Tucson Police Search For Man Who Stole Corona Testing Kits

We have seen thefts of toilet paper and other items during the coronavirus outbreak. However, Tuscan police are looking for this man who stole dozens of testing kits from the El Rio Health Center.

The Hispanic male posed as a delivery driver to enter the clinic and walked out with the tests.

The incident raises the possibility that new laws will be passed with enhanced penalties for the theft of needed health equipment in a pandemic or health emergency.

Police are looking for the man with the COVID-19 kits and his reddish Dodge or similar-style car.

Tucson Police Dept@Tucson_Police

STOLEN COVID-19 TEST KITS. The pictured suspect stole 29 unused test kits from the El Rio Health Clinic. Anyone w/information about this suspect is asked to call 88-CRIME. You can remain anonymous. Please see link for additional details/photos -> https://bit.ly/2QBTj8o 

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View image on Twitter

Recently, another alleged thief was apprehended by a quick thinking victim who found what she thought was the same masks being sold on Craigslist. The Portland Police Bureau said the theft occurred on March 6 at The Rebuilding Center in Portland involving 20 to 25 cases of N95 respirator masks. Each case holds 400 masks. The next day, they popped up on Craigslist. The victim set up a meeting in Beaverton and the police arrested 42-year-old Vladislav V. Drozdek.

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  1. Do COVID-19 and the Novel Coronavirus select beneficiaries based on an Affirmative Action program?

    Why not? America does.

  2. Missing from the title and story is one importand word:


  3. It was a mistake. The kits were taken to a lab by a new employee and returned when the lab determined they were unused.

    1. hoi polloii boy – that is fine for Tucson, but what about Tucsan?

  4. Regarding the second article, is Vladislav Drozdek from Romania or Slovakia? Has he become naturalized yet? If not, can ICE come get him and throw his sorry backside out of my country?

  5. The headline reads “Tuscan”, not “Tuscon”. I initially thought this was an item from Italy.

    1. It this anywhere near Tucson Arizona? Professor Turley, why don’t you give your millions of readers a break and hire a proof-reader?

  6. If they find him then put him in quarantine along with infected inmates. Take his veical to the junkyard. Send the family back to….

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