“Just Baloney”: Clinton Attacks Sanders In Latest Barrage

Hillary Clinton continues to attack Bernie Sanders while seemingly mocking “authenticity” that is often cited as Sanders’ strength. Clinton called Sanders’ entire campaign as “just baloney” and then derisively added “That was my authentic opinion then; it’s my authentic opinion now.” As discussed in my recent column, Sanders is viewed as authentic in a way that Clinton was not. She clearly takes glee in mocking both Sanders and the demand for authenticity.

Hillary continues to blame Sanders for making her fight for the nomination despite the Democratic National Committee (DMC) effectively rigging the primary for Clinton. In an upcoming four-part docuseries “Hillary” -Clinton slams Sanders and states “He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

Sanders is only one of those blamed by Clinton for his defeat — and ever growing list that still notably does not include Clinton herself. After the election, Clinton alternatively blamed sexismracismself-hating womendomineering boyfriendsRussian hackersBernie Sanders, and of course, James Comey.  

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  1. Remember Mad Magazine. Those two could be a new regular at Mad entitled Loser vs Loser. The only difference is Sanders will probably not be investigated as he did everything through his families name where as Clinton is the middle of her legal problems.

  2. Biden chooses Hilary for VP. He then confuses her with his wife. His wife then sues for divorce.

  3. Trump himself is unraveling and showing everyday that he is bat*hit crazy, but sure, let’s talk about Hillary.

  4. Aha! It’s all becoming clear, now. Hillary has a deal with Biden to help him get the nomination for which he will reward her by appointing her his VP running mate. And if he beats Trump, he’ll retire before the end of his first term,handing the reins over to Hillary who will at long last realize her obsession of being the first woman president of the United States!

  5. Sanders is not authentic. Neither is Clinton. Neither is Trump. Lisa Page’s correspondence shows that top level FBI officials wanted to charge Clinton with treason. Trump’s DOJ quashed that. There is one party, the oligarchy, and they cover their bases very well.

    1. The artful dodgers, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, keep surfacing from time to time to hawk their version of the truth. Now with the Democrat primary down Saunders and Biden opportunity abounds.

      Clinton I seems to have accepted the role as a less than consequential President. He will be mostly remembered for his self-inflicted impeachment arising from the seedy affair with the unfortunate Lewinsky. What were his accomplishments? He was able to gain a second term by basking in the glow of economic prosperity of which a Republican Congress was a important driver. He surfed on the wave of profound relief, to his political benefit, from the collapse of the Soviet Union thanks to almost fifty years of cold-warrior grit. Almost twenty years out of office, he is the aging good ole boy former President, harmless and entertaining.

      But what about the presumptive Clinton II, Mrs. Clinton? Self-promoted as a public servant with a mind of uncommon insight and learned judgment, should we not take stock of her achievements: HillaryCare, White Water, Travelgate, the Russian Reset, Women’s Rights champion (unless your name is Jones, Willey, or Broaddrick), election as Senator whose legislative record is slight and whose presence left the scent of an old carpet bag?

      Mrs. Clinton surely could find apt employment as the president of a small liberal arts college for women. She could be addressed as Madame President. She could inhabit an Office of the President with expensive stationary suitably engraved. She could live in a college-provided mansion, humbly called The President’s House. She could travel widely in a private jet, stay in five star hotels, and give speeches for five or six figures sums talking about this or that and making other pleasant noises. Word has it that such a position is open – in Venezuela.

      As the Clintonian influence evaporates into the political cosmos, a person should be mindful, to paraphrase a former President, that the world will little note nor long remember what they have done. It is for us the living to remember that they were greedy for money but more greedy for power.

    2. Jill Trump DOJ did not have anything to do with HRC . That was Obama’s decision with his deep state FBI. If all you Trump haters would look at the facts instead of badmouthing him. You would know better. NITWIT

  6. Imagine this great country under HRC.
    I thank God every day for Trump.
    And for the next 4 years.

  7. I can not understand how the Bernie followers do not realize that the democrats hate Bernie as much as they hate President Trump.2020 is going to be a repeat of 2016 for Bernie.

  8. Interesting that a 4-part doco would come out just before a brokered convention. Oh, and BTW. she has had some work done on her face since 2016.

