Turley Speaks On Privacy At Women’s Institute of Houston

Today I will be addressing the Women’s Institute of Houston on privacy. The speech is entitled     A Fishbowl Society: The Diminishing Privacy of Americans and will start at 11 am at River Oaks Country Club.

The Women’s Institute of Houston was founded in 1951 by Mr. and Mrs. Dean Richardson and remains as one of the oldest speaking series for men and women in Houston.

My presentation will address the erosion of privacy in our society, including my recent research on privacy in the age of biometrics.

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  1. “Women’s Institute of Houston” is a prima facie sexist organization.

    “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” is a prima facie racist organization.

  2. They will love you, Professor….and you’ll have an exceptional meal at the Country Club. Oh, the nostalgia. If you step outside, look north a couple of blocks and you’ll see Lamar High School, one of Houston’s finest ( in the 1960’s). Go Redskins! Enjoy.

  3. There is no privacy. GOOGLE, Facebook, and the rest of Silicon Valley spy upon our lives. There is no privacy for women, either, as being a woman is a state of mind. That enables men to have access to the women’s showers, bathrooms, and shelters. All they have to do is say they are a woman on that day. They are allowed to change their mind, too.

    My Dish satellite provider updated their remote control to replace the voice to text search function with GOOGLE Assistant. I used to be able to hold down the microphone button and say the name of the show I was searching for. That would type in the text of the search for me and fill in the proper fields. When they changed it to GOOGLE assist, I ignored the prompt to set it up. I decided to just use typed text instead. And then one day, it automatically was set up…to my GOOGLE account. Dish claims that the microphone only records your data when the button is depressed, but I suspect this is not true. When I watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy on BluRay with my son, I got flooded with ads on Facebook for LOTR books and merchandise. I did not search for this topic online. The only way the marketers would know about it is if the data was recorded without our consent. Anything I search for online leads to a slew of social media or email adds. May I say that it gets highly amusing when I’ve been stocking up on our veterinary medicine cabinet for the horses. The diseases and ailments that the algorithm tries to predict are hilarious.

    This is intrusive. It’s like Big Brother is watching, only in addition to the government, it’s Silicon Valley. The former is infamous for Clapper lying about spying on citizens without a warrant. The latter openly admit they want to meddle in our elections and sell us as much stuff as possible.

    1. In a sad irony, it instead re-created the problem it promised to resolve, albeit in a modified form. America today once again has a system of government-backed racial preferences, except that blacks (and other recognized identity groups) are now its beneficiaries, while whites occupy “the bottom rung of an official hierarchy of races.”

      Thanks DSS. That article would make a great introduction to this article I posted earlier. Yours describes our current state, mine describes what we’ll look like if the restoration fails.

      The great question that perplexed progressives throughout much of the 21st century was how to completely untether us from the past, thereby for the first time in history truly liberating ourselves from our moorings and ushering in a new age of gender freedom, radical equality, and ethnic equity.


  4. Women in Texas have seen their privacy eroded by anti-abortion laws. I wonder if Turley will address that.

    1. Be nice if you ever made an utterance that wasn’t based on a slogan. We’re all still waiting.

    2. In what way is anyone’s privacy eroded by abortion limits?

      The pro life argument is that someone is a person, with a right to life, inside or outside the womb. They also oppose killing infants outside the womb, either by direct action or deliberate neglect. Most people in the United States believe there should be at least some limits on abortion. For instance, most would find it objectionable to abort a healthy, full term baby in the process of being born, but without having drawn breath.

      The abortion debate is usually a spectrum of beliefs, rather than a binary yes/no code.

      Does someone have the right to kill their toddler in private? As Dennis Prager posits, if there was a genetic test to determine if a developing fetus would turn out gay, would it be moral to selectively kill gay fetuses? Female fetuses? What if a married couple divorce, and the father desperately wants his child. The mother hates the father, however, and decides to abort the healthy, full term infant a week before her due date. Is that moral?

      At some point, most Americans believe that a developing human has the right to life, and the mother does not have the right to kill him or her. Some people believe this at all stages of gestation, others support the morning after pill, others support abortion to the first trimester…but only a small minority of Americans believe that it should be allowed to kill a healthy full term baby as long as he or she hasn’t drawn breath.

