FBI Agents Connected To Carter Page Surveillance Barred From FISA Process

In a further demonstration of the abuses that led to the surveillance of Trump officials, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court has barred FBI officials involved in the wiretapping of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page from appearing before the court. in rebuke that exceeded the remedial recommendations made by the independent monitor recently appointed by the court. Notably, this goes beyond the recommendations for David Kris, the highly controversial choice as an independent monitor of reforms. The order of Judge Boasberg further belies arguments that the surveillance of the Trump-relate figures was well-based and justified, as I discussed in any earlier column.

Boasberg declared “FBI personnel under disciplinary review in relation to their work on FISA applications accordingly should not participate in drafting, verifying, reviewing, or submitting such applications to the Court while the review is pending. The same prohibition applies to any DOJ attorney under disciplinary review, as well as any DOJ or FBI personnel who are the subject of a criminal referral related to their work on FISA applications.”

We will have to wait to see if there are meaningful reforms of this court. Boasberg made a baffling mistake in the appointment of Kris. Moreover, this is not a permanent ban. Most importantly, Sen. Rand Paul is being opposed in his efforts to put serious protections in place, including opposition from the Justice Department.

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  1. A primary purpose of creating the FISA court in the first place was to skirt around the necessity of establishing probable cause for warrants.

    You have to be really naive to believe that a court system that (normally) operates in secret has the same respect for the Bill of Rights that the courts that operate in the open do. The whole purpose of the FISA court is to keep you in the dark about what they are doing.

    Its only because of the politics of the deep-state swamp trying to help Mr Trump that we are allowed to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the FISA court. You have to be a moron to draw conclusions from the one case that you have been allowed to see.

  2. It’s only a virus.
    Just a weeny virus.
    People still are singing…
    While they are flying…
    It will all get better.
    No one else will be dying.

  3. “Coronavirus vs. the Mass Surveillance State: Which Poses the Greater Threat?”

    By John W. Whitehead

    March 03, 2020


    “We are indeed at our most vulnerable right now, but as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, it’s the American Surveillance State—not the coronavirus—that poses the greatest threat to our freedoms.”

  4. Now about that Russia narrative…good point.

    “We had years where people were saying a couple hundred thousand dollars in barely literate Facebook ads from Russians caused Donald Trump to win. Here you had a guy spend nearly $1 billion and he went nowhere. It’s a humiliating defeat for Michael Bloomberg,” she said.

    Host Bret Baier drilled the point home: “So Russians influenced the election with $200,000, or $300,000 in Facebook ads? And Mike Bloomberg couldn’t get more than 50 delegates with $600 million dollars?”

    “And this hurts Bernie Sanders’s message, too, because he likes to say the billionaires control everything,” Hemingway said. “Clearly Bloomberg having all this money didn’t do as much for him as Biden having the media and the establishment behind him. I would pick media and establishment over millions all day.”


    My wife says Joe Biden’s handlers should be arrested for senior abuse!

    1. Biden is the perfect non-candidate for the Deep Deep State. He’s not there. The Biden candidacy is all handlers, spokesmen, news releases, tele-prompters and TV ads. There’s no there there. Biden’s a hollow-gram! No wonder he was Obama’s VP – two peas in a pod.

      Not to worry.

      When Biden’s dementia is officially diagnosed, Hillary will stand tan, rested and ready!

          1. The smartest move Biden should take would be to select Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate.

            The objective of the deep state swamp is to get Trump reelected so making Gabbard the running mate aint gonna happen.

            1. The objective of the deep state swamp is to get Trump reelected so making Gabbard the running mate aint gonna happen.

              That’s jinn spin.

    2. George – I agree with you wife. It has reached the point of elder abuse for Biden.

        1. George – I know, you just can’t give them extra ammo. 😉

        2. I can’t tell her that! She’ll use it against me forever.

          George, is that also elder abuse? 😉

  6. Off topic, but Lizzy Warren’s campaign has finally gone to The Happy Hunting Grounds! I guess the 9 year old trans child told her she should drop out. . . 🙂


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    1. And what have you done with your life, Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter?

        1. Nah. Straight Squeeky don’t do rock. Squeeky do talk – with her mighty pen/sword.

      1. I have had a good one! I pay my bills and I take care of my cats, and I do a really good job for my employer, Penelope Dredful, Esq.

        Plus, I take time out of my busy schedule to help educate people online! Like you.

        Squeeky Fromm
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        1. Squeeky – don’t forget you are the unofficial Poet Laureatess

        2. @Squeeker:

          My oh my, what a good little “girl.”

