Man Drops Wallet During Bank Robbery But Someone Then Steals The Wallet

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office thought it had the break of the century after a bank robber dropped his wallet when fleeing a bank. The problem is that a second thief appears to have stolen the first thief’s wallet before the police could get to it.

Witnesses at the US Bank in Castle Pines saw the bank robber drop his wallet. However, another person in the bank at the time then picked it up and left. Police would really like the person to return the robber’s wallet so they can identify the robber.

Of course, there are two possible crimes here. The person who took the wallet not only is guilty of theft but he or she removed evidence from the scene of a crime. Indeed, it would seem like the bank robber may have followed the most unlucky act of dropping his wallet with the most lucky fact of having another thief in the area.

14 thoughts on “Man Drops Wallet During Bank Robbery But Someone Then Steals The Wallet”

  1. Perhaps the person who picked up the wallet was associated with the bank robber.

    I imagine crime is going to increase, the longer this pandemic goes on.

  2. Chain of custody issue: Even if the police recover the wallet, how can they prove it was the same one that was dropped, or that any identification contained therein wasn’t tampered with? And maybe the robber “accidentally” dropped someone else’s wallet as a ruse, to occupy police time and resources tracking the wallet while he gets away?

  3. Don’t get out of your car when going through Castle Pines, in fact don’t even stop it’s not safe

  4. Shoddy police work, relying on the wallet for identification purposes. The robber probably posted about it on Facebook. Time for the cops to get on it and leave that person alone for grabbing the wallet. Ten second rule for anything on the floor after all. Lol.

    1. Elvis J – I thought the 10 second rule was only for edibles.

        1. TIN – very scientific studies of this have been done by middle and high school students. 10 sec is about the max for germ safety.

      1. Paul – 🤢 Anything that touches the floor is not edible. But of course, if it was one of my many apt through the years, it might be edible. I like things very sterile. 😆😉

        1. WW33 – having things sterile should make your personal relationships interesting. 😉

  5. The person who picked it up did not steal it. It was abandoned. It created a hazard because some person could step on it, slide and fall. It is in a trash can.

  6. You don’t suppose the robber will offer a reward for his wallet?

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