Did Biden Just Give A “Hell Yes” To O’Rourke As Gun Czar?

Democratic candidates are lining up to endorse Joe Biden in an open effort to force the long-discussed contested convention where “superdelegates” can take away the nomination from Bernie Sanders — what Elizabeth Warren’s campaign revealed this week as their “final play.” In response, Biden seems to be handing out cabinet and Administration jobs, referring to a place in his administration for Pete Buttigieg in accepting his endorsement. However, it was the promise given former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke that surprised most people. Biden promised to make O’Rourke — who went down in flames in the primary — the head of his gun control effort. The pledge will likely push most gun owners to Trump since O’Rourke’s calls to seize guns was not only too extreme for most Democratic candidates but it is also arguably unconstitutional. O’Rourke’s “Hell yes” call to seize AR-15s played right into the hands of gun control opponents.

One of O’Rourke’s main campaign issue — and certainly his best known issue — was his declaration “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” at a Democratic primary debate last year. It was viewed as a desperation play that failed in spectacular fashion.

Nevertheless, last night in Texas, Biden declared “I want to make something clear — I’m gonna guarantee you, this is not the last you’re seeing of this guy — you’re gonna take care of the gun problem with me, you’re gonna be the one who leads this effort. I’m counting on you, I’m counting on you, we need you badly.”

I recently wrote a column on how the political rhetoric of the Democratic candidates was outstripping the legal realities of gun control. It remains unclear if the Supreme Court would sign off on a ban of a weapon like the AR-15 which is valued because it is modular and can be altered for different functions. There are other weapons with greater caliber rounds or similar fire power.

Even if Biden decides to block such an effort by O’Rourke as gun control czar, he would be selecting the candidate with the most extreme views on the subject to lead the effort of his administration. That will have a clear impact in November on independent gun owners. It is another odd moment for the politician who did not have to trip this wire in accepting the endorsement.

Biden declared in Texas that “Texas aren’t looking for revolution, they’re looking for results.” However, Beto is one result that will look pretty revolutionary for gun owners, particularly in Texas.

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  1. The smart people know what needs to be done and generally will do it. The smarter people won’t brag about knowing what needs to be done or going to do what needs to be done, they just quietly do it. Bragging typically causes the problem to interfere with your ability to get done what needs to be done to solve the problem. Be a gentleman / woman and tend to your business until it’s time to do otherwise.

  2. It will be fascinating watching the right try to cite old school indignation tropes in the fallen wake of Trumpism…

    Popcorn. Chair. Endless f ing hilarity.

    1. Whats more funny, that has conservative laughing is democrats trying to make a go of Socialism. When the American people find out that there effective tax rate will be in the 42%-55% range they are bound to know all the free stuff isnt free!

      1. Bernie’s tax rate for a person making 65k is 55.9%.
        i wonder why they didn’t just spend enough to make it 60.

    2. Better get over your love of popcorn and get ZANTAC instead. If you think Trump will lose you are sadly mistaken.

      1. Elections determine that. Don’t worry, I’ll stop in here that day for crisis intervention.

  3. 2nd Amendment

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    “It’s the Constitution, stupid!”

    – James Carville (paraphrased)

    The Supreme Court is the singular American failure.

    The judicial branch has criminally usurped the power of the Sovereign, the People, and the legislative branch.

    The Supreme Court has no authority to modify the Constitution.

    The Supreme Court “…must…declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void.”

    Justices and judges engage in criminal “judicial overreach.”

    There is no equivocation by the Constitution.

    There can be no equivocation by the Supreme Court.

    “[A] limited Constitution … can be preserved in practice no other way than through the medium of courts of justice, whose duty it must be to declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void. Without this, all the reservations of particular rights or privileges would amount to nothing … To deny this would be to affirm … that men acting by virtue of powers may do not only what their powers do not authorize, but what they forbid.”

