Kent Students Force Homeland Security From Job Fair

I have written extensively about how universities are refusing to act to prevent faculty members and students from disrupting classes, barring events, and shouting down speakers. Now we can add preventing other students from speaking to the Department of Homeland Security about jobs. Students at the job fair at Kent State University in Ohio blocked access to an ICE table by locking arms and eventually forced the department to leave the fair. Because these student oppose ICE, the university let them block access for all other students.

The students had every right to a non-violent protest but, once again, a university failed to distinguish between a protest and disruption. The job fair was open to all students with all views and values. The protesters peacefully held up signs saying “NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL” AND “ABOLISH ICE.” However, they could have been told to carry out such protests outside of the event to allow other students to exercise their own choices.

Instead, the university did nothing and DHS left. Weirdly, it was only then that accounts say that a campus police officer approached the protesters and they then left.

 We have been discussing the rising intolerance and violence on college campuses, particularly against conservative speakers. (here and here and here and here). Berkeley has been the focus of much concern over mob rule on our campuses as violent protesters have succeeded in silencing speakers, even including a few speakers like an ACLU official.  Both students and some faculty have maintained the position that they have a right to silence those with whom they disagree and even student newspapers have declared opposing speech to be outside of the protections of free speech.  At another University of California campus, professors actually rallied around a professor who physically assaulted pro-life advocates and tore down their display.  In the meantime, academics and deans have said that there is no free speech protection for offensive or “disingenuous” speech.  CUNY Law Dean Mary Lu Bilek showed how far this trend has gone. When conservative law professor Josh Blackman was stopped from speaking about “the importance of free speech,”  Bilek insisted that disrupting the speech on free speech was free speech

The President of Kent State Jewish Voice for Peace Sophia Gabbay said that this was no different than the appearance of national guard appearing on campus in the Kent State shootings: “We want to get rid of any type of state law enforcement entity off of this campus that directly ties to our history; we have seen what happens when the university allows, for example, the National Guard to come on campus.”

Others just declared that DHS is “blatantly violent” and “racist” and thus cannot be allowed to speak with students at such events. As we have seen in other protests, the students simply made the decision that other students should not be allowed to make their decision on the listening or applying to DHS.

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    1. Of course it’s off topic, that’s all you ever post. It’s almost like your … newspeaking.

  1. So which position is it tha Kent State holds to??? The committee who oversees the 50th anniversary of Kent State’s shooting just declined rescinding Jane Fonda’s $83,000 speaker invite/ contract in the name if inclsuion and diverse points of view, blah, blah blah…… 😋
    Now students are allowed to disrupt and disallow freedom and diversity and inclusion to fellow students access to investigate jobs and job fair participation to whom/what they deem unacceptable ??!!
    Who oversees any of these students and who oversees Kent State administration and not to mention security, too???

    Seems like it’s anything goes if you are liberal students and faculty and no one in true authority has reasonable authority or they haven’t got a clue,,,,things are allowed to run amukk.

    And the grad student who peacefully and lawfully was on campus with a rifle and she was met with… again students resistance and somebit of “violence”….whaaat?.

  2. What little terrorists these little hard Leftists are.

    “No human is illegal.” Really? Let’s test that theory. In violation of our federal immigration laws, a close relative of a known terrorist breaks our immigration laws and immigrates here illegally, planning a terrorist attack. Since “no human is illegal” that means he’s just a regular immigrant. The Left opposes any effort to stop illegal immigration. They even oppose court orders to remove people. They oppose ICE enforcing court deportation orders.

    Under this paradigm, they would permit the terrorist to come here. Even if he tried to conduct a terrorist attack, they would oppose his deportation.

    The Left supports predation upon the law abiding.

  3. Much work to be done in the free speech realm. It works with good intent, suffers when bad intent slips through. Interesting times.

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        The actual lyrics:

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  4. Smart thinking is generational. Baby boomers are smarter than the dumb schmucks at college age today.

