“I’m Terrified Of Your Organization”: CMU Professor Admits To Tearing Down Fliers For Conservative Group

The site Campus Reform is reporting a disturbing confrontation between student members of the conservative group Turning Point USA and Central Michigan University Professor Sara Moslener. The group posted a videotaped purportedly showing Moslener admitting to tearing down their posters because “I’m terrified of your organization.” While I have defended the right of academics to post and write in controversial and even offensive ways, this does not fall into any category of protected speech. This is the denial of free speech and should be a serious matter for the university.

Moslener is a part-time instructor teaches religion, race, and sexuality. The group quotes her as saying “I take these [signs] down when I see them because I’m terrified of your organization.” However, that is saying that a member of the faculty is actively suppressing the right of students to speak on the campus of Central Michigan University.

When she was confronted by this obvious conflict, Moslener responded that the group in her view is “hiding” racist beliefs and “[i]t is an act of civil disobedience for me . . . If you need to call me out on it, do it, and I will tell everyone exactly what I told you.” That admission would seem to create a direct and insurmountable conflict with the status of being a teacher in higher education.

What is curious is that Moslener is also quoted as saying that “I would love to see a good Republican group on campus” and that “[s]tudents who have a conservative voice don’t have the kind of spaces that students with more liberal voices have.” Yet, she also claims the right to tear down posters for conservative groups that she does not like.

If that seems hopelessly conflicted, it is because it is.

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  1. I had her class in 2016 “racism, religion and descrimination.” She is weird.

    She also forced us for our final exam to “write a letter to Donald Trump” (then a candidate for president) explaining to him why he was wrong on a number of policy issues. I had a serious problem with that and expressed my concern over it to the professor and was ignored. I also contacted the dean of the department and expressed concern to them by email. I never received a single response.

  2. “I take these [signs] down when I see them because I’m terrified of your organization.”

    Why? Conservatives aren’t the ones limiting free speech; YOU are!

  3. I’m a scared! Mentality deranged people teaching the countries children.

  4. As long as universities and colleges allow their faculty members to capriciously deny students’ legitimate, Constitutionally-enumerated rights, regardless of what their politics are, they are complicit in the abuse (when the faculty misconduct occurs on campus). This situation won’t change until more universities suffer as Oberlin College has for outrageous conduct justified by a defective understanding of civil rights.

  5. USSR, PRC, NK, Cuba, Venezuela, EU, fascist Germany, fascist Italy, etc. sho examples of how leftists deprive rights on their road to murdering non-leftists and even leftists. Leftists simply have criminal minds (immoral, self-entitled and lack respect for rights of others), which explains why they commit nearly all crime, commit nearly all abortion, promise to steal and redistribute for votes, vote for criminals to be their proxy armed robbers, encourage foreign criminals to invade, attack law enforcement, attack free speech, free enterprise, free religion, private property, self defense, . . .

  6. Another leftie nutjob showing her true nature. You can have folks on campus that I don’t agree with, but you can’t speak of your beliefs to the rest of the students.
    The administration of CMU needs to evaluate her as to possibly being a danger to herself or others. Mostly, others.

    1. She should be fired. No Professor should be engaging in shutting down the free speech of students. Doing so is prima facie evidence of such a biased intent that they are incapable of thinking or teaching objectively and as such have no business being a Professor.

    1. “All of the hate and violence comes from the left.”

      A crazy comment “liked by 2 people.”

      You certainly draw out the nutters, Jonathan.

      1. Interesting.

        I have been advocating, apparently to the ether, the exercise of rights under the 2nd Amendment for decades and decades; commencing with the brutal imposition of communism in America from Wilson and Roosevelt through Johnson then Obongo and Obongocare, with support from the treasonous comrade, Chief Justice John Roberts – wow, that’s the complete and definitive oxymoronic contradiction in terms – a chief justice who subverts and controverts the Constitution, and I am still waiting for conservative and actual Americans to act to retain, nay, recover their rights, freedoms, privileges and immunities.

        WhaddoIget? Crickets!

        And you deny that the actual, extant violence comes from communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats) in America?

        I know. Let’s axe Congressman Stephen Joseph Scalise which wing violence erupts from.


  7. Get her fired. Post pictures of her tearing posters down. Write to all of the college board members. Hold a rally to shame her and all like her! Use your imaginations and get this cancer out of there! Make them afraid.

