Ultra Virus: Hunter Biden Self-Quarantines Himself . . . In Refusing Deposition On Child Support [UPDATED]

We have been discussing the long litigation of the Hunter Biden to first deny that he is the father of a child in Arkansas and then, after DNA testing proved he is the father, to resist efforts to establish child custody. He is now facing a contempt sanction for refusing to answer questions about his net worth and, after repeated court filings, was scheduled for a March 11th with what seemed like no-excuses court order. Now however Biden has a novel claim. Indeed, it is novel coronavirus and the danger of traveling. Thus, he is not acting ultra vires as much as ultra virus. Update: The judge has denounced Hunter Biden’s effort at delay as yet another “duplicitous” filing.

Previously, Arkansas Circuit Judge Holly Meyer declared Biden to be the “biological and legal father” of a child he fathered with former GW student, 29-year-old Lunden Alexis Roberts. Roberts, reportedly was a stripper at a Washington, D.C., club that Biden liked to party with while in Washington. Biden long denied being the father and has refused to support the child. He also refused to turn over information on his assets, part of discovery that Meyer referred to as “past due.”

In the order, Meyer ordered the Arkansas Department of Health to issue a birth certificate listing Biden as the father. Biden has children by at least three different women. Roberts filed papers that portrayed him as a deadbeat father, stating that Biden “had no involvement in the child’s life since the child’s birth, never interacted with the child, never parented the child,” and “could not identify the child out of a photo lineup.”

Biden has opposed efforts to confirm his wealth to establish support for his child. Now, he is demanding yet another delay, citing the risk of the virus as well as his wife’s late pregnancy for yet another delay in answering questions needed about his wealth. His filing states

“it is unsafe for the Defendant to travel, as travel restrictions have been implemented both domestically and internationally, particularly on airlines, due to the Coronavirus. Setting aside personal endangerment, Defendant reasonably believes that such travel unnecessarily exposes his wife and unborn child to this virus.”

Of course, his wife and child do not have to travel with him. Moreover, his concern for his unborn child has not been as evident with this born child in Arkansas. Finally, the CDC is not recommending that people not fly, particularly someone like Biden who is not in the high risk category. He could likely make the deposition and return in a single day while observing the recommendations for protecting himself from the virus like washing his hands.

Biden is also promising to file a letter from their doctor on the late pregnancy of his wife.

There is a suspicion that this self-quarantine is a tad opportunistic given Biden’s long effort to first deny his fathering this child and then oppose efforts to confirm his wealth for purposes of child support.

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  1. So, Hunter won’t work with the court and provide documents that they requested, so what, get over it. To show hypocrisy that is Turley and his merry band of Trump supporters, they are up in arms about Hunter Biden blowing off the rules. Funny, they didn’t feel that way a little while ago with Trump.

    1. To show hypocrisy that is Turley and his merry band of Trump supporters, they are up in arms about Hunter Biden blowing off the rules.

      Once again, your foray into the exercise of critical thinking continues to be an embarrassment on this legal blog.

      1. I admit I do try to exercise and improve my critical thinking, and what’s clear, you do not. You’re a sheep and you follow the herd.

        1. Turley has long ago turned his blog into a obvious attempt to distract from Trump’s incompetence, and to make sure by posting Hillary and Biden posts. He knows he has sheep, that will bleat 20-30 times on the same post if need be.

          1. FishWings — the Turley Blog is the place to be since we are all being asked to practice “social distancing.” 😉

            1. Social distancing, I’m the master at ‘space.’ Got that one down pat.

              When you’re a P-dish, you tend to avoid ppl to begin with…

              …i think I said on here before, I may have already had Covid-19, last November, pneumonia like, couldn’t breathe, yada yada. The roommates didn’t get sick, just a sniffle for one of them, but I felt like it was the end for me. And then, I slowly got better, but still struggling with lung problems for months now…like the remnants for 4 months. But again, could have just been the flu or pneumonia, but it felt worse, truly…i was looking at loose ends upset about them…thinking I wasn’t going to wrao it up in a nice bow, before I bowed out.