    – Alexander Hamilton

    1. Article I Section 9 (Limits to Congress) and 10 (Limits to States)

      No EX POST FACTO LAWS. If one buys a firearm while legal it cannot be all of a sudden deemed illegal and confiscated.

      Every state constitution has this clause also.

      1. well that didn’t stop the National Firearms act. See US V Miller.

  4. Hey Beat-off, why don’t you host a video showing us how you like to eat dirt, now that would be entertaining. Better yet… YOU coming to my home and taking my AR15 would be even more entertaining. …yea that’s it… you can skate board to everyone’s house that you want to confiscate an AR 15 from. Not sure if you’ll make it past the first target house though.

  5. Both Democrats and Republicans should be concerned. We have many (not all) “unconstitutional authoritarians” in both parties, that perceive themselves above the U.S. Constitution, as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court. If constitutional rights are optional-when-convenient instead of the “supreme law of the land” [Article VI, Sections 2 & 3], we have no gun rights, no women’s rights, no LGBT rights, no minority rights or any right. Any constitutional right can simply be repealed with a simple majority vote, instead of a constitutional amendment. The gun issue could easily provide a slippery slope to violate speech, movies, violent video games, more illegal searches, etc. Once Americans voluntarily trade freedom for the perception of temporary safety – we have no rights left. We need to start by fixing the War on Drugs laws then the post-2001 laws that violate the Bill of Rights.

    1. “Any … right can simply be repealed with a simple majority vote, instead of a constitutional amendment.”

      In other words, just like the UK Parliament does to the British population.

    2. f constitutional rights are optional-when-convenient instead of the “supreme law of the land” [Article VI, Sections 2 & 3], we have no gun rights, no women’s rights, no LGBT rights, no minority rights or any right.

      Privileges and immunities in the constitution are specifed therein. The notion that there are rights adhering to women qua women or to [insert train-wreck of consonants] is a fantasy of the appellate courts.

    3. First of all, we have Rights that precede any form of government. Just because they are enumerated in the Bill of Rights does not mean they exist only because we have a constitution. We have them regardless. The entire purpose for government is to secure them, not find a way around them. Then there are rights that we get from government. The latter are positive rights that can be taken away and the former are unalienable rights that can be disabled, but never taken away. At least not legitimately.

  6. Quite possibly the worst in a series of completely tone deaf moves by biden. Utterly incomprehensible

    1. Try to sympathize with Joe, 150 million Americans have been killed with guns….

  7. Biden screwed up and has a hole in his bucket. He can ask Lizza to fix it but I think he just lost a chance of beating Trump. I might vote for Mike today.

  8. The left loves these commie names. Does it matter at this point. Biden is more likely to be appointing a defense team for his and sons upcoming trials.

  9. What can one say, other than Joe Biden seems to not be all there. He heard every comment made by the moron, Bozo O’Rourke who had to drop out early. What would make the electorate or anyone else amenable to his ideas now. He hasn’t won yet. Isn’t is customary to at least wait until one has won the election before publicly announcing one’s cabinet picks?

  10. bythebook: First, the designer of the AR-15 said it was definitely not for military use. Ask a combat veteran and you will be told that going into battle with an AR-15 is a one way ticket home in a box.

    Secondly, if you read the Federalist Papers you will see that the right to firearms has nothing to do with hunting. It’s there to protect the citizens from the government.

    When the government tells you that you don’t need a gun — that’s exactly the time you need a gun.

    1. As one commentator said a couple of years ago, “The Second Amendment isn’t about shooting ducks. It’s about shooting tyrants.”

      1. Footage from the Dayton shooter highlights and exposes this rhetoric. Shooter killed around 9 in around a minute, cops got the shooter at a little more than a minute. These are the travel directions for the ‘citizen vs. tyrant’ matchup.

        Your AR-15 by itself without militia tactical backup does not win that conflict. You have the element of surprise, but it is short lasting.

        So let’s add realism to the discussion.