    1. I am sure she has fantasies of being nominated by a brokered convention when Joe’s senility can no longer be glossed over. I am waiting for him to start slobbering when he talks and falling down a lot. He may not even make it to the convention. Too much stress for an old codger and he may just keel over.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  9. Clinton slams Sanders and states “He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

    Clinton’s law career consisted of

    (1) a stint as staff counsel to a congressional committee. The chief counsel to the committee fired her for cause; he later said that in 14 years as chief counsel, he’d employed three lawyers for whom he’d never give a reference; HRC was one of the three.

    (2) some time as a legal aid lawyer. She’d flunked the DC bar exam and her one employer wouldn’t give her a reference.

    (3) a position at a mid-law firm in Little Rock, awarded her after her husband took office as state attorney-general. (“You can’t be a lawyer if you’re not going to represent banks” (in front of commissions your husband appointed). NB, the Whitewater fiasco was initially a scheme hatched by Billy Jeff to pump up her rainmaking metrics.

    (4) her parallel stint as chairman of the board of the Legal Services Corporation. See James J. Kilpatrick’s critique of the corporation, published in 1984. What was billed as an effort to finance legal services for the impecunious facing civil actions decayed in short order into a funding pipeline to leftoid NGOs, who launched collusive class action suits to promote their political views.

    You’ll notice she hasn’t practiced law in 29 years.

    Maureen Dowd noted 20 years ago that the Hill-Bill dyad had features reminiscent of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. (“She’s always trying to get into his act”). If you’re puzzled about what holds them together, Dowd has a thesis (“They can never get out of each other’s debt, emotionally or financially”).

    1. Funny that a supporter of Little Richie Rich, who’s never had a real job and hangs out in his WH bedroom watching TV until late morning every day tries to slam the notoriously hard working Clinton – as a lawyer, a US Senator, and as Sec of State. AS Cokie Roberts put it, Hillary’s a girl, and girls do their homework.. Trump? Give me a break.

  10. Thing is, she’s right citing those influences on the ’16 election.

    And that remains true even though she needs to be on that list. I mean, speaking on Wall Street between her Sect. of State gig and running in the primary? Not visiting the rust belt states Trump squeaked by in for an electoral college win? All due respect to Tim Kaine, but ’16 was a year to put a progressive on the ticket. She played old school politics by counting votes to see which Senator she was going to pick.

    One thing not named that I believe was a factor was the similarity of ’16 to 2000 when the ‘Bush and Gore are the same tropes’ led to a lot of people using their vote on Ralph Nader.

    Either way, HRC would’ve been far superior to Trump. Wall Street was betting on it. They hated Trump’s unpredictability and on election night when Trump was appearing to be the winner overnight markets began to crash. Markets usually take a sizable dip in reaction to American presidential elections as they reset in reaction to what may be coming next in terms of policy. But the markets were panicking. Carl Icahn left the Trump Tower party and put over a billion into the markets to stop the dive. The Goldman Sachs crew got their guys on the incoming cabinet with commitments to Cohn and Mnuchin. It was an active overnight of activity.

    I suspect HRC is having quite the chuckle this morning.

    1. “HRC would’ve been far superior to Trump.” Sorry, but no. She was never the superior choice. She’s an incompetent, power hungry, greedy, corrupt, unlikable, lazy, entitled, self promoting liar. She’s a mess. Thank god the country didn’t fall for HER baloney.

      1. I never like HRC but anyone would have been better than Trump! He is “an incompetent, power hungry, greedy, corrupt, unlikable, lazy, entitled, self promoting liar. He is a mess.”

        1. I disagree. Trump is a master at self promotion and he likes to win. He has far better judgment than Hillary. Trump is anything but lazy. And he is far more likeable than Hillary.

          1. I reflexively flip him off whenever his fat mug gets up on my tv screen.

            1. Anger issues huh?

              I along with millions of Americans will be doing everything in our power to get Trump reelected. God help this country if it has to endure four years of a senile old Joe Biden administration. That will be ugly for America.

    2. “I suspect HRC is having quite the chuckle this morning.”

      The correct way to say that is: I suspect Cankles is cackling again.

  11. Perhaps her obsession with baloney is because of where her husband was putting his?

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