              Anyway, ranting here…

          2. Fishy — On a more serious note…

            These are overwhelming times, to be sure. We can see you are feeling overwhelmed. But these times are collectively ours, wouldn’t you agree? If you need a place to lift your spirits and lighten your heart, or you just need a temporary distraction across all of this uncertainty, just know, we’re here. All of us Deplorable Trump supporters are here for you, Fishy. 🙂


          3. FishWings,
            You assert you are trying to improve your critical thinking skills, but you’re proving the opposite, by not answering a couple of basic questions. Here, give it a go. Let’s see if you’re intellectually honest, or just projecting when you talk of bleating sheep.

            What was the foundation supporting the court’s order for Hunter Biden to turn over his financial records and appear for a deposition?

            What is the equivalency with regard to President Trump?

            Perhaps you can recruit Nutacha, Paint Chips and Gainseville for input.

        2. Then let’s test this recent exercise to see how hard you tried. Let’s see the depth of your analytical process:

          What was the foundation supporting the court’s order for Hunter Biden to turn over his financial records and appear for a deposition?

          What is the equivalency with regard to President Trump?

            1. bleat, bleat, bleat

              FIFY. In the interest of fairness, you still have the opportunity to redeem your bleating by answering those two most basic of critical-thinking questions.

              Ready. Go.

    2. Oh it’s just fine….Just proves the Bidens are scumbags of the first Order. The Judge will move without him of his income info….I would give that hooker five times what she asking for. That might get Hunter and his lawyers to Arkansas. In the mean time he’ll be worked over in the media, and his father will be the center price….Joedid you know your son was banging a hooker will doing your other dead son wife while stoned out of his mind on drugs? Cn you talk to to the American people about Biden “family values” and what that exactly means?

  2. That is the question. Why doesn’t Hunter Biden settle and pay off his babymama/stripper and make this go away?

  3. In your haste to smear Hunter Biden, you comment that he has children with 3 different women. Does that apply to anyone else you know, Jon? Humm, let’s see now: there’s Ivana (3), Marla and Melania (one each). You also comment on the lack of his involvement in the life of this child accidentally conceived with a “stripper”. Just how much “involvement” did Trump have in the life of Tiffany or his other children? I read that Don, Jr. didn’t speak to or interact with his father for at least a year after he humiliated his mother with his open and very public affair with Marla Maples.

    Another thing: depositions of out of state witnesses are routinely done via video conferencing, which is something you also know, Jon, so why should Hunter Biden have to travel to Arkansas, and why shouldn’t he have his wife with him when he testifies? Also, in family law matters involving only child support and not divorce where division of assets is not an issue, the parties usually fill out financial declaration forms that are signed under oath that disclose their income, because income is primarily the basis for determining child support . They also disclose tax returns. Large-scale disclosure of assets in paternity-only cases is not always done because that is not always relevant for determining child support, which is based more on income. Also, matters such as paternity when the parties aren’t married are usually confidential for the sake of the child. Financial disclosures are also confidential, so why not in this case? Also, there is no law that requires Hunter Biden or any other man to engage in “parenting time” with a child, especially one conceived casually with a “stripper”. Then, there’s the fact that this woman is a “stripper”. Why wouldn’t Hunter Biden question whether he was the father of her child? Also, I’m wondering about Turley’s use of the word “stripper”, which he also applied to Stormy Daniels, who is a hard-core porno performer. “Stripper” evokes quaint notions of Gypsy Rose Lee and David Rose’s musical composition of the same name.

    This is nothing but a trash piece and is beneath you, Jon.

    1. This is nothing but a trash piece

      Although your name is sufficient for many of us to know what’s to follow, you would be doing a public service to lead with the above statement, rather than ending with it.

    2. Natacha – did you see where the podiums at the Democrat Debate will be equipped with Life Alert buttons?


      The DNC has announced a controversial new debate format after pressure from both the Sanders and Biden campaigns in which the candidates will stand at podiums that are equipped with Life Alert buttons in case the debaters fall down and can’t get up.

      Life Alert, which is sponsoring the debate, is supplying the podiums free of charge.

      The candidates, who are old and may collapse to the ground at any moment, will be able to press the button should they suddenly have a heart attack or just have no idea where they are. Aides will then be able to come up and either stand them back up and hold them upright for the duration of the debate or tell them, “Hey, Joe, the year is 2020 and you’re running for president. Joe! Speak to me Joe! JOOOOE!!!”

      “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t rebut!” Biden shouted during a test run of the new podiums, as he was both unable to stand back up or respond to Sanders in any kind of coherent manner. “Also, who is the current president and who are all these little Oompa Loompas dancing around me in this mushroom forest? Flibberdoodle!”