  5. “Homeland Security Algorithm Revokes U.S. Visa of War Crimes Investigator Eyal Weizman”

    ‘“Invoking the results of an algorithm cannot disguise the spurious nature of this visa decision, and, in fact, it heightens our concerns about how the decision was taken,” Huang added. “This is ideological exclusion via algorithm, a troubling indicator of the bias and irrationality of the high-tech security state.”’

    Most Americans would not support some of the things that are covertly taking place on U.S. soil, but remain cloaked in silence.

  6. “Kent Students Force Homeland Security From Job Fair”

    – Professor Turley

    Students don’t force anything.

    Law forces.

    Nature abhors a vacuum.

    Students “forced” Homeland Security in the vacuum created by the absence of the force of law.

    It’s the same in lawless, communist Berkeley, CA.

    It’s the same in sanctuary cities.

    America is lawless and has been since “Crazy Abe” Lincoln’s illegal and unconstitutional “Reign of Terror.”

    A society of laws is nothing without the rule of law.

    It’s the vacuum, stupid!

    1. I tried to sing this to the melody of Fire Down Below by Bob S and Silver Bullet Band. Didn’t really work.

      1. You need to remix it with the Jerry Lee Lewis piano, the crunch guitar and the screaming lead!

        “With only one thing in common

        They got the law books down below”

  7. I was in Vietnam in the spring of 1970 when Ohio National Guard troops opened fire at Kent State. Most of us supported our fellow servicemen then and support them now. Kent State is just one more nest of vermin that should be eliminated.

    1. I supported our troops in Nam. But I was against the war there and opposed our troops being killed. If we had a draft now there would be young people opposing the war in Afghanistan. Four Dead in O Hi O generated opposition to the Vietnam War.

    2. “Kent State is just one more nest of vermin that should be eliminated.”

      Get the help you obviously need.

  8. Of course Turley leaves out that the SOS of Ohio is doing everything to stop Jane Fonda from speaking at 50th year of the Kent State massacre. The Ohio government attempt to stifle Fonda is missing from Turley’s post, and there is a reason behind that, in his view, only the right is denied access to speak. By the way, the SOS of Ohio is republican. Any attempt to stifle peaceful dissent is wrong, coming from the left or right. Turley attempt to seed disinformation that it comes only from the left, is just wrong.

    1. Perhaps, given what Fonda is, there’s a valid reason – let’s say, oh, respect for veterans, that the SOS wants Fonda out.

  9. Joining arms? I would bring several of my biker associates like Tiny and Eclipse to stroll through the human barricade with me. We are now to the point where we are being forced to demand our rights. In this case the right of open ingress/egress to a public place. Does anyone wish to place a wager regarding how effective the snowflake barricade will be?

  10. Remember that loan you took out and the men had to sign up for the draft to get it? Guess what.. your friends and neighbors have selected you since you changed your status from potential draftee to volunteer. Reporting date is……. Women still get a free ride as second class citizens being cast once again by the supporters of the draft as ‘baby factories.’ Don’t see any ERA at work there? Guess what it was the Democrats that got it voted down. Chief among them Senator Al Gore Senior. I’m laughing my donkey off. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

      1. Oh pulease. That’s your response, “Anonymous”, to the comment at 11:37?

        Read the article posted by “bythebook.”

        1. Yes that’s my comment. Read the comment by Em below.

          Let’s not forget the MSNBC Rachel Maddow viewer and Bernie supporter who went to a baseball field to assassinate a bunch of Republicans.

          How about the Bernie Sanders Iowa field coordinator who called for throwing Trump supporters into re-education gulags.

          Or the Bernie campaign staffer who said ‘cities will burn’ if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination.

          Let’s not forget former president Obama saying “if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

          Let’s not forget former Obama AG Eric Holder saying, “when they go low, we kick them.”