          As for educating people? Now that’s a knee-slapper.

  7. More pivoting away from Trump’s latest gaffes: he said he disagreed with the 3.4% fatality rate that came from the World Health Organization. When pressed for the basis of this statement, he said it was his “hunch”. He also said there were people infected with COVID-19 who weren’t very sick, who were laying around, resting, and some even went to work. He had to walk back the last statement because it implied that he was encouraging people who know they are sick to go to work anyway.

    Trump also lied when he said that the Obama Administration enacted a regulation that prevented individual labs from creating their own test kits for COVID-19. There is no such regulation. The CDC had a rule in place about the signs and symptoms a sick person had to display before they should be tested, and that’s because the US was unprepared to handle this crisis due to Trump’s cutting positions at the CDC. The CDC has since lifted that requirement, and they are scrambling to come up with test kits. The shortage of test kits is Trump’s fault, not Obama’s.

    Again, it is truly sad that Americans cannot trust Trump, Pence or anyone they control to tell the truth about COVID-19. That matter is a far more important thing than the FISA issues Fox News and Trump keep harping on to create diversions.

    1. WRONG ANOTHER PACK OF BS FROM NATCH, disgusting and pathetic

      actually i reported on covid-19 for a month here on a near daily basis, and Natch had zero interest in it until she figured she could blame trump

      the truth is the one thing that trump did that’s most effective was precisely the thing that she usually criticizes– his blanket travel ban from China, and then Iran


      certainly defunding the CDC to some extent before this outbreak, was a mistake, and there is plenty of room for criticism and improvement on the subject,.,… but to extrapolate from that to all her other garbage is a leap of BS

      not Trump but the biggest liars are the Communist Party of China who covered the outbreak up and lied and keep on lying atrociously, but she never has a beef with them. Just our President.

      Now it’s a propaganda opportunity.

      She could join the wumao army at this rate.


      1. Everything I posted IS TRUE. Trump did try to contradict the mortality figures provided by the head of the WHO on COVID-19, based on his “hunch”. His defunding of CDC caused the US to be behind on COVID surveillance, testing, readiness and vaccine development. Travel bans to and from Wuhan should have been enacted months ago. Test kits should have been produced and vaccine development is behind by about 3 months. The things we are doing now should have been done last December, and would have been if we had a rapid response team in place.

        As previously stated, science doesn’t really care whether you believe in it or not. Setting aside the delays due to his incompetence, Trump continues to screw up by trying to downplay the seriousness of this epidemic and trying to blame Obama or others for his failures. He lies about how long it will likely take to develop a safe and effective vaccine–12 to 18 months is a minimum. The real number could be years. It does no good to develop a vaccine that is neither safe nor effective. He has forbidden Dr. Fauchi and others at the CDC from speaking to media, in fact, all of the doctor’s appearances on Sunday news shows were cancelled. He set up Pence as the sole source of information from the administration, and Pence is proven he will lie. Besides, Pence will be the fall guy if things really do get much worse. We’ve all seen just how loyal Trump is –ask Michael Cohen. Trump tries to behave like the king he thinks he is, and no one trusts him. THAT is the big story today. Saying so is not leveraging this crisis for political reasons nor propaganda. Americans are entitled to the truth, but since the truth makes Trump look bad, he does what he always does: lies and tries to bully others into lying or in the case of the CDC doctors, muzzles them so they won’t contradict the lies he tells. The lack of confidence in our government is the big story of the day.

        1. Fauci said Trump admin is doing an excellent job managing this. And they are. No one is being muzzled.

          Know who else lies besides every career politician and most of the mainstream media? Joe Biden. He did not get arrested in South Africa trying to see Mandela. Trump did not say white supremacists were ‘fine people’ and on and on Biden’s ridiculous lies will go.

        2. Dr. Drew Pinsky:

          “I don’t know what they’re talking about,” he said to the hosts’ accusations against the vice president’s response to the HIV crisis.

          “We used to point at the way Indiana responded to the opiate of the HIV epidemic as the model for the country.

          “I don’t know what they’re talking about. The only reason I felt comfortable with Pence as vice president was I was aware of his track record in Indiana in handling these serious problems, and they handled them better than most states did, almost any other states.

          “So, I don’t know what the hell people are talking about. That is fake news,” Dr. Pinsky asserted in Pence’s defense.

          “Yes, it took everybody a while to respond properly to it, but they really took care of business in Indiana, so I have no idea what people are talking about.