      Later on during the test run, Biden brought up Sanders’s three houses in a rare moment of lucidity, and a panicked Sanders smacked the button rather than actually address the fact that he’s a very rich socialist.

      As a contingency plan, the DNC is also preparing a pair of hospital beds the candidates could be transferred to mid-debate.

    3. Hey gNat,
      So you’re making yourself out to be smarter than Prof Turley?! Your pathetic arguments throughout this site just prove one thing.
      Trump IS living in your head rent free.
      How’s it feel??

      1. scottie said: “Trump IS living in your head rent free.”

        We know you didn’t come up with that by yourself, but you sure like saying it.

    4. Trump was married to each of the three women who gave birth to his children. He has financially supported his children.

      Hunter had children out of wedlock and refused to care for him. Of course he would question the paternity of a child born to a woman with whom he was not in a committed relationship. Such a question is solved quite easily with a paternity test. The right thing to do would be to get a paternity test as soon as possible, and then financially support his child. The complaint is that he has fought tooth and nail not to find out if he was the father, and then not to support the child proven his.

      It doesn’t matter who the mother is, what her motivations, or his motivations. That’s his blood and he is legally required to support him or her. It would not require a protracted legal process for a good man to acknowledge and care for his offspring. The only choice a man has in the matter is whether or not to have intercourse. That is why men and women should choose their partners wisely. Sex is not just a recreational act. It is the process by which a child is conceived. Therefore don’t have sex with someone you loathe.

      Of course this is news. This is the son of the Democrat presidential candidate, with whom Joe Biden is embroiled in a corruption scandal. Are you suggesting that being a Democrat should somehow shield the Bidens from public scrutiny?

      You have made some bad judgement calls in the past, Natacha, but defending a deadbeat dad is low. I have a poor opinion of trash, man or woman, who abandons their offspring. I hope that the mother is some improvement over the father.

      1. The scandal here is the pivoting away from the relevant issues to trash Hunter Biden, hoping that somehow that will translate into opposition to Joe Biden. What, exactly, has Joe Biden done that is wrong? Cite something, with proof, or admit the alleged “corruption scandal” is nothing more than Fox News propaganda.

        I’d still like to know what credentials you have that qualifies you to accuse anyone of “bad judgment calls”. You won’t say, because it is obvious that you, like most Trump supporters, have little to no education past high school, plus you also are a xenophobe, a racist and are unsophisticated enough to fall for the fake “self–made billionaire” persona of a failed businessman turned reality TV performer who is failing badly at a time when leadership is most needed.

        I am not defending a “deadbeat dad”–merely pointing out that he is not required to travel to Arkansas to be deposed, and that no law requires him to spend parenting time with a child conceived unintentionally with a stranger who works in the sex industry. He will, no doubt, pay child support, but people like you think you should have a voice in this matter. Paternity cases are almost always sealed, for the child’s sake. Delving into this in an effort to trash Joe Biden is beyond loathsome. In an ideal world, everyone would have children in wedlock and never separate or get divorced. We don’t live in an ideal world, but for any Trumpster to try to throw dirt on Hunter Biden for having children with 3 different women is disingenuous at best. Which is worse–cheating on your wife or having sex outside of marriage? Trump cheated on all 3 of his wives.

        1. And Trump talked Stormy into spanking him with a rolled up magazine before she had sex all lizard in the dirt style with him just so he’d leave her alone. Right after Melania gave birth to Baron and then had his lawyer pay her off…

          Trump and family win all slime off contests.

        2. “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t rebut!”

          *SEE Babylon Bee article above 🙂

        3. Covering the news with regard to the 3 people running for President is not a pivot. It’s news. Unless you are partisan and don’t wish detrimental news out there.

          Turley has penned plenty of articles critical if Trump. Stop pretending he has not in order to deflect attention from Biden or Sanders.

    5. This is nothing but a trash piece

      IOW it’s embarrassing to the Democratic Party.

      If you want different topics of discussion, set up your own blog. Yes, I know, David Brock isn’t paying you to pontificate on a blog no one reads or ever would read.

    6. Listen to the obnoxious harridan Natch lecture the professor! What poor taste she has to come here and insult the host day after day. pathetic!

      And to rudely call him “Jon” as if they are friends! Despicable manners.

