That’s Not A Sword . . . THIS Is A Sword: Robber Pulls Sword So Store Clerk Pulls Bigger Sword

This is something one certainly does not see everyday. In Pittsburgh, a man pulled a sword on a store clerk but ran from the store after the clerk pulled an even bigger sword on the robber. The only thing missing was Doug Marcaida saying “It will cut . . . It will kill.”

Two kids entered the store and one of the them pulled out a small sword. However, the store owner then pulled out a full-sized scimitar.

Under the common law, proportional response is one of the elements considered in the use of potentially lethal force. The store owner presumably did not chose between a revolver and a sword to satisfy the proportionality criteria but it fit rather nicely. Of course, the scimitar made the kid’s sword look like a letter opener.

It was like a sequel to Crocodile Dundee:

17 thoughts on “That’s Not A Sword . . . THIS Is A Sword: Robber Pulls Sword So Store Clerk Pulls Bigger Sword”

  1. First off, 1,000 points to Turley for quoting not only Forged in Fire, but my favorite line in Crocodile Dundee as well. I love the looks I get they lay eyes on my “barn knife.” Not what they expect.

    This guy is lucky he wasn’t in DC, or he could have been arrested, like this man:

    Sounds like in Pittsburg it’s still OK to defend yourself. Good for him.

  2. In Chinese they call that a dadao

    in the video it looked like he pulled a punch with it. he could have chopped that guy with a downward cut, but he yanked the tip back. probably didn’t want to clean up a bloody mess

    Name Mercaida could be from Philippines. They really really know how to use machetes. Had a seminar with Remy Presas once. Arnis,

  3. He really should be wielding that thing with two hands and his form is all wrong.

  4. I’m glad the robber was bested…but I never feel good to see Islamic scimitars being wielded in America.

  5. Why oh why! The senile running the monstrosity is not macabre enough??

  6. If I understand correctly, facility with a machete is common in El Salvador and Guatemala, and he looks and sounds like someone from that neck of the woods. The guy has heart.

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