        1. oh, social organization is always the most important factor.

          1s1k is always the ideal

  11. It’s like the political version of the Keystone Kops. Watching Biden stumble from debates to interviews while forgetting where he is, who he’s talking to, and what he’s trying to say is unnerving. This mistake was supposedly thought out ahead of time, so apparently his advisors are also tripping and stumbling. That this guy is the best the Democrats can come up with to challenge Sanders is weird to say the least.

  12. Booty-gag is a poseur / pest, but he’s also a demonstrably intelligent man who has held executive positions. Beto’s a lightweight and it’s a reasonable wager that the business he founded has actually been run by his wife all these years. Now, Andrew Gieuliani’s event planning job might be opening up if Beto’s innerested.

  13. The left’s obsession with both guns and our constitutional rights is a weakness that they can’t compromise on.

    The problem is banning; the Dems want to ban guns (though they only admit to AR’s and AK’s) and that runs square into both the Second Amendment and compliance.

    The legalities of banning are doubtful, and compliance rates (history in the U.S. and abroad suggests) would be paltry.

    Once I am deemed a felon through non-compliance, I have made a potentially life altering decision. Now I am outside the tent rather than inside. Multiply that by millions.

    The social consequences are difficult to predict.

    Look at what the war on drugs has done to a significant minority of our population.

    But the left, being authoritarians, have no problem with that. As Prof. Turley points out, many of us who might have accepted a left wing government, will fight much harder to avoid being made into felons.

    1. Left politics in our time is status games all the way down. The point of the gun control discourse is to stick the blame for violent crime with social sectors liberals despise, rather than with the people who are actually responsible for our elevated crime rates (as such people are Democratic Party clients). It’s just gross.

  14. The assault weapons genie was let out of the bottle with the revoking of the ban in 2005, 4 yrs after 9/11. Any attempt to go back and take away these guns will result in open revolt.
    Just this week, peaceful demonstrations in Venezuela were met with armed force from Maduro’s military. An unarmed civilian population is asking for domination and loss of freedom. Democrats are the one’s that want complete control.

  15. JT exposes his ignorance on guns. What distinguishes guns like the AR15 in ways we should care, is that they are lethal military weapons designed to kill and maim humans, They are especially effective at this due to combining high velocity, small caliber rounds with a light weight semi-automatic delivery system. As a matter of physics, the damage from a moving object is increased exponentially by its speed, but only in a straight line by weight. Combing speed with small caliber means there is relatively little recoil and so the shooter maintains better control. Google doctors comments regarding treating wounds from these type weapons. They often can’t as even adjacent tissues and organs explode.

    The designers of these weapons weren’t stupid and did an excellent job producing battle field guns that would kill and maim to high effect and be portable and easier to control. We are stupid to allow them on our streets.

    1. What we are stupid to allow on our streets are criminal and thugs, and gangs of them. I am sure you will be in favor of a minimum 25 year sentence for any felon in possession! Even the black and brown ones, right???

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. You’re the board racist here Sadie Mae, not me.

        Yes, felons in possession should do automatic time, and that has long been a useful tool for prosecutors having to otherwise laboriously prove more difficult charges.

        1. Oh Boy! About 8,000 Federal prosecutions a year for FIPs!


          Meanwhile, the number of gang members in just Chicago is about 150,000:
          There were at least 30,000 gangs and 800,000 gang members active across the US in 2007.[1][2] About 900,000 gang members lived “within local communities across the country,” and about 147,000 were in U.S. prisons or jails in 2009.[3] By 1999, Hispanics accounted for 47% of all gang members, Blacks 31%, Whites 13%, and Asians 6%.[4]

          The Latin Kings have organized chapters in over 41 US states, most notably Illinois, and several Latin American and European countries, including: Mexico, Spain, Dominican Republic, Canada, Italy, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom and others.[5][6]