  4. Let’s see, now. Today, the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic, the City of New Rochelle, N.Y. created a 1-mile hot zone in which groups are forbidden to congregate, U.S. COVID-19 cases now exceed1,000, suburban voters turned out in droves to support Joe Biden, and all Turley sought to comment on was a family law matter involving Hunter Biden? How about commenting on the lie that Kellyanne and Kudlow told last weekend when they claimed COVID-19 is “contained”. How about der fuerher’s claim, when there were 15 cases, that very soon there would be none? Or maybe, the lie that anyone who wants a test can get one, which is refuted by almost every state and local health officer. Then, there’s the free fall of the stock market partially the result of the endless lies and incompetence of the Trump “administration.”

    How pathetic, Turley. This is how you squander your credibility? Does Fox News send you talking points for your daily pro-Trump writings? Just look at what the deplorables are writing today.

    A far more relevant topic is yesterday’s massive turnout of suburban white voters who voted for Biden. Most consider this a referendum of the extent to which Americans are thoroughly sick of Trump and his arrogance, his incompetence and his failures. Plus, it takes away the talking point that the Democratic Party establishment is somehow cheating Sanders out of the nomination.

    1. Natacha — if presidential candidate Joe Biden was speaking with you at a campaign event, and you said something he didn’t like, he might give you this angry response: “Don’t be a horse’s ass!” Or another Biden gem might be, “You are full of sh*t!” Or maybe Ol’ Joe would shout at you, “Wanna take this outside?”

      Let’s just say that Ol’ Joe is neither stable, nor a genius. Would you agree?

      1. And if you catch Ol’ Joe on a good day, he might even call you a “Lying dog faced pony solidier” right to your face and then laugh about it!!!

        Let’s just say that Joe Biden is not America’s first choice for President. Would you agree?

        1. Well, we DO know this: Trump wasn’t America’s first choice for POTUS, but he WAS Russia’s. Hillary got more votes than him. Since Trump started stinking up the White House, he has failed to capture even 50% approval of the American people, most of whom don’t trust him or believe anything he says because he constantly lies. Joe Biden isn’t a pathological liar. He isn’t a narcissist. He isn’t on this third marriage because he cheated on his first 2 wives who divorced him. He won the Vice Presidency fair and square without cheating, and was VP to Barak Obama, who is still more popular than Trump.

          The incident between Biden and the man in the hard hat was one on one, not a speech to a group, and the man accused Biden of wanting to take away his guns. Trump, on the other hand, was the first occupant of the White House to use profanity in the Blue Room.

          Now we see the Fox News talking points: Biden is senile, unstable or stupid. Sorry. That dog won’t hunt. Trump is the one who doesn’t know how government works, who is emotionally unstable and needy and who has no leadership skills or vision. Did you see the results of yesterday’s primaries? Americans want Trump gone so badly that there is a mantra: “Vote Blue No Matter Who”.

          1. Natacha:

            Russia’s first choice was a candidate who armed Ukraine against them, and sanctioned them? Russia spent a couple hundred thousand on Facebook memes supporting Trump. They also supported socialist Bernie Sanders, anti-war Jill Stein, and provided the infamous dossier information to undermine Trump, paid for by Hillary Clinton. If either Sanders or Stein had been elected, America would have been weakened, enabling Russia to grow bolder. Russia put out information both for, and against, candidates, sometimes the same candidate.

            Their objective was to sew discord and infighting. It worked for remarkably little money. You keep doing Russia’s bidding, Natacha.

            1. You are such a dope. A true Fox News disciple. Trump is the worst POTUS ever. America wants him gone.

              1. Natacha — “Orange Man Bad” will not win the presidency for the Democrats. But, shhhhh, they haven’t figured that out yet.

              2. Witch, you dont speak for America!

                The most presumptuous remark ever said on here– and she’s said it twenty times, going on years now!

          2. Natacha – Joe Biden said he would put Beto in charge of the “gun problem” and Beto has said, point blank, “yes, we will confiscate your guns.”

          3. Natacha – Who says Joe Biden is not a liar? He is a life-long career politician. They all lie just as easily as breathing. Did Joe get put in jail while trying to visit with Mandela? Big fat lie? You bet. Biden launched his entire presidential campaign based on a lie. He has NO vision except to “restore the soul of America” whatever THAT means. Trump made his fortune in the private sector doing business, hiring people, building things. Biden and his family made their millions and their family fortunes by cashing in on Biden’s political office. That’s commonly referred to as “corruption.”

