NYU’s Nero? Dean of the School Of Arts Under Fire For Dance Response To Tuition Refund Demands

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Dean Allyson Green at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts is facing quite a backlash over a response to the demand for a refund from students of part of their tuition. Green sent out a video of her dancing. She has instantly become the image of a dean fiddling (or dancing) as academia burns in the Corona crisis. Indeed, the backlash is so great, they may be soon calling Emperor Nero the Allyson Green of ancient Rome.

The “Dancing Dean” video was attached to an email where Green explained that such a refund would be “challenging.” If that was not unnerving enough, students were then confronted with the video of the Dean dancing to REM’s “Losing My Religion.” While the lyrics express “Oh no, I’ve said too much,” the same could be true of dancing too much.

Tuition at Tisch is about $58,552. Decanal dancing is apparently supplied gratis.

Besides this is the traditional tuition refund refusal dance performed by faculties in response to students:

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  1. From the bottom up, this unconstitutional American “education” lunacy is funded under duress by the American taxpayer. The false props and supports must be knocked out from under this hysterical incoherence. No more teachers unions. No more teachers strikes. No more grossly overcompensated teacher prima donnas. No more sophisticated, cosmopolitan Maserati educations when the basic Yugo version will do for the vast majority of ineducable, foreign invader, hyphenate “students.”

    The new “Rock Stars” are the voraciously greedy teachers union teachers who attach themselves to the nation’s innocent and vulnerable children, from whom the erudite and “superior” parasitic “educators” fraudulently obtain cover.

    The disaster that is America and American education starts with the dilution, undermining and weakening of the vote by one man, one vote democracy in actual republics which practiced restricted votes from their creation in Greece and perpetuation in Rome to their perfection in the United States of America, which required citizens to be “…free white person(s)…” and voters generally to be male, European, 21 and worth 50 lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.

    If all men are allowed to vote, they will vote to have all the money sent to them – an axiomatic no-brainer. Once in that abyss, there is no way out – a nation would be compelled to fight its way out, were that feasible.

    America is broke. American communists are in for a comeuppance either way.

    “Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse out of the public treasure. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefit from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always to be followed by a dictatorship, and then a monarchy.”

    – Alexander Tytler

  2. Snotty, snotty nose body…
    Banana fanna fo fodir!
    Fee fi ivy league body..


    My gym, an independently owned operation, is only 2 blocks from home.  I’ve been a member there for 25 years.  Each month the gym receives an automatic payment from my debit card to cover monthly fees.  

    The gym has been closed these past 2 weeks.  And it could stay closed another month, perhaps.  But instead of worrying about a refund, I’m worried about the owner of my gym.  I’m worried her gym may not survive the longterm impact of this crisis.

    Yesterday I happened to see a buddy from the gym who lives in my building.  He had just bought a set of barbells to substitute for the closed gym.  My buddy said he had to search around Greater L.A. to obtain the barbells.  Because demand is huge right now for personal gym equipment.

    This gym situation bodes badly for every small business in the country.  Most Americans are probably changing their personal habits now.  Hair salons, bars, restaurants and movie theaters may all discover their clientele has moved on when this quarantine finally lifts.  

    Yesterday my personal workout consisted of a 2 hour hike around Beverly Hills.  Interestingly I embarked on this hike during what is normally the height of Friday Rush Hour.  At 4:30 pm I was able to drive to Beverly Hills in only 15 minutes!  Normally such a drive, at that time, takes 45 minutes.  

    Interestingly, as well, the residential streets of Beverly Hills were heavy with foot traffic of people like me just hiking around.  Never have I seen so many people on those streets.  Normally those neighborhoods have an appearance like everyone’s at work or visiting New York.

    I drove back to Hollywood at about 6:45.  The famous Sunset Strip looked like a ghost town.  Traffic on that mile typically ranks as the most congested in L.A. on Friday evenings.  The experience of seeing The Strip so dead was freakishly bizarre.

    This pandemic is going to have a Humpty Dumpty Effect that will ripple for years.  Nothing will ever be the same as it was.

  4. OK, the colleges are not going to refund tuition so what about room and meals? I’ve seen articles where NOTHING will be refunded so if that’s the case then why should they not pay ALL their workers? If you’ve collected IN ADVANCE for rooms and meals, there’s no need to NOT PAY your workers in those areas! And “assistance” for colleges and universities should face the “MEANS TESTING”! Do you have a $40 BILLION Endowment – NO SOUP FOR YOU!

    1. BSinSC – ASU, UA and NAU are all being sued because they are not returning monies to students for dorms, food, etc.

  5. Parents:
    The tuition there is today roughly $ 240,000
    Take that money and start a business geared for you kids brain and likes. While he or she is in year one of running the business allow a class or two in night school at the community college. Learn about the world. Stay in the family started business for life. Travel, go to museums, concerts, art shows. Don’t be a snot or know it all from Yale.

  6. Private colleges cost too much.
    Choose a good state school.
    If you are an employer then hire grads from state schools.
    Fifty eight thousand a year?
    Your brain must be queer.

  7. “Private” colleges and universities:

    They drink too much and they laugh too loud. Ain’t none gonna make it in that northern town.
    They are kepin da humans down!

    They’re rednecks! Rednecks!
    They don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground…


  8. Colleges are a scam these days. This goes to show why. We’ve allowed folks like this woman to run the show.

  9. While I certainly think we have greater “Nero” examples to look at today, the dean is certainly doing her best to step up. Looks like she even got a wave, a bow and near full Wakanda into it.

    I’m going to say i bet she’s fun at a party though.

  10. I am not surprised. I have worked with dance majors before and the bar is very low. 😉

      1. Squeeky – I went to a student dance recital in which one of the dances was entitled “Things that Go Bump In the Night!!!” They turned out all the lights for 3 minutes. Have no idea what the grade was. 😉

  11. Off topic, but why the hell would any self-respecting team not just shoot the finger to the Kiwis doing their awkward ballet?

  12. We all react differently to pressure and stress manifests itself in many forms.

  13. I don’t think the haka means what you think it means, Professor Turley – might be the worst example you could have come up with.

    1. Agreed. Not an appropriate use of a ceremony with deep meaning for an indigenous people.

      1. johanssonmel, there’s that too, I guess, but sports aside – isn’t it often performed to show honor and respect? Pretty much the opposite of what the dean in the article intended.

        1. “so you have kind of hopped on the Virtue Signaling Pulpit a day early. . .”

          That’s the sound the whole point made as it went flying over your head.

          Haka = respect
          Dean = no respect

          A haka just doesn’t make any sense in this context. The professor may as well have picked the dance of the sugar plum fairies. I didn’t bring up culture.

          If anyone’s moralizing, it ain’t me. Go swing your spiked bat at another pinata.

          1. I did swing my spiked bat at another pinata. Which, if you look carefully, you will see who I replied to. (Hint: it wasn’t you!)

            Perhaps a Haiku will make more sense than a haka. . .:

            Digital Medium???
            A Haiku by Squeeky Fromm

            Fluttering spring birds
            A digitus medius
            The Phoenix reborn. . .

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Sorry Squeeky Fromm, my bad assumption.
              I have to get in the habit of looking at stuff in the Reader.

              You swung your spiked bat, and I ran over to interpose my head.

  14. Is she crazy or just stupid?

    Hard to recover from the bad will that she generated.

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