Washington Celebrates The Greatest Victory Of Establishment Since The Defeat Of The Huns in 451 CE

The media and political establishment in Washington was openly celebrating what was portrayed as a near complete victory of Joe Biden over the hoards of Sanders supporters marching toward gates of the Beltway. The establishment united this week behind Biden with candidates like Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and others rallying forces to defeat Bernie Sanders at all costs. Not since the victory over Attila the Hun at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains has the ancien regime experienced such a thrilling moment. However, the history is not good for those celebrating behind the walls of Rome. (This blog has been updated)

I recently wrote how there remains a visceral distaste for the media and political establishment for many voters as they watched the concerted effort to defeat outsider candidates. That was also the case in 2016 with the effort to elect Hillary Clinton. The utter joy expressed this morning will only fuel that feeling of disenfranchisement. What we can expect is the continued strategic endorsements of establishment figures in the coming weeks and exhaustive coverage on the weakening Sanders and the surging Biden.

MSNBC was particularly aggressive in framing the election night and attacking the very premise of the Sanders’ movement. MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace bizarrely claimed that there was no effort by the establishment to prop up Biden. Wallace declared “Bernie Sanders… he has turned this idea of the establishment – he’s weaponized it against Biden,” she said. “The Democratic establishment did nothing for Joe Biden.” Really? Various establishment figures lined up behind Biden in the last week while CNN and MSNBC continued a relentless series of attacks on Sanders and his supporters.

Nevertheless, host Rachel Maddow agreed that sought to downplay the concerted effort in DC to push Biden: “every headline in all political coverage all around the country is like, ‘The establishment is coalescing the establishment.” She then suggested that this is all a lie that was used against that other seemingly wrongly candidate, Hillary Clinton: “It’s what he did against Hillary Clinton in 2016 as well.”

Maddow simply dismisses the admissions of how the DNC rigged elements of the 2016 primary for Clinton or how Clinton took over the debt of the DNC to exercise such control. She also dismisses how polls showed that Clinton was widely viewed as unauthentic and the ultimate establishment figure when the public clearly wanted a change in Washington. Instead, Maddow and Wallace portray the entire movement by Sanders to be a lie.

Not to be subtle, Wallace not only calls this all a lie but portrays Biden’s victory (with a long line of establishment endorsement) as a victory over the establishment: “But it’s a lie, I mean, it’s a lie. Listen, and I say this as a dispassionate former Republican who watched my party sort of implode around fake truths and false grievances, the establishment had nothing to do with Joe Biden’s victory. He’s flat broke, he has not a single ad on the air. He’s not advertising in any Super Tuesday states!”

MSNBC also asked James Carville for analysis of Sanders’ options . . . yes, the same Carville who has been denouncing Sanders as a “Communist” for weeks. Carville expressed concern for Sanders that he might risk a “backlash” if he did not immediately withdraw from the race. Thus, Sanders is almost even with Biden in delegates but Carville is deeply concerned that he may be staying too long in the race.

Over at Fox, Donna Brazile, the former DNC head who was found to have given Clinton debate questions in advance in 2016 (and admitted the questionable ties of Clinton over the DNC), declared the Biden victory to be “the most impressive 72 hours I’ve ever seen in U.S. politics.” The fact that the previous frontrunner was able to pull roughly even with Sanders is now viewed as more impressive than the victory of Trump in 2016 that shocked the world. She also told the GOP spokesperson to “go to hell” when she suggested that the Democratic establishment was again working to force through a nominee.

This all seems both forced and premature. While the coverage claims an “upset” by Biden, this ignores that he was viewed previously as the leading, if not chosen, candidate. With all of the other candidates lining up for Biden with most of the power brokers in Washington, this seems less than surprising. More importantly, it was not a rout. Rather, Sanders and Biden are roughly even in delegates. Sanders prevailed in California and came close in Texas.

Of course, such moments can be deceiving. When Roman General Flavius Aetius defeated Attila the Hun, he did so with his own “barbarian” units led by Visigoth King Theodoric I. It did not last long. Rome would be sacked by barbarians repeatedly. Indeed, Attila later returned and laid waste to much of Italy.

The point is not that Sanders’ victory is inevitable. Indeed, media and political forces seemed entirely aligned and committed to securing the nomination for Biden. Rather, the coverage by the mainstream media continues to be overtly hostile and distortive. At the same time, after Tulsi Gabbard qualified for the next debate, the DNC has yet again announced that it will raise the threshold requirements — a change that seems designed to block Gabbard who has also been attacked relentlessly in the media.