          “Whether Pence is the right person? Look, the right people are Anthony Fauci of the [Centers for Disease Control],” he said. “Dr. Fauci will tell you what’s going on, when you need to worry.

          “I worked with him on the HIV epidemic back in the 80s; that guy’s been on top of infectious disease for 30 years.

          “When there’s a problem, he will let us know, and he’s been saying exactly what I’ve been saying the whole way. Look to him, not me, and not even Vice President Pence; look at guys like Anthony Fauci whose responsibility is to contain these things.

          The doctor also took aim at the media hype surrounding coronavirus and how media personalities are doing a disservice to the American people.

          “The press is overreacting, and it makes me furious!” the doctor said. “The press should not be reporting medical stories as though they know how to report it.”

          1. When Governor of Indiana, Pence’s handling of an HIV outbreak in Scott County, IN was nothing short of incompetent. Due to his alleged pious religious beliefs, he refused to allow a needle exchange program to be implemented for a long time, and more than 200 people contracted HIV as a result. That was nothing short of a total disaster. Not only will these people be sick and probably die sooner, they’ll go on Medicaid and the cost of their treatment will be massive. It is Pence’s fault. He’s not competent to handle this crisis.

            1. Hard to believe, I know, but I actually trust Dr. Drew Pinsky’s opinion over yours.

            2. Natch, you can unpack that politico article you’re gleaning your slanders from and see that it was in no sense his fault and in no way was he incompetent, although politico paints the picture that he was

              it’s just like a lot of other fake news, associational smears, correlations that are not causations, and endless innuendo. the “agenda’ under that politico smear piece was really just to make pence out to be a christian zealot who’s against public health because they shuttered a planned parenthood clinic and that happened shortly before a bunch of drug abusing needle swappers got sick with HIV as if any of that could have been expected or was in any way Pence’s “fault.” . same old same old!

              the only thing you have said about pence in this that was right, was that he may take heat for it. one way or another. because it is going to get worse before its done

              i mean i am sorry about the opiod epidemic and I am all in favor of public health funding for needle swaps but at the same time don’t leap to the unwarranted stupid conclusion that pence was just out there making the poor addicts get hiv! they could have maybe chosen to stop shooting smack like a million other people have chosen throughout history. try to remember there is such a thing as free will however compromised it may be.

        3. Natch, no not all but yes some of the things you said were true. im not going to fish them out of your verbal dungheap, for now, I’m hoarding my nitrile gloves thank you

          “things we are doing now should have been done last December, and would have been if we had a rapid response team in place.”

          wrong here is where you are blaming trump for things that have been a problem for years now

          why do you think they were simulating a coronavirus outbreak in fall?

          why did hatfill write a book over time which was just published in fall?

          why was the Univ of NC lab creating a novel coronavirus with enhanced uptake features back in 2015 to model epidemiological data based on its behavior in the lab? see nature magazine article i’ve linked here numerous times

          because these valid concerns have been floating around since 2003 sars epidemic but as usual when the crisis is past they go on the back burner

          remember it was Obama who was president for 8 years before the last 3 which was trump and going back to 2003 that was Geo bush II. so if there is a failure of presidential leadership it was more on the last two than trump by far

          anyhow you always are playing the same game, blame trump for everything, so now even if you were right you’d just be crying wolf

          I was clear the very first day that i opposed the cut to the CDC budget anyhow, not every move trump makes is godlike nor correct

          but you’re making stuff up. Fauci said he was not being muzzled, take him at his word on that at least

          whatever good nuggets you’ve spewed out in your latest rant, and there were at least a few, more than usual, you buried under a mound of trump hating feces. so pat yourself on the back for obscuring what value you finally contributed with your ongoing trump hate obsession., sad!

    2. Natacha – FISA is not a diversion, it is a hot topic. Trump is correct when he says some do not get very sick. The student is Arizona had what could be termed a mild case of the flu. We have a 2nd one now and they have been sent home.

      1. Trump and Pence are not competent nor credible enough to say anything about this infection. Trump constantly tries to downplay the truth because the stock market is dropping rapidly. Do we even have facts about how many people contracting COVID-19 have mild symptoms, how many are sicker, how many end up on a ventilator? No, even public health experts don’t have this information. Trump has proven just how desperate and arrogant he can be to try to contradict the statistic from the head of the WHO on the mortality rate. Coming up with a mortality rate of under 1% is just flat-out lying, more proof that Trump can’t be trusted. People would have more confidence if Trump and Pence would just shut up and let the doctors at the CDC tell us the truth, instead of trying to control the facts. As it is, we must rely on local health officials to advise us, and I wouldn’t put it past Trump to try to muzzle them, too, by threatening to withhold federal funds Congress just appropriated to fight this infection.