            1. Joe Biden isn’t a pathological liar.

              You’ll notice Correct-the-Record is telling their people to brazen it out.

              Biden’s 1st wife was in a grisly automobile accident in 1972 that left her and her daughter dead. Biden spent decades slandering the other driver, claiming, falsely, that he’d been drunk. He wasn’t and he was never even adjudged at fault in the accident.

              And, of course, the Neil Kinnock episode.

              You and I know what that means, but Natacha isn’t paid to acknowledge that.

              1. “And, of course, the Neil Kinnock [sic] episode.”

                Nile Clarke Kinnick

                You’re slipping, TIA x 1000.

            2. Trump made NO fortune: he took $1 million from his daddy in the 1960s and parlayed it into 6 or 7 bankrupt businesses, racking up literally thousands of lawsuits along the way for cheating contractors and suppliers. Then when no bank would loan any more money, he turned to Russia and Saudi Arabia to shore up his businesses and came up with the TV show “The Apprentice”, which is the only thing he’s been successful at so far. His entire life has been one big, fat lie about his “success”. He’s a day trader. No leadership whatsoever, constantly demanding praise, adulation and loyalty.

              Whatever the fib about S. Africa, it pales in comparison to Trump’s thousands of lies since he started smelling up our White House. Take just the COVID-19 crisis: every day he publicly praises himself for doing a good job, he lies about the availability of testing kits, and tries to downplay the rapid spread of this disease. He began by lying about only 15 cases that would “very soon” go to 0 cases, and that there would be a vaccine “very soon”, a lie which Dr. Fauci corrected on the spot. Today we learn that his “administration” has told health officials that information about the spread of COVID-19 should be considered “classified”. The lack of candor and worldwide distrust of Trump has exacerbated this crisis. The US was unprepared for this foreseeable outbreak, and that is Trump’s fault for dismantling the rapid response team and de-funding the CDC. People are getting sick and dying, and Trump bears some measure of blame for this.

              How, exactly, did Biden’s family “cash in” on his “political office”? I demand facts, not Fox News talking points. Biden doesn’t have enough years of life left to come even close to the constant lies told by Trump.

              1. His net worth exceeded that of his father’s as early as 1982. He entered lines of business – commercial real estate in Manhattan – that his father never entered. His brother Robert Trump runs the family’s older real estate business.

                1. I have an idea: let’s see the tax returns and settle this once and for all. Why does he hide them?

                  1. Let’s see you have an adult life. Tax returns are not balance sheets. They wouldn’t indicate his assets, only income derived from assets.

              2. Natacha asks: How did Biden’s family “cash in”? Uh, Hunter Biden’s gigs in Ukraine and China for starters. But besides the Biden family corruption scandals, this time around, the 25th Amendment might really mean something. Have you thought about that yet?

                1. Joe Biden has not had any “cognitive function tests”…at least not yet….and when he does, the results will almost certainly never be released to the public. President Trump has been tested and his results made public.

                  1. Trump goes to that Manhattan doctor who lets him write his reports for him. Yeah, I know you didn’t know that because Fox didn’t report it, but it’s the truth because when he was questioned the doctor admitted that he didn’t use the phrase “…in astonishingly good health”. Doctors don’t use such phraseology in medical reports. The so-called “test” was along the lines of: what planet are you on, what species are you, what year is it, what month is it, who am I…etc., Laughable.

                    What about the legions of psychiatrists who say Trump is not the “very stable genius” he claims to be?

                    1. Got it, we know what you think about Trump. Now what do you say about Joe Biden?

                2. Natacha — keep in mind those multi-million dollar gigs that Hunter Biden got in Ukraine and China took place while his father was the sitting vice president of the United States tasked with being the point person on both Ukraine and China. Imagine that. Again, Natacha, this is commonly referred to as “corruption.”

                  Then let’s talk about Joe’s other family members and the lucrative gigs they all set themselves with.

              3. Natacha – Dr. Fauci, among others, has praised the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus.

                1. Yeah, it’s that or get fired. Why not ask everyone else who is an infectious disease expert?

                  1. Natacha – When Trump made the bold decision to shut down travel from China back in January, in an attempt to contrain spread of the virus in the US, Pelosi and the Democrats and their media all screamed about how Trump was an “overreacting” xenophobe. Remember that??