Many of my students, who support Sanders, have complained about it and the coverage this morning only reaffirms those objections. For them, it always seems like the answer of the establishment to all our problems every four years is the most establishment candidate in the field. There is a sense of relief in the media that “our children are safe tonight” in the Beltway. For those who support Sanders or oppose the establishment, it further deepens the political divide and distrust. This week saw the full weight of the establishment brought against Sanders with clear success. However, the open expressions of relief by cable hosts or analysts leaves one with the eerie feeling of celebratory toasts from the gates of Rome.

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  2. The exit polls had Sanders winning in Massachusetts

    People waiting for 8 hrs to vote in Texas

    Polls closed and if you didn’t ask for a crossover vote for California your independent voter isn’t counted

    Lots of Tom foolery goin on here

    I don’t trust voting machines either

    1. Roberts corruptly commingled the definitions of the words state and federal to illicitly “approve” the unconstitutional “exchanges” in irrefutably unconstitutional Obamacare (read Art 1, Sec 8, Congress is provided the power to tax ONLY for “…general Welfare…” not individual or specific welfare. General is ALL. The few things that constitute general welfare are things like roads, electricity, water, sewer, trash pick-up, post office, etc. Surprisingly, people don’t use food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, transportation, etc., in the same frequency and amounts so they cannot constitute general welfare).

  3. I can see Biden as president. Where was I, oh yah, I was gonna take a dump.

  4. Trump was right, if Biden wins, the Whitehouse will be turned into a assisted living residence.

  5. Trump Claims Democrats ‘Rigging’ Against Bernie; A Frequent Claim Of Russian Trolls

    Bernie Sanders saw his march toward the Democratic nomination severely impeded on Super Tuesday, with Joe Biden asserting a delegate lead and looking like the new front-runner. And the whole thing has reunited some Sanders supporters and President Trump behind a familiar argument: This is being rigged.

    The hashtags RiggedDNC and RiggedPrimary were trending Wednesday morning on Twitter, and President Trump on Wednesday morning re-upped his increasingly frequent argument that Sanders is somehow getting a raw deal.

    Donald J. Trump


    The Democrat establishment came together and crushed Bernie Sanders, AGAIN! Even the fact that Elizabeth Warren stayed in the race was devastating to Bernie and allowed Sleepy Joe to unthinkably win Massachusetts. It was a perfect storm, with many good states remaining for Joe!

    Trump added on Monday:

    “It’s being rigged against — it’s sad, it’s being rigged against crazy Bernie.” He said at another point, “I think it’s rigged against Bernie. You see what’s happening with — [Amy] Klobuchar just, I heard — just, something happened there.” And for good measure, he said it a third time. “But, no, it’s rigged against Bernie. There’s no question about it. Sounds like it’s a little bit unfair.”

    As multiple government and academic reports have shown, a big part of Russia’s attempts to interfere in U.S. elections revolved around calling into question the results of the 2016 Democratic primary. The revelations about the DNC mentioned above came from the batches of emails that were hacked by Russia. And WikiLeaks, which disseminated the emails, made a point to highlight the ones that suggested DNC malfeasance. This was perhaps the biggest takeaway from the hacked emails, which were dropped about a month before a significant number of Sanders’s supporters went on to back Trump in the general election.

  6. The DNC is once again changing the rules to suit what the leaders want to see. A sudden change in rules permitted Bloomberg to be in the debates. Money counts when rules are encountered. We learned that with Hillary. Now Tulsi Gabbard will not be permitted to debate even though she got one delegate which was the rule.

    The DNC is far from Democratic or honest. Money counts. Power counts. That is how they run their party and that is how they would run our government.

  7. Chuck Schumer – dangerous and reckless rhetoric targeting SCOTUS



    Roberts criticizes Schumer for ‘dangerous’ remarks on Kavanaugh, Gorsuch

    BY HARPER NEIDIG – 03/04/20 05:15 PM EST

    Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts responded to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) comments about two conservative justices on Wednesday, calling the remarks “dangerous.”

    “Justices know that criticism comes with the territory, but threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous,” Roberts said in a statement. “All Members of the Court will continue to do their job, without fear or favor, from whatever quarter.”

    As the court was hearing oral arguments in a major abortion case Wednesday morning, Schumer warned of a “whirlwind” for conservative Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch if they moved to roll back abortion rights.