          The Chicago Crime Commission publication “The Gang Book 1012” gave the statistic that Chicago has more gang members than any other city in the United States: 150,000.[7] The city had 532 murders in 2012, however, it saw a decrease to 403 murders in 2013, but up to 762 in 2016.[8] Not all murders are gang-related, but the [Chicago Police Department] states that 80% of all shootings and murders in the city are gang-related, which means that most violence in the city is gang upon gang violence.
          Los Angeles

          Los Angeles has held the nickname “gang capital America” since 1930 because approximately 120,000 gang members reside in the city, and tens of thousands more in surrounding Los Angeles County.[9]



          From January 2006 through August 2013, thousands of cases involving a weapons violation were thrown out in Cook County’s criminal courts, The Chicago Reporter found. More than 13,000 cases that included a gun violation have been dismissed during that period, shows the Reporter’s analysis of records maintained by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County. In fact, more felony cases involving a gun–from illegal possession to unlawful sale to a felon–have been thrown out than cases with any other type of charge.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. felon in possession is usually tried in federal court. however, it’s illegal under state laws too.

            guns have been plentiful in chicago for at least a century. i was armed when i lived there and never cared about the jane byrne gun ban nor did much anybody else it seemed. now they have some sort of concealed carry system on paper at least, again, not that much anybody cares. you never know who’s strapped.

            guns have been a “dont ask dont tell” “personal choice” in Chicago for a long time and always will be.

            an anecdote from decades hence.

            CPD officer to me, at the range: “you wanna buy this piece?” shows me a cruddy handgun.

            Me: “you know i only invest in quality, no thanks, you can save that peashooter for a throw-down.”

            He: grins and says “Ha ha I already got too many, thats why i was trying to unload this one on you. we confiscate these all the time from the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .”

            Me: “yeah I figured.”

    2. the switch from 308 to 223 was a matter of the infantryman being able to hump more rounds around with his gear on foot. it was expedient at the time.

      ceteris paribus, if I had to pick a weapon to shoot man sized game, I pick 308 over 223 if I can. and yes I always prefer a rifle to a handgun, ceteris paribus

      Anyhow, there won’t be any voluntary compliance. i refuse. and millions more like me do too.

      “we” are not stupid. most murders are not committed with rifles. rather handguns. been that way for a hundred years


      the reason we’re going to keep our rifles, and keep them legal, is so that we can even the score with potential hordes of zombies armed with machetes. that’s a sine qua non for continued law and order in amerca, as the hordes of zombies multiply

      if you don’t know your place in that equation, which is actually not on the zombie side– but rather the armed citizen side, then it’s you who is stupid not we.

      1. Mr Kurtz – thanks for the stats, I have saved them for further reference. I was surprised to see the high number killed by fists, etc.

      2. Kurtz, as you know, the point of banning high velocity semi automatics is to limit the ability of mass shooters – a growing problem of mayhem and terror – not significantly impact the number of deaths from firearms. That’s another problem better addressed by stricter requirements on gun purchases.

        By the way, I suggest you switch to bicycles if you are queer for high tech metal.

    3. It’s just like abortion! Abortion results in the death of a defenseless baby and then to make sure this is a reprehensible act we chop the dead baby up into pieces and sell them like chicken legs! As it stands now Americans have murdered 46.4 million babies, Stalin killed 40M people, Hitler 5.8M jews, pol Pot 2 million…..Certainly would appear that America is a bigger mass murderer that all of them combine. How many people died from mass shootings in 2018 373. I can see why your interested in gun deaths and turn a blind eye to mass murder by was of abortion!

    4. More bullshark from the bull
      In chief. AR-15s are not military weapons and no military uses it. The comment goes downhill from there. Btb is just scared of weapons and wants to lie to make them go away. Sorry ain’t gonna happen.

  16. Do we count this as a major gaffe for Joe? Or just pandering?

      1. Squeeky – you make a good point. I doubt if he will remember who he bought off with what by the next debate.

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