                  2. Natacha — in fact when Bernie Sanders was asked if he would curtail travel into the US to contain spread of the coronavirus, he answered, “No.”

                    Why not? Bernie said, “Because it was an overreaction. And Donald Trump is xeonophobic.”

                    Have you seen what they did in Italy?

                    1. And of course we don’t know Joe Biden’s answer to the same question because Ol’ Joe has been hiding from the media and not answering questions or granting interviews.

          4. Natacha – Sure Barack Obama had high popularity numbers. Obama worked very hard to keep his popularity number up. He had all of Hollywood and the MSM tooting his horn for him for eight long years. But look at Obama’s poll numbers for what he actually DID policy-wise while in office and you see they were very low, way down in the 20s. Trump is as popular now as Obama was at the same time in his presidency, AND Trump’s policies and what he is doing as president are also popular. Obama never had that approval the way Trump now does. Obama was not well liked for his policies nor the direction he was taking the country. Trump is popular in both categories.

          5. Natacha – Have you seen how strange Joe Biden is around women and girls? He touches them, he sniffs their hair, he invades their personal space, he makes them very uncomfortable. Joe Biden has always been that peculiar and inappropriate with little girls and grown women. And then most recently, when pressed with a question he didn’t like, his automatic response was to publicly belittle the young woman who asked him the tough question by calling her a “lying dog faced pony solidier.”

            This is the leading choice for the Democrat ticket? To borrow YOUR words Natacha, let’s just say “that dog won’t hunt.”

        2. Why pony soldier? I’m reviewing Western movie lines in my head. I think it was Hondo in which the Apache Vittoria referred to cavalry as “pony soldiers”. If I recall correctly, Vittorio was played by an Australian man. It’s too bad that real Native Americans were not usually used for speaking roles in Hollywood spaghetti Westerns.

          So what was Biden trying to say when he called a factory worker a “pony soldier?” That he was an army cavalryman? That he hates horses? The he belongs to PeTA and doesn’t believe horses should be ridden? That he was quarreling with Native Americans? Did he forget his point mid-sentence?

            1. Karen S – there is a very good 1952 movie starring Tyrone Powers called “Pony Soldier” about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police/

          1. It was another townhall style campaign event where Joe Biden called a young WOMAN a “lying dog faced pony solidier.” She asked him a tough question he didn’t like and that was his automatic response, to belittle her publicly, in front of a campaign audience.

    2. oh we’re gonna see about that.

      we’ll see how motivated the same people are against trump as are motivated against bernie.
      you may mistake the impulse!

  5. Slimy. But sorry Trumpsters, not slimy enough. Not without at least a generation of recalibration.

  6. Joe was elected to the Senate in early 1970’s. Almost immediately he had eyes for the White House. This is his fourth shot. In the mean time, he, like so many other career politicians in high places, has adapted well to the financial opportunities presented in The Swamp within the context of his motto, ” Family always comes first ! “

    1. He set up campaign committees in 1987, 2007, and 2019. It’s his third shot. He withdrew post-haste in 1987 when the Dukakis campaign leaked the video of him pilfering Neil Kinnock’s family history (which was in the news coincident with the airing of his honor-code infractions in law school). Different political culture then; Democratic pols were still capable of embarassment; that ended with Bilge Clinton.

  7. The labile affect and frontal lobe meanderings of Joe Biden, combined with the insouciance of his son will deliver a one- two punch to his candidacy. He wont be able to out-pushup Donald trump on this. Perhaps a mud wrestling smack down with both families scraping and scratching away at the chimera of decency.

    1. Cindy Bragg – I am going to give Hunter Biden and his attorney sleaze points for trying this. He has absolutely now moral compass.

        1. Cindy, that’s for darn sure. Biden is total trash. What kind of man turns his back on his blood? That child is going to grow into an adult one day with such a wound from their own father not wanting to know them.

          1. That child is going to grow into an adult one day with such a wound from their own father not wanting to know them.

            People adjust, Karen.

            What kind of man turns his back on his blood?

            Someone who thinks a sleazy ho’ paternity-trapped him. This is not that difficult.

            You have grisly characters like Barbara Ehrenreich yammering on about ‘choice’ and ‘a woman’s right to control her own body’. Hunter’s implicit position – that he shouldn’t be on the hook financially for Lunden Roberts’ life projects – is several ratchets less grotesque than Barbara Ehrenreich and a mess of appellate judges saying every woman should be able to hire a perverted OB GYN to dismember their unborn child or soak it in caustic brine.