    “I want to tell you Justice Kavanaugh and Justice Gorsuch, you have unleashed a whirlwind, and you will pay the price,” Schumer said at a rally outside the court. “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.

    1. Where’s secret service?

      Banging Colombian hookers (who they’ll stiff).

      1. TIA is living vicariously once again through others given his bitter curmudgeon existence

  8. “Michael Tracey

    Since 2016, numerous polls have showed that more than 50% of Dems believe Russia hacked the voting machines and installed Trump in office. How do you think these voters reacted when the fake news broke that Russia is “helping” Bernie, and he failed to refute the charge?

    3:20 PM · Mar 4, 2020·Twitter Web App”


    1. Conversation
      Michael Tracey

      Since 2016, numerous polls have showed that more than 50% of Dems believe Russia hacked the voting machines and installed Trump in office. How do you think these voters reacted when the fake news broke that Russia is “helping” Bernie, and he failed to refute the charge?

      Replying to

      It may have had some effect, but not huge. MUCH more important in swaying Super Tuesday voters, it appears, was the massive mobilization of the party apparatus behind Joe Biden, the general sense of emergency that was whipped up – which may actually be even MORE depressing.

      3:27 PM · Mar 4, 2020·TweetDeck


      Replying to

      That combined with the Clyburn endorsement seems to have sealed the deal for masses of Democratic voters.

  9. Hey! Here’s crime boss Chuck Schumer intimidating (or trying to) SCOTUS’ Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh:

    “During a speech about the abortion case before the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated to Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, “you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you, if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

    Schumer said, “Now, we stand here today because behind me, inside the walls of this court, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments, as you know, for the first major abortion right cases since [Justice] Kavanaugh and [Justice] Gorsuch came to the bench. We know what’s at stake. Over the last three years, women’s reproductive rights have come under attack in a way we haven’t seen in modern history. From Louisiana, to Missouri, to Texas, Republican legislatures are waging a war on women, all women, and they’re taking away fundamental rights. I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you, if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

    If some lapdog politician did that to me and I had the power to affect the decision, I’d end Roe v. Wade protections by nightfall of Nov. 4, 2020!


    1. When does life begin?

      Life does not begin.

      Life is 4.6 billion years old.

      The female’s ovum, male’s sperm and resulting zygote are all alive.

      Life is a continuum.

      “Despite many claims to the contrary, life does not begin at conception: It is an unbroken chain that stretches back nearly to the origin of the Earth, 4.6 billion years ago.”

      – Carl Sagan

    2. Since black females are the largest consumers of abortion services, the repeal of Roe v. Wake will result in millions of unwanted, feral young blacks roaming the streets. Given the large populations of welfare blacks in VA and Washington, D.C., hopefully Mespo and the D.C. politicians will have the opportunity to engage with these grown-up crack babies some fine summer’s evening. 🤣

      1. Derrick:
        Well carrying your outrageous argument to it’s logical conclusion, we should then outlaw all African-Americans with low incomes to protect you in the streets. That’s what we call racism, Derrick. It’s bad. Even before Roe in 1973, it was bad.

        1. Hey, you’re free to walk through any ghetto at night, cuz it’s every bit as safe as white suburbia. Really. Give it a try. I dare ya.

          1. I’m sure I’ve been there more than you have. And yet I’m still kicking.

        2. The question is: Is racism unconstitutional?

          Freedom of speech must be preceded by freedom of thought.

          If Americans enjoy freedom of thought, Americans may retain opinions and those opinions may regard race.

          If Americans enjoy freedom of religion, Americans may retain beliefs.

          If Americans enjoy freedom of assembly, Americans may choose those with whom they gather.

          Are you conflating acts of violence with opinion and belief?

        3. “That’s what we call racism, Derrick. It’s bad. Even before Roe in 1973, it was bad.”

          – Mespo

          That edict on “racism” seems arbitrary. Discrimination, including racism, are fundamental to freedom. Rights and freedoms of Americans must be denied to provide superior consideration based on race. People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom. Freedom does not adapt to people, dictatorship does. The Constitution does not mandate preferences in personal taste or predisposition.

          All Americans clearly demonstrate bias, discrimination, bigotry and racism by their choice in neighborhoods. Most Americans will admit, or be compelled to admit, that they will move, or vote with their feet, when their acceptable minority percentage is exceeded.

          Jimmy Carter may have said it best:


          By Christopher. Lydon Special to The New York Times

          April 7, 1976

          SOUTH BEND, Ind., April 6 — Jimmy Carter said today that the Federal Government should not take the initiative to change the “ethnic purity” of some urban neighborhoods or the economic “homogeneity” of well‐to‐do suburbs.