        Let’s see now, is it possible that a POTUS would withhold aid appropriated by Congress to help him in his election? Hummmm.

          1. I’ve explained this before, so I won’t do it again, because your only reason for asking is to use the information I provide as ammunition to hurl more insults at me. My education and experience have nothing to do with understanding what’s going on.

            1. Natacha – you are saying all these other people are not qualified to talk about it, however you seem to think you are qualified. What are you particular qualifications in this field?

              1. I am qualified to note that Pence was incompetent as Governor of Indiana and that Trump constantly lies, tries to blame others when things go wrong, and that he has lied about the facts of the COVID-19 outbreak. I do have a master’s degree in a health science and I did work for a county health department, in addition to my law degree.

                1. Natacha – that Pence was incompetent as governor is an opinion, not a fact. And if watched the full context of what Trump says, he really doesn’t lie. BTW, Project Veritas just got its 290th retraction (4th from WaPo). I would posit that the MSM lies more than the President.

                2. wrong, he was not incompetent at all. im in the midwest, he was fine, not perfect but good

                  it is however possible that Trump is going to let him own this crisis and take one for the team before november

            2. “…your only reason for asking is to use the information I provide as ammunition to hurl more insults at me.”

              That’s the way these folks roll. The less they know, the better.

        1. Controlling the facts and the message is a smart way to manage it. No one is being muzzled.

          1. Facts about the risks and spread of a novel virus with a fatality rate several times that of the current strain of influenza should not be “controlled” or “managed”. That is nothing more than a euphemism for propaganda. Trump has proven he is a pathological liar. Sooner or later, the truth will come out. A week ago, when Trump held the news conference and lied about a vaccine being available “very soon”, and that we only had 15 cases, but they’re all getting better, and soon we’d have “zero” and that COVID-19 would be gone by April, Dr. Fauchi corrected him. Next thing we know, Dr. Fauchi’s appearances on Sunday news programs were cancelled, and Mikey Pence is in charge of what Americans are to be told. Also, the CDC abruptly stopped posting information on new confirmed cases on its website. That is muzzling.

            1. Natatcha – I just went to the CDC site and they are pretty up-to-date. I think you need to read the website. You skip read and miss important information.

              1. From CDC:

                COVID-19: Cases in the United States Reported to CDC*†

                Travel-related 30
                Person-to-person spread 20
                Under Investigation 49
                Total cases 99

                * Data include both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19 reported to CDC or tested at CDC since January 21, 2020, with the exception of testing results for persons repatriated to the United States from Wuhan, China and Japan. State and local public health departments are now testing and publicly reporting their cases. In the event of a discrepancy between CDC cases and cases reported by state and local public health officials, data reported by states should be considered the most up to date.

                † CDC is no longer reporting the number of persons under investigation (PUIs) that have been tested, as well as PUIs that have tested negative. Now that states are testing and reporting their own results, CDC’s numbers are not representative all of testing being done nationwide.

                ‡ As of March 4, 2020 1,526 patients had been tested at CDC. This does not include testing being done at state and local public health laboratories, which began this week.

                See above: There were more deaths reported yesterday from state health officials than the CDC. They aren’t counting people repatriated from Wuhan or Japan, they aren’t reporting patients under investigation or the total amount of people being tested. They admit that if there are discrepancies, believe the local officials.

                1. Per today’s Washington Examiner: “Cases of the illness in the United States have shot up in recent days. As of Thursday afternoon, there were 162 confirmed cases and 11 deaths.” See above for CDC’s figures from today.

                  Also, it turns out there are at least 2 strains of COVID-19: 70% of victims get the version that causes severe illness and 30% get the milder strain, which is thought to be an ancestor of the more severe version that is believed to be a mutation of the older version. More genetic studies need to be done to confirm this.

                  This is why it is irresponsible for Trump to go around giving misleading information. If the above holds true, then those more mildly affected had a different strain of virus, and maybe older folks aren’t just more at risk.

                  1. I would agree that Trump is downplaying the crisis. This is typical for any government however. We are not anywhere into the level of outright lies and deception of the CCP.

                    At the same time the public health establishment is often “not good” and there is no surprise that this mess is unfolding as it is.