          Have you heard what Maxine Waters tells her audiences to do about ‘certain people’ who she says should not have a right to be at peace anywhere in public without being harassed and pushed around?

          Have you heard the names they call blacks who support Trump?

          But wait, there’s more…

                1. Oh pulease. That’s your response, “Anonymous”, to the comment at 3:15?

                  You want to see what ‘childish’ looks like? Turn around and look in the mirror, sweetheart.

                  What a useless little troll you are.

                  1. “What a useless little troll you are.”

                    You certainly are — Anonymous @ 3:40.

                  2. “What a useless little troll you are.”

                    I see that you were looking in the mirror…

                    1. Anonymous @ 3:45 PM reliably comes to the aid of the left wing trolls on this forum, likely a sockpuppet by said trolls

                      Theirs is a “strength in numbers” existence even if they are all sockpuppets …..LOL


    1. It’s rather telling that your best rebuttal is someone with a history of criminal behavior and serious mental health issues, living in Portland of all places. That guy’s all over the place. Half his nonsense is straight from the Leftist’s handbook – who also believe in free speech, by the way – so long as it’s THEIR speech.

      At least one of the men he murdered, Rick Best, was a Republican.

      Trying to use a brutal murderer with emotional and mental issues to represent millions of Americans is disgusting and poorly thought out.

  11. Perhaps this was a blessing to ICE. Snowflakes will never cut it as law enforcement officers. Better that they never apply rather than ICE making mistake of hiring them and they fail basic training or become a liability to the department.

    1. Darren, I am unpleasantly surprised at your ad hominem – and inaccurate – comment. Whom are you calling “snowflakes?” Is it the Kent State students who wanted to get information about employment by ICE. Are these the people who will never “cut it?” I think that you reacted viscerally before your brain was engaged. Please try to explain your thinking.

      To be clear, I agree with all of Prof Turley’s positions on allowing a full reign of free speech.

      1. “Darren, I am unpleasantly surprised at your ad hominem…I think that you reacted viscerally before your brain was engaged. Please try to explain your thinking.”
        Quite frankly, with the exception of five other individuals here of whom I respect, I have no regard for what you or any other commenter here thinks of what I write, so I am not going to explain anything to you. You either find what I write to be of interest/worthwhile or you don’t. Whether you do or not is irrelevant. What I choose to write as a short comment or more so with a full article constitutes an idea or approach I offer to others on the Internet. If they find something useful in their lives in reading it then great. If they don’t–and that’s their choice–there are over 132,000 current subscribers who might otherwise. I don’t surrender myself to being guided by other people’s opinions because doing so leads to being controlled by them or becoming a sellout to popularity.

        And that’s all I’m going to say about it.

        1. I understand if you don’t have the time to respond to criticism. But it would have taken you less time to explain/correct your errors in this instance than to say that you are indifferent to rational criticism. … You were ad hominem and you did make factual errors.

          1. It’s not like Darren told you to Efff off, though many of us would do you the honor since you resort to such crass comments. Nor did Darren state the obvious about you, a low life POS ,though that would have have been against the civility polices here. Additionally Darren could have said your mother dresses you funny but we already knew that so….

            IDK, Darren was a gentleman in responding to an otherwise POS who should Eff off who dresses funny

            Just to be clear on factual facts and erroneous errors

      2. “Darren, I am unpleasantly surprised at your ad hominem…”

        You don’t know Darren like some of us know Darren. Ask him what he once called U.S. Rep John Lewis. I’d refer you to the comment, but it’s been deleted.

        1. “Ask him what he once called U.S. Rep John Lewis.”

          I certainly won’t repeat it.

            1. “Lewis is an embarrassment.”

              Didn’t he die or something or was than another race baiting Member of Congress from a disgraced Congressional district in a city run by Democrats occupied by rats?