          ‘If he wins the Presidency, the Georgia Democrat said at a news conference here, “I’m not ‐going to use the Federal Government’s authority deliberately to circumvent the natural inclination of people to live in ethnically homogeneous neighborhoods.”

          Similarly, he said, “To build a high‐rise, very low‐cost housing unit in a suburban neighborhood or other neighborhoods with relatively expensive homes, I think, would not he in the best interest of the people. who live in the high‐rise or the suburbs.

          “Any exclusion of a family because of race or ethnic background I would oppose very strongly and aggressively as President,” he said. “But think it’s good to maintain the homogeneity of neighborhoods if they’ye been established that way.”

  10. The Subtext Of Turley’s ‘Poor Bernie’ Song

    “Although I’m not a Democrat, but I’m using my prominence as a legal scholar to demand that Democrats surrender their party to an outsider”

    If Turley phrased his demands with this degree of honesty he would look like an obnoxious meddler.  And he is!!!  

    I just wonder if Turley has any interactions with actual Bernie Bros.  Are they represented on Turley’s Facebook stream?  

    My Facebook stream is dominated by Bernie Bros, as it was 4 years ago.  And the more I read their comments, the more depressed I get.  They are every bit as fanatical as Trump supporters.

    Bernie Bros, like Trumpers, are pronto with the What Abouts.  Any criticism of Bernie is met with a What About.  We cant discuss Bernie until we’ve addressed endless What Abouts concerning Trump and Hillary.  And ONLY Bernie can fix it!!!

    ‘No card-carrying Democrat can be trusted near the White House’.  Yet Democrats are supposed to roll over for Bernie.  This is the mindset of Bernie Bros.  And then they actually wonder why Democrats are desperate for ‘anyone but Bernie’.  


      For the past 2 days I’ve been engaged in a Facebook debate with several Bernie Bros.  Early in said debate one Bro offered a What About concerning Trump’s alleged rape of a 13 year old.  That allegation arose just before the 2016 election.  It quickly fell apart when the alleged victim failed to show for a press conference at her lawyer’s office.

      Amid this debate I found myself in the preposterous position of half-defending Trump.  Not that I wanted to!  But the Bernie Bros were adamant that the accusation alone meant that Trump was guilty.  This I contested by posting articles from both Vox and The Guardian.

      The articles were similar in thrust; portraying the allegations against Trump as less than credible.  It seems that a former producer for Jerry Springer was promoting the ‘victim’.  I explained to the Bros that Vox and The Guardian are left of center sources unsympathetic to Trump.

      But the Bros were having none of it.  Somehow my arguments convinced them that the allegations are more true than ever.  In fact one woman poured her out disclosing that ‘she’ has been a victim of sexual assaults her whole life.  And I was insulting her for ‘taking Trump’s side’!

      This exchange on Facebook represents to me the danger of Bernie Sanders. For some reason his followers are not known for reasoning. They’re like the Trumpers in that regard.  ‘Only Bernie is right’.

      1. I saw James O Keefe videos recording various Bernie organizers saying stupid and ridiculous things. So he does attract them.

        But i also have some friends who are reasonable people who support Sanders. It’s unfair to tar them all as “Bernie Bros” but you do that to Trumpers all the time.

        Bernie is not responsible for every stupid thing his followers say or do. Nor any other leader, per se. This is a regular tactic of the slanderous mass media, discrediting people by their remote associations.

        as a lawyer i am sensitive to this because I too have been attacked for working for people who were bad folks. it’s about as fair as slandering a dentist because he cleaned the teeth of a prisoner in jail.

    2. Pretending that the DNC and their wealthy Establishment donors aren’t making a larger effort against Sanders than against Trump is a comfortable position for Democrats. The DNC and party stalwarts are circling their wagons around a trail boss who, when he gets stressed, can’t tell his wife from his sister.

      You don’t have to be a Democrat to see that’s exactly what’s going on (it probably helps if you’re not). You don’t have to be a journalist to notice Big Press has a dog in this fight who can’t remember where he’s buried his favorite bone.

      Bernie Sanders isn’t my choice for President. But Joe Biden has repeatedly shown that, if elected, his love affair with the TelePrompTer will be just as passionate as Obama’s was. Biden can’t be trusted to stay on message ad lib. He’d better find a good speech writer, or get used to everyone NOT in Big Press treasuring his Gaffe of the Week on Twitter.