                    This situation is very confusing and if you think that this mess is all on Trump then you’re nuts, he is astride many layers of bureaucracy and who knows what kind of global or deep state mischief is in play with all this. i mean the World economic forum just did a joint simulation with the WHO of a global pandemic in October 19, hmmm!

                    but some of the more specific current BS is typically calculated for an understandable public health effect: like where they tell us not to go get n-95 masks because why?

                    “because they arent proven to work” BIG LIE


                    Anyhow, here is a good book, from late last year, about the dangers of pandemic. some of this is unfolding precisely as he warned


                    Hatfill, yes, he used to work at Ft Detrick. the one that Meuller smeared as the anthrax suspect, until the real culprit revealed himself and they issued Hatfill a weak apology

                    a lot of this is going to come down to state and local response. there is only so much they can do from the top and from anywhere, now until the vaccine is developed, it’s going to be a long and ugly year–

                    The year of the Rat 2020

                  2. you guys probably know but the run on food has started. it’s not fake. purell is sold out in most places, generics too.

                    the world is in a precarious spot. Turkey is also unleashing a horde of new migrants on Europe like so many zombies flooding the Greek border.

                    the EU just bribed Erdogan with 500 million Euros to get him to call of the invasion

                    things are happening fast folks, the year of the rat is going to get ugly

                  3. Natasha, Trump said the problems from SARS-2 could be mild or could be bad. Listen to his initial discussion on the subject. Trump has been pretty open but you want him to act in an hysterical fashion like you so that the nation becomes paralyzed. Had he said that we expect 10,000 deaths from this virus the nation would have gone crazy without realizing that 10,000 – 61,000 people in the US have died from the flu in various years.

                    Hysterical people should not be in the forefront of this discussion. Go hide under a matress.

                    1. An uninformed, lying narcissist should not be giving out false statistics because the stock market is tanking or offering his opinion on the outcome of an epidemic. Then, again, this lying narcissist shouldn’t even be in our White House.

                      I want Trump to just shut up and go away so that the doctors and public health officials can do the job we pay them to do, which includes telling us the truth, instead of politicizing this crisis. His incompetence has caused the US to be behind in disease surveillance, in marshaling assets, in getting test kits ready to go and getting ahead of this situation. Schools are scrambling now to come up with computers for students to use for e-learning, in case they have to be closed. Parents of school-age children are trying to come up with ways to work from home or line up child care if they need to. Hospitals are scrambling to come up with enough protective suits and fully-equipped isolation intensive care units with qualified nurses in case there’s a rush. Vaccine development is several months behind where it could have been. These things are Trump’s fault. It is not hysteria to note and comment on these things, which are facts.

                      Trump’s consistent pattern of lying and self-aggrandizement is what is causing panic in the stock market and causing shortages of things like face masks and sanitizers. People don’t trust Trump because he lies all of the time, and he’ll do anything to prevent the economy from tanking because he is taking credit for the economic successes created by Barak Obama, so if there’s a recession, he has no one to blame but himself. That’s why when he makes up mortality figures, no one believes him. When he tries to downplay the seriousness of this illness, no one believes him. He has no one to blame for his lack of credibility but himself. He has no one to blame for the delay in preparedness but himself.

                    2. “An uninformed, lying narcissist should not be giving out false statistics”

                      That is right Natacha and you shouldn’t even be posting. Trump has provided reasonable information but it is impossible to provide exact information when it isn’t known and the data is changing as one speaks. You don’t know about those things because you have no filters and say whatever is on the top of your head frequently making very little sense.

                      Trump didn’t cause the flu but he reacted quickly in closing the border to China which turns out to be a smart move. Those who you worship were busy calling him all sorts of names for closing the border but he increased the time we had partially free from disease so that we could have less flu as spring comes closer and so that we have a vaccine and testing in a shorter period of time. Your type of person just babbles and accomplishes nothing.

                      “Vaccine development is several months behind where it could have been. ”

                      You are an idiot. One requires the virus before one can start developing a vaccine for a new virus. Trump has been quick and efficient. You just talk, talk and talk never making much sense while you spout out mistrtuths over and over again. Anyone that cheers you on in a positive fashion appears pretty dumb to those that have common sense.

              2. Paul,

                Infowars….Alex Jones Show will have the video up this evening of Dr Francis Boyle interview today.

                Dr Pie…. interviews is likely up already from yesterday.

                The CDC/FDA/HHS/Local health depts have shown for decades of being Liars.