              They all look alike…and this does not mean the rodents

          1. Why won’t you repeat what Darren said? Too obscene? racist? otherwise beyond polite criticism?

            It’s peculiar, I suppose, that since Darren was selected by Prof Turley – a generally reasonable man – to handle the weekend blog, I assumed that Darren was also a reasonable person. That is why I was taken aback when I saw Darren’s “snowflake” post here. I won’t be surprised by Darren again.

            1. Dear Snowflake

              you wrote your above just like the blog’s little boy who uses multiple sockpuppet names

              it is clear you are displeased with the weekend blog. You might consider demanding a refund or take Turley to court for violating that contract you signed when you purchased services to make snowflake comments

              1. Anon, if you were saying that I use multiple names here – you are incorrect. I have only this one personna here.

                But I would like to take this opportunity to say that I wonder what Prof Turley thinks of the crazed tone of about 50% of the commenters who abuse his blog. If I were the prof, I’d be highly embarrassed.

                I shall henceforth totally ignore the crazed responses to any of my comments.

                  1. Highly doubt it as well, if so…I would tell him, all I learned was

                    Motion in Lime-ade
                    Motion to Squash
                    BaconBurger Rule/Test
                    Unreasonable Person Standard

                    I have more…

                    1. WW, let’s see your “more!” I understood all except “BaconBurger Rule.” Please ‘splain.

                    2. That’s for Blockburger Rule, for your 5th Amnd – DJ clause. “Same element” test, a defendant may be convicted of 2 offences arising out of the same criminal incident, if each crime contains a separate element not found in the other.


                      @ 3:57…..ish…..I love these diagrams….big fan.

                    3. Here’s another, Rat Service –

                      Do not service the rats….it’s bad form….always service of process correctly….

                    4. BTW, the American fertility rate is 1.6, down from 3.6 in 1950.

                      America is vanishing; America is dying and its population is being imported.

                      American women have failed in their natural role, function and duty.

                      Women got the vote and killed the country.

                      “That dudn’t make any sense!”

                      – George W. Bush

                    5. It’s good that you’re not overburdened with your duties and have time to offer your profound and ingenious opinions.

                    6. George, I know you’re in love with me. It’s okay, you don’t have to say it out loud. SSShhhhh….I already know. 😉

                1. I shall henceforth totally ignore the crazed responses to any of my comments.

                  The ‘crazed’ person posts under the name ‘Natacha’. She hasn’t responded to you. The navel-gazing tri-corn hat reveries appear under one of three screen names, none of whom have responded to you. The adolescent jabs appear under one of two screen names, none of whom have responded to you. The Chomskyite wench hasn’t responded to you either; probably taking deep drafts of what she fancies is a news service and what normal people would call a dame with a blog in St. Cloud, Mn. The antique Correct-the-Record trollette who published reams of copy clotting up every thread every day Darren banned some time ago.

            2. “Why won’t you repeat what Darren said? Too obscene? racist? otherwise beyond polite criticism?”

              All of the above, IMO. I felt it was racist, at the time, as did others, but only Darren knows what’s in his heart.

              “It’s peculiar, I suppose, that since Darren was selected by Prof Turley – a generally reasonable man – to handle the weekend blog, I assumed that Darren was also a reasonable person.”

              AFAIK, Darren was the only person who wanted “the job.” (Jonathan generally sees the best in people, I think, which is certainly to his credit…, but he’s made some mistakes with this blog.)

        2. What the —- is Brother Lewis doing in this country anyway? The Israelites were out of Egypt before the ink was dry on their release papers. “Crazy Abe” Lincoln planned to compassionately repatriate the freed slaves for their own benefit; for their own sense of nationhood and self-esteem, but somebody changed his mind – excuse the pun.

          Oh, wait. “Crazy Abe” would like to say a few words.

          Go ahead, Abe.