      1. Loup………………I predict an SNL skit with Biden being slapped while repeating:

        “She’s my wife!……….She’s my sister!……. She’s my wife!………..She’s my sister!
        She’s my wife AND my sister!”

        1. Cindy Bragg – I have some sympathy for Biden on mixing up his wife and his sister. My wife and my sister and I vacation together periodically and I do start to mix them up after a couple of days. Partially, because they team up against me. Partially, because there names begin with the same letters. 😉

          1. LOL Paul C……..I know what you mean…..When I’m with my brother and sister-in-law, he spends half the time calling me his wife’s name and vice versa……
            But it’s just too much fun sticking it to Joe!! Just think back on his past agregious decisions inflicted on middle class good people….”Remember Mastercard!” 😊

  11. Can anyone name Joe Biden’s campaign manager? Who will be ol’ Joe’s chief handler? We know he needs a team to prop him up. Trump will ask Joe at every turn, “where’s Hunter?” And then Trump will ask Joe if he knows where “he” is. Sad.

    1. Yeah, because no on can accuse Trump of having a family of unqualified grifters.

      1. Totally. Biden could come back all ‘oh Hunter? He’s sleeping with Ivanka’.

        1. Then Trump could ask Joe how he won Alabama without even going to the state one time, not even to visit his new grandbaby there. You know, the baby by the stripper Hunter knocked up while doing crack. Hunter will be in court in Alabama very soon. Good times.

          1. I’m noticing a ‘new’ Anonymous. And he sounds suspiciously like a commenter I’ll call Mr Pingback. A commenter who never attempted real debates. Instead he prefers hit & run attacks; more of a sniper than debater.

              1. Seth Weiner has too much time on his hands….or something else in his hands. 😱

                1. that and lines of cocaine, crystal meth, crushed talc and whatever else she can get to keep her panties up her knickers

                  1. Not everyone who posts anonymously is a troll, but the one at 5:31 certainly is.

                    1. This belligerent Anonymous is enabled by our nominal ‘moderator’.

                    2. “ Not everyone who posts anonymously is a troll, but the one at 6:26 certainly is.”

                      Then there is the girly Seth Whiner…the shillest of them all

        2. Paulie J — Totally. Biden could come back all ‘oh Hunter? He’s a messed up loser we try to keep out of sight.’

          The latest on Hunter’s failed attempt to teach about ‘drug policy’ at UCLA law school. Now he’s a budding artist that the NYT did a fluff piece on recently. Gag us with a spoon.


          -Hunter Biden cited political connections in 2019 while pitching the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law on letting him teach a drug policy course, emails reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation show.

          -The talks broke down after Hunter failed to “submit further materials for the proposed course,” a UCLA Law spokesman told the DCNF.

          -Former Vice President Joe Biden said in October 2019 that Hunter was “gonna be teaching at law school next year.”

      2. The terms ‘unqualified’ and ‘grifter’ do not mean what you fancy they mean.

    2. ” Who will be ol’ Joe’s chief handler?”

      I suspect the Aricept pharmaceutical salesperson will be far more important.

    3. Amanda something. And Symone Sanders is near the top. But from here on out,
      bloomberg runs the anti-Trump wing. Going to be a fun ride.

  12. Biden still has a lot of baggage that hasn’t been brought up or thought thru. Ukraine, China, Hunter, his past record on the Iraq war vote, crime bills, etc. Plus he seems to have lost a step or two and will likely get killed in any debate. And yet, at least the Dems are not tone deaf to the majority of the public who don’t support socialism. Maybe they are doing it wrong, but they’re trying to protect what’s left of their brand…a bit too late, but trying…

    1. Debate? Will the MSM start finding ways to prevent a direct debate between Trump and Biden for the sole purpose of protecting Biden? Will the MSM provide the questions in advance to Biden like they did to Hillary? I am anxiously waiting how the MSM will cheat to promote Biden and hurt Trump. They have consistently been biased and now in order to protect themselves, their buddies from the DNC, their huge coporate sponsors and Hollywood they have to figure these things out..

      1. Trump gets put over the knee of literally anyone he debates. He’s a clod.

        1. Anon, without the press, the money, the insiders and against all the bureaucracy under Obama Trump is President and Hillary is not. Hillary lied, cheated and was behind the Steele Dossier while she was fed debate questions in advance.

          Trump is President Hillary is not.

        2. People who used the word “clod” do not understand how Trump wins debates

          A win in a political debate is not decided by a team of university professors, nor blackrobed jurists, nor newsroom editors. it’s decided by the collective response of people who ……. are often believed to be “clods” as well.