                1. I left out key info:

                  If you wish to watch the Dr Boyle interview you can go to:


                  1. yeah oky havent forgot this. is covid-19 the same? was this one they lab created an ancestor virus? or no connection? or dual purpose weapons research?

                    who knows where the mischief was happening. or is happening now!


                    “Lab-Made Coronavirus Triggers Debate
                    The creation of a chimeric SARS-like virus has scientists discussing the risks of gain-of-function research.
                    Jef Akst
                    Nov 16, 2015

                    MERS coronavirus
                    FLICKR, NIAID
                    Ralph Baric, an infectious-disease researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, last week (November 9) published a study on his team’s efforts to engineer a virus with the surface protein of the SHC014 coronavirus, found in horseshoe bats in China, and the backbone of one that causes human-like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in mice. The hybrid virus could infect human airway cells and caused disease in mice, according to the team’s results, which were published in Nature Medicine.

                    The results demonstrate the ability of the SHC014 surface protein to bind and infect human cells, validating concerns that this virus—or other coronaviruses found in bat species—may be capable of making the leap to people without first evolving in an intermediate host, Nature reported. They also reignite a debate about whether that information justifies the risk of such work, known as gain-of-function research. “If the [new] virus escaped, nobody could predict the trajectory,” Simon Wain-Hobson, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, told Nature.

                    In October 2013, the US government put a stop to all federal funding for gain-of-function studies, with particular concern rising about influenza, SARS, and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). “NIH [National Institutes of Health] has funded such studies because they help define the fundamental nature of human-pathogen interactions, enable the assessment of the pandemic potential of emerging infectious agents, and inform public health and preparedness efforts,” NIH Director Francis Collins said in a statement at the time. “These studies, however, also entail biosafety and biosecurity risks, which need to be understood better.”

                    Baric’s study on the SHC014-chimeric coronavirus began before the moratorium was announced, and the NIH allowed it to proceed during a review process, which eventually led to the conclusion that the work did not fall under the new restrictions, Baric told Nature. But some researchers, like Wain-Hobson, disagree with that decision.

                    The debate comes down to how informative the results are. “The only impact of this work is the creation, in a lab, of a new, non-natural risk,” Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist and biodefence expert at Rutgers University, told Nature.

                    But Baric and others argued the study’s importance. “[The results] move this virus from a candidate emerging pathogen to a clear and present danger,” Peter Daszak, president of the EcoHealth Alliance, which samples viruses from animals and people in emerging-diseases hotspots across the globe, told Nature.”

                    1. Mr K,

                      That sounds like the crap that is now said to be spreading/mutating.

                      Welcome to the Deep State’s WW4.

                      I just seen your post here after I posted this at the current top of this thread:

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                      Oky1 says:
                      March 5, 2020 at 7:59 PM

                      This site is one of the most functionally disorganized sites when it comes to threads on a chat msg bb I’ve every used. Yes, I thank the host, but he picks the topic & then the thread wonders off in a 1000 different directions………

                      Never mind….. Rossanna Danna Oky1… lol

                      The Deep State, in part of our govt, has been & is getting us Harmed, imo. AKA, they’ve went full retard.


                    2. yes that’s what professor Francis Boyle was talking about

                      this is the other article


                      now what Boyle asserts but does not really prove, is that the covid-19 is the same novel lab made coronavirus they cooked up at U of NC. I am not sure that is so. it could be so, and if you even suggest it you are a “conspiracy nut,” but i am not sure that it is

                      it COULD be as prof Boyle suggests, that it was a dual use epidemiological/ weapons project, which was jointly researched with the Chinese, and then the Chinese essentially shot themselves in the foot with it via an accidental release from the Wuhan r4 lab. That is certainly possible.

                      But the lancet article suggests that the DNA reveals a novel coronavirus emergent from nature. Dr Steven Hatfill says flat out that the covid-19 is not lab created. So it may just be the big doozy they have been worried about coming since Sars abated.

                      Oh and Hatfill is definitely a bioweapons expert. he used to work in the Army lab at Fort Detrick! and he has no love for the deep state– he was falsely accused by Meuller of being the antrax suspect, which was later disproven and retracted.

                      What i dislike is how there is a total lack of serious attention to the possibility that Boyle has suggested. Boyle is indeed a bioweapons expert, in terms of the treaties regulating research, which he absolutely did help wright. This is one of the best experts that Alex Jones has ever had, and very timely.

                      In a sense, it doesnt really matter to us too much, if it was a lab created accidental release, or just emergent from nature, either way it’s a pandemic which has arrived.