      Does the person who believes the same, but extends that protection by a few weeks suddenly become evil and their opinion a threat to the woman’s autonomy and privacy? Is not allowing the killing of healthy infants moments on the day they would naturally be born a war on women? It does not follow reason.

      A late term abortion requires labor. It takes more time than an induced labor and delivery of a live infant. It obviously takes longer than an emergency C-section. So it does not save the mother from the dangers of childbirth. Its express purpose is to kill her infant. There is a legitimate debate on whether that should be allowed. And if not, where to draw the line. If the baby has to be delivered through childbirth anyway, does any baby have the right to live against the mother’s wishes?

      The platitude that one should “trust the mother” is absurd. If my gender were somehow 100% trustworthy and moral, there would be no female convicted felons. There would be no CPS cases involving a mother. There would be no women who involuntarily lost custody of their children. There would be no mothers with supervised visitation.

      Women have the same capacity for good and evil that men do.

        1. Cindy, Karen, et al, I hope everyone had a nice evening. We did here.

          I seen this video early, & I’ve seen them like this all across the USA.

          Without all the history I’ve been working for free towards a goal at least 45 years.

          About 20 ago Infowars/Alex Jones shows up & he fit much like a glove.

          5 years ago I, an Okie, never in the hell thought I’d support a damned NYC billion… I changed my mind W/Trump.

          There could always be more but I’m ok with get at least to 2nd base & trying to go forward for more.

          But I just want to share with all here what is going on with the citizens in the real world that the Fake News Media are lying to us all about.

          Just look at how HUUUGH these crowds are & it’s Freezing @#$%%^ Phin Cold & they still show up Rain/Snow/Wind & Lying DC’s Traitorous Media goons still are Lying.

          Anyway, I’ll post this again somewhere. This guy does this for Free for the USA as most of us do…..

          Listen to what your fellow Patriots to the USA have to say!

  5. There is an excellent law review article in the Washington University Law Journal in the year 2008 or so titled: Taking The Ninth”.
    The Ninth Amendment is the place you want to go on the privacy issues.

  6. “The Women’s Institute of Houston was founded in 1951 by Mr. and Mrs. Dean Richardson and remains as one of the oldest speaking series for men and women in Houston.”
    Then why isn’t it the “Men’s and Women’s Institute of Houston.” Sounds a tad misandric if you ask me.

    1. Men and women once had places to retreat from each other and just enjoy the company of their own. It’s amazing how the obnoxious can always find a critical mass of judges to work their will on normal people.

        1. Just wait until the clubs are required to list preferred pronouns after names in the member directory. (He/him or He/they, She/her, etc.) No more “men’s clubs” or “women’s clubs” for ze/they/them. It’s coming.

          Just saw a Broadway play and the program listed preferred pronouns after each of the cast names/bios. It’s coming your way sooner than you think fellas. The end of the world as we/they/them/ know it. And it’s not even funny.

      1. xXX,

        This country was founded by men meeting in pubs/road houses/etc. nights, weekends etc.

        That was viciously attacked & mostly destroyed that line of communication in the 70’s/80’s

        In recent decades a large amount of those types of communications went over phone/test msg/msg bb., PC’s.

        But for anyone paying attention to cases like Roger Stones & others it’s fast approaching that anyone who has ever posted anything, no matter what their state of mind, ie: sick, loved one died, had a few to many drinks in their own home, etc…, it will matter not, everything your say can & will be used against you/others by the corrupt prosacutors/Judges like ABJ/Muellers crew against Roger & others.

        IE: But but but your honor, that happened when I was in the 5th grade…. Nothing will be out of bounds with these police states.

        Just like the govt hearings in the 70’s against Nixon showed us young guys/gal, from those days that everything you do or say will most likely be record & public. Everything! ( No 4th amd) GONE!

        Welcome to your prison! If no one stops it.

        Look no further then the citizens surrendering up their 4 amd/etc., to the IRS system.

        1. “Nothing will be out of bounds with these police states.”

          “Nothing [IS] out of bounds.”

          Most people either aren’t paying attention or don’t care.

    2. The misandrist Women’s Institute of Houston self-defines.

      The title advances women and, in doing so without qualification, retards men.

      Alternative: The Men-Loving Women’s Institute of Houston.

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