          1. Which is exactly why when said clod close talked HRC with coffee breath in that debate she should’ve just reached around and grabbed that long tie he wears to cover up his gut and said “come on over here so we can talk into the camera better for your magats out in tv land spanking it to Apprentice reruns”.

            Would’ve lit those bitches up.

              1. Damn right. It would’ve been so easy. Main mistake people make is to afford him the respect he doesn’t give anyone else. The comedians just laugh at him and it works. Trump says “excuse me” to shut people up when they fact check him live and how they should respond is “no, you don’t deserve it”.

          2. And let’s stop with the nonsense that the clod actually wins debates. He loses horribly. But he voices the devious goat impulses of an aggrieved third of the nation (who like to spank it to Apprentice reruns).

            1. back before I quit watching tv, many years ago, i caught a few episodes of Apprentice and I definitely liked it.

              here’s a loop you’ll like, i just know. you’re fired!

    2. Bob. Drifter kids – see above. Joe’s actions in the Ukraine have been thoroughly vetted and are praiseworthy, his tax returns are public, he’s apologized for his Iraq vote, and most Americans favor tougher crime laws. Biden has the experience and knows what he’s talking about. The president has learned nothing.

      1. Ukraine has not been vetted. His Iraq vote is a disqualifier for many voters. He himself didn’t milk his office, but his son, his sister, and his brother sure did. Check their tax returns.

        And sorry, but Biden’s brain is deteriorating right before our eyes. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Have you heard him in the last day or so?

        1. All candidates should be required to take cognitive function tests.

  13. Last time around Bernie got a third house…his summer camp as he calls it. What will he get this time around? Fourth house? Private jet? What’s his payoff this time??

    1. Vanity Fair:

      Vermont magazine Seven Days reported Tuesday that the 74-year-old senator and his wife, Jane Sanders, have purchased a four-bedroom house on the shore of Lake Champlain for roughly $600,000. Jane told Seven Days that they had recently sold a house in Maine that had belonged to her family since the 1900s, and used the proceeds to purchase the new property, which is located in North Hero (population 803, as of the 2010 census). With this purchase, Sanders now owns at least three houses, the others being in Burlington, VT, and Capitol Hill in D.C.

      Sanders, an outspoken advocate for the working class who spent his 2016 presidential primary campaign railing against income inequality, remains one of the poorer members of Congress, and his net worth is among the lowest in the Senate. His 2014 tax returns revealed that he and Jane made $205,617 that year, the bulk of which came from Sanders’s $174,000 Senate salary. (Jane, who previously made about $160,000 a year as the president of Burlington College, retired in 2011.) Technically, Bernie’s salary places him in the top 4 percent of income earners, enough to purchase a nice lakefront retirement property with plenty leftover to buy “Feel the Bun” sandwiches from the local Hero’s Welcome General Store:

        1. “Who’s [sic] name is on the title?” @ 1:01

          What are you yammering about? Whose name do you think is on the title?

            1. As was suspected, Anon @ 2:47 certainly doesn’t know. S/he’s just trying to make something out of nothing.

              1. Says the worthless POS coward anonymous who never authors his insulting comments

                1. Anonymous – my entire estate is in a trust which is not in my name or my wife’s. The trust can have any name on it.

                  1. Paul, I missed you other night. I’ll have a codicil attached to my holographic will, to notify you, as the verse to the vice. 😉

                    1. WW33 – I am updating my trust in a couple of weeks, I will make sure the site is included. 😉

  14. Bloomberg is out so his half a billion dollars didn’t help enough. It’s now a fight between a communist, Sanders, and a senile candidate, Biden, who was never considered to be very smart.

    Who is moving the chess pieces around? Back at home at the DNC there are superdelegates that equal 16% of the delegate count. The MSM has most definitely sided with anybody but Sanders looking for the best candidate not to win but to protect the Democratic House majority and possibly improve Democratic power in the Senate.

    A communist was no way to go so it appears the choice goes to a candidate too senile to oppose Democratic leaders and the mega corporations that wish for a Democratic victory without Sanders.

    Of course the big question is what happens if Sanders actually gets the 1991 votes and the rules say the superdelegates don’t vote if there is a majority. That is when Huns will be fighting on both sides.

  15. Bloomberg drops out of race and endorses Biden.

    Let’s see Mike pay off those fines and fees keeping ex-felons in Florida from voting.

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