                    3. PS hey guys i just checked on amazon and #10 cans of powdered eggs are sold out. in case you’re wondering, powdered eggs is one of the best tasting and palable shelf stable foods you can buy. Right up there with potato flakes, but better, because they have protein.

                      but when red winter wheat sells out, then you know we’re headed into the maelstrom


                      forget about n 95 masks and purell, that is sold out…. oh wait unless you are willing to pay $150 for a liter of it! wow

                      batten down the hatches folks, it’s coming

                    4. Regardless of what the heck this virus cause there was already an out of control worldwide fiat currency/ debt/credit problem.

                      Those whackos in charge have already pulled the trigger & their package sent, I don’t see them being able to undo the damage they’ve already caused.

                      Thanks 4 the info about the powdered eggs/etc.

                      By the time we figure out the exact truth it’ll likely be to late to prepare so some of us have been attempting to fill the hole.

                    5. China claims it has done genetic testing, and that there are 2 isolates of COVID-19 out there: one that causes milder symptoms, and one that causes severe symptoms, and which is believed to be a mutant version of the milder version. They’re working on the genetics of this now. The Chinese claim that most COVID-19 victims that have been identified have the more virulent version, but the milder version could mutate, and they believe it already has. Time will tell, but if people with the milder version may never get tested and could spread the virus to others, the virus could mutate in vivo to the more serious version.

                      Maybe the best thing to come out of all of this is cause to employ better health habits, such as hand washing, frequent deep cleaning of public transportation such as trains, buses, airplanes and subways, frequent cleansing of hand rails, door handles, light switches, key pads and table tops in public places, staying home from work or school if you are sick and staying 6 ft. away from others, if at all possible.

            2. Do you think Dr. Fauci is the kind of professional who would go out on television and say “I’m not being muzzled. No one is being muzzled” just because that’s what he was told to say? You actually think a man of his caliber would outright lie to the American people because Trump admin ordered him to??

              Wait, wait, don’t tell me.

              1. Dr Fauci, isn’t he one of the ring leaders that helped develop parts this Sars/Hiv Nazi style Bio-Weapon.

                That’s illegal. Why Prez Trump should look into that.

            3. If you don’t like the CDC’s numbers, Johns Hopkins has been hosting a worldwide interactive map of COVID-19 cases. It’s not being edited by anyone from the Trump administration: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6

              Current US figures:

              221 confirmed cases, 12 confirmed deaths and 8 people confirmed recovered.

              But you can’t neglect how many of the deaths are of nursing home patients and other people highly vulnerable to infection. Most of the 10 people confirmed to have died in King county, WA were patients in the same nursing home.

        2. Agreed. Trump and Pence would do the most benefit by just checking out and reading press releases given them by the CDC for at least the next couple of months.

          And yes, since Congress went way above with funds beyond what Trump wanted he’ll see it as the piggy bank and try to abscond with it. Full transparency required every single day there.

          1. ” Congress went way above with funds beyond what Trump wanted ”

            Such an ignorant statement. Where do you think Trump came up with his numbers? Those involved in health care provided a budget. That Democrats wanted to make believe they gave a da.mn after criticizing Trump for stopping Chinese entrance into the US demonstrates they only care about politics not about lives. Do we need that full amount? Who knows.

        3. The aid was not withheld. Ukraine received more aid from Trump than it ever got from Obama admin.

        4. natcha 2.0. now citing real facts to support her incorrect conclusions

          “Do we even have facts about how many people contracting COVID-19 have mild symptoms, how many are sicker, how many end up on a ventilator? No, even public health experts don’t have this information.”

          that’s right. they don’t know and they botched the initial shipment of testing kits.

          your conclusions that this is all trump’s fault are totally unfounded however. not even close.

    3. President Donald J. Trump’s latest gaffe – being President of the United States of America!


      That can’t be good, eh NUTCHACHA?

  8. And the Deep Deep State rolls on.

    James E. Boasberg – Unenumerated co-conspirator complicit in the Obama Coup D’etat in America.

    The Obama Coup D’etat in America is the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious scandal in American political history.

    The co-conspirators are:

    Bill Taylor, Eric Ciaramella, Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Andrew Weissmann, Comey,

    Christopher Wray, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Laycock, Kadzic, Yates, Baker, Bruce Ohr,

    Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan, Campbell, Sir Richard Dearlove, Steele, Simpson,

    Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, Stefan “The Walrus” Halper, Azra Turk, Kerry,

    Hillary, Huma, Mills, Brennan, Gina Haspel, Clapper, Lerner, Farkas, Power, Lynch,

    Rice, Jarrett, Holder, Brazile, Sessions (patsy), Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Obama et al.