  8. All of the aggression shown by the Left is a result of their terror which is invariably based on ignorance, stupidity, gullibility, and lies.

  9. “Moslener responded that the group in her view is “hiding” racist beliefs…”

    – Professor Turley

    The hackneyed protestations of “racism” must be quashed, abrogated and abolished as conclusively and definitively as the invocation of the N-word. If “…all men are created equal,…” no man may obtain superior or various rights by racist fundamental law or statute as affirmative action, quotas, forced busing, unfair “Fair Housing” laws, discriminatory “Non-Discrimination” laws, etc.

    Racist beliefs are eminently constitutional. Racist beliefs are not precluded by the Constitution. Laws and statutes agaisnt racism are unconstitutional. Property damage and bodily injury are precluded by statute and may not be conflated with discriminating opinions on race.

    Compulsory employment and matriculation based on race are unconstitutional. Compulsory commerce (home sale/rental) based on race is unconstitutional.

    Americans enjoy the freedom of thought, speech, belief, religion, socialization, assembly and every other conceivable, natural and God-given right and freedom per the 9th Amendment. That one does not believe in freedom, does not provide the right to deny the freedom of others. People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom. Freedom does not adapt to people, dictatorship does. The repetitious and ubiquitous broad strokes of claims of “racism” are anti-constitutional, anti-American, tyrannical and dictatorial.

    It is impossible not to see, perceive and base decisions on race. Freedom of Assembly is constitutional as is the inverse, freedom of dispersal, separation or disassembly. President Jimmy Carter may have said it best:


    By Christopher. Lydon Special to The New York Times

    April 7, 1976

    SOUTH BEND, Ind., April 6 — Jimmy Carter said today that the Federal Government should not take the initiative to change the “ethnic purity” of some urban neighborhoods or the economic “homogeneity” of well‐to‐do suburbs.

    ‘If he wins the Presidency, the Georgia Democrat said at a news conference here, “I’m not ‐going to use the Federal Government’s authority deliberately to circumvent the natural inclination of people to live in ethnically homogeneous neighborhoods.”

    Similarly, he said, “To build a high‐rise, very low‐cost housing unit in a suburban neighborhood or other neighborhoods with relatively expensive homes, I think, would not he in the best interest of the people. who live in the high‐rise or the suburbs.

    “Any exclusion of a family because of race or ethnic background I would oppose very strongly and aggressively as President,” he said. “But think it’s good to maintain the homogeneity of neighborhoods if they’ye been established that way.”

  10. More harassment of conservatives on university campuses.

    These people are brainwashed and terribly naive if they think conservative beliefs are evil. Democrats have taken over the education system for so long, blatantly demonizing their opponents, that they have matriculated people who are afraid or enraged by Republicans.

    “According to chapter President Lauryn Gilbas, who can be heard in the recording, the signs were advertising for Turning Point’s upcoming Culture Wars event at CMU featuring Charlie Kirk.” Charlie Kirk. She’s “terrified” of Charlie Kirk. That is irrational and lacks all common sense. Kirk is not a far right extremist or a member of any hate group. Turning Point USA tries to reach conservative students in Democrat run universities to give them a voice. A voice that she is busily trying to silence.

    If these people get into power in Congress, SCOTUS, and the White House, what would they do to the Constitution? 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and so on? Look what they do when given positions of authority. They infringe on the rights of conservatives, and anyone else they disagree with.

    1. But that’s just it, from that teacher’s perspective, Charlie Kirk is the extreme Right. Heck, Biden’s probably far right from her point of view.

      These Leftists have planted themselves at the very edge of rational political thought. They’re at the cliff’s edge straining to get over the railings. They’re at the edge of the political map, beyond which, there be monsters. You find Stalin over there, Hitler, Mussolini, and Mao, and these lunatics are desperate to join them.

  11. The Florida primary early voting is going on now. I watched a woman pulling up Bernie Sanders signs outside one of the major regional polling stations in Broward county. She methodically pulled them out and put them in her car trunk.

    1. It is possible that a poll worker was pulling the signs. They are not supposed to be close to a polling station.

      1. Nope, a couple hundred signs for various candidates were there, it’s the legal distance, those signs are always posted there every election for the last 25 years.

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