness, or who doesn’t pay any taxes. In short, people they cater to.

    If you are a business owner with a homeless encampment in front of your door, leaving human infectious waste and dirty needles, these politicians could care less about you. Keep paying more and more taxes and stop complaining.

    If you are a business owner complaining about high taxes and the high cost of labor, these politicians could care less about you.

    If you’ve been robbed 8 times, they could care less about you. Stop complaining and pay your taxes.

    If you are a homeowner, and complain that Democrats now tax every square foot of every roof for “rainwater runoff” and a new proposed fire tax, including every dog house, well pump shed, tack room, and horse shelter, quit complaining and pay your taxes. They don’t care about you.

    If you are black, poor, and therefore a reliable Democrat voter, complaining about the dumping of illegal aliens on the jobs market competing with the entry level jobs that the high cost of labor keeps chasing from your state, quit whining, keep voting Democrat. They don’t care about you.

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