  9. “The order of Judge Boasberg further belies arguments that the surveillance of the Trump-relate figures was well-based and justified, as I discussed in any earlier column.”
    It’s always the worker bees who get squashed, never the queen. Queen Boasberg is no exception.

  10. Like most agencies, rank and file employees (subordinates) follow orders from superiors. Even if agency managers didn’t order an activity, it is top management that is most responsible for a culture that violates their own Oath of Office (Title 5 U.S. Code 3331 and Article VI).

    It might sound academic, but the proper loyalty education (and annual testing) is the most vital asset for anyone working in extreme secrecy with little oversight. By contrast, most of America’s previous enemies, including wars, had loyalty oaths to a single leader person or to a single party.

    What makes America really great is that our Oath of Office is an indirect loyalty oath to a “constitutional rule of law” that protects individual freedoms – not to the nation directly, not to the people directly, not to any leader, not to any religion and not to any political party (Article VI of the U.S. Constitution and federal statute Title 5 U.S. Code 3331). If we want lasting reforms we should also mandate Oath of Office training and annual testing for any security agency operating in secret with little oversight to counter illegal orders and unconstitutional cultures (Nuremberg Legal Defense precedent from WWII). Proper loyalty in one’s job authority matters!

    1. following orders means following orders. orders come from human mouths and hands, not inertly from dead papers

      if you allow federal workers to cancel any order you don’t like because you think it may undermine constitutional order, then there is just anarchy, not government

      go up the chain to who ordered the illegal surveillance and punish them.

  11. Review of FISA long past due. Period. But Barr shouldn’t have his hands anywhere near it.

    1. But Barr shouldn’t have his hands anywhere near it.

      Might be inconvenient for the McCabes and the Sztroks knocking about at the DoJ. Can’t have that.

      1. Take note how not one misleading statement followed.

        The Washington Post is published for the brain dead.

  12. These people knowingly denied an American citizen of his rights and abused their power. Unless proof demonstrates that they had good reason or were only tangential and distant from the action jail should be considered. That is the best way to start to reform FISA. I don’t think the state will provide jail sentences so they should be removed from their jobs forfeiting all benefits. The attorney involved should be permanently disbarred. FISA should be carefully reevaluated.

    1. “These people knowingly denied an American citizen of his rights and abused their power.”

      Yep. It happens all the time — to ordinary, law-abiding citizens. It’s become the American way…

      We need to clean house.

  13. Squeeky:

    Except the bodega thief will suffer some consequences, while the FBI violators will get no penalty at all.

    Once again, we will see the difference in justice allocated to the protected and the unprotected.

  14. “FBI personnel under disciplinary review in relation to their work on FISA applications accordingly should not participate in drafting, verifying, reviewing, or submitting such applications to the Court while the review is pending. The same prohibition applies to any DOJ attorney under disciplinary review, as well as any DOJ or FBI personnel who are the subject of a criminal referral related to their work on FISA applications.”

    I wouldn’t have assumed they were, but this is our mediocre federal police force. Time to break it into about six pieces and fire the top two echelons.

    1. “Time to break it into about six pieces and fire the top two echelons.”

      It’s time, you say? It was “time” back in the 70s. It was “time”…long long ago.

      1. Joe Kennedy was in bed with the IL worker unions; at the time those union members were almost universally “Protestant” Catholic haters. At Joe’s behest, the union leaders told their members to vote for Joe’s son John, which landed John in the White House. A year later, for reasons unknown, AG Bobby Kennedy is tossing the same union leaders in prison.

        Unrelated to the above, POTUS John Kennedy forbids the new State of Israel from going nuclear, knowing it would start the ME arms race which still persists. (Does Iran ring any bells?)

        Also unrelated: John smartly and accurately realizes Hoover’s FBI and even more so the CIA are unleashed dogs, impossible to control 4th unelected branches of government, and decides to dismantle the CIA, against its will (guys with guns and special privilege dislike being fired).

        Now you know the 3 sources with prime, real, and overwhelming motive to insure JFK’s early dirt nap.

  15. No. There will not be any real change. There will be some paperwork changes but the process will go on just as it always has. Unless people are jailed and prosecuted, there will be no reason for anyone to be changing their ways. It’s sort of a “no bail” situation writ large. Just instead of some creep getting busted shoplifting at a bodega and then released to go back and do it again. Same here.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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