          Thank you,

          “If all earthly power were given me,” said Lincoln in a speech delivered in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, 1854, “I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.” After acknowledging that this plan’s “sudden execution is impossible,” he asked whether freed blacks should be made “politically and socially our equals?” “My own feelings will not admit of this,” he said, “and [even] if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not … We can not, then, make them equals.”

    2. Did you see that FBI agent do a standing back-flip up in the club and then his gun fell out of his pants, and everyone freaked out…..and he looked so embarrassed….You couldn’t make that up, right out of a movie, but it was non-fiction. Hahaha…Nice FBI agent there…..SECRET AGENT MAN, SECRET AGENT MAN,,,oh shoot, my gun just fell out, cover blown. Glad no one was hurt.

  12. (music to tune of 4 Dead in. O Hi O!)
    This summer I hear them coming…
    They’re problee on our way.
    This summer they have already been here..
    Four Dead in O Hi O!

    Gotta get down to it!
    M-13 is cutting us down!
    Gatta stop those migrants..
    Our school is their playground!

    We need the ICE guys here now…
    Our cops are lame on the ground.
    Most students are dumb and yakki.
    More dead in O Hi O!

  13. In the new America, Homeland Security, ICE, the military and the police, have become the enemy of the left. These organizations and the people who serve and sacrifice every day, have become the “enemy.” Just mentioning the organizations have become code words for the leftists, who consider them all to be Conservatives and inhumane. Open borders and protecting illegal aliens, over citizens, is the aim of these leftist groups.
    These leftists also are aware that the use of force by any of these agencies, to stop the kind of behavior we see at Kent, is just what they want. I recall when Kent students were shot by the National Guard many years ago, and the media went on for months about the excessive use of force. The leftist students won that public relations battle. The leftists are looking for the same victory now.

    The only way this will stop, is if the Colleges themselves do something about this leftist behavior. Whatever it takes to get that to happen, is what must be done. This is another case of follow the money. That will tell us how to handle the college professors and officials, and get them to do protect our way of life from those who want to destroy it.

  14. The dems and their socialist spawn are your home team. Why has it taken you this long to realize that there was a germ of truth to what that besotted Joe McCarthy was pitching.

  15. They don’t make the distinction and the disruptors are never punished because they are agents of the administration. This is a conclusion you persistently refuse to draw.

    I’m irritated with Homeland Security just playing dead here. Next time, bring some muscle and tell the disruptors that they’re gonna get out of the way or they’re gonna have to mix it up.

  16. This continues to be disturbing. Faculty and students are blind to ramifications. Colleges should offer education not indoctrination. Support free speech period, not “free speech for me but not for thee.” Think like me or you are wrong says Gen Z and their colleges. You can’t even engage in civil debate with people who think like this. A closed mind can be dangerous.

    1. They CAN’T offer an actual education.

      For one, their faculty are a product of the indoctrination camps too. They don’t know how to teach kids how to think.

      For another, if these kids got an actual education, they might not join the leftist mob, and that’s the whole point. They don’t want a bunch of free thinkers. They just want a bunch of zombies who will vote blue and devour anyone who still has a brain.

      1. Those who can: Do.
        Those who can’t:. Teach.
        Those who can’t teach: Teach teachers.

        1. “Kent Students Force Homeland Security From Job Fair”

          – Professor Turley

          Students don’t force anything.

          Law forces.

          Nature abhors a vacuum.

          Students “forced” Homeland Security in the vacuum created by the absence of the force of law.

          It’s the same in lawless, communist Berkeley, CA.

          It’s the same in sanctuary cities.

          America is lawless and has been since “Crazy Abe” Lincoln’s illegal and unconstitutional “Reign of Terror.”

          A society of laws is nothing without the rule of law.

          It’s the vacuum, stupid!

        2. Those who teach unionize and strike and should be fired for cause with extreme prejudice; never to be allowed to unionize or enter public service again. Every nation’s first and fundamental workforce is its military and it would never be allowed to be AWOL or strike – period. 90% of governmental agencies and departments should be privatized.

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