            The law makes no sense. To make sense, it needs to be consistent. And that means there are constraints on Lunden’s choices as well as Hunter’s. That means stigma all around.

            1. …….”What kind of man turns his back on his blood?”

              TIA…….Given the context of Karen’s comment, I’d say her question was a rhetorical one. This is not that difficult.😊

          2. And…what the hell does that have to do with JOE Biden? What about Don, Jr., chucking his wife and, what, 5 or so kids, for some Fox News personality? You don’t know what the future holds for this child and his or her father, but in any event, it’s not national news, it has nothing whatsoever to do with JOE Biden, and is more pivoting away from the current disaster that has been exacerbated by Trump’s incompetence, and it’s really none of your business. But it does hook the Trumpsters.

            1. What about Don, Jr., chucking his wife and, what, 5 or so kids, for some Fox News personality?

              Vanessa Trump filed for divorce contra her husband. It’s a reasonable wager she is the de facto as well as de jure initiator. It’s actually quite atypical for fathers with children to initiate divorce proceedings. Maybe 25% of all such divorces are attributable to the father, so it’s completely unreasonable to assume it is his doing. Why does it not surprise me you’re being completely unreasonable?

              If Vanessa didn’t want him keeping company with someone else, she might have refrained from showing him the door.

  8. Obama won’t throw his support to Biden because he sees the head light in the tunnel coming right at him. Ukraine? Wait till China throws Biden under the bus!

  9. The fascination with Hunter Biden is hard to fathom when we have the lovely Dons Jr and Sr in the race for cad of the year. Oh, I know he’s a Democrat!

    1. “Look squirrel”. You ought to go to school with Enigma. He’s much better at these games.

    2. In what world is the conduct of the Trump’s comparable that that of Hunter Biden ?

      Regardless, doesn’t the rule of law apply equally to all ?

      If the same facts were True about a Trump, the court would rule the same.

  10. BIDEN like his entire family, they feel they are above the law. He is corrupt, being protected by the corrupt main street media and Dem’s, all corrupt. Biden’s are corrupt.

    He, like the Joe and Jill, trying to hide the wealth and the way they got it is??????????????

    Biden should be dragged to court and face the court.

    1. Hang in there, Hunter! Soon Papa will be in the White House and he will bail out yer ass one more time !

  11. It’s hard to know what’s going on their behind the front Papa and Jill put up. I’ve seen passably conscientious people generate perfectly horrible children, and I’ve seen it in my own family. You are only one of several influences on your spawn. That having been said, I have a suspicion what he’s done is add problems of concupiscence (sex and nose candy) to and already corrupt domestic culture. His father is the reality; Joe Isuzu was the clumsy parody.

  12. Countdown to co-ordinated ‘look squirrel’ diversions (which always include character strings ‘Jared’, ‘Ivanka’, &c) courtesy Natacha, Gainesville, and Enigma.

    1. Nah. It’s clear Trump has taken righteous indignation off the table going forward. No game in this one.

  13. “a tad opportunistic”?

    The Bidens are worse than a dumpster fire raging down an expressway.

    With any luck Joe will tell Americans “you are full of sh!t” so that MSNBC CNN ABC CBS NBC WaPutz NYT, ad nauseam, can run propaganda trying to convince Americans Joe is right

  14. Those Biden Boys seem to afflicted with the most deleterious maladies, TDS being uppermost on the list.

      1. He’s been hoovering you boatloads of cash from corrupt schemes for 20 years or more. He’s very talented and energetic in the realm of leveraging connections. You have to ask where it went, though, because it seems he could make a settlement with Lunden Roberts to make this go away; much cheaper and less embarrassing than trying to play hide the ball with the courts in Arkansas. I’m guessing a great deal of it went up his nose.

        1. a fool and his money are soon parted

          a regular sized coke habit should have been affordable on his various sources of income

          who knows! but the lawyers were gonna find out. hence, finally, a settlement

          probably he cheaped out on his lawyers; skilled fixers would have ended this one before it began

    1. mespo…….”fitting First Son for a Dim Administration”

      What’s the old saying? Dim son is a dish best served cold? Or is it Dim sum ??? lol 😁

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