The Corona Commutation: Michael Cohen Calls On Trump For The Immediate Release of Prisoners . . . Like Michael Cohen

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Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney and “fixer” for President Donald Trump, is calling on his former client to order the release of non-violent prisoners to avoid imposing a “death sentence” on him and others. The petition is a “plea to the President of the United States to save lives” to avoid a threat of lethal exposure for inmates like Cohen. Of course, given the extreme animosity that exists between Trump and Cohen, that may not be the optimal spin for inducing presidential action.

Iran recently released thousands of prisoners to avoid the spread of the virus. The “chaos” reported in Iranian jails has not been reported in U.S. jails.

The petition calls for federal non-violent offenders so would be allowed to go home to further protect themselves. It specifically states:

“The Federal Prison Camps are without adequate medical staff and are without proper medical equipment, sterilization techniques, gloves, sanitizers, masks, and other necessary items,” the petition says. It claims that placing non-violent offenders under home confinement “would give the prison facilities additional (and much needed) medical triage and logistic space for those who will become infected with the COVID-19 Virus, the spread of which is discussed as a mathematical certitude.”

Cohen is serving a three-year sentence and has been held at federal facility in Otisville, N.Y., since May 2019.

The “plea” to President Trump declares that “[w]ithout your intervention, scores of Non-Violent Offenders are at risk of death, and these people were not given a death sentence.” The problem is that choosing between preserving Corona and Cohen could be a touch choice for Trump. What is clear is that he would likely prefer to keep both contained.

Indeed, nothing saying “social distancing” like solitary confinement.

20 thoughts on “The Corona Commutation: Michael Cohen Calls On Trump For The Immediate Release of Prisoners . . . Like Michael Cohen”

  1. I have a son in a local jail for petty drug crimes, all misdemeanors. The jail is overcrowded and currently they are housing prisoners in the booking area because they lack cells form them. He is likely to be released at the end of the month, arbitrarily.

    And yet they continue to dump more people in the jail.

    Someone needs to speak out for these humans because once you’re in jail no one gives a shit.

  2. Another idiot from the Stupid Party but a good candidate for incarceration himself.

  3. The Washington state raw death rate from COVID -19 is currently 5.46%.

    Maybe more elderly than the prison population.

  4. What they should do, is separate all prisoners who are at “high” risk, from those of low risk. No visitors for anyone until the emergency is over.

    Prisoners should be treated no differently than anyone else, but freeing them all, would be a travesty. Cohen never stops being a clown.

  5. When CA emptied out its prisons, crime went way up. When they increased the threshold for felony theft to $950, thieves began looting stores. There’s nothing the business owners could do about it. It’s just a misdemeanor. The cops can’t really do anything about it. They take calculators to make sure they steal less than $950 each time.

    That does not sound like a good idea to unleash on the rest of the country during a pandemic. Learn from Democrat California’s many mistakes.

  6. Except that but for a small portion, the virus isn’t fatal, not remotely. Nice try, Michael. I know the left and their minions have done their level best to convince us this is the black death 2.0 – it simply isn’t. The dem party and those under their stewardship have become such a morass of chicken littles (and they know it, this is ‘strategy’, and sorry, most of us are a wee bit more intelligent than they appear to presume) it is impossible to take them seriously even when it matters.

    1. Hey imbecile, ask your moron-in-chief and Michael’s partner